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24 Ōrākei Local Board Achievements Report: November 2014 to June 2016 Community patrols The Ōrākei Local Board area is a safe and welcoming place, but safety concerns still arise from time to time. Following our successful initiative in setting up the Ellerslie Community Patrol last term, we have worked with Police and the Ōrākei suburb in setting up the Ōrākei Community Patrol. The volunteer patrols help residents feel safe in their homes and in their neighbourhoods and act as extra ‘eyes and ears’ for the Police.

Inspector Joe Tipene and a Community Patrols of New Zealand (CPNZ) representative present a CPNZ affiliation certificate to Ōrākei Community Patrols Be Accessible Through adopting the ‘Ōrākei Be Accessible Plan’, the Local Board will ensure that all events in our area will now use the Be Accessible template. This was piloted at our Winter Splash 2015 event and was used to inform many concept plans, including the cycle rack at the Ōrākei Train Station.

Community funding The Ōrākei Local Board provides funding to assist community groups with projects, programmes, initiatives and events that make a positive contribution to communities within the Local Board boundaries. Successful applicants during 2014/2015 and 2015/2016 include Ellerslie Community Patrols, Ōrākei Community Patrols, Kohimarama Forest Preservation Group and the Tamaki Drive Protection Society.

Resource Consent Decision-making The Local Board has advocated for, and now achieved, an agreement from the governing body (Mayor and Councillors) to undertake a review of the delegations for Local Board member input into resource consent notification decisions and hearings.

25 Ōrākei Local Board Achievements Report: November 2014 to June 2016 6 Distinctive, people-centred town centres and a thriving local economy Ōrākei is a strong local economy, with thriving businesses and distinct local centres that serve our residents’ everyday needs and attract visitors.

–  –  –

Economic development strategy The Ōrākei Local Board supports both residential and business ratepayers and was the first Local Board to formally adopt a local economic development plan.

The plan improves economic outcomes for businesses, and provides the strategic priorities of the local community including interventions aimed at stimulating economic development in Ōrākei, as part of its contribution to the region.

Ōrākei visitor strategy The Ōrākei Visitor Strategy is a jointly funded initiative between the Ōrākei Local Board and Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED).

The strategy aims to attract more visitors to Ōrākei by finding ways to enhance the visitor experience in order to increase visitor yield and stimulate local economic development.

Business associations Investing and supporting local economic development are key priorities in the Ōrākei Local Board Plan.

The Local Board provides political representation and support to local Business Improvement District (BID) programme executive boards in Ellerslie, Remuera and St Heliers. The Board also supports the Mission Bay Business Association.

Our support enables the associations to stimulate economic activity in their area, support strong, vibrant villages and town centres, retain the character of their neighbourhoods and enhance the well-being of their local communities.

The Local Board’s contribution has helped fund a range of initiatives:

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26 Ōrākei Local Board Achievements Report: November 2014 to June 2016 • St Heliers – The St Heliers Day event and St Heliers Sandcastle Competition.

• Mission Bay – The Mission Bay Norfolk pine lighting.

• Ellerslie – The Ellerslie Spring Fairy Festival, the Christmas parade and ARTerslie.

–  –  –

Remuera Village Upgrade (RevUp) The Local Board funded the upgrade of the service lane off Clonbern Road by painting and resealing the pedestrian access through to the Remuera village green.

Painted screens were installed along the car park side of the service lane to encourage greater local use of this space.

The Village Green entrance was enhanced with new paving and a granite name plate to give it a unique identity on Remuera Road.

Ellerslie Anzac mural In April 2015 the Ōrākei Local Board opened the Anzac Verse and Poppy Mural on the Ellerslie War Memorial Community Centre at 138 Main Highway, Ellerslie.

The village now has a tangible Anzac memorial as a focal point for remembrance.

You can place poppies in small holes at the bottom of the Anzac Verse plaque in honour of our service men and women.

