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«Present: Councilman Dwight Clark, Chair Councilman Tom Henderson Councilman Dave Tadych Also Present: Finance Director Mahoney, Service/Safety ...»

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Mrs. Mahoney asked if the storm sewers can be cleaned out. Mr. Thomas stated that it is vital to keep the crews working through the storm lines, and part of it is to check with the engineer to see if we add more water to the storm system, can the system hold the water. They will continue looking at that issue.

Mr. Clark noted the importance of the initiative in addressing corrective sewer action. Mr.

Tadych commented that he would rather see money being set aside to alleviate the sewer problems, than set aside dollars for additional road work.

Minutes of a Meeting of Finance Committee July 29, 2015 Mr. Clark asked if it would be possible to televise the storm sewer as it is being cleaned. Mr.

Thomas stated that the camera equipment the City has is meant for the small sewer pipes and not the larger, deeper storm flow system.

Mr. Tadych stated that flow meters were placed for a period of six months on sewers in specific locations in the City in the past. Much was learned from this effort. He asked if there are any intentions of doing any of this flow metering as part of this corrective work. Mr. Thomas stated that there is no intention of doing flow metering at this time. Mr. Tadych noted that you need to know the flow before and after. You will not know what the flow is after the corrections, unless flow meters are put in now. Mr. Thomas stated that in cleaning the sewers they will know by the amount of residue that comes out of the sewer, and it will increase the flow. Mr. Tadych stated that the flow will not be increased if there are other blockages ahead that haven’t been touched.

Mr. Clark stated that it would be fair to say that if we want to expedite the cleaning of these sewers we have support by way of the manpower to do so. Mr. Tadych stated that he will call a meeting of the Public Improvements, Streets, Sewers and Drainage Committee to discuss this further. It is important for the Public Improvements Committee to see what the start of the work is so they can see what the finish might be.

The Force Main repair occurred at the Longbeach Pump Station. Estimates were received between $28,500 up to $70,000. The repair had to be made and reported to the Environmental Protection Agency due to the impact on the creek. The contract was entered into with the best bid and repairs were made in less than 24 hours. The final price came in at $17,400.

Crack Seal Request to appropriate $19,100 for crack sealing on Osborn and Cahoon Road. Mr. Thomas stated that the area must be crack sealed in order to maintain the expected twenty-year life of the repair of the road. He noted that crack sealing must be done yearly throughout the City.

Mr. Tadych asked why we are crack sealing roads that were just paved last year, and not crack sealing roads that have not been paved recently. Mr. Thomas stated that it is important to address the cracks that occur after the recent paving to maintain the life of the project. The Service Department is putting together a program for crack sealing all of our roads. He noted that crack sealing is a main part of road maintenance and must be done every year.

Mr. Clark noted that the Osborn overlay project was a two-inch overlay. He asked if the cracks have been caused by weather. Mr. Thomas stated that it was caused by the winter weather, and in the northern states when the weather is cold the pavement separates. If you don’t seal it, the condition worsens each year. Mr. Thomas wants that recent project to be maintained for the expected life of the repaving. Crack sealing has also been done on the newly repaved portion of Lake Road.

Mr. Clark asked when Council can expect to see a five-year crack sealing program. Mr. Thomas stated that they are working on that right now and it will be part of the 2016 Budget.

Minutes of a Meeting of Finance Committee July 29, 2015 Administrative Compensation Ordinance Mrs. Mahoney related that the General Foreman of the Service Department will retire in October of this year. Mr. Thomas stated that in looking at the salaries, they have proposed a reorganization of the department. Instead of the supervisor being called a General Foreman, he will be called a Public Works Supervisor. There will be a Public Works Supervisor of Operations, which is currently filled. Duties to be added to the position will be the Building and Traffic (sign shop) under this category. Mr. Thomas noted that one person should not be supervising 34 employees. He is reducing that from the current position of $73,500 to the starting pay of $70,000. Supervisors do not get paid to be on call. When something happens in the City, the on-call supervisor must responded. This on-call duty will be rotated monthly between the three supervisors. The Sewer Maintenance Supervisor will be added on to that rotation, resulting with three on call. His salary will be increased annually by $2,000, taking the money from the reduction of the General Foreman position.

Mrs. Mahoney commented that a range of pay is being proposed, with the thought to eventually go to a merit raise situation. The Human Resource employee has been asked to work with the Service Department Supervisors on an evaluation process.

Mrs. Mahoney explained that the reorganization will be a Public Works Supervisor of Operations, and a Public Works Supervisor. Mr. Henderson noted that it would make sense to have two separate lines in the compensation ordinance for those two categories.

There is no increase in cost in the reorganization process due to the elimination of the General Foreman position, and the creation of the Public Works Supervisor at a lower rate of pay. The position will be filled internally. The administrative compensation ordinance will be discussed further in Executive Session on August 3, 2015, and placed on first reading after Council recess.

June, 2015 Financial Reports

Mrs. Mahoney reported that Municipal Income Tax receipts should be the same at the end of 2015 as they were in 2014. Through July, we are probably at minus one percent as compared to the same time last year. Mr. Henderson noted that it was estimated, when doing the budget last year that Municipal Income Tax receipts would increase by 2 or 3%. He asked if this is causing any strain on the financial situation of the City this year. Mrs. Mahoney stated that she keeps a close eye on expenses with department heads. Mr. Clark noted that this is offset by what has been saved along the expense side.

