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«NATIONAL REGISTER OF HISTORIC PLACES Sunset Hills Historic District Greensboro, Guilford County, GF8233, Listed 1/14/2013 Nomination by Jennifer ...»

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Carport 2225 West Friendly Avenue ca. 1980 Noncontributing Structure A one-story, front-gabled, carport sheathed in vertical composite siding and with a rear storage room stands behind the house.

Lucille and James Darrah House 2227 West Friendly Avenue ca. 1941 Contributing Building The one-and-a-half-story, three-bay, side-gabled, brick Cape Cod house exhibits a front-gabled, brick projection containing a classical entry composed of pilasters and a molded cornice framing a paneled wood and twelve-light door. Windows are eight-over-eight and a pair of front-gabled, synthetic-sided dormers with six-over-six windows rests on the front roof slope. A brick chimney occupies the east gable end, forward of the roof ridge and through the side-gabled roof of a former open porch that has been fitted with large panes of glass to create a sunroom. Synthetic siding sheathes the dwelling’s gable ends. The Darrahs bought the parcel in 1941 and built the house soon thereafter. He worked as the assistant manager for Jones Fur Service. They sold the house in 1954 to Naomi and Thomas Cribben, who owned it until 1996.

Carport 2227 West Friendly Avenue ca. 1980 Noncontributing Structure

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Ivy and Barclay Newlin House 2229 West Friendly Avenue ca. 1941 Contributing Building The one-and-a-half-story, five-bay, side-gabled, brick Cape Cod house displays a front-gabled, wood portico with square posts sheltering the entry. Windows are replacement six-over-six and two frontgabled, synthetic-sided dormers rest on the front porch. A brick chimney occupies the west gable end, forward of the roof ridge. A west elevation, side-gabled porch has been enclosed, sheathed in synthetic siding, and fitted with modern casement windows. The Newlins bought the parcel in May 1941 and likely built the house soon thereafter. Mr. Newlin worked for Burlington Mills. They sold the house in

1944. The Schriebner family was longtime owners, holding the property from 1952 until 1986.

Garage 2229 West Friendly Avenue ca. 1941 Contributing Building A one-story, one-bay, front-gabled, synthetic-sided garage stands in the rear yard.

Elizabeth and Robert Sehorn House 2307 West Friendly Avenue ca. 1941 Contributing Building The west façade of the one-story, three-bay, side-gabled, brick Minimal Traditional house projects forward and the northeast corner of its roof overhangs the paneled wood door with two upper lights.

Windows are replacement eight-over-eight and six-over-six and topped with soldier-course lintels. A brick chimney occupies the east gable end, forward of the roof ridge. Fabric awnings shelter two paneled wood and divided-light doors on the east elevation. The Sehorns bought the lot in March 1941 and likely built the house soon thereafter. They sold the property in 1949. Longtime owners were the Dyer family, who owned the house from 1953 to 2002.

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The one-story, three-bay, side-gabled, brick Minimal Traditional-style house displays an off-center, front-facing gable pierced by a tall, narrow window. The roof extends to shelter the entry. A wide brick chimney rises just to the west of the entry. Windows are six-over-six and topped with soldier-course lintels. A one-story, one-bay, brick wing on the west elevation sits lower than the main block and is stepped back from the principal façade. The Berryhills bought the parcel in 1940 and likely built the house soon thereafter. They first appear at this address in the 1941 city directory. William Berryhill was an account manager for GMAC.

Thelma and Thomas E. (Eddie) Wagg House 2401 West Friendly Avenue ca. 1947 Contributing Building The one-story, three-bay, side-gabled, vinyl-sided Minimal Traditional-style house exhibits an offcenter, projecting front-gable. A recessed porch with square wood posts spans the west half of the façade and shelters the entry. Windows are six-over-six and a brick chimney straddles the roof ridge. A small gabled ell extends from the rear elevation. The Waggs bought the parcel in 1946 and likely built the house soon thereafter. Thelma Wagg (1906-2006) was an advance saleswoman for the Greensboro Sun newspaper, while her husband was the publisher of the Greensboro Sun. The property stayed in the family until 1962.

Eleanor and R. Boyd Morris House I2403 West Friendly Avenueca. 1940Contributing Building

The three-bay, side-gabled, brick house displays a glass-enclosed, side-gabled, west elevation porch.

