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«NATIONAL REGISTER OF HISTORIC PLACES Sunset Hills Historic District Greensboro, Guilford County, GF8233, Listed 1/14/2013 Nomination by Jennifer ...»

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House 302 East Greenway Drive North ca. 1961 Contributing Building The one-and-a-half-story, three-bay, side-gabled, brick Ranch house features a recessed entry with sidelights. Windows are replacement eight-over-eight and six-over-six and include a three-part picture window with a three-part paneled apron. A pair of front-gabled, synthetic-sided dormers is new additions. A brick chimney straddles the roof ridge.

House320 East Greenway Drive Northca. 1925Contributing Building

The two-story, five-bay, side-gabled, brick Colonial Revival house features a full-height, front-gabled portico with Tuscan columns; the portico was added sometime between 1966 and 1990. The portico shelters a balcony with a metal balustrade fronting a second floor window and wood paneled door with sidelights on the first level. Windows are six-over-six and topped by soldier course lintels. A one-story, flat-roofed, vinyl-sided wing, originally an open porch, attaches to the northeast elevation. A GIS aerial photograph indicates a one-story gabled addition is located on the rear; it possibly contains a garage.

Ulah and James Ferree House324 East Greenway Drive Northca. 1928Contributing Building

The two-and-a-half-story, five-bay, side-gabled, brick Colonial Revival-style house with a dentil cornice and cornice returns displays a front-gabled portico with a vaulted soffit. Tuscan columns support the portico as it shelters a semi-elliptical fanlight that surmounts a multi-light door flanked by sidelights.

Windows are eight-over-eight and on the first level topped by brick arch with a granite keystone. Three front-gabled dormers contain arched-head lights and are sheathed in vinyl siding. A brick chimney rises from the southwest gable end of the main block, forward of the roof ridge. A one-story sunroom on the southwest gable end carries the classical features of the entrance. On the sunroom façade, a semielliptical fanlight crowns a multi-light door with sidelights, while the side elevations have a similar NPS Form 10-900 OMB Approval No. 1024-0018 (8-86) pattern, but with tall, multi-light windows instead of doors. Fluted pilasters separate the bays. A onestory, flat-roofed, open porch with Tuscan columns occupies the northeast elevation. James Ferree who appears in the 1929 city directory at this address, likely built the house. He was a building contractor, but also owner of Sunset Grocery and Sunset Service Station, which were located next to one another on Madison Avenue.

Garage 324 East Greenway Drive North ca. 1928 Contributing Building A one-story, two-bay, side-gabled, brick garage with replacement doors stands in the rear yard.

Corday O. and Hercules L. Koontz House 328 East Greenway Drive North ca. 1937 Contributing Building The two-story, five-bay, hip-roofed, weatherboard Colonial Revival-influenced house displays a frontgabled portico with flared eaves, Doric columns, and paneled squared pilasters. Molded purlins and rafter tails as well as a low, wide arch topped by a small wood keystone grace the portico as it shelters a paneled wood door with sidelights. Carved rafter tails along the wide overhanging eaves provide the house with an Italian villa influence. Windows are six-over-six; a casement window pierces the west elevation. An interior chimney rises from the east end of the roof ridge; another brick chimney occupies the west end of the rear elevation. A one-story screened porch with columns and a low hipped roof with similar overhang to the principal roof is located on the east elevation. A one-story, hip-roofed wing on the rear half of the west elevation wraps around to continue along half of the rear elevation. Mr. Koontz was a lawyer. The house first appears in the city directory in 1937. The 1940 census records three daughters living in the house: Margaret, Martha and Olive.

Garage 328 East Greenway Drive North ca. 1937 Contributing Building

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Louise and Nathanial Hayes House 400 East Greenway Drive North ca. 1938 Contributing Building The one-and-a-half-story, three-bay, cross-gabled, brick Colonial Revival-influenced house displays an off-center, full-height, front-facing and projecting gable. A vaulted denticulated pediment crowns a pair of fluted pilasters that frame a single-leaf wood door. A sawtooth brick course graces the cornice of the side-gabled block. Windows are casement and eight-over-eight. A single front-gabled dormer contains an eight-over-eight sash. A brick chimney rises from the north gable end and through the rear roof slope of a side-gabled screen porch. Weatherboard sheathes the gable ends. Mr. Hayes was sales manager at Carolina Steel and Iron Company, according to the 1939 city directory.

