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«NATIONAL REGISTER OF HISTORIC PLACES Sunset Hills Historic District Greensboro, Guilford County, GF8233, Listed 1/14/2013 Nomination by Jennifer ...»

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Shed 320 South Chapman Street ca. 1952 Contributing Building A one-story, front-gabled storage shed with hardboard siding stands in the rear yard.

Russell Shinn House 321 South Chapman Street ca. 1964 Contributing Building The one-story, side-gabled, brick Ranch house displays a prominent, off-center, front gable sheathed in hardboard siding and pierced by a half-round, louvered vent. A front gable shelters a paneled wood door and a recessed concrete and brick stoop supported on its corner by a single wood column. Windows are six-over-six with header-course sills. Triangular wood louvers crown the side gables. Russell Shinn, a building contractor, bought the parcel in 1964 and likely built this house soon thereafter. It is unknown if he lived here. He sold the house in 1982.

Estelle and W. Ralph Deaton House322 South Chapman Streetca. 1928Contributing Building

The one-story, three-bay, side-gabled, brick Period Cottage features a prominent off-center, front-facing gable with returns and a tall, narrow, arched-head louvered bay. A flat-roofed, partial-width porch with bracketed eaves and supported by square posts with banded necks shelters a pair of six-over-one windows and a single-leaf, glazed door. Windows throughout are six-over-one and eight-over-one and crowned with single rows of soldier-course brick; this brick course repeats just above the foundation. A single-shouldered brick chimney is located forward of the roof ridge on the south elevation. A gabled rear ell features an intersecting, front-facing gable with returns and an arched-head window, similar to NPS Form 10-900 OMB Approval No. 1024-0018 (8-86) the façade front wing, facing south toward the street. A rear, weatherboard-sided, shed-roofed porch has been enclosed. The Deatons bought the property in August 1928 and first appear at this address in the 1928 city directory. He was the manager of Capehart Automatic Phonograph Corporation. They sold the house in 1944.

Garage 322 South Chapman Street ca. 1928 Contributing Building A front-gabled, one-car, brick garage with replacement wood paneled doors stands in the rear yard.

Lillian and Luck C. Melchor House 323 South Chapman Street ca. 1926 Contributing Building The one-story, three-bay, brick Craftsman bungalow displays two front gables and intersecting side gables. A side-gabled porch roof shelters a multi-light front door. Concrete steps are bordered by flanking metal railings and low brick knee walls with concrete caps lead to the partial-width porch with a substantial brick support and brick pilaster--both with stepped caps--and a solid brick balustrade with a continuous concrete cap; an additional brick corner post occupies the southwest (façade) corner.

Windows are Craftsman-style four-over-one and five-over-one. Brick chimneys are placed on the exterior and interior. Exposed rafter tails and gable brackets grace the eaves. The Melchors are the earliest known occupants and appear at this address in the city directories from 1927 through 1930. He worked for Pepsi Bottling.

Garage 323 South Chapman Street ca. 1926 Contributing Building A one-story, front-gabled German-sided garage with rafter tails and brackets stands in the rear yard.

–  –  –

The modest, one-story, three-bay, side-gabled, brick Colonial Revival-influenced house displays a vinylsided front-gabled portico supported by metal poles and sheltering a paneled wood door framed by fluted pilasters. Brick steps framed by low brick walls with a metal pole railing on one side lead to a brick stoop with a metal balustrade. Windows are six-over-one with header-course sills. An exterior, north elevation brick chimney rises through the roof ridge of a side-gabled porch with replacement decorative metal posts and a vinyl-sided gable end. Crown of the gable ends vented by wood louvers. A gabled ell with a vinyl-sided end extends from the rear elevation. The single bay of the rear elevation attached garage has been infilled and sheathed in vinyl. The Craytons bought the parcel in 1941 and likely built the house soon thereafter; they first appear at this address in the 1942 city directory. He was assistant manager at J. T. Dailey Company. They sold the house in 1954.

Frances and Clarence Angel House401 South Chapman Streetca. 1925Contributing Building

The one-and-a-half-story, three-bay, brick Period Cottage is crowned by intersecting front and side gables. A front-facing projecting gable with returns and varying eave heights contains a wood door topped with a blind fanlight displaying a sunburst motif. An arched bay pierces the upper front gable.

Windows throughout are Craftsman-style four-over-one sash with soldier-course lintels and header sills.

Vinyl siding has been applied to the soffits and the front-facing gable that intersects and surmounts the side-gabled front block. A smooth-shouldered chimney occupies the north end of the side-gabled block.

On the north elevation, a porch has been enclosed with vinyl pierced with horizontal windows. Two gabled ells of differing roof heights occupy the rear elevation. The Angels, who appear at this address in the city directories from 1927 to 1936, are the earliest known occupants. He was department manager for Dicks Laundry Company.

House403 South Chapman Streetca. 1927Contributing Building

The one-story, three-bay, side-gabled brick house displays a pair of front-facing gables; the more forward gable crowns what was formerly a porch, which was enclosed around 1960 judging by the windows with two-over-two horizontal lights and surrounding synthetic siding that fill the arched openings. Arched-head louvered bays on the front gables were covered with synthetic siding sometime after 1990. Windows are six-over-one sash and vinyl siding covers the soffits, but does not obstruct the NPS Form 10-900 OMB Approval No. 1024-0018 (8-86) eave brackets. An exterior chimney pierces the front roof slope forward of the ridge on the north elevation. This house first appears in the city directory in 1927 with G. C. Russell as the occupant.

Tenants changed frequently. The 1929 city directory lists Lela Bartley as the tenant and her occupation as the matron of the Blanche Carr Sterne Baby Home, which was located in the house. A 1927 article in the Greensboro Daily News described the home as a place “where babies can temporarily be kept without legal strings until they can be returned to their parents, adopted out or placed into an orphanage.” Lillian E. and John J. Gillespie House 404 South Chapman Street ca. 1938 Contributing Building The one-and-a-half-story, three-bay, side-gabled brick Cape Cod features brick and concrete steps with a single metal hand rail forward of a brick and concrete patio that extends along a portion of the façade. At the classical, centered entrance, fluted pilasters and a multi-light transom frame the recessed, paneled door. Windows are six-over-six, including those in the pair of front-gable dormers sheathed in aluminum siding. A small brick chimney rises from the center of the roof ridge. A vinyl-sided flue for a wood stove extends from the front-right (northeast) corner of the house. In 1990, a flat-roofed porch supported by decorative metal posts sheltered the façade patio. Grover Griffin, the first occupant, appears at this address in the 1939 city directory. Another tenant followed, but in 1943, the Gillespies bought and occupied the house. He was a supervisor at Burlington Mills. They sold the house in 1992.

Garage 404 South Chapman Street ca. 1938 Contributing Building A one-story, front-gabled, brick garage stands in the rear yard. The south end of the façade is pierced by a single window with two-over-two horizontal, aluminum lights, while a garage door fronts the larger bay on the north end of the façade.

–  –  –

The intact, one-story, three-bay, side-gabled, weatherboard-sided Craftsman bungalow with rafter tails and triangular knee braces displays concrete steps flanked by low brick walls topped with concrete caps.

The steps lead to the porch where battered wood posts on brick piers support a wide front gable sheltering an original four-light and paneled-wood Craftsman door and a five-over-one window; a wood keystone is centered on the wide friezeband of the porch façade. Other windows are four-over-one or fixed sash with vertical muntins. A brick chimney occupies the south gable end. A porch on the rear ell has been enclosed. The Russells, who lived here around 1927and 1928, are the earliest known occupants. He was in the real estate business.

Garage 405 South Chapman Street ca. 1926 Contributing Building A one-story, front-gabled weatherboard garage with exposed rafter tails on its side elevations stands in the rear yard.

Sallye and Grady L. Clark House 406 South Chapman Street ca. 1926 Noncontributing Building The one-story, three-bay, side-gabled, brick Period Cottage features a steeply-pitched, off-center front gable. Supporting the slightly-projecting, shed-roofed porch are square posts with caps and bases that sit atop brick plinths that are connected by a solid brick balustrade. The partial-width porch shelters a multi-light, single-leaf door and a pair of six-over-one windows. Windows throughout are six-over-one, except in the front-gable dormer, which has a six-light, fixed sash. A synthetic-sided chimney stands on the south exterior end. The house is listed as vacant in the 1927 and 1928 city directories. In November 1928, the Clarks bought it and were listed at this address in the 1929 city directory. They sold the house in 1940.

Garage 406 South Chapman Street ca. 1926 Contributing Building

–  –  –

Marjorie and J. Floyd Rollins House 407 South Chapman Street ca. 1925 Noncontributing Building The one-story, front-gabled, Craftsman bungalow with aluminum siding includes an enclosed projecting front porch. Concrete steps with flanking low brick walls topped with concrete caps lead to the multilight front door of the former porch. One-over-one, aluminum windows extend along the enclosed porch and between the original wood posts and brick plinths. Two windows occupy a projecting bay on the façade just north of the porch. Windows throughout are eight-over-eight and an exterior chimney is located on the south elevation, just forward of an intersecting slightly projecting bay. This house served as rental property from the time of its construction until 1944 when the Rollins bought it. They appear at this address in the 1945 city directory. He was a branch manager for Carey Phillip Manufacturing. They sold the house in 1949.

Garage 407 South Chapman Street ca. 1940 Contributing Building A front-gabled, stucco garage with bay windows topped with a shed roof stands in the rear yard.

Vera and John M. Stansel House 408 South Chapman Street ca. 1927 Contributing Building The one-story, five-bay, side-gabled, brick Craftsman and Tudor-style influenced house displays projecting side elevation gables and a prominent, projecting front-gabled porch. A pair of battered columns marks the entrance to the porch and supports a semi-elliptical arch; sturdy, square brick posts support the porch's front corners. Concrete steps with flanking metal railings ascend to the concrete porch with a brick foundation. The front and side gables feature half-timbering, stucco and curved eave brackets. Louvered wooden openings vent the principal side gables. Soldier course bricks top the sixover-one windows. The house served as rental property until the Stansels bought it in June 1931; they are listed at this address in the 1931 city directory. He was a salesman for American Cotton Cooperative.

They owned the house until 1955.

–  –  –

408 South Chapman Street ca. 1927 Contributing Building A front-gabled, one-bay, weatherboard garage with a wood and multi-light garage door stands in the rear yard.

Elsie and Perry E. Lee House 409 South Chapman Street ca. 1926 Contributing Building The one-story, three-bay, front-gabled bungalow features a projecting, front-gabled porch supported by wood posts on brick piers. Concrete steps bordered by low brick walls topped with concrete caps lead to the porch, which displays a wood balustrade. To the south of the porch, a bay containing two windows projects from the front gable. Windows are six-over-one; an exterior brick chimney stands on the north elevation, just forward of a side-gabled projecting bay; an identical bay occupies the south elevation;

vinyl siding sheathes the house. The Lees are the earliest known occupants at appear at this address in the 1927 city directory. He was a manager.

Beulah and Philip Singer House410 South Chapman Streetca. 1930Noncontributing Building

The one-story, three-bay, side-clipped-gable dwelling with gable returns features a flat or slightlyhipped roof porch supported by replacement metal columns. A set of concrete steps flanked by a pair of metal railings ascends the brick and concrete porch floor forward of the multi-light, single-leaf door set between two pairs of six-over-one windows. The porch ceiling and eaves are sheathed in synthetic siding. A brick chimney stands on the south exterior end. Since 2007, the original weatherboard has been replaced or covered with synthetic shingles. The Singers, who appear at this address in the 1930 city directory, are the earliest known occupants. He was an agent.

–  –  –

The one-story, three-bay, side-gabled, Colonial-Revival house with vinyl siding displays an altered entrance with vinyl-clad fluted pilasters and a vinyl-covered entablature surrounding a paneled wood door with two lights at its crown. Windows are vinyl eight-over-eight and a brick chimney rises from the center of the roof ridge. A one-story, side-gabled wing extends from the south elevation, but behind the forward window; low granite retaining wall along sidewalk. The Williamsons, who are listed at this address in the 1940 city directory, are the earliest known owners and occupants. He was a traveling salesman.

Garage411 South Chapman Streetca. 1939Contributing Building

A one-story concrete block garage with wood batten doors and vertical wood in the front gable stands in the rear yard. It is attached to the garage at 413 South Chapman Street so that the building is actually Lshaped. The façade of the south facing bay features a double-leaf wood door.

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