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«The regular meeting of the Council of the Corporation of the Municipality of Huron Shores was held on Wednesday, March 10, 2004 and called to order ...»

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March 10, 2004

The regular meeting of the Council of the Corporation of the Municipality of Huron Shores was

held on Wednesday, March 10, 2004 and called to order by Reeve Ted Linley at 7:00 p.m.

PRESENT WERE: Reeve Ted Linley, Councillors Gord Campbell, Don Dallimore, John

Fullerton, David Ratz, Gil Reeves, Archie Roach, Kent Weber and Dale

Wedgwood; and Clerk Deborah Tonelli.

ALSO PRESENT: Treasurer Sandra Leach; Public Works Foreman Tom Dumont; Assistant Clerk Beverly Eagleson; By-Law Enforcement Officer Dale Swan; Jessica Rivett; Bruce Doran;

Peter Baxter; Stephen Alberta; Gordon King; Joseph Webb; Charlie Greer; Gerry Clark; Sheena Siemens; Don Siemens; Barbara Broad; Judy Bizier; Donna Whitfield; Bernice Whitfield, Ray Leighton; Colin Ingram; Bruce Whitfield; Sharon Whitfield; Carol Boreland.


Approval of minutes deferred to next meeting. Staff vacation and workload did not permit completion of drafting minutes from February 25th meeting.


Councillor Fullerton asked for clarification on three accounts paid regarding Group Insurance premiums and Spectrum 2000 invoices for two-way radio service.

04-05-01 THAT we approve payment of the General Accounts for the period from February 26 to March 10, 2004 in the amount of $58,485.23.

K. Weber G. Reeves CARRIED.

THAT we approve payment to Dale Wedgwood, for Cleaