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«If you have questions, please email or call us at: pmat 303-546-7930 or (Toll Free) 877-742-1270 x 185 Welcome Precious Metals Asset Team ...»

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Precious Metals


How-to Guide

If you have questions, please email or call us at:

pmat@ndira.com, 303-546-7930 or (Toll Free) 877-742-1270 x 185


Precious Metals Asset Team (PMAT)

New Direction IRA has strengthened its service model for

precious metals investors by creating a Precious Metals

Asset Team (PMAT). Part of New Direction IRA’s larger

Asset Acquisitions Department, the team includes

specialists in precious metals assets, IRA investment options and business-to-business relationships. As a result, clients will experience a more streamlined metals acquisition process.

New Direction IRA Contact Information Mailing Address: New Direction IRA, Inc.

1070 W. Century Dr., Ste. 101 Louisville, CO 80027 Email Address: pmat@ndira.com Phone: (303) 546-7930 x 185 Toll Free: (877) 742-1270 x 185 Fax: (303) 665-5962 Online Acccount Access: www.myDirection.com We invite you to use our myDirection.com Online Client Portal. This will allow you, the client, to submit a Precious Metals Buy Direction Letter, Sell Direction Letter and/or Precious Metals Exchange Form online.

Website: www.NewDirectionIRA.com important information - please read before continuing

• It is your responsibility to read this guide and understand the process.

• Your account must be opened and funded before a transaction can be started.

• New Direction IRA will send funds to purchase your metals within 24 hours (excluding holidays and weekends) of receiving completed and accurate transaction paperwork.

Steps to Owning Precious Metals in an IRA Step 1: Open and Fund Your Account

• Submit your application online, via fax or email. Your account needs to be opened before you can start the investment process.

• Choose a rollover, transfer and/or contribution to move funds into your new account. The account needs to be funded before New Direction IRA can start the precious metals transaction.

Step 2: Choose a Dealer and a Depository Choose a Precious Metals Dealer Once your account is open and has funds in it, you are ready to self-direct your IRA. Precious metals are most often purchased from a precious metals dealer/broker. New Direction IRA does not determine where you buy your metals. You may work with any dealer for your IRA’s purchase.

Not all dealers operate the same way, so be sure to talk to them about their process. Also, remember that with a self-directed IRA, you are responsible for performing any due diligence needed prior to the purchase.

Choose a Precious Metals Depository IRS regulations prohibit you from taking direct possession of your IRA’s precious metals. Thus, they will need to be stored in a depository in the name of the IRA. Unlike many other IRA providers, New Direction IRA does not restrict you to one depository choice.

You can ask your dealer if you do not know which depository to use. Precious metals dealers often have established relationships with certain depositories and can assist you with the process.

–  –  –

• Bullion bars and rounds that meet the minimum fineness (purity) standards listed above.

• Exception to the fineness requirements: US-Minted Gold Eagles are allowable coins.

Steps to Owning Precious Metals in an IRA Step 3: Decide Which Precious Metals to Purchase (Continued) Popular Bullion Products Allowed in an IRA

–  –  –

Step 5: Dealer Ships Precious Metals to the Depository Once the metals have been purchased by your IRA, they will be shipped to the depository you have chosen.

Ask your dealer if you have questions about when your precious metals will be shipped to the depository.

New Direction IRA does not control when the metals will be shipped. There will also be annual depository fees that you or your IRA will need to pay.

Valuation of Precious Metals The “valuations” used for the IRA assets are estimated bid values. Please note that the asset value reflected on the IRA statement and online does not include any dealer mark-ups or commissions. Price spreads can be significantly higher for proof coins than for precious metal bullion. Please consult your dealer for details.

new direction ira ForMs Definition of Forms

• Fee Schedule - This form lists all fees New Direction IRA charges.

• Buy Direction Letter (BDL) - This form authorizes us to send funds to your dealer for the purchase of metals.

• Depository Election Form - This form authorizes us to open an account in the name of your IRA and confirm with your dealer that your metals will be shipped to that depository.

Explanation of Fees All related fees are due at the time of the transaction. Our Transaction Department cannot process your investment if payment arrangements have not been made.

Transaction Fee:

• Purchase, Sale, Exchange of Precious Metals: $40

–  –  –

Depository Fee:

• Varies by depository, billed directly to NDIRA (Note: This is a fee that New Direction IRA collects and sends in to the depository. This is not a New Direction IRA fee.) Important Information

• Fees may be paid via credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover) or from your account. Please note how you wish to pay this fee. Otherwise, they will be deducted from your account by default.

• All paperwork must be complete, correct and submitted to our office 24 hours (excluding holidays and weekends) before funding.

Introducing myDirection.com We invite you to use our myDirection.com Online Client Portal. This will allow you, the account holder, to submit a Precious Metals Buy Direction Letter, Sell Direction Letter and/or Precious Metals Exchange Form online.

