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«NATIONAL REGISTER OF HISTORIC PLACES Sunset Hills Historic District Greensboro, Guilford County, GF8233, Listed 1/14/2013 Nomination by Jennifer ...»

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Vacant Lot 1711 West Market Street John D. Williams House 1715 West Market Street Contributing Building The two-story, four-bay, side-gabled, brick, Colonial Revival-influenced dwelling has a full-width, twostory, recessed porch supported by full-height, square wood posts. The paneled wood door is framed with fluted pilasters and topped by a flat cornice. Windows are eight-over-eight and those on the first floor façade are at nearly ground level in order to account for the topography that slopes downward toward the building's rear. A brick chimney occupies the west gable end forward of the roof ridge.

NPS Form 10-900 OMB Approval No. 1024-0018 (8-86) Louvered wood vents pierce the upper gable ends. An elevated deck is located on the west end of the rear elevation. Williams bought the property in 1963 and first appears at this address in the 1963 city directory. He was a physician. He sold the house in 1993.

Erma and Charles Harding House 1800 West Market Street Contributing Building The two-story, four-bay, side-gabled, brick and half-timbered stucco, Tudor Revival-style dwelling display a two-story, projecting front-gable sheathed with half-timbered stucco. An arched-head, verticalwood door is recessed and framed in a stepped brick surround at the center of a one-story, front-gabled, brick entry portico. A metal, hip-roofed bay window is immediately west of the entry. Windows are original, metal casements, some with transoms. Upper story windows, including those on the east and west sides of the front-gable projection, are topped with a slightly elevated shed hood integral with the principal roof. A one-and-a-half-story, side-gabled, brick and half-timbered stucco wing on the east elevation is set back from the façade. A one-story, three-bay, side-gabled, brick wing on the west elevation sits farther back and displays a multi-light door flanked by multi-light sidelights. An elaborate corbeled chimney rises from the west gable end of the two-story block. The Hardings bought the property in December 1935 and first appear at this address in the 1937 city directory. He was a salesman. The Hardings owned the house until 1948.

Garage 1800 West Market Street Contributing Building A one-story, side-gabled, brick garage with replacement door stands in the rear yard.

Nancy and Edgar C. Sutton House 1801 West Market Street Contributing Building The two-story, three-bay, hip-roofed, off-white-colored brick Foursquare has a tile roof and deep overhanging eaves graced with curved brackets. A pent-roof porch with brick supports extends along the façade and wraps around to the west elevation where it is screened and supported by wood posts. The porch shelters the multi-light front door. Windows are six-over-six throughout. A narrow brick chimney NPS Form 10-900 OMB Approval No. 1024-0018 (8-86) rises from the interior, while a larger brick chimney occupies the east elevation of the two-story block and extends through the roof of a one-story, brick wing with a tile pent roof and six-over-six windows flanked by four-over-four windows. An additional chimney rises from the exterior of a hipped-roof projection on the rear elevation. According to the current owner, the house dates to 1928. That is the same year it first appears in the city directory with Nancy and Edgar Sutton as occupants. He was president of Sutton's Florist and Floral Design. By 1933, Gillie and Edgar Talley were owners. He was a traveling salesman.

Garage 1801 West Market Street Contributing Building A one-story, front-gabled, brick garage stands in the rear yard. It is obscured from view by a Leila and Leonard Sykes House 1802 West Market Street ca. 1950 Contributing Building The one-and-a-half-story, three-bay, side-gabled, brick, Period Cottage features an off-center, frontfacing gable and a brick façade chimney with a sloped set off and a stepped shoulder, both on the east side. An arched-head, vertical wood door with a replacement glazing is framed in a painted stone arch just to the west of the chimney. All windows are original metal casements. A one-story, side-gabled wing attaches to the east elevation. A metal awning obscures its façade. On the west elevation, a sliding glass door of two large panels fronts a small hyphen topped by a wood balustrade. The hyphen, which is sheathed in synthetic siding, connects the house to a one-story, one-bay, front-gabled, brick garage that has been altered with the installation of French doors with sidelights on its façade. An octagonal vent pierces the upper façade. An iron fence with an iron trellis extends in front of the house. GIS aerial photographs indicate that there is a garage behind the house, but it is not visible from the right of way.

