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«NATIONAL REGISTER OF HISTORIC PLACES Sunset Hills Historic District Greensboro, Guilford County, GF8233, Listed 1/14/2013 Nomination by Jennifer ...»

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The following inventory of resources in the Sunset Hills Historic District is arranged alphabetically by street name and in ascending order within the street. Each building is designated with a historic name, if known. In almost all cases, buildings are named for the first owner or owners. This information came from consulting the geographic information system (GIS) for Guilford County, which includes ownership history for each property. This data was compared with that in the city directories, which are available on-line through the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. In addition to providing the date as to when an individual dwelling was occupied, the city directories also offer occupations for most of these early residents. Following the name, the street address is provided, followed by the date or approximate date of construction and the date or dates of major alterations. Comparing the date when an individual or couple bought a property, as given by the GIS website, with the date those same individuals appear at the address in the city directories allows a firm estimate for the date of construction for most of the house in Sunset Hills. Sanborn Map Company maps from 1960 provide information about approximate construction dates for additions. Finally, each resource is classified as contributing or noncontributing. Contributing resources were built within the period of significance and retain enough historic integrity to illustrate significant aspects of their past. Contributing resources must retain physical materials, design features, and construction qualities from the historic period. A resource whose date of construction falls outside the period of significance or which has been altered so significantly as to compromise its integrity is classified as noncontributing. Buildings that are noncontributing because of alterations include those with enclosed front porches, tall rear additions that can be seen from the street, and large additions on principal elevations. Many houses in the Sunset Hills Historic District include outbuildings—usually garages—and if they were visible from the right-of-way they are listed in the NPS Form 10-900 OMB Approval No. 1024-0018 (8-86) inventory just after the main dwelling. The approximate date of construction and the contributing or noncontributing status for each outbuilding is provided.

The Sunset Hills Historic District maintains a high degree of integrity. Almost all of the buildings constructed within the period of significance are contributing resources.

Sunset Park Bounded by East and West Greenway Drive and Berkeley Place and West Friendly Avenue ca. 1924 Contributing Site Nine Contributing Structures and Three Noncontributing Structures Sunset Park is an approximately thirteen-acre linear greenspace that stretches from Berkley Place northward and terminates at West Friendly Avenue. The park was part of A. K. Moore’s original plats for sections three and four of Sunset Hills. The park is a mostly naturalized area, but with recreational equipment such as modern playground equipment, remnants of two concrete-lined sandboxes, and a tennis court, which is sited at the same location indicated by A. K. Moore’s plat dated November 1926.

For its entire length, the park follows a small creek and several stone-arched pedestrian bridges traverse the waterway. Some of these bridges likely date to the 1930s, but others are newer. Stone, metal, or concrete culverts direct water under streets that cross the park. Four simple automobile bridges of stone or concrete cross the creek on the east-west running streets.

Berkley Place House 2302 Berkley Place ca. 1980 Noncontributing Building The one-story, four-bay, side-gabled, hardboard-sided house displays a recessed entrance composed of a paneled wood door with sidelights. The stoop is brick and concrete. Windows are six-over-nine and a brick chimney rises from the east gable end and through the roof of a side-gable screened porch.

–  –  –

The one-and-a-half-story, four-bay, side-gabled, brick house features a wide, front gable sheathed in synthetic siding and graced with returns. Heavy brick posts support the gable that shelters a paneled wood door with sidelights. Windows are mostly six-over-six. A wide, brick, battered chimney occupies the façade west of the entry, while another rises from the east gable end of the main block. A curvedfaçade screened porch on the southeast corner has been sheathed in synthetic siding. Several large additions have been made to the house including a one-story, three-bay, flat-roofed section built on to the west side of the original brick rear ell. This addition is fronted by a flat roofed porch with a wood balustrade; the balustrade also tops the addition creating a balcony above. A synthetic-sided second floor addition has been added to the original brick ell. The house first appears in the 1928 city directory with the Tuckers as owners and occupants. He was the secretary-treasurer of Jefferson Motors Inc. and Greensboro Hudson-Essex Finance Corporation. The Wimbish family owned the house from the 1930s into the 1970s.