Garage 400 East Greenway Drive North ca. 1938 Contributing Building A one-story, one-bay, front-gabled, weatherboard garage stands in the rear yard.

Cleo and W. Homer Fisher House 402 East Greenway Drive North ca. 1926 Contributing Building The two-story, side-gabled, aluminum-sided Colonial Revival-style house with a dentil cornice is composed of two, two-story blocks: the main block containing the entry is four-bays wide, while a onebay-wide wing on the south elevation is set back from the façade of the main block. A portico with a vaulted soffit displays a dentil course, paired square posts and a wood pendent at the crest of the gable.

It shelters a multi-light door topped with a blind wood fanlight. Windows are six-over-one and a brick chimney rises from the south gable end of the main block. The south elevation two-story wing features a first level sunporch with casement windows. A one-story, one-bay, hip-roofed wing with a dentil cornice is located on the north gable end. Mr. Fisher was secretary-treasurer of W. H. Fisher Company Engravers, Printers, and Office Supplies, according to the 1930 city directory.

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Contributing Building The one-story, two-bay, side-gabled, weatherboard garage with original paneled and divided-light, swing-out doors stands in the rear yard.

Lillian and J. Norwood Eubanks House 404 East Greenway Drive North ca. 1938 Contributing Building The one-story, side-gabled, brick Colonial Revival-influenced dwelling is composed of two brick blocks: the main section is three bays wide, while the southern section, which sits slightly lower, is one bay wide. A classically-inspired entrance composed of fluted pilasters supporting a frieze with triglyphs and a molded cornice and framing a paneled wood door. A three-sided bay window pierces the façade immediately to the north of the entry. Windows are eight-over-eight and a brick chimney straddles the roof ridge. A side-gabled screened porch occupies the north gable end. According to the 1939 city directory, Mr. Eubanks was president of McDuffie-Eubanks Drug Company.

Garage 404 East Greenway Drive North ca. 1938 Contributing Building A one-story, one-bay, front-gabled, weatherboard garage stands in the rear yard.

Elizabeth and Herman C. Wilson House 406 East Greenway Drive North ca. 1955 Contributing Building The one-story, four-bay, irregularly-massed, hip-roofed, T-shaped, brick house features a gable-on-hiproofed wing that projects from the center of the long main block. An inset open porch with a decorative metal post and metal balustrade is tucked under the north corner of the front wing. Windows are sixover-six and a wide brick chimney rests on the roof ridge at the center of the dwelling. Herman Wilson was the city attorney, according to the 1956 city directory, the first in which the house appears.

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ca. 1955 Contributing Structure A pyramidal-roofed open carport that includes a brick storage area stands just south of the house.

East Greenway Drive South Lillian and George McFetters House 107 East Greenway Drive South ca. 1934 Contributing Building The two-story, side-gabled, brick Colonial Revival-style dwelling has a one-story, single-bay portico with dentils that is supported by slender Tuscan wood columns. It shelters a paneled wood door with multi-light sidelights. Brick steps with low, paved flanking brick walls lead to the brick and concrete stoop. One-story wings flank the main block: the north wing is a two-bay, side-gabled, brick garage with replacement doors and a front-gabled dormer, while the south wing is a side-gabled sun room, which was originally an open porch. Its north gable end is sheathed in wood siding. A brick, exterior chimney rises from the south gable end, just forward of the roof ridge. Windows throughout are six-over-one. The house first appears in the city directory in 1935 with the McFetters as occupants. They purchased the property in March 1934 and owned it until 1955. Mr. McFetters was president and manager of Greensboro Loom Reed Company.