27 Ōrākei Local Board Achievements Report: November 2014 to June 2016 Mission Bay streetscape upgrade The streetscape upgrade involves widening and improving the paths in Mission Bay’s dining precinct. A new footpath will run from the corner of Patteson Avenue to Barfoot and Thompson’s office on Tāmaki Drive.

This project is the first local public-private partnership (PPP) with local businesses and land owners working with the Local Board and Auckland Transport to improve their local area.

–  –  –

28 Ōrākei Local Board Achievements Report: November 2014 to June 2016 The improved footpath, expected to be completed in October 2016, will make it much more pleasant for restaurants patrons and the pedestrians. The Local Board’s contribution comes from the Transport Capital Fund.

The Local Board has also worked with the Mission Bay Business Association and the Mission Bay-Kohimarama Residents’ Association to trial a number of community safety initiatives in Selwyn Reserve, including the installation of CCTV cameras.

–  –  –

Business Area Walking Trails In support of the Ōrākei Visitor Strategy, the Local Board has produced a set of walking trail brochures for Mission Bay/Ōrākei, Remuera and Ellerslie. The brochures will be made available on the Local Board website and highlight noteworthy characteristics in each location based on locally relevant themes.

The trails are designed as informal walks which highlight key heritage, economic and cultural features of the three locations and encourage visitors and locals alike to explore our unique business areas.

The Local Board is currently investigating options for signage to promote the walks, potentially supported by a digital platform.

29 Ōrākei Local Board Achievements Report: November 2014 to June 2016 7 Pollution-free waterways, tree-lined suburbs, protected built and natural heritage Ōrākei is a community that values, protects and makes the most of its natural environment and built heritage.

• Well-defined and protected built, cultural heritage, and character areas that tell our stories and connect us to the past.

• Pollution free, beautiful, and ecologically healthy natural areas and waterways that people value, want to get up close to, and help protect.

• Inviting natural open spaces and places to visit, play, and enjoy the natural surrounds.

Stream improvements The Ōrākei Local Board has continued to implement the Hobson Bay Action Plan priorities, including projects that aim to improve the ecological health of the bay and surrounding catchments.

Examples of this are the planning work which was required to manage mangrove vegetation and the establishment of community-led environmental restoration programmes.

The Local Board has recently completed a riparian restoration project on the Remuera Stream, focused on the headwaters of the stream in Waiata Reserve. This project aims to improve water quality and biodiversity outcomes through carrying out weed control and planting in the riparian zone.

The Board is also progressing a project that supports stream improvement, water quality and biodiversity outcomes in the Madills Farm Reserve area by carrying out stream restoration activities, including weed control.

Salt Marsh project The Local Board has funded a pilot study which will investigate the viability of reestablishing salt marshes in Hobson Bay.

It is hoped the scheme will be a critical part of the long-term environmental improvements to Hobson Bay and may expand to a larger scale salt march project in the future.

Stormwater projects A basalt stormwater protection wall has recently been competed at Madills Farm.

This significant project is part of a series of works to provide stormwater protection 30 Ōrākei Local Board Achievements Report: November 2014 to June 2016 for properties in Kohimarama. Stormwater upgrades have also been achieved in Remuera.

Biddicks Bay signage A family’s historic connection with a bay in the Ōrākei Local Board area was officially recognised in 2015. Ōrākei resident Audrey Biddick married into the family descended from Captain James Biddick, the man for whom Biddick’s Bay was commonly known, and she approached the Mayor to ask that the name be given official recognition.

The prominent local family settled in the Ōrākei area in the 1870s and owned a fleet of scows essential to Auckland’s early development. As Tāmaki Drive was not built until the early 1930s, the Biddicks would sail or row to the Devonport store for supplies.

The site selected for the sign is almost opposite the former site of the houses and is on the seaward side of Tāmaki Drive, on the beach side of the seawall.

–  –  –

31 Ōrākei Local Board Achievements Report: November 2014 to June 2016 Walsh Brothers Memorial The Ōrākei Local Board, with support from Air New Zealand, commemorated the centenary of the New Zealand Flying School by initiating restoration of the memorial and reinstating the sundial at Selwyn Reserve at no cost to ratepayers.

