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«NATIONAL REGISTER OF HISTORIC PLACES Sunset Hills Historic District Greensboro, Guilford County, GF8233, Listed 1/14/2013 Nomination by Jennifer ...»

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Eva and William C. Taylor House 113 South Tremont Drive Contributing Building The one-story, three-bay, side-gabled, brick dwelling displays a projecting, off-center front gable containing a six-over-one window and a front gable with a wooden louvered vent over the flat-roofed porch. Wood posts support the porch that shelters a paneled wood door on the south side of the front projecting wing, the principal paneled wood door on the façade, and three grouped six-over-one windows. Brick steps flanked by a wood balustrade lead to the front porch. A brick chimney is located on the south gable end. The Taylors bought the property in April 1929 and first appear at this address in the 1929 city directory. He was a traveling salesman. In 1950, after William Taylor’s death, the property transferred to his to Eva. By the early 1950s she was working as a salesperson at Schiffman Jewelry. She sold the house in 1955.

Garage 113 South Tremont Drive Contributing Building

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Carrie G. and Eccles Hedrick House 114 South Tremont Drive Contributing Building The two-story, three-bay, side-gabled with returns, brick, Colonial Revival-style dwelling features a classical entrance composed of an arched pediment with dentils above a paneled wood door with pilasters framing its multi-light and paneled sidelights. Three brick steps flanked with metal railings front the door. Stylized dentils grace the façade cornice, just above the symmetrical façade composed of eight-over-eight windows; second floor windows are shorter in height than those on the first floor and rest on a horizontal stringcourse. Brick chimneys occupy each side elevation of the main block. A onestory, side-gabled, northern wing features full-height louvered windows. A south elevation, one-story, brick wing features six-over-six windows and casement windows, and a gable end pierced by an octagonal vent. A small, gable wing is situated on the rear (west side) of the south elevation, side-gabled wing. A wood and multi-light door is located on its west elevation. A larger gabled ell with eight-overeight windows occupies the rear elevation. The same dentil course found on the façade cornice occurs on the cornice of the two-story block. The Hedricks bought the parcel in November 1927, but did not build the house until 1939 and first appear at this address in the 1940 city directory. He was vicepresident of Gate City Motor Company. Following his death, the house transferred to Carrie Eccles in

1959. Her heirs sold it to the current owners, Brooks and Norman Graham, in 1976.

Garage114 South Tremont Drive Contributing Building

A one-and-a-half-story, side-gabled, two-car, brick garage stands in the rear yard. The central block contains the car bays with replacement doors and two modern dormers. Lower side wings with singleleaf doors flank the central block. An interior chimney straddles the roof ridge where the main block and the south wing intersect. The garage displays original eight-over-one and newer casement-type windows.

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The one-and-a-half-story, three-bay, side-gabled, brick Cape Cod house displays a classical entrance composed of fluted pilasters supporting a flat cornice and framing a paneled wood door. Brick steps with flanking metal railings lead to a stoop with a metal railing. Eight-over-eight façade windows top paneled aprons. Two front-gabled dormers on the front roof slope are sheathed in aluminum, as are the gable ends. A small hip-roofed, brick projection is located on the south gable end. A hip-roofed, brick projection is located on the north elevation. Forward of it is a northwest (façade) corner screened porch with a flat roof. A chimney rises from the north elevation. The Lightfoots bought the parcel in July 1941 and appear at this address in the 1942 city directory. She worked as a secretary in the dental office of Dr.

Luther Butler and he was the manager of City Optical Company. The family owned the house until 1974.

Carport 115 South Tremont Drive ca. 1970 Noncontributing Structure A front-gabled open carport with a storage room on its rear stands behind the house.

Pearl and Elmer Scott House 117 South Tremont Drive ca. 1928; ca. 1980 Contributing Building The two-story, three-bay, pyramidal-roofed, brick Colonial Revival-style dwelling displays a deck-onhip-roofed one-story portico supported by slender columns and square pilasters. Two concrete steps flanked by low sloping brick knee walls lead to the brick porch floor forward of the multi-light door. A arched wood louvered vent rests on the front roof slope. A hip-roofed, one-story screened porch with columns like those found on the portico is located on the south elevation. A chimney rises from the south exterior elevation. A new, two-story, hip-roofed brick wing is located on the north elevation, but is stepped back from the façade. It features a wall dormer on its façade. All windows are six-over-one. The Scotts bought the property in March 1926, but this address with the Scotts in residence does not appear in the city directory until 1929. He owned Scott’s Grocery. The Scotts last appear at this address in the 1931 city directory. In the city directories from 1933 to 1963 (the last year they are available), the house is occupied by Blossom and Dr. J. Graham Thomas, a physician. However, deeds indicate that Pearl Scott did not sell the house to the Thomases until 1960.

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ca. 1928 Contributing Building A one-story, pyramidal-roofed, weatherboard garage with rafter tails stands in the rear yard facing south.

Blanche and F. Millard Hunter House 200 South Tremont Drive ca. 1926 Contributing Building The one-and-a-half-story, three-bay, side-gabled, weatherboard, Craftsman bungalow is graced with triangular knee braces and exposed rafter tails. Two front-facing gables dominate the facade. The smaller of the front gables is a wide porch accessed by concrete steps framed by brick knee walls topped with concrete caps and one side by a metal railing. The porch is supported by brick posts with caps and displaying a solid brick balustrade topped by a concrete cap. It shelters a multi-light door and paired replacement eight-over-one windows. All windows are eight-over-one replacements of fixed-light types.

A hip-roofed bay is located on the north elevation, just behind an exterior brick chimney whose flue extends through the front roof slope. Another chimney is found on the southern gable end, forward of the roof ridge. A large, front-gabled dormer is located on the rear elevation. A sympathetic, side-gabled addition has been built attached to the rear elevation by a hyphen. Its north elevation bay window mirrors the one on the original dwelling. A shed roof on the rear (west) shelters multi-light doors. The Hunters bought the property in December 1925 and appear at this address in the 1926 city directory. In 1926 he was a salesman for Huntley-Stockton-Hill Company, a furniture store. By 1940 he was working at Jones-Lewis Furniture Company. In 1973, Blanche Hunter sold the house to the current owners Mary and John Busch.

Garage 200 South Tremont Drive ca. 1926 Contributing Building A one-story, single-bay, front-gabled, weatherboard garage stands in the rear yard facing north.

–  –  –

The house has a Tremont Drive address, but the façade faces Sylvan Road.

The intact one-and-a-half-story, five-bay, side-gabled, concrete block and stucco Tudor Revival-style house displays large dentils along its cornice and a front-facing gable with a catslide roof. The extended portion of the front gable is half-timbered and patterned brick and contains the entrance: A Tudor-style wood batten door with strap hinges, a small six-light window and an arched head. Just to the west of the door is a small fixed-light window fronted with turned wood posts. A small rectangular window crowns the front gable. A pair of front-gabled dormers with casement windows rest on the front roof slope.

Windows throughout are original metal casement types. A one-story, side-gabled wing occupies a portion of the west elevation, which faces Tremont Drive. Its west gable end is graced with six indentations set in a triangular pattern above a large casement window; a secondary entrance is located on the south side of the wing. This gable end also displays novelty wood siding at its crown. Shed dormers are found on the rear or south elevation. A wood shed-roofed hood with wood brackets shelters a paneled wood and multi-light door on the east elevation. Chimneys are interior with one located on the west end and another on the roof ridge near the east end. The Arnolds, owners of Arnold Stone Company of North Carolina, bought this parcel in April 1935 and built the house soon thereafter. The Arnolds owned the house until 1965.

Garage 201 South Tremont Drive ca. 1935 Contributing Building A one-story, front-gabled, concrete block garage with novelty siding in its front gable and wood garage doors on its façade stands east of the house. It is fronted by an attached flat-roofed carport.

Gladys and William York House 202 South Tremont Drive ca. 1926 Contributing Building The one-and-a-half story, four-bay, side clipped-gable, buff-colored brick Period Cottage has a wide chimney on an off-center front gable. The north half of the façade is an engaged porch supported by brick posts with a wood balustrade. A louvered eyebrow dormer rests on the roof slope just above the porch. Windows are three-over-one and framed with darker brick soldier-course lintels and concrete sills. A gabled ell extends from the rear. The Yorks bought the property in February 1926 and first appear at this address in the 1927 city directory. He was an attorney and a notary. The York heirs inherited the property in 1976 and sold it in 1993.

NPS Form 10-900 OMB Approval No. 1024-0018 (8-86) Garage 202 South Tremont Drive ca. 1940 Contributing Building A front-gabled garage stands in the rear yard. Wood and multi-light doors front its bay.

Dr. Ruth Collins House 203 South Tremont Drive ca. 1932 Contributing Building The one-story, four-bay, side-clipped-gable, stuccoed Period Cottage with a front-facing, off-center gable with a stuccoed chimney centered on its façade. Masonry decorative elements such as diamondshaped motifs lend the dwelling a Spanish appearance. Red brick trims the chimney and a brick arch is centered on the lower portion of the chimney. A hip-roofed porch topped with an arched, wood-louvered dormer features exposed molded rafter tails and arched openings. It shelters a Craftsman-style, wood-paneled door with three lights and displays a wood balustrade with decorative sawnwork. A hip-roofed weatherboard bay with rafter tails is located near the rear of the north elevation. Windows throughout are six-over-one. Dr. Collins bought the property in April 1932 and first appears at this address in the 1933 city directory. Dr. Collins was the campus physician for North Carolina College for Women. She owned the house into the 1950s.

Shed 2003 South Tremont Drive ca. 1932 Contributing Building A small, front-gabled, one-bay, weatherboard shed with a six-over-six window and a paneled wood door stands in the rear yard.

–  –  –

The one-and-a-half-story, three-bay, side-clipped gable, brick Craftsman bungalow displays a projecting clipped front gable porch sheltering a multi-light door and a pair of nine-over-nine windows, a window style that repeats throughout. Square brick posts support the porch corners and slender Tuscan columns support the base of an arched opening on the porch facade. The porch also displays a low solid ramped brick balustrade topped with a concrete cap and stucco in the front gable pierced by a rectangular, louvered, wood vent. Soldier-course brick lintels and header-course sills frame the windows. A hiproofed projection on the north elevation is sheathed in hardboard siding and contains a wood and multilight door and windows. A brick chimney is located on the south elevation. The Caseys bought the property in June 1925 and first appear at this address in the 1927 city directory. He was a salesman.

They sold the house in June 1932.

Garage 204 South Tremont Drive ca. 1926 Contributing Building A one-story, weatherboard, front-clipped-gable garage stands in the rear yard.

Hazel and Clarence S. Lambeth House 205 South Tremont Drive ca. 1927 Contributing Building The one-story, three-bay, side-gabled, brick Craftsman bungalow displays a prominent front-gabled porch with molded rafter tails and purlins. Grouped square posts atop brick plinths with concrete caps support the porch that shelters a multi-light door with multi-light sidelights. Soldier-course bricks top the entrance. A triangular louvered vent is located on the front roof slope. Windows are Craftsman-style three-over-one. A brick chimney is located on the south elevation, forward of the ridge. The Lambeths bought the property in April 1927 and first appeared at this address in the 1928 city directory. He was an assistant clerk of the superior court. The Lambeths sold the house in November 1929.

Sallie and Carl Browne House 206 South Tremont Drive ca. 1927 Contributing Building

–  –  –

shelter the front stoop. Wood brackets support the two-bay porch roof. A later metal balustrade lines the concrete stoops forward of the door and flanking window. Most windows are one-over-one set in small openings, except for the one just to the right (north) of the door that is eight-over-one. All windows are framed with soldier-course lintels and header-course sills. An interior brick chimney straddles the roof ridge. A flat-roofed metal carport is attached to the north elevation. Eaves are sheathed in vinyl. The Brownes bought the property for A. K. Moore Realty in December 1926. He was a salesman for Greensboro Supply Company. They sold the house in January 1929.

Lucia and James Stall House207 South Tremont Driveca. 1930Contributing Building

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