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«NATIONAL REGISTER OF HISTORIC PLACES Sunset Hills Historic District Greensboro, Guilford County, GF8233, Listed 1/14/2013 Nomination by Jennifer ...»

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Sallie and John D. Patterson House 306 North Tremont Street ca. 1937 Contributing Building The one-and-a-half-story, three-bay, side-gabled, brick Minimal Traditional-style house displays a projecting one-bay block on the south half of the façade. The northwest corner of the projecting block’s gable shelters a paneled wood door with two upper lights. A bay window with six-over-six lights over paneled aprons is located north of the entry. Windows throughout are eight-over-eight and six-over-six.

NPS Form 10-900 OMB Approval No. 1024-0018 (8-86) A pair of synthetic-sided front-gabled dormers rests on the front roof slope. A brick chimney rises from the north gable end of the main block, forward of the roof ridge and through the flat-roofed screened porch above a below grade one-bay brick garage. A wood balustrade tops the porch. Synthetic siding sheathes the dwelling’s gable ends. A gabled ell extends from the rear elevation. The Pattersons bought this parcel in 1937 and built the house soon thereafter. The family retained ownership until 1978. Mr.

Patterson operated the John D. Patterson Company. The 1940 census recorded that a couple was boarding with the Pattersons. The husband was a salesman, while his wife worked as a clerical worker for an insurance company.

Gladys and John D. Wharton House307 North Tremont Streetca. 1955Contributing Building

The one-story, side-gabled, brick Minimal Traditional house displays a wide, synthetic-sided front gable with gable returns. A long flat roof tops an open entry porch. Windows are mostly replacement six-oversix or replacement fixed-light, casement windows. A wide brick chimney straddles the front gable roof ridge. Synthetic siding sheathes the gable ends. A gabled ell extends from the rear. The Whartons purchased the lot in 1947. Gladys worked at the Internal Revenue Service and John worked as an assistant cashier at Security National Bank. The Whartons owned the house until 1967.

Carport 307 North Tremont Street ca. 1955 Contributing Structure A flat-roofed carport with metal pole supports stands in the rear yard.

Annie and Frank Hood House 309 North Tremont Street ca. 1926 Contributing Building The one-story, three-bay, cross-gabled, clapboard-sided Period Cottage displays a multi-light door contained in a low-pitched, pyramidal-roofed sunporch tucked in the northeast corner where the two gables intersect. The sunporch is fitted primarily with eight-over-one and ten-over-one windows with wood panels below. Windows throughout are eight-over-one. A brick chimney occupies the front-facing gable and is flanked on the upper level by unusual eight-over-one windows. The Hoods, owners of NPS Form 10-900 OMB Approval No. 1024-0018 (8-86) Greensboro Music Company, bought the parcel in January 1926 and built the house soon thereafter.

They owned the property until 1943.

Lottie and Colvin T. Leonard House 311 North Tremont Street ca. 1926 Contributing Building The one-story, three-bay, side-gabled, vinyl-sided house features a projecting, front-gabled sunporch with classical posts and metal casement windows, which are likely not original but are historic. An arched louvered wood vent pierces the upper gable, which is sheathed in asbestos shingles. The porch shelters a divided light door. Windows throughout are replacement six-over-one and a brick chimney rises through the roof on the north gable end. C. T. Leonard was vice-president and assistant treasurer of Southern Mortgage Loan and Land Company. The Leonards owned the property from 1926 to 1928.

Garage 311 North Tremont Street ca. 1926 Contributing Building A one-story, one-bay, front-gabled, weatherboard garage stands in the rear yard.

Ludie and J. Andrew Smith House 313 North Tremont Street ca. 1949 Noncontributing Building The one-and-a-half-story, five-bay, brick house is composed of two side-gabled blocks with the entry located in the one-and-a-half-story block. Windows are replacement eight-over-eight and six-over-six.

Two front-gabled dormers sheathed in stucco rest on the front roof slope. A brick chimney rises from the north elevation of the one-story block. A former porch—which has been enclosed, fitted on its façade with synthetic French doors, and sheathed in stucco—attaches to the north gable end of the block. A modern wood deck spans nearly the entire façade thereby negatively impacting the dwelling’s historic integrity. The Smiths bought the parcel in 1944 and built the house around 1949. In 1952, Ludie Smith took ownership and held it until 1969.