Merle and Bascom Mitchell House2308 Berkley Placeca. 1937Contributing Building

The one-story, three-bay, side-gabled, brick Minimal Traditional house features an off-center, frontfacing gable with an arched-head, louvered wood vent. A shed entry porch graced with dentils and supported by square posts displays a wood balustrade. Fluted pilasters frame the door that is set in a foyer that is slightly projecting and illuminated by a small window on its east side. Windows are sixover-six and a brick chimney rises from the east end of the main block. A former porch on the east end has been enclosed. Its brick supports remain in place, but it has been fitted with six-over-six windows.

Its gable end appears to be stucco with half-timbering. A small, shed-roofed entry has been added to the north end of the west gable end. It is sheathed with T-111 siding. One, possibly two, gabled ells extend from the rear elevation. The Mitchells bought the lot in May 1937 and likely built the house soon thereafter. Bascom Mitchell owned Greene Street Service Station and Master Service Station. Merle Mitchell sold the house in 1964.

Eva and William Brewer House 2407 Berkley Place ca. 1930 Contributing Building The one-and-a-half-story, five-bay, side-gabled, brick Cape Cod dwelling features a weatherboard-sided, front-gabled entry portico with fluted posts and pilasters. It rests on a concrete stoop and shelters a NPS Form 10-900 OMB Approval No. 1024-0018 (8-86) paneled wood door. Windows are six-over-six replacements and are crowned with cast concrete keystones in radiating header-course segmental arches. Two aluminum-sided dormers rest on the front roof slope. An exterior brick chimney rises from the east gable end and through the roof of a shedroofed, aluminum-sided sun porch with multi-light windows and transoms. A gabled ell extends from the rear elevation. The Brewers purchased the lot from A. K. Moore Realty in February 1927 and were living here by the time the 1931 city directory was published. Mr. Brewer was a traveling salesman. The family owned the house only a short period.

Garage 2407 Berkley Place ca. 1930 Contributing Building A front-gabled, aluminum-sided garage stands in the rear yard.

House 2409 Berkley Place ca. 1945 Contributing Building The one-and-a-half-story, three-bay, cross-gabled, brick Period Cottage displays a large front-facing gable pierced on its upper level with an arched-head window. A smaller front gable to the west contains an arched-head bay with an arched-head batten door with a small multi-light window and strap hinges.

A wide battered brick chimney rises on the façade between the two gables. Windows are six-over-six and framed by soldier-course lintels and header-course sills. Three grouped windows, likely casement types, contain diamond-pattern muntins. A side-gabled screened porch with a vinyl-sided gable end is attached to the west elevation. It is shaded by metal awnings. A large wooden handicap ramp extends from the front door forward and across the façade.

Garage 2409 Berkley Place ca. 1945 Contributing Building

–  –  –

Winifred and Harold E. Pugh House 2413 Berkley Place ca. 1931 Contributing Building The one-and-a-half-story, four-bay, side-gabled, brick Tudor Revival-style house displays a projecting, bracketed front gable containing a recessed entry bay. A cast stone Tudor arch with a cast keystone and quoins fronts the brick reveal and single-leaf door. A brick chimney with cast stone at its shoulder is positioned on the façade, at the junction of the front gable and the side gable. The large front gable, a smaller front gable at the west end of the façade, and the side gables are sheathed in stucco and graced by half-timbering. Windows are replacement six-over-one and topped by soldier-course lintels. A sunporch with replacement six-over-one windows with transoms occupies the east side of the front gable. A gabled ell extends from the rear elevation. The Pughs bought the parcel in 1931 and likely built the house soon thereafter. He worked as an insurance adjuster. The house remains in the Pugh family.

Garage 2413 Berkley Place ca. 1931 Contributing Building A one-story, side-gabled, brick garage with stucco and half-timbered gables stands in the rear yard.

Emma K. and Dr. H. Lee Wyatt House 2417 Berkley Place ca. 1929 Contributing Building The two-story, three-bay, side-gabled, brick Colonial Revival-style house features a front-gabled portico with a vaulted soffit and slender Tuscan columns and square pilasters. The portico rests on a brick patio that extends along the entire façade. At the entry, a blind, wood fanlight surmounts a paneled wood door flanked by multi-light sidelights. Windows are six-over-one and framed by soldier-course lintels and header-course sills. A brick chimney rises from the west end of the main block’s gable end and is flanked by quarter-round, spoke-muntined windows. A two-story, one-bay, flat-roofed, brick wing occupies the west elevation. On its façade, a multi-light door is framed by multi-light sidelights. Upper façade windows are one-over-one. A one-story, flat-roofed, sunporch is attached to the east elevation, but is heavily obscured by dense landscaping. The Wyatts acquired the property from A. K. Moore Realty in June 1929 and the couple first appears at this address in the 1930 city directory. Dr. Wyatt was a physician. They sold the house in 1932. This house appears as house number sixty-one in “A Few of NPS Form 10-900 OMB Approval No. 1024-0018 (8-86) Moore’s Better Built Homes in Sunset Hills,” a pamphlet published by Moore Realty Company. It is described as “a very attractive colonial type, located on Berkley Place, facing Sunset Park. The lot large and well wooded with beautiful law and shrubbery planted, and only three blocks from the new J. Van Lindley School.” The pamphlet goes on to pronounce the house as constructed “of brick-veneer, full two story, modern throughout with large living room an sun porch, opening on to a tiled terrace, overlooking the park, also three large bedrooms with cross ventilation.” Garage 2417 Berkley Place ca. 1990 Noncontributing Building A two-story, weatherboard garage is located in the rear yard. It features one-over-one windows and an upper deck on its north elevation.

Mary and William Willis House 2504 Berkley Place ca. 1928 Contributing Building The two-story, three-bay, side-gabled, brick Colonial Revival-influenced house displays a front-gabled pediment supported by curved brackets. Beneath the vaulted soffit, the paneled wood door is flanked by multi-light sidelights. A concrete and brick patio extends from the entry to the façade’s west end. A picture window with flanking four-light sidelights is on each side of the entry. Other windows are sixover-one. Soldier-course lintels and header-course sills frame all windows. A brick interior end chimney occupies the west gable end. Located on the west elevation, a one-story, flat-roofed enclosed porch is fronted with fully-glazed French doors flanked by sidelights. A two-story, gabled ell extends from the rear elevation. The house first appears in the 1929 city directory with the Willises as occupants. He was a traveling salesman.

Garage 2504 Berkley Place ca. 1928 Contributing Building A one-story, one-bay, front-gabled weatherboard garage stands in the rear yard.

–  –  –

2506 Berkley Place ca. 1938 Contributing Building The one-story, three-bay, side-gabled with returns, brick Minimal Traditional-style house displays a projecting, off-center front-facing gable pierced by a vertical, narrow, arched-head, three-light window outlined in brick. A shed porch with square posts fronts the west side of the façade and projects slightly forward of the front-facing gable. The porch openings are gently arched at the top. A paneled wood door and eight-over-eight window with replacement sash are tucked beneath the porch roof. Windows throughout are replacement eight-over-eight and topped with soldier-course lintels with header-course sills below. A small, shed-roofed, German-sided hood with scrolled brackets shelters an entry at the north end of the east gable end. A corbeled brick chimney rises from the west end, forward of the roof ridge. A front-gabled rear ell with a corbelled brick chimney straddling its roof ridge intersects with the rear elevation and is slightly taller than the main block. A pair of synthetic-sided, front-gabled dormers is located on the east elevation of the ell. A garage is attached to the north end of the rear elevation, but is not visible from the right-of-way. A brick wall with a metal gate at its center extends from the east elevation. The Simpsons bought the property in 1938 and appear at this address in the 1939 city directory. He was president of Sedgefield Country Club.

Florence and John L. Bartram House2507 Berkley Placeca. 1929Contributing Building

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