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«Present: Councilman Dwight Clark, Chair Councilman Tom Henderson Councilman Dave Tadych Also Present: Finance Director Mahoney, Service/Safety ...»

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held July 29, 2015

7:30 a.m. Conference Room

Present: Councilman Dwight Clark, Chair

Councilman Tom Henderson

Councilman Dave Tadych

Also Present: Finance Director Mahoney, Service/Safety Director Thomas

Fire Chief Lyons

Mr. Clark opened the meeting at 7:30 a.m. Mr. Clark thanked everyone for their attendance.

Amended Appropriation Ordinance

Finance Director Mahoney read the following changes to the appropriations as highlighted in her

memorandum to the Mayor and Members of Council dated July 29, 2015:

Fund 100- General Fund General Fund Transfer to Fire Pension Fund Finance Director Mahoney advised that at the conclusion of the last audit, the auditors recommended listing a payment from General Fund to the Fire Pension Fund as a transfer.

Council had previously budgeted $60,000 for such reimbursement. There is no change in amount appropriated, rather just how the expenditure is presented.

Fund 230 – Parks and Recreation – Fitness Trail All funds have been pledged to fund the Fitness Trail. Funds need to be appropriated in the amount of $11,000 so that purchase orders can be cut and equipment ordered.

Mr. Henderson reported that $3,500 was donated by O’Neill Health Care; $3,500 from Highland Consulting; $1,000 from the Bay Village Foundation; $1,000 from Bay Village Kiwanis; $750 from Perfect Fit Health Club; $750 from Arthur’s Shoe Tree and $500 from an anonymous donor for the fitness equipment.

The donations were made to the Bay Village Foundation and they are now prepared to effectuate the donation to the City. There will be public acknowledgement of the donation at a future meeting of Council.

Mr. Tadych asked when the project will begin. Service/Safety Director Thomas stated that the project will be slated for fall. Mr. Henderson is working with Mr. Barry Tyo on the creation of sponsors’ signage for the equipment. Mr. Tadych noted that approval will be required for the signs.

Fund 234 – Play-in-Bay – New Feature Minutes of a Meeting of Finance Committee July 29, 2015 The Bay Village Foundation has pledged the full amount of $16,985 to expand the south side of the Play-in-Bay playground and add a new feature. The improvements will be installed by resident volunteers and City employees. Council will need to accept the donation and appropriate the funds in order to move forward.

Mr. Clark advised that it is his understanding that this is the first component of a total uplifting project for the Play-in-Bay. Mr. Henderson added that the total fund raising campaign is in the amount of $70,000 to $75,000 and is to be carried out in the next year.

Mr. Tadych referred to an attached quotation from Meyer Playground Design in the amount of $24,400. Recreation Director Enovitch will be asked to advise further on the quotation.

Fund 240 – Equipment Replacement – Appropriate City’s share of cot lifters for Fire Department The City has been awarded a $40,000 grant to purchase 2 cot lifters to work in tandem with the Fire Department’s current cots to assist loading patients into the ambulances. The grant pays 74%; City’s share would be $13,701. Full amount needs to be appropriated and the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation will wire funds to City. Funds can be paid from the existing fund balance.

Fire Chief Lyons commented that this is a great program that is offered by the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. This system is a companion system to the cots already in service at the Fire Department. A mechanical arm from the ambulance lifts the cot up into the vehicle.

Several other departments in the area have the system in place. It is felt that with the assistance of this system the possibility of back injuries are greatly reduced.

Mr. Tadych asked why the City’s share is $13,701 for one-quarter of $40,000. Mrs. Mahoney stated that the math needs to be adjusted to show the proper percentage.

Fund 270- Street Construction Maintenance and Repair – Close out 2015 road projects and propose additional funding to pave Wolf Road The street improvement projects are complete for 2015. The final numbers came in at $1,700 over originally budgeted so they are asking to appropriate the additional funds. Also, they would like to consider additional paving of Wolf Road in front of high school and west to 29618 Wolf Road. (East of Bassett Road). Total estimate for additional paving of this section is $70,000 for 1,350 linear feet. If approved, a change order to the Chagrin Paving contract would need to be executed. This would need to be covered by a transfer from the Infrastructure Improvement Fund (494).

Service/Safety Director Thomas commented that many compliments have been received about the resurfaced 1,600 linear foot section of Wolf Road. The crews have started this week on the east side of Wolf Road for repairs in the areas that need the most attention. In regard to the section in front of the high school, an opportunity has arisen to resurface the area with the work to be done by Chagrin Valley Paving who is currently repaving the parking lot at the high school.

Minutes of a Meeting of Finance Committee July 29, 2015 They will be on-site for another two weeks and can incorporate the City project without additional mobilization fees. It is hoped to recover some of the $70,000 to be spent for this resurfacing project from Cuyahoga County, since Wolf Road is a county road.

Mr. Tadych asked if Mr. Thomas feels this is the worst section of Wolf Road, or is being done because the high school is putting in the parking lot. Mr. Thomas stated that this is the worst section on the west portion of Wolf Road. Mr. Thomas would anticipate further work on the east side of Wolf Road next year. Crews are on the east side of Wolf Road presently patching and repairing.

Mr. Thomas reported further that Lake Road, from Columbia Road to Rocky River, is not on the state schedule until 2023. The City has submitted a request for them to speed up the process for this section of Lake Road. The state uses a technology called “Pathway” to rate all of the state roads yearly. This section of Lake Road is rated as a “70” and a rating of “60” or less is needed for consideration.

Mr. Tadych asked if the Wolf Road project will be just the blacktop or will include the material underneath. Mr. Thomas stated that it is just the blacktop. Wolf Road was last resurfaced at least twenty years ago.

Mr. Henderson commented on the fact that Chagrin Valley will do the work because they are already on site doing the high school project, but asked if there would be a benefit at some point in the future to get multiple bids. Mr. Thomas noted that when bids for resurfacing projects in the City were received this year Chagrin Valley came in substantially lower than other bidders.

It is just a coincidence that they are still in the City doing the high school project.

Mr. Tadych noted that a great deal more work was done with the money appropriated for road resurfacing. He asked if the estimate of cost was incorrect, or why was there money left over to do all the patching that was done. Mr. Thomas stated that the estimate was not incorrect, but the bids came in very low, which allowed additional work to be done. Mr. Tadych asked if there is any hope for getting money from the County for the additional work on Wolf Road. Mr. Thomas stated that there is a possibility and the City will reapply again at the end of the year for reimbursement.

Mr. Henderson commented that he believes this project is warranted, noting the positive feedback he has received on the section of Wolf Road resurfaced this year.

Mrs. Mahoney noted that in order to pay for this $70,000 project funds, from the Infrastructure Improvement Fund (494) will have to be used. There is currently $1.8 million in the fund. Mr.

Clark noted that the City has now been reimbursed in full from the state for previous transfers for projects now completed.

Mr. Clark noted that the appealing factor for resurfacing this portion of Wolf Road is that it is probably the most traveled road by the residents of Bay Village. Lake Road has a lot of travelers from other counties but the Wolf Road corridor is traveled extensively by the residents and the area being considered in its present condition is one of the choppiest segments of Bay Village.

Minutes of a Meeting of Finance Committee July 29, 2015 Estimated life of the project is 5 to 7 years, but it is hoped that this will be a 10 year fix. Mr.

Tadych noted that semi-truck travel is significant on Wolf Road and should not be so traveled.

The project will take two days and will be done prior to the beginning of school this year.

Mr. Tadych asked why water drainage was not considered in installing the new high school parking lot and the other schools’ parking lots, as the City is doing with the City Hall parking lot.

Mr. Thomas stated agreement, noting that in any hard surface there will be more run-off and water into the storm system. Mr. Tadych noted that it would help all residents if the water does not go into the sewers.

Fund 494- Infrastructure Improvement Fund – Cleanout of Wolf Road Sewer and Emergency Force Main repairs An appropriation of $32,000 to clean the sewer line from Walmar to Porter Creek manhole along Wolf Road is proposed to help alleviate future potential flooding. During the rainstorms in July, the force main at pump station ruptured and repair was needed. Cost of the repair was $17,400 and it is proposed to pay this from this fund.

Service/Safety Director Thomas stated that after the most recent water events in the City, they started pinning problem areas. They also started looking at areas of the City that the crews cannot clean out because of depth and need of professional equipment. Director Thomas displayed a map and explained that one area that was a problem after this most recent storm was the Wolf Road Interceptor. It drops 26 feet by the creek and runs over to the Long Beach Pump Station. There was 80 to 90% blockage in some of these street areas which tells us we have to clean these areas. The next problem area is the Huntington Pump Station, which has not been cleaned and is a 21 to 24 feet depth. These are sanitary sewers and after seeing these problem areas, he noted that they have to be addressed.

Mr. Tadych asked, by pushing sanitary flow from the west side to the east side of the City, will the sewers on the east side of the City be prepared to accept that additional flow without any backup to the residents on the east side of the City. Mr. Thomas stated that the flow goes to the Longbeach Pump Station and then goes down the main interceptor line. Mr. Tadych asked if that line is large enough to handle additional sanitary flow which must be received at the other end before it leaves the City. That could cause more problems at the other end of the City. Mr.

Clark noted that this feeds into the Lake Road Interceptor.

Mr. Thomas stated that he believes the capacity is good. Another issue is clear water going into the system, which is why the study is being done now at the Bruce/Russell/Douglas area. Mr.

Tadych stated that the inflow and infiltration doesn’t enter into this picture as far as what backs up. It only increases the amount of water. Mr. Thomas stated inflow and infiltrations takes out the actual volume of the pipe itself. Mr. Tadych stated it reduces it, yes, but we are not talking about reducing at this point. Mr. Thomas agreed that we are talking about adding water into the sanitary system, but he believes the interceptor can handle that.

Minutes of a Meeting of Finance Committee July 29, 2015 Mr. Clark asked if these areas have been inspected by the sewer camera for blockage. Mr.

Thomas stated that they have not been inspected by the camera as yet. The area is next on the list.

Mr. Tadych asked if the clean-out is under roads or on the sides of roads. Mr. Thomas stated it is under the roads.

Mr. Henderson stated that the area near Saddler and Wolf where water was not going down into the storm sewer line, as reported by a resident on Bradley, will be addressed by this work. Mr.

Thomas stated that this will not alleviate the problem. The City will have to look at cleaning the storm system to make sure it is running effectively, and that will be done in conjunction with this project.

Mr. Clark asked if this work will impair any of the mill and overlay that would have ordinarily been done at that time. Mr. Thomas stated that it will not affect that work.

Mr. Tadych asked if CT Consultants has reviewed this project. Mr. Thomas stated that he spoke with Mr. Greytak of CT Consultants about it and he recommended cleaning the system.

Mr. Clark noted that none of us have known the history of cleaning out the storm and sanitary systems. He has asked that as we develop a plan over the next three to five years of how that will be done it allows us to be able to answer to residents. He noted the two large sandstone boulders that were found in the Lake Road Interceptor years ago that was causing a backwash effect.

Mr. Henderson asked if this just deals with sanitary back-ups into homes, rather than storm water back-ups. Mr. Thomas stated that this is correct. Mr. Tadych asked how many of those homes have sanitary sewer back-ups, rather than just water. Mr. Thomas stated that they are still developing those answers. They are in the process of contacting homeowners, using a couple of the Finance Department employees to follow-up in addition to Service Department employees following-up. They have pinned down the areas in the entire City on a map. The map tells an actual story of what is going on. As they review that further, they will start dissecting, working them out, and putting them together with a final program. This is part, but not all, of the calls.

Each section must be looked at thoroughly to see what is going on. Mr. Clark suggested that this be a topic of a future town hall meeting to set the record straight with residents as to where we have been, where we are now, and where we will be going forward. The map is at the Service Garage and Mr. Thomas will have it brought here for Council’s review.

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