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«The Trombone of Anton Schnitzer the Elder in Verona: A Survey of Its Properties and Their Acoustical Significance Hannes W. Vereecke The growing ...»

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From the research presented, the following observations can be made: (1) The instrument is well-suited for reproduction and for use in historically informed performance practice.

(2) The use of a mouthpiece with a belly-shaped backbore has an important influence on the playing behavior and tonal characteristics of the instrument, and thus its use should be taken into serious consideration by performers. (3) The wall thickness of the bell ranges from 0.25 mm. to 0.35 mm, which is thin in comparison to modern bells. (4) The use of two crooks lowers the pitch one whole-tone, while the use of four crooks lowers it by a major third. (5) The raw materials Schnitzer used consisted of a brass alloy with approximately 20% zinc and 1% lead. (6) Mercury has been found in the gilded parts, which is an indication that the ferrules where fire-gilded. The meaning of the crooks and especially their arrangement requires further research. Furthermore, the acoustical meaning of both the bell ball and the material composition need further study.

Hannes Vereecke is Scientific Associate at the Institute for Musical Acoustics, University for Music and Performing Arts, Vienna. He studied musical instrument making at the Royal Conservatory Ghent (Belgium), specializing in the study of the sound and construction of brasswind instruments. He is currently engaged in doctoral research on the Renaissance trombone and its reconstruction.


The author gratefully acknowledges the Accademia Filarmonica, and in particular Dr. Michele Magnabosco, for granting me access to the instrument. I also thank Dr. Manfred Schreiner and Dr. Bernadette Frühmann, Institute of Science and Technology in Art, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, for the XRF analysis. Furthermore, the author wishes to express gratitude to Rainer Egger, Gerd Friedel, and Alex Schölkopf for support on the realization of the copy of the mouthpiece and the instrument. I also thank Stewart Carter and Gordon Murray for their editorial support.

This research was supported by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF): P 23105-N24.


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–  –  –

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