The Sykes bought the property in 1946 and first appear at this address in the 1951-1952-city directory.

He owned Sykes Shoe Shop and Shine Parlor. The family sold the house in 1958.

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The two-and-a-half-story, three-bay, side-gabled with returns, brick, Colonial Revival-style dwelling is topped with a tile roof. A one-story, flat-roofed entry portico topped with a turned wood balustrade and supported by fluted Doric columns and square, fluted pilasters shelters an entrance with a louvered wood outer door topped with a flat arch. Chimneys are located on the interior and on the east end of the twostory block, forward of the roof ridge. Stucco sheathes the gable ends, which also contain arched, louvered wood vents. A pair of stuccoed, front-gabled dormers with returns and containing six-light windows rest on the front roof slope. Windows throughout are six-over-six. A one-story, flat-roofed, brick wing topped with a turned wood balustrade is found on the east end. A multi-light and paneled wood door with multi-light and paneled wood sidelights fronts the wing. A one-story, open porch supported by columns (metal or wood) occupies the west end. Blanche and John Sink bought the property in three transactions that occurred in June 1926 and June 1927. They first appear at this address in the 1928 city directory. He was grounds supervisor at North Carolina College for Women. They owned the house until 1935.

Deltha and George Karl House1805 West Market Street Contributing Building

The one-story, three-bay, side-gabled, brick Ranch house has a concrete step with metal balustrade leading to a concrete stoop with a brick foundation, also with a metal balustrade. The door is a typical, mid-twentieth-century wood single-leaf with three lights set in a stepped pattern. A portion of the façade flanking the three-part picture window is sheathed in cementitious faux-stone siding. The overhanging side-gabled roof also shelters the central façade. Other windows are composed of two horizontal lights over two horizontal lights, typical of the 1950s. The western gable end is stepped back from the façade slightly. A large brick chimney straddles the central roof ridge. The Karls bought the property in 1954 and first appear at this address in the 1955 city directory. He was a bank auditor. They sold the house in 1967.

Myra and Robert Bishop House1806 West Market Streetca. 1930Contributing Building

The two-story, five-bay, hip-roofed, brick, Colonial Revival-style house with a modillion cornice displays a front-gabled portico with modillions and decorative medallion and garland motifs in its weatherboard tympanum. Fluted columns support the portico, which shelters a paneled wood door with multi-light sidelights and a multi-light transom and rests on a brick stoop. The stoop extends to the west NPS Form 10-900 OMB Approval No. 1024-0018 (8-86) and fronts a side wing. Brick steps with low stepped brick walls topped with cast concrete lead to the stoop. Windows are six-over-six with first floor windows topped by cast concrete keystones and radiating brick voussoirs. Two half-round, louvered wood vents topped with wood keys occupy the front roof slope. One-story, flat-roofed, slightly recessed, brick side wings with modillion cornices and topped with Chippendale wood balustrades occupy the east and west elevations. The east wing is fronted with a six-over-six window topped with a soldier-course brick lintel. A multi-light door with flanking fourover-four windows and topped with a row of soldier-course bricks pierce the façade of the west wing, which is slightly larger than the east wing. A brick exterior chimney rises from the west elevation and through the roof of the west wing. Another exterior brick chimney rises from the west end of the rear elevation. The two-story, center bay of the rear elevation projects slightly and is fronted by a frontgabled portico with modillion blocks and square posts with caps and bases. The Bishops bought the property in July 1930 and first appear at this address in the 1931 city directory. He was secretarytreasurer of Columbia Laundry. Myra Bishop lived here alone in the mid-1930s. The Ogburn family was a longtime owner; they bought the house in 1935 and sold it in 1992.