Originally, this was an open porch. Windows are replacement one-over-one and a brick chimney straddles the roof ridge. A large gabled ell extends from the rear elevation; a smaller gable ell is attached to the larger ell. The Morrises bought the parcel in October 1939 and likely built the house in 1940.

They appear at this address in the 1940 and 1941 city directories. According to the 1941 city directory, he was vice-president of Mayfair Cafeteria, a family business located at 124 North Elm Avenue, and was a salesman for Atlantic Coal Company. The Morrises sold the house to Merle Batchell, who owned it until 1965.

Robert Boyd Morris was born on March 30, 1912, in Haw River, North Carolina, and was raised in Greensboro. He graduated from Greensboro Senior High School and began working at the Mayfair Cafeteria in Greensboro, then owned by his father, at the age of 23. In the 1940s, Morris was appointed NPS Form 10-900 OMB Approval No. 1024-0018 (8-86) to the Greensboro City Council, where he served for ten years. In 1955 he was elected mayor, and he served for two years. In the early 1960s, the Mayfair was often the site for civil rights demonstrations.

Following the Civil Rights Acts of 1964, Morris desegregated the cafeteria, but in 1967 the Mayfair closed permanently due to declining patronage. --From Greensboro VOICES Biography, "Morris, Robert Boyd" accessed 9 October 2008, http://library.uncg.edu/depts/archives/civrights/detailbio.asp?bio=89 <

Eleanor and R. Boyd Morris House II2405 West Friendly Avenueca. 1941Contributing Building

The one-and-a-half-story, three-bay, side-gabled, vinyl-sided Period Cottage displays two projecting front gables with the center front gable containing the entry. A modern wood handicap ramp has been added to the front of the house. Windows are six-over-six, including the one in the front-gabled dormer resting on the front roof slope. A brick chimney occupies the west gable end and extends through the roof of the side-gabled screened porch on that elevation. The Morrises, who lived next door at 2403 West Friendly Avenue, bought this parcel in October 1939, at the same time they purchased the adjacent lot. They likely built the house around 1941. In the 1942 city directory they appear at this address. By this time, his only occupation was running the family business, Mayfair Cafeteria. In 1951, they sold the house to Baxter Westmorland.

Garage 2405 West Friendly Avenue ca. 1941 Contributing Building A one-story, one-bay, front-gabled, vinyl-sided garage stands in the rear yard.

East Greenway Drive North House 102 East Greenway Drive North Noncontributing Building

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circular fanlight tops double-leaf, half-glazed doors framed by fluted pilasters crowned by a modillion cornice. Other features include brick quoins, a modillion course at its cornice, and six-over-six windows crowned on the first level by flat brick arches. Brick chimneys occupy the north and side (side) elevations.

Carport 102 East Greenway Drive North Noncontributing Structure A front-gabled, two-bay open carport with a circular louvered vent it its gable stands immediately north of the house.

Jessie B. and John Foster House 104 East Greenway Drive North ca. 1953 Contributing Building The one-story, side-gabled, brick Ranch house consists of a four-bay central block flanked on each side by slightly lower, one-bay, side-gabled, brick blocks. Fluted pilasters frame a paneled wood reveal and a recessed entry. Windows are eight-over-eight and six-over-six with aprons beneath façade windows. A wide brick chimney straddles the roof ridge. Synthetic siding sheathes the gable ends. A sunporch occupies the northeast (rear) corner. Mr. Foster was secretary for Odell Mill Supply Company, according to the 1954 city directory. The Foster family still owns the house.

Carport104 East Greenway Drive Northca. 1980Noncontributing Structure

A one-story carport stands behind the house. The 1966 Sanborn map indicates shows an outbuilding at this site; it has either been greatly enlarged or replaced entirely by the current building. A side-gabled, hip-roofed, synthetic-sided building attaches to the east side of a front-gabled, synthetic-sheathed open carport supported by brick posts.