Chase and Donald Stafford House 109 East Greenway Drive South ca. 1938 Contributing Building The two-story, side-gabled with returns, brick Colonial Revival-style dwelling exhibits a segmental, semi-circular, blind, wood fanlight and paneled pilasters framing bands of fluting forward of a plain reveal and recessed paneled wood front door. Metal railings flank brick steps and a brick stoop. The main block, which contains the entrance, is composed of two, off-set parts: the main three-bay section projects forward of a two-story, one-bay block to the south. One-story, side-gabled wings are located on the north and south elevations and occupy only a portion of their respective gable ends. The north wing is brick and the south wing is sheathed in synthetic siding. Windows throughout are six-over-six with first level windows crowned by granite keystones centered on brick flat arches. A three-sided, hiproofed, wood-sided bay window pierces the first floor of the south block. Each six-over-six window surmounts a rectangular apron panel. A two-story, gabled ell extends from the rear elevation. An NPS Form 10-900 OMB Approval No. 1024-0018 (8-86) attached, flat-roofed carport with lattice on its exterior is located on the rear of the ell; an open bay pierces the south elevation. Chase and Donald Stafford bought the property in 1938; he was treasurer of Pomona Terra Cotta Company. In 1949 the house transferred to Mrs. Chase Stafford, who, in turn, sold it to Greensboro College in 1953.

West Greenway Drive North Lillian and Charles Wharton Edwards House 103 West Greenway Drive North Contributing Building The striking, two-story, three-bay, side-gabled, granite Neoclassical Revival-style dwelling with a dentil cornice and cornice returns is a rare example of the style in Sunset Hills. Full height, paneled wood posts support the front-gabled portico graced with dentils, triglyphs spanning the frieze, and an oculus.

Pilasters supporting a molded entablature with dentils frame an unusual recessed-paneled wood door surrounded by a transom and sidelights. The tripartite character continues to the upper level where a bracketed metal balcony fronts a three-part window with an eight-over-eight sash flanked by a pair of four-over-four sash—all surmounting paneled wood aprons. Windows on the first floor façade are wide ten-over-ten, while the corresponding upper bays are filled with multi-light French doors. Windows elsewhere are six-over-six. Bays throughout are topped by granite voussoirs with granite keystones.

Granite chimneys rise from the gable ends of the main block. A pair of one-story, one-bay, flat-roofed, granite wings—originally porches—flanks the main block. Both wings display dentils and large, threepart, picture windows. An original, two-story, granite ell extends from the rear. An original portecochere with granite supports is attached to the rear of the ell. A small, one-story, rear extension is located just north of the larger ell. Charles Wharton Edwards, president of the Gate City Motor Company, built the house and lived here with his wife Lillian Langston, their two children, and a domestic named Emma Green. In 1947 the property was sold to Helen Rankin and John Paul Price. John was owner of Greensboro Distributing Company. From 1955 to 1974, the house served as the parsonage for the First Congregation Christian Church. During that time, Rev. Bill Wisseman and his wife Graham lived here. A second minister, Dr. Floyd, lived in the home for a few years with his family. The church sold their parsonage in 1974 to Kay and Sonny Cashion, and Kay remains in the home today (Biographical information about the owners and occupants is from Benjamin Briggs’ draft for the Sunset Hills home tour, 2012).

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Contributing Building A one-story, two-bay, granite garage stands in the rear yard. It has been altered with the infill of its garage bays with siding, doors, and windows.

Clio O. and Thomas Edgar Sikes House 201 West Greenway Drive North ca. 1928 Contributing Building The two-story, five-bay, side-gabled, brick Colonial Revival-style house with dentils and modillions displays a full-height, front-gabled portico with Tuscan columns that was added sometime after 1966.

Sidelights frame a paneled wood door topped with a brick flat arch with a cast keystone; this element repeats over each of the home’s six-over-six windows. A metal balcony is situated over the entry and forward of a central, upper level window. A brick chimney rises from the south gable end of the main block. A post-1966, two-story, one-bay, side-gabled brick wing with a Palladian window on its south gable end occupies the south elevation of the main block. An original, one-story, flat-roofed wing on the north elevation is obscured from view. A two-story, gabled ell extends from the rear. A modern, metalroofed porte-cochere extends from the rear elevation. An original brick garage on the property is not visible from the right-of-way. Edgar Sikes, a dentist, and his wife Clio bought the parcel in 1928 and built the house soon thereafter. By 1929, they were living in the house. The house remained in the family until 1944.

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