–  –  –

4. SIGNATURE Annual record keeping fees are not prorated and are withdrawn from your undirected funds (defined as any cash in the Custodial Account not invested pursuant to a specific investment direction by you), unless you submit payment to us directly prior to the due date by check, credit card, debit card or online via PayPal. Transaction fees are due prior to funding the transaction. Fees paid from your account will be reflected on your statement. If there are insufficient undirected funds in your account, we may liquidate other assets in your account to pay for such fees after a 30 day notification, in accordance with your Plan Agreement and Disclosure. In accordance with your Account Application, this Fee Disclosure is part of your Plan Agreement with the Administrator and must accompany your Application.

In accordance with your Plan Agreement and Disclosure, which is available on our website, custodial fees, described below, are part of the Plan Agreement. The Custodian shall be entitled to receive, from the assets held in the Custodial Account, a fee equal in amount to all income that is generated from any undirected funds which have been deposited by the Custodian into FDIC- or other United States government-insured financial institutions, United States government securities, or securities that are insured or guaranteed by the United States government, as provided in the Plan Agreement and Disclosure. The Custodian’s fees from the undirected funds in the Custodial Account are associated with cash management activities, including, but not limited to, account maintenance, depository bank selection, transaction processing, sub-accounting, record keeping, and other services performed under the terms of this Agreement. The Custodian retains the right, but does not have the obligation, to reduce this fee by rebating a portion of the fee into the Custodial Account. The Depositor agrees that this fee may be retained by the Custodian as compensation for the services provided by Custodian under this Agreement. The Custodian may pay all or an agreed portion of this fee to the Administrator as agreed between the Custodian and the Administrator. The Custodian reserves the right to change all or part of the Custodial Fee Schedule at its discretion with 30 days advance written notice to Depositor.

I understand that if fees are not paid within thirty (30) days after New Direction IRA, Inc. has mailed the past due notice, New Direction IRA will begin the process of closing the account. I understand that any asset distributed directly to me as part of closing my account will be reported to the IRS on Form 1099 and may subject me to possible taxes and penalties. I agree that accounts with past due fees, unfunded accounts, and accounts with zero value will continue to incur administrative fees until such time as I notify New Direction IRA, Inc., of my intent to close the account or until New Direction IRA, Inc., and/or First Trust Company of Onaga resigns.

Printed Name: _________________________________________________________________

Signature: _________________________________________________________________ Date:_________________________

–  –  –

NOTE: All investment paperwork must be titled correctly: New Direction IRA, Inc. FBO (Account Owner’s Name) IRA. If you have a 401(k) or beneficiary account, please call our office for correct vesting (titling).

–  –  –

There are numerous depositories that specialize in storage and safekeeping of precious metals. I understand that the Custodian and the Administrator are not and cannot be held responsible for the actions of these depositories, and I hereby release and hold harmless Custodian from any damages that I may incur with respect to my choice of depository and any activities or lack of activities on the part of said depository.


$ _____________________ OR ALL of the available cash in my account for the purchase I authorize New Direction IRA to Allocate of metals from the dealer listed in item 2. I understand and authorize that invoices received up to this amount from this dealer will be funded WITHOUT VERIFICATION BY ME. This allocation and authorization will remain valid for 90 days or until cancelled in writing by me. While allocated to this transaction, I understand the cash will not be available for other transactions. I understand that cancellation of this direction letter will take a minimum of 24 hours and that invoices received from the dealer during the cancellation process will be funded.

If you would like a New Direction IRA representative to give you a courtesy call and inform you of the specific details and amounts we obtain from your dealer regarding your purchase, initial here ________ and provide a phone number at which you can be reached: _______-_______-_____________.

Please note that this is a courtesy call and will not hold up the funding process.

–  –  –

6. AUTHORIZATION I confirm that I am directing New Direction IRA, Inc., the Administrator, to complete this transaction as specified above. I understand that my account is self-directed, and I take complete responsibility for any investment I choose for my account, including the investment specified in this Buy Direction Letter. I understand that neither the Administrator nor the Custodian (First Trust Company of Onaga) sells or endorses any investment products, and that they are not affiliated in any way with any investment provider. I understand that the roles of the Administrator and the Custodian are limited, and their responsibilities do not include investment selection for my account. I acknowledge that neither the Administrator nor the Custodian has provided or assumed responsibility for any tax, legal or investment advice with respect to this investPantone I505U that they will not be343U for any loss which results from my decision to purchase this investment. I understand that neither the Administrator nor ment, and agree Pantone liable the Custodian has reviewed or will review the merits, legitimacy, appropriateness or suitability of this investment, and I certify that I have done my own due diligence investigation prior to instructing the Administrator to execute this transaction for my account. I understand that neither the Administrator nor the Custodian determines whether this investment is acceptable under the Employee Retirement Income Securities Act (ERISA), the Internal Revenue Code (IRC), or any applicable federal, state, or local laws, including securities laws. I understand that it is my responsibility to review any investments to ensure compliance with these requirements.

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