Health Care expenses have increased this year, but Mrs. Mahoney feels that the costs have stabilized at this point in time. Mr. Clark noted that the contract with Medical Mutual expires in February and options are to be explored. This will come into bargaining discussions as well.

Mrs. Mahoney noted that she has received input from others during discussions that being selfinsured, as the City is currently, is the best option. Mr. Henderson stated that there is a lot of movement now on health plans and innovations encouraging people to maintain their health and wellness. Studies indicate that this works quite well in reducing health care expenditures, and Minutes of a Meeting of Finance Committee July 29, 2015 bears financial rewards for municipalities. Mr. Henderson will be looking forward to hearing updates about conversations with providers about using innovative techniques to reduce medical expenditures.

Mr. Clark noted that MetroHealth has a plan that could possibly be added as part of the City’s platform as a complimentary item. Mrs. Mahoney stated that they have spoken with the MetroHealth representative. MetroHealth has just opened a facility at Crocker Park.

Mr. Tadych reviewed the interest on investments with Mrs. Mahoney. Mrs. Mahoney captured a 1.7% interest rate on $500,000 in July, one-half point higher, for a three-year term. Another $500,000 reinvestment is due in August. Mrs. Mahoney is adding additional funds to investments, recently receiving a 1.2% rate on a CD.

Mr. Tadych asked if the sidewalk plan is completed. Mr. Thomas stated that it is scheduled for September. Part of Ward 4 will be done this year (250 blocks), and additional work in Ward 4 will be reviewed for 2016.

The Local Government Fund is tracking what was budgeted for 2015. It is unknown if that will change with the new state budget.

Mr. Clark noted that all of the permit sections for the SAFEbuilt Building Department are broken down. The gross amount is shown in the receipts section, and the 85% to SAFEbuilt is shown on the expense side of the report. Mrs. Mahoney noted that SAFEbuilt will soon reach the $1 million threshold of their receipts, incorporating all of the municipalities they serve, which, by contract with the City, will result in a 5% increase to the City’s portion of the permit fees.

SAFEbuilt, Inc. must inform the City when the threshold is reached, and the increase would be effective immediately thereafter.

Mr. Clark asked Mrs. Mahoney to indicate on the financial reports the areas that are subject to the 85% that SAFEbuilt retains (7 items).

Ambulance Reimbursements have not reached the total amount anticipated due to a stagnation in terms of collections, fundamentally based on Medicare reimbursements. There may be an increase when the terms are corrected between the reporting agency and the collection agency.

Mr. Clark noted that deductibles impact receipts in the first part of the year; the second half should show an increase in collections.

Mr. Clark asked if there is an update on the composting agreement with the City of Westlake.

Mr. Thomas stated that the regional contract states that all fees collected from the selling of mulch, or any other items that come from the compost facility, are to go back to Westlake.

Westlake has never asked for it, but they will now be asking for those receipts to share the cost of running the facility. Last year the City of Bay Village revenue was $21,000. In the future there will be no revenue for Bay Village, however, it will not be required to pay back revenue from previous years. The contract with Westlake expired in 2011.

Minutes of a Meeting of Finance Committee July 29, 2015 Mr. Clark noted that the City of Bay Village has already funded our share of the new composter.

Westlake has been asked to move forward with the purchase, with an agreement to be approved by Bay Village City Council.

Bids for the City Hall Parking Lot Project have come in lower than the expected $240,000, at $184,407.50. Only one bid was received, Licursi Company, who was the contractor for the Bay Village Tennis Courts, the Lakewood Green Project Parking Lot, and a number of other cities where they have done acceptable work. CT Consultants feels strongly that they will do a good job for Bay Village. The grant funding of $120,000 is fully applicable to the project. Bay Village will save $55,000, minus consulting fees of approximately $22,000. Mr. Clark asked to provide these numbers to Council when the bid is reviewed.

Mr. Tadych asked how much Licursi Company did to correct the flaws in the tennis court project they did in in Bay Village. Mr. Thomas stated that the company did what was asked by the City, but the problem was not Licursi’s. The problem was that the person overseeing the project did not come back to Council to talk about the issues. The city employee did not come back to Council to ask for money to correct the base. Since that was not done, the project did not come back the way it should have. The company wanted it done correctly, but they were told to move forward. Therefore, the fault lies with the City, not on the contractor.

Mr. Tadych stated that the company should have said the base was not correct. Mr. Thomas stated that they have it documented that they absolutely did report that. The city employee said to do it anyway. The company did what they should have done, based on the contract, and the city employee told them to go forward. Mr. Tadych asked to see the email documenting this conversation. Mr. Tadych stated he will need the see the email before voting yes for the City Hall Parking Lot Project.

The Fire Department staff is at full complement. Further retirements are not expected in the near future.

Civilian Dispatch is still in the hands of the Civil Service Commission, who is waiting for information from Law Director Ebert.

There being no further discussion, the meeting adjourned at 8:25 a.m.

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