–  –  –

Contributing Building The two-story, five-bay, side-gabled, brick Colonial Revival-style house with a dentil cornice displays a grand entry composed of an open bed segmental arched pediment. It is graced with dentils and surmounts two pairs of fluted pilasters, each pair framing full-height sidelights. Decorative raised scrollwork flanks each side of the pediment’s crown. Below the pediment, a semi-circular fanlight with a wood key tops a paneled wood door. Windows are six-over-six with brick relieving arches and blind brick-filled fanlights topping first floor windows. A brick chimney occupies the south gable end of the main two-story block. An original, one-story, one-bay, side-gabled, brick wing on the north gable end is set back from the façade. A south elevation recessed porch has been greatly enlarged. It appears that an original porch with fluted pilasters and brick supports was later converted to a sunporch with the installation of large windows and sliding glass doors. This wing was expanded and a second floor and a brick chimney added since 1966. As a result, the front roof slope is a catslide form. The upper gable end is sheathed in synthetic siding. A slate tile roof covers the dwelling. Because the new wing is set back from the main façade and most of the alterations occurred on the rear elevation, the changes do not significantly detract from the dwelling’s overall integrity. According to the 1929 city directory, Collins and Coleman Roberts and their families lived in the house. Collins was president of Automobile Insurance Specialists, while Coleman was vice-president and general manager of Carolina Motor Club.

Helen Gunn Lindley and the Honorable Paul L. Lindley House 204 East Greenway Drive North ca. 1928 Contributing Building The grand, two-story, cross-gabled and hip-roofed, brick and half-timbered stucco house is an outstanding example of the Tudor Revival style. The recessed entry is contained in a one-story, frontgabled, brick and half-timbered entrance porch located on the south end of the two-story, front-gable. A Tudor-arch bay on the front of the porch is tabbed in cut masonry; smaller Tudor arches pierce the sides of the porch. A one-story, front-gabled screened porch is located near the south end of the façade. A wide corbelled brick chimney with slate-shingle-paved set offs and decorative projecting header bricks occupies the façade between the entrance and the screened porch. Masonry quoins mark the brick first story’s corners. A two-story, five-sided addition on the north elevation is brick on the first level and half-timbered on the upper level; this is a post-1966 alteration. It has masonry quoins like the remainder of the house. A large, modern, gabled open carport with brick posts occupies the rear elevation.

Windows throughout are primarily six-over-six. The Lindley family first appears as occupants in the 1931 city directory. That year Lindley was mayor of Greensboro, president of Greensboro Community Chest Inc., the precursor to the Greensboro United Way, and president of Lindley Nurseries Inc. He shared the house with his wife Helen Gunn Lindley and four sons. As mayor, Lindley was active in NPS Form 10-900 OMB Approval No. 1024-0018 (8-86) developing the city’s parks and playgrounds and in the establishment of the city’s airport. In 1933, at age fifty-six, Lindley drowned in either a pond or pool on the nursery property. By 1934, Alberta and Benjamin McNabb occupied the house. Mr. McNabb worked in the Life Insurance business. The house changed ownership frequently during its early history. This house appears as house number sixty-eight in “A Few of Moore’s Better Built Homes in Sunset Hills,” a pamphlet published in 1929 by Moore Realty Company. The pamphlet describes the house as “of strictly English design with [an] exterior combination of brick, lime, stone, variegated slate roof, stucco and half-timber that blends harmoniously with its setting.” Garage and Guest House 204 East Greenway Drive North Noncontributing Building A one-and-a-half-story, brick and half-timbered garage and guest house mimics the main house in style and materials. It appears to contain two garage bays. A recessed porch is located beneath the west side of the north gable end.

Garage 204 East Greenway Drive North ca. 1928 Contributing Building A one-story, front-gabled, weatherboard garage or outbuilding is located southeast of the house.

Marietta Mann House 300 East Greenway Drive North ca. 1937 Contributing Building The two-story, three-bay, side-gabled, vinyl-sided Colonial Revival-style house displays an arched, denticulated pediment that surmounts a pair of fluted pilasters framing the paneled wood door’s sidelights. Windows are eight-over-eight and six-over-six. Brick chimneys occupy each gable end of the main block. A one-story, side-gabled, enclosed sunporch fitted with large windows with transoms is located on the south elevation. A two-story, one-bay-wide, side-gabled wing is located on the north elevation; a one-story, one-bay-wide, shed-roofed addition was made to the front of this wing. A small, one-story, one-bay-wide, side-gabled wing has been added to the north elevation of the two-story wing.

NPS Form 10-900 OMB Approval No. 1024-0018 (8-86) The 1939 city directory, the first to include the house, lists Marietta Mann, a clerk, as owner and occupant. The 1940 census lists Mr. Mann as working for the Internal Revenue Service.

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