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«NATIONAL REGISTER OF HISTORIC PLACES Sunset Hills Historic District Greensboro, Guilford County, GF8233, Listed 1/14/2013 Nomination by Jennifer ...»

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NPS Form 10-900 OMB Approval No. 1024-0018 (8-86) Pinecrest Road Edna and J. Taylor Stokes House 2202 Pinecrest Road ca. 1925 Contributing Building The two-story, three-bay, hip-roofed, brick Foursquare displays a one-story, nearly full-width, hiproofed front porch supported by Tuscan columns. Windows are six-over-one replacements. Paired brackets grace the wide overhanging eaves. A hip-roofed dormer sheathed in synthetic shingles rests on the front roof slope; a matching dormer occupies the rear roof slope. A brick chimney rises from the east side side. A pair of modern, two-story, hip-roofed ells extends from the rear elevation.

Garage 2202 Pinecrest Road ca. 1925 Contributing Building A one-story, two-bay, pyramidal-roofed, brick garage with replacement doors and eave brackets stands in the rear yard.

Margaret E. and Booker E. Rhudy House 2204 Pinecrest Road ca. 1926 Contributing Building The two-story, three-bay, side-gabled, brick Colonial Revival-style house includes a front-gabled, slightly-projecting pediment with returns. It surmounts a blind fanlight crowned by a wooden keystone.

Fluted pilasters frame the paneled wood door. Windows are six-over-one on the main block and sixover-six in the two-story, east elevation, side-gabled, brick wing. Soldier-course lintels crown the first level windows. A brick wall chimney rises from the east end of the main block. A brick patio extends along the east half of the façade. According to the 1930 city directory, Mr. Rhudy owned X-Ray Diagnosis and Treatment, which was located on North Elm Street. The 1940 census records him as doctor in private practice.

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Contributing Building The one-and-a-half-story, three-bay side-gabled, aluminum-sided, Minimal Traditional dwelling displays a projecting, off-center, front-facing gable with a paved-shoulder brick chimney. A replacement, flat-roofed porch supported with synthetic Tuscan columns fronts the easternmost bay and shelters the paneled wood and multi-light door. Windows are six-over-six. A wall dormer is located over the front porch. A shed-roofed, second story extension spans the rear elevation. The 1937 city directory lists Mr. Cooper as a foreman for the Brooks Lumber Company, which was a dealer in lumber, roofing, paints, and building supplies.

Garage 2206 Pinecrest Road ca. 1937 Contributing Building A one-story, side-gabled, aluminum-sided garage stands in the rear yard.

House 2207 Pinecrest Road Noncontributing Building The two-story, faux stone and stucco house features a hip-roofed, full height portico, a turret, and a oneand-a-half-story, two-car garage on the front of the house.

Janie and Walter Robinson House 2208 Pinecrest Road ca. 1941 Contributing Building The one-story, four-bay, side-gabled, multi-hued brick Minimal Traditional house includes entrance topped by a simple roof overhang positioned between an off-center, front-facing gable and a façade chimney with one stepped shoulder. Windows are six-over-six and topped with soldier-course lintels. A small, shed-roofed hood shelters an east elevation, single-leaf door. The Walters are listed as owners in the city directory published in 1941, the first year the house appears in the publication series.

NPS Form 10-900 OMB Approval No. 1024-0018 (8-86) House 2209 Pinecrest Road Noncontributing Building The one-and-a-half-story, four-bay, cross-gabled, brick and shingle neo-Tudor house features a prominent, projecting two-bay garage on its façade. A shed-roofed porch supported by wood posts with wood spandrels between the posts shelters a Tudor-style, vertical wood door. The house replaces a historic Tudor house that was demolished.

Mabel and S. Irwin Stewart House2210 Pinecrest Roadca. 1939Contributing Building

The one-and-a-half-story, five-bay, side-gabled, brick Colonial Revival-style house includes a frontgabled portico with wood siding in its tympanum and square wood posts and pilasters. Lattice spans each set of paired posts at the front of the portico. Windows are six-over-six and surmounted with soldier-course brick lintels and flanked by wood shutters with candle motif cut-outs. A pair of later front-gabled dormers is sided in synthetic sheathing and contain six-over-six sash. The 1939 city directory, the first in which the house appears, lists Mr. Stewart as owner of City Auto Paint Shop, which was located on Bellemeade.

Garage 2210 Pinecrest Road ca. 1939 Contributing Building A front-gabled, German-sided garage stands in the rear yard. A garage bay and single-leaf door pierce its façade. Both doors are replacements.

Nevelyn and Robert Jackson House 2212 Pinecrest Road ca. 1937 Contributing Building

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Windows are six-over-six and a brick chimney rises from the east gable end of the main block. A onestory, hip-roofed enclosed porch occupies the east elevation. Two one-story, hip-roofed ells extend from the rear. According to the 1937 city directory, Robert Jackson owned RM Jackson Beauty Supply, which was located on Sycamore Street. The 1940 census reports that Nevelyn Jacksons’s parents, Charles and Lydia Mary Martin, were living in the house. The household also included a boarder, Sarah Pratt, who, like Nevelyn Jackson, was a school teacher.

Garage 2212 Pinecrest Road ca. 1937 Contributing Building A one-bay, pyramidal-roofed, concrete block garage stands in the rear yard. It appears to lack a garage door, but does contain a two-over-two window on its rear elevation.

Laura Rawlings House 2214 Pinecrest Road ca. 1927 Contributing building The one-and-a-half-story, three-bay, side-gabled, brick house reflects influences of the Colonial Revival and Craftsman styles. A full-width, engaged porch supported on each end by thick brick posts spans the façade. Arched brick bays pierce the east and west ends of the porch, while chamfered posts linked by wood spandrels topped by paired wood finials extend across the porch’s façade. A wood balustrade connects the vertical posts. Flush wood siding finishes the exterior beneath the porch roof. A single-leaf wood door is framed by narrow pilasters and topped by a plain entablature. Windows are six-over six, including those in the three-bay, inset shed dormer sheathed in weatherboard. A brick chimney rises from the rear roof slope. A one-story, east elevation porch has been enclosed. The dwelling’s upper gable ends are finished in weatherboard. Extensive additions occupy the rear elevation. In 1929, Laura Rawlings, widow of W. H. Rawlings, owned the house.

Garage 2214 Pinecrest Road ca. 1927 Contributing Building

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Leslie M. and Henry Wiseman Kendall House 2215 Pinecrest Road ca. 1941 Contributing Building The one-story, three-bay, side-gabled, brick Colonial Revival-influenced house carries high style attributes including brick quoins, a dentil cornice, and corbeled brick lintels. Fluted pilasters supporting a frieze with triglyphs topped by a molded cornice characterize the classical entry. Windows are sixover-six and a corbelled brick chimney straddles the roof ridge. A slightly lower, ones-story, one-bay, side-gabled brick wing with a dentil cornice occupies the west gable end. The house was built by prominent newspaper editor Henry Wiseman Kendall and his wife Leslie Kendall. Henry Kendall (1897was the editor of the Greensboro Daily New during the time the house was constructed.

According to the North Carolina Press Association, as editor of the Greensboro Daily News from 1930 until his retirement in 1965, Kendall put the spotlight on mental health care, improved public schooling and prison reform. He steered the newspaper during the turbulent post-World War II period when racial tensions in the city ran high. The North Carolina Press Association awarded him first-place awards for editorials, and posthumously, the Edward R. Murrow Award for reporting.

Reba and James Fulton House2217 Pinecrest Roadca. 1937; ca. 1990Noncontributing Building

The two-and-a-half-story, three-bay, side-gabled, brick and synthetic-sided house has been greatly overbuilt from its original one-and-a-half-story form. A projecting, off-center, two-story-on-basement, front-gabled, brick wing occupies the west end of the façade. A modern front gable shelters the paneled wood door set in a shed-roofed, stone-sheathed, one-story projection at the east end of the façade.

Between the two-story front gable and the entry, a one-story, shed-roofed porch supported by square posts shelters French doors. Windows include six-over-six and six-over-nine. A pair of front-gabled, synthetic-sheathed dormers rests on the front roof slope. A bay window extends from the east elevation.

A post-1966, one-story, shed-roofed, vinyl-sided sunroom occupies the east elevation. The 1937 city directory lists Mr. Fulton as manager of the Winchester-Ritch Surgical Company. The 1940 census indicates that the couple lived in the house with a young son and daughter and Betsy Ligon, a twentyyear-old boarder who worked as a secretary at a construction company.

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ca. 1937 Contributing Building A one-story, one-bay, front-gabled, weatherboard garage stands in the rear yard. A pent roof shelters the garage bay.

Osborne-Thompson House 2220 Pinecrest Road ca. 1929 Contributing Building The one-and-a-half-story, three-bay, side-gabled, brick Minimal Traditional dwelling displays an offcenter front gable containing a paneled wood door sheltered by a vinyl-sheathed front-gable portico.

Sixteen-light picture windows pierce the façade, except in the upper front gable, which contains a small four-over-four light. A front-gabled dormer sheathed in vinyl and containing six-over-six sash rests on the front roof slope. All sash windows are modern replacements. A brick chimney rises from the east gable end of the main block, where it intersects with a one-story, side-gabled, synthetic-sided enclosed porch with six-over-six sash. A gabled ell, not visible from the street, extends from the rear elevation.

According to the 1930 city directory, Thomas Osborne, who lived here with his wife Emily, was a bookkeeper for Schenck and Mebane Inc., an insurance company. The house is most closely associated with Bess and Clarence Thompson. They began living here in 1931 and remained into the 1950s. In the 1930s, Mr. Thompson was secretary-treasurer of Angle Blackford Company, a general contracting company.

Ridgeway Drive Frances and W. Henry Hunter House 103 Ridgeway Drive ca. 1938 Contributing Building A one-story, four-bay, side-gabled, brick Period Cottage displays two projecting front gables of differing heights. The lower gable contains a round arched entry with a wood batten Tudor-style door. A small window on its south elevation allows light into the foyer within. A tall, narrow window pierces the upper portion of the larger gable. Windows are six-over-six. An exterior brick chimney rises from the south gable end. A one-story, one-bay, side-gabled wing with a rear shed extends from the north gable end, but sits lower than the principal roof. Synthetic siding sheathes this small wing. According to the 1938 city directory, Henry Hunter, a lawyer and judge, owned the house and lived here with his wife.

NPS Form 10-900 OMB Approval No. 1024-0018 (8-86) Charles Lindsay, an insurance adjuster, and his Lindsay’s wife Margaret also occupied the house that year.

Mae and Louis Kimes House 105 Ridgeway Drive ca. 1951 Contributing Building The one-and-a-half-story, four-bay, side-gabled, brick Colonial Revival-style house has an end bay that is stepped back slightly from the main block. Doric columns and round pilasters support a front-gabled portico pierced by a half-round louvered wood vent. The portico shelters an entry characterized by a leaded glass, semi-elliptical fanlight and sidelights framing a paneled wood door. Windows are oneover-one replacements. The three, front-gabled, vinyl-sided dormers contain new windows with fanlights. A brick chimney rises from the rear roof slope on the north end of the house. A shed dormer appears to occupy the rear roof slope. A porch on the north end of the rear elevation has been enclosed.

According to the 1951 city directory, Mae Kimes taught at the David Caldwell School, while Louis Kimes owned Hall-Kimes Jewelry.

Garage 105 Ridgeway Drive ca. 1951 Contributing Building A one-story, one-bay, front-gabled, vinyl-sided garage stands in the rear yard.

Florence and Harvey Wingler House 201 Ridgeway Drive ca. 1937 Contributing Building The two-story, three-bay, front-gabled, brick English Cottage dwelling includes an intersecting, oneand-a-half-story, side-gabled block. The brick diapering on the upper level of the side-gabled block represents a unique exterior masonry treatment in the district. A dentil course also graces the dwelling cornice. The arched-head entry is located in a rectangular projection at the intersection of the front and side gable blocks. It is topped by a steep shed roof atop a truncated hipped roof. Casement windows, some replacements of the original, pierce the exterior. An exterior brick chimney rises from the south gable end. A short, one-story, one-bay, side-gabled brick wing is located on the rear (west) side of the NPS Form 10-900 OMB Approval No. 1024-0018 (8-86) north elevation of the front gabled block. A one-story, shed-roofed sun porch addition that post-dates the 1966 Sanborn map is located on the rear elevation. According to the 1938 city directory, Harvey Wingler worked as a manager at Binswanger and Company.

Garage 201 Ridgeway Drive ca. 1937 Contributing Building A one-story, one-bay, front-gabled, brick garage with a west elevation shed addition is located in the rear yard and faces south.

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