The original sundial was installed by Tasman Empire Airlines Ltd (TEAL) in 1961 to commemorate both the flying school’s achievements and the 21st anniversary of TEAL’s scheduled air services.

Local Board member Kate Cooke with Air New Zealand Chief Pilot David Morgan at the reinstated sundial on the Walsh Brothers memorial Tāmaki Drive searchlight emplacement restoration project To support the current WWII New Zealand commemorations, the Local Board reinstated and restored the three historic Tāmaki Drive searchlight emplacements.

Vegetation that had overgrown the searchlight emplacements was removed in May 2016 and repairs were made to the structures to ensure their structural integrity and to reduce the risk from vandalism.

The searchlight emplacements are now visible to visitors to Kelly Tarlton’s, Mission Bay and those travelling along Tāmaki Drive. This project also implemented priorities from the Tāmaki Drive Master Plan.

32 Ōrākei Local Board Achievements Report: November 2014 to June 2016 Heritage Plaques In recognition of a number of heritage features within our area, the Local Board has funded heritage plaques on buildings of significance. The plaques are often referred to in heritage walks and acknowledged in Heritage Festival events within the Local Board area.

Desley Simpson and Colin Davis at a heritage plaque

Anzac Day Three Anzac Day community commemoration services were held on 25 April 2016 in our Local Board area at the St Heliers War Memorial, at the Ōrākei RSA premises and at College Rifles, Remuera.

The Ōrākei Local Board has worked with community members and Auckland Council events staff to deliver the St Heliers Anzac Day service. The Local Board also provided funding for the College Rifles service.

33 Ōrākei Local Board Achievements Report: November 2014 to June 2016 The St Heliers Anzac Day 2016 service First World War roll of honour To support WW100 New Zealand commemoration projects, we commissioned a researcher to provide valuable research to honour the service men and women from the Ōrākei Local Board area who died during the First World War.

The information is being used by the Local Board and external heritage groups as additions to existing databases and as the basis for further projects planned in 2016.

The roll of honour is available on the Local Board website.

Stonefields heritage trail The Stonefields Development Plan was adopted by the Local Board in December

2013. The plan provides for open space and includes the development of the old Mt Wellington quarry haul out road into a heritage trail.

It will serve as part of our greenways plan by providing an important pedestrian link to Lunn Avenue. The public walkway connection will have references to the landscape’s Māori cultural heritage and the European history of local farming and quarrying activity.

It will also increase public understanding and recognition of the significance of Auckland’s volcanic primary landscape values (geological, archaeological and cultural). Stage two of the heritage trail project (detailed design and implementation) and stage three (funding proposals for future works) are set to be delivered in 2016/2017.

34 Ōrākei Local Board Achievements Report: November 2014 to June 2016 Mt Hobson/Ōhinerau Daffodil and Native Tree Planting Remuera Intermediate School students planted 1800 daffodil bulbs near the Remuera Road side of Mt Hobson/Ōhinerau in June 2016 to replenish an earlier daffodil planting by members of the local community and Remuera RSA. The planting commemorated the members of the armed forces who didn’t return from World Wars I and II.

Remuera Intermediate students plant daffodil bulbs on Mt Hobson/Ōhinerau in June 2016 Ellerslie History The Ōrākei Local Board engaged an historian/author to edit and publish a limited run of an illustrated history of Ellerslie. A manuscript had been written some years ago but was never completed or printed. Copies are available in the central and local libraries.

35 Ōrākei Local Board Achievements Report: November 2014 to June 2016 8 Fair rates and improved council services for all of our ratepayers Ōrākei continues to be an important contributor to the region, while receiving a fair share of its investment back into our community.

• Increased Uniform Annual General Charge (UAGC), to reduce the overall rates burden and share it more fairly across the region.

• Focus spending on core council services.

• More local investment, fairer services, and greater control over budgets that recognises our significant financial contribution to the region.

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