Garage 1806 West Market Street ca. 1930 Contributing Building A one-story, pyramidal-roofed, brick garage with two garage bays stands in the rear yard. The doors appear to be replacements.

House 1807 West Market Street ca. 1970 Noncontributing Building The one-story, front-gabled, brick, Ranch house includes façade picture windows framed at the top and bottom with aluminum siding panels; other windows are also framed in aluminum siding as is the entire rear half off the dwelling. A triangular louvered wood vent crowns the façade. The main entry door is on the west elevation where brick steps with a metal balustrade lead to a recessed entrance. On the east elevation concrete steps and a concrete stoop with a brick base are bordered by a metal lattice-type balustrade. A brick chimney is situated on the exterior of the east elevation, just behind this secondary entry.

–  –  –

ca. 1954 Contributing Building The one-story, three-bay, side-gabled, brick Minimal Traditional house displays an off-center frontfacing gable pierced by an octagonal louvered wood vent. A classical entrance composed of fluted pilasters and a molded cornice with a wood keystone frames a replacement paneled door with a fanlight.

A brick and concrete stoop is forward of the door. A three-part picture window on the façade is composed of a large plate glass window flanked by narrower six-over-six windows; a cornice like the one over the entry tops this window and the paired six-over-six windows on the west end of the façade.

Triangular louvered wood vents crown the gable ends. A brick chimney rests on the rear interior roof slope. A one-story side-gabled brick wing is stepped back from the façade; its roof is slightly lower than the main gable. The window on its façade displays the cornice of the main façade windows. A gabled ell is located on the east end of the rear elevation. John White bought the property in 1954 and first appears at this address in the 1955 city directory. He was vice-president and manager of Siler City Manufacturing. He sold the house in 1957. The Henry family has owned it since 1977.

James King House1811 West Market Streetca. 1954Contributing Building

The one-story,-on-basement, hip-roofed, brick Ranch house has a prominent front-gabled brick chimney with an extended single shoulder. The chimney is integrated into a projecting front gable with a pent roof surmounting five tall, narrow windows. The majority of the other windows are replacement slidertypes positioned high on the exterior walls. A recessed porch supported by replacement classical columns extends along the façade of a long hip-roofed wing on the west side of the house. The porch shelters a paneled wood door with lights above. A large three-part window pierces the west end. A wood deck extends along most of the rear elevation; access to the deck is from a set of French doors and a single-leaf, multi-light door. Realtor James King, under the auspices of one of his real estate companies called Bellemeade Realty, bought the property in 1951, He and his son James King Jr., a building contractor, are the earliest occupants and first appear at this address in the 1955 city directory. King owned the house until 1986.

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The two-story, brick Colonial Revival-style church faces south and is a cross-gabled building composed two, front-gabled wings, the longer one containing the chapel, intersecting at the rear with a long, sidegabled block. The shorter, four-bay-wide, front-gabled wing on the east end dates to 1993. With its setback and relatively small footprint in relation to the rest of the building, this addition does not detract from the church’s overall integrity. A small, side-gabled wing added in 1983 extends west of the rear of the chapel block and contains an elevator, narthex, and a stairwell; this addition also does not impact the overall integrity of the church. A flat-roofed, two-bay-wide brick section is located on the west side of the chapel wing and is original to the building. A bell tower topped with a new steeple added in 2011 occupies the junction between the west wing and the side-gabled block. Most windows are vinyl replacement six-over-six with cast masonry solid arches with keystones. A large Palladian-style window pierces the façade of the chapel wing. This wing is illuminated on its west and east elevations by large multi-light windows topped with segmental brick arches with cast masonry keystones and abutments.

The church was founded in 1917 as the Elm Street Christian Church of Greensboro with 36 members. In 1919 the congregation built a house of worship elsewhere in Greensboro. Around 1950, the church purchased this lot and ground was broken for a new building in September 1952, with construction completed in 1953. The 1980 addition includes an elevator and new entrance from the parking lot.

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