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«REGISTERED COMPANY NUMBER: IP27793R (England and Wales) REGISTERED CHARITY NUMBER: XR 43398 i CONTENTS Report of the Committee of Management ...»

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GLL have been successful in gaining £247,000 of external match funding to deliver 40 projects for women and girls, children and young people, low income families & older people. A number of these people were not previously engaged in sport or physical activity and had never set foot in a leisure centre. Examples


o Sport 4 Women in Tower Hamlets o the Chilterns Youth Project o Camden Give it a Go


Give it a Go (GIAG) is a physical activity intervention and is a product of partnership working between GLL, London Borough of Camden, NHS, Jubilee Hall Trust and the CYMCA.

Established in 2010, GIAG was introduced to tackle inequalities and remove cost as a barrier to participating in physical activity. Participants were required to use leisure centres 5 times per month and could get a maximum of 4 months free membership.

Headlines from Give it a Go 3 which finished in April 2013 includes:

* 74% of those registered residing in national quintile (1) and (2) * 70% of those registered were in receipt of ‘housing benefit’ and 59% in receipt of ‘council tax credit’ In three years, Give it a Go across three pilots has engaged with 3658 individuals who have registered for a free leisure membership.

* 20% of those registered for the programme were disabled and 34% of this sample self reported as having a mental health condition or learning disability * 35% of those registered were male (n= 358) and 65% were female (n= 667) * Approximately 50% of those registered were from a BAME background


The Tower Hamlets Active Women project funded by Sport England, aims to get more women in the borough taking part in sport and exercise and provide employment opportunities for local women.

The scheme, which was developed through local consultation, identified cost, timing of sessions and a lack of women-only sports facilities as barriers to participation. The project has seen more than 2500 take part to date, 1000 over the Sport England target.

Sessions include badminton, basketball, netball, swimming lessons and group exercise classes. This year has seen Sport4Women work with partners including the London Legacy Development Corporation, the Barry McGuigan Boxing Academy and many National Governing Bodies. New sessions including aqua-jogging, street dance and hockey have become part of the programme in 2013.

The Sport England funding was set up to bridge the gender gap in sport, with new figures revealing only one in eight women take part in regular sport, compared to one in five men. This figure decreases to one in ten women in some parts of Tower Hamlets, prior to the implementation of this scheme.

The success of this initiative is shown through the increased number of community links and the increased volume of

participants. Key findings from the year 2 evaluation are as follows:

Over 2500 participants on the scheme, 1000 participants above the initial Sport England target.

Over 16500 total attendances reported to date More than 80 places have been made available on training courses Over 90% of participants said they would recommend the project to a friend Throughout 2013, GLL has worked in close partnership with a range of key National Governing Bodies of Sport, Olympic and Paralympic Associations on increasing sports participation and talent development.

Partnership agreements have been secured with four key National Sport Governing Bodies to foster enhanced joint working on these initiatives. GLL are proud to be leading the way nationally on a range of such partnership agreements.

As part of our extensive legacy agenda, we have commenced our partnership to manage the key Olympic Legacy venues Copper Box Arena and London Aquatics Centre. In partnership with the London Legacy Development Corporation, GLL opened the Copper Box Arena to the public in July 2013. A range of high profile international sporting events have already been completed at the venue, creating a sporting reputation and track record as one of London’s leading sport event venues. These have included international basketball, boxing, badminton, fencing and handball.

For the launch weekend of the Copper Box Arena, GLL delivered a ‘Be Inspired’ activity programme that allowed people to try 6 core sports for free and watch associated demonstrations. This was held with the support of four specialist sports clubs and various National Governing Body Partners. Over 10,000 people attended the event.

As part of the launch of the Copper Box Arena an extensive local recruitment programme was launched which resulted in 70% of all new GLL employment opportunities on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park being secured by people who reside within the neighbouring local Boroughs. New apprenticeship programmes were also created as part of our commitment to providing a pathway for local young people to get into employment Preparations were underway throughout 2013 to prepare the physical transformation and mobilisation of the London Aquatics Centre on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. This Olympic legacy venue will be opened by GLL in March 2014.

During 2013, the GLL Sport Foundation continued to grow and has become one of the Country’s largest independent talent development scheme fro young sports people. 2013 saw the Foundation support to over 1,300 young athletes with over £500,000 worth of support value for training and bursary awards. The GLL Sport Foundation has extended its working partnership with SportsAid and numerous National Governing Bodies of Sport to ensure that our programme fits with National Sport Development pathways for young talented athletes.

Some headline targets and results from the “GLL Inspired” commitment are reported as follows:

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GLL’s “GREEN AGENDA” We takes our responsibility about the environment seriously. To this aim, each year we strive to reduce energy consumption and our impact on the environment through investment into proven and new technologies and the adoption of best practices.

In 2013 GLL continued our work on key environmental objectives through the delivery of our Strategic Action Plan as well as the corporate plan. The key principles of reducing carbon emissions and energy use

remain core agenda items. Other actions completed in 2013 included:

 GLL set a further Carbon reduction target of 10% to be achieved by 2017 in like for like facilities.

 The GLL waste and recycling policy and strategy were signed off by the energy & environment steering group. The implementation commenced during 2013.

 A review of Gllgreen Energy Champion Training was completed with updated sessions being planned from January 2014 through GLL’s Learning and Development Hub  Successful re-certification to ISO14001:2004 was completed at Rivermead Leisure Complex  Sustainability monitoring and reporting commenced at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park as full operations began at the Copper Box Arena and London Aquatics Centre.

 A new on-line utility monitoring website was launched for all facilities to upload monthly meter readings, view current bills and run energy consumption reports.

Waste and Recycling In 2013 GLL tendered for a new Waste contractor to supply waste and recycling services on a company wide basis, reduce costs, prevent waste from going to landfill and increase recycling levels throughout GLL.

The successful company, Grundon Waste Services, has started the phased roll out with 9 partnerships included at the end of 2013. As part of the agreement GLL will receive regular reports on key performance indicators, general waste and recycling services at all centres, internal recycling bins and a range of additional

collection options. The key objectives of the new contract are below:

 Zero waste to landfill by the end of 2015  Increase in recycling to 50%  Reduction in total waste volume over the 3 year contract GLL GREEN – Continuous Improvements Following a comprehensive review in 2011 further comparisons have been completed looking at energy consumption and carbon emissions across the organisation in 2013.

A number of projects have been completed as part of centre refurbishments, life cycle maintenance and

through partnership working with GLL partners. The following are examples:

 Combined Heat and Power Unit’s (CHP) have been installed at the Waterfront LC and Charlton Leisure and Lifestyle Club to provide low carbon heat and electricity for the centres.

 LED pool lighting has been installed at Clissold Leisure Centre to reduce electricity consumptions and carbon emissions  A voltage optimisation unit was installed at Didcot Wave Leisure Centre in June 2013 that has reduced electrical consumption by 10% in the first 6 months equating to a saving of around 20 tonnes of CO2 annually.

 A 240kW Biomass boiler was installed at the Queens Diamond Jubilee Centre in Rugby to provide Low Carbon heat to the new leisure centre in addition to the boiler already in operation at Horley LC Over the first 5 months of operation the biomass produced 282814 kWh of heat for the centre reducing associated carbon emissions by around 52 tonnes.

Key Statistics

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Awards & Recognition GLL continues to hold ISO14001:2004 and recertified in 2013 at Rivermead Leisure Complex and is committed to certifying GLL’s Environmental Management System at further key GLL centres including the Copper Box Arena and London Aquatics Centre under over the next year.

This agenda is an ongoing process that GLL is fully signed up to.



As a charitable social enterprise, GLL’s social responsibility is central to each part of our business.

Everything we do is designed to ‘add value’ and improve the lives and health of the communities we serve.

It is important for us that the public understand the difference between GLL and some other types of providers and we will work hard to demonstrate this difference in all we do.

Our service delivery and community benefits are made possible by the commitment and dedication of our staff and volunteers. These people are predominantly from the local communities in which they work. We positively support this local impact and actively develop career structures within GLL as a significant local employer.

Our vision is to be recognised as:

The Country’s leading inclusive sport and leisure provider The Country’s leading social enterprise provider of library and cultural services The Country’s leading social enterprise delivering social and environmental values and ethics The service provider of choice for our service partners, customers and communities A service provider that will consider further social enterprise opportunities and service sectors that will benefit our aims and social impact Meaningful ambition however, requires meaningful delivery. To work towards this we have focused on our delivery of our corporate ambition To provide service quality and excellence to our customers and our service partners To help make the communities in areas we operate more active, empowered and culturally engaged.

To be a successful business with inherent social and environmental responsibility To be recognised as Social Enterprise pioneers and to promote replication of ‘socially focussed’ business To be known as responsible, accessible organisation respected by customers, partners and our staff To work in partnership to support the growth of social enterprises is other service sectors To be a significant player in the delivery of the legacy from the 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games.

To promote the development of sporting opportunities for young people and provide additional funding and opportunities through our GLL Sport Foundation To protect our non-profit distributing and charitable status To continue to be staff-led and to promote the development of our people.



The Committee of Management are responsible for preparing the financial statements in accordance with applicable law and United Kingdom Generally Accepted Accounting Practice.

Society law requires the Committee of Management to prepare financial statements for each financial year.

Under that law the Committee of Management have elected to prepare the financial statements in accordance with the United Kingdom Generally Accepted Accounting Practice (United Kingdom Accounting Standards and applicable law). The financial statements are required by law to give a true and fair view of the state of affairs of the Society and of the surplus or deficit of the Society for that period. In preparing those financial statements, the Committee of Management are required to

- select suitable accounting policies and then apply them consistently;

- make judgements and estimates that are reasonable and prudent;

- state whether applicable accounting standards have been followed, subject to any material departures explained in the financial statements;

- prepare the financial statements on the going concern basis unless it is inappropriate to presume that the Society will continue in business.

The Committee of Management are responsible for keeping proper accounting records which disclose with reasonable accuracy at any time the financial position of the Society and to enable them to ensure that the financial statements comply with the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965 to 2002. They are also responsible for safeguarding the assets of the Society and hence for taking reasonable steps for the prevention and detection of fraud and other irregularities.


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