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ca. 1990 Noncontributing Building A one-story, hip-roofed garage with T-111 siding stands in the side yard. It includes one garage bay and a single-leaf door.

South Tremont Drive Carolyn and the Honorable George H. Roach House 101 South Tremont Drive Contributing Building The one-story, four-bay side-gabled, brick Minimal Traditional dwelling displays a front-gabled portico supported by square posts and sheltering a classical entrance composed of fluted pilasters supported a molded cornice. Brick steps with flanking metal railings lead to the brick porch floor. Dentil molding on the portico continues on the dwelling's façade. Quoins grace the main block. An interior chimney rises from just forward of the roof ridge. A one-story block on the south elevation is sheathed in hardboard siding. It features an interior chimney on its rear roof slope. Windows throughout are eight-over-eight. A shed-roofed ell is located on the rear elevation. The Roaches bought this parcel in 1946 and completed this house in 1947. George Roach was born September 21, 1909, in Greensboro, After graduation from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, he joined the family business, Roach Realty. In 1955, Roach won a seat on the Greensboro City Council, and in 1957, he was elected mayor. Roach was reelected to a second term and served through 1961. Roach served as mayor at the beginning of the sit-in movement in February 1960. In response to sit-ins, he formed a committee, headed by Edward Zane, to mediate negotiations between merchants and black community leaders. Mayor Roach contacted the national presidents of F.W. Woolworth and S.H. Kress Co., sites of local demonstrations. Because of his support of civil rights, those who supported the status quo in race relations targeted this house;

according to the current owner, police were stationed outside the to protect Mayor Roach and his family.

During his time in office, Gillespie Park and Greensboro Senior High Schools were desegregated. In July 1963, in the aftermath of protests against segregation at theaters and cafeterias downtown, Roach was appointed as a charter member of the local Human Relations Commission. He died in 1984 at age

74. The Roach family owned this house until 2007.

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Two-and-a-half-story, three-bay, side-gabled, brick Colonial Revival-style dwelling with a one-story, intricately-detailed, front-gabled portico with returns and fluted posts. A fanlight motif decorates the tympanum, while stylized dentils grace the cornices. Multi-light sidelights frame the multi-light door that is topped with soldier-course bricks. The porch extends to form a patio to the south of the front door. Three front-gable dormers with six-over-one windows rest on the front roof slope. Windows throughout are six-over-one. A hip-roofed, one-story, open porch with paneled square supports is located on the south elevation. A chimney rises from this elevation, forward of the roof ridge. The Benbows bought the parcel in August 1939 and likely built the house soon thereafter; they first appear at this address in the 1940 city directory. He was a special agent with Employers Liability Assurance Corporation. The Benbows sold the house in 1946.

Garage 103 South Tremont Drive ca. 1939 Contributing Building A one-story, side-gabled, brick garage stands in the rear yard. Its double garage bay doors appear to be fronted by replacement doors.

Myrtle and Henry L. Cranford House 105 South Tremont Drive ca. 1927 Contributing Building The one-story, four-bay, side-gabled, brick, Period Cottage displays an off-center, front-gable containing a hip-roofed three-sided bay window. A smaller window pierces the upper portion of the front gable.

The Tudor-style, wood batten and multi-light door is located under a slightly projecting bracketed shed roof on the façade. A one-story, side-gabled, south elevation porch has been enclosed with windows with vinyl surround. A small hip-roofed projection is located on the north elevation. Windows throughout are six-over-six. The Cranfords bought the property in September 1926 and first appear at this address in the 1928 city directory. He was a bookkeeper for J. W. Scott and Company. The sold the house in 1936.

Vacant Lot 106 South Tremont Drive

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108 South Tremont Drive Nettie and John W. Hobbs House 109 South Tremont Drive ca. 1926 Contributing Building The two-story, three-bay, flat-on-hip-roofed, Craftsman and Colonial Revival-influenced Foursquare is sheathed in vinyl siding. A flat-on-hip-roofed, one-story portico with bold Tuscan columns and pilasters shelters a paneled wood and multi-light door. Around the door, the weatherboard siding remains uncovered. Brick steps flanked by wood balustrades lead to the door and then the porch continues as a brick patio on the south half of the façade. Molded brackets remain on the eaves, which have been sheathed in vinyl. Bold, full-height, paneled wood corner boards also remain. Windows are nine-overone. A one-story, flat-on-hip-roofed wing is located on the south elevation. Interior chimneys rise from the south side of the house. The Hobbs bought the property in April 1926 and first appear at this address in the 1927 city directory. He ran a grocery store on East Gorrell Street. The Hobbs sold the house in December 1929 to Bessie and J. R. Carson, who was a traveling salesman. The Carsons owned the house until 1944. Alicia and Billy Holder, who had the house from 1967 to 2008, were long time owners.

Betsy and Roscoe N. Bishop House110 South Tremont Driveca. 1926Contributing Building

The two-story, four-bay, hip- and gable-roofed Tudor Revival-style stucco dwelling features a projecting one-story entrance porch displaying square brick supports, a solid brick balustrade and half-timbering in its front gable. This entrance shelters a multi-light door and a casement window with diamond-shaped muntins. This same window repeats just above the entrance on the second floor of the hir-roofed central block. A single-shouldered, stucco chimney with flanking elongated quarter-round louvered wood vents occupies the two-story, front-gabled façade. A north elevation porte-cochere with brick supports between arched openings is surmounted by a hipped-roof second floor. Windows include six-over-one and nine-light fixed sash types. The Bishops bought the property in March 1926 and first appear at this address in the 1926 city directory. He was president of Columbia Laundry. The house transferred to Betsy Bishop by will in 1944 and she continued to own it another twenty years.

–  –  –

ca. 1926 Noncontributing Building A one-story, side-gabled former garage stands in the rear yard. It displays two pair of French doors and a new single-leaf door on its façade. New columns support the pergola extending along most of the façade.

Eva and W. Owen Rogers House 111 South Tremont Drive ca. 1941 Contributing Building The one-story, side-gabled, brick, Colonial Revival-style house displays two front-facing gables. The smaller gable contains a classical entrance with fluted pilasters and a blind fanlight with a sunburst motif framing a paneled wood door with four, small upper lights. Concrete steps with metal railings front the entrance. The larger front gable contains a tall, narrow window on its upper level. The façade displays a mousetooth cornice. A south end porch has been enclosed and sheathed in aluminum with large louvered windows. The brick chimney rises from this end, through the roof of the side porch. The Rogers bought the property in 1941 and first appear at this address in the 1942 city directory. He operated R and R Dental Laboratory, which was located at 101 North Elm Street. The Owenses sold the house in 1941 to Dr. Luther Butler, a dentist, who, in turn, sold it back to the Rogerses in 1943. The Rogerses once again sold the house in 1945.

Garage 111 South Tremont Drive ca. 1941 Contributing Building A one-story, front-gabled, weatherboard garage stands in the rear yard.

Ada and Romulus Edwards House 112 South Tremont Drive ca. 1927 Contributing Building The two-and-a-half-story, three-bay, side-gabled with returns, brick Colonial Revival-style dwelling with a one-story, flat-roofed, classical portico supported by Tuscan columns and topped with a truncated wood balustrade. The portico shelters a multi-light door. The portico repeats on the north elevation NPS Form 10-900 OMB Approval No. 1024-0018 (8-86) where it shelters a secondary entrance; triangular braces support this portico. Two front-gabled dormers with returns are sheathed in a smooth-coat stucco. An interior corbelled brick chimney rises from the roof ridge. Windows are six-over-one and topped with soldier-course brick lintels. A pineapple motif perforates each wood shutter. A one-story, flat-roofed sunroom is located on the south end. It likely originally served as an open porch, but was later enclosed and sheathed with hardboard siding. It features modern one-over-one windows and a fully-glazed door with fully-glazed sidelights. The Edwards, who first appear at this address in the 1928 city directory, are the earliest known occupants. He owned Greensboro Barber Supply.

Garage 112 South Tremont Drive ca. 1927 Contributing Building A one-story, side-tabled, brick garage stands in the rear yard. It displays replacement wood garage bay doors with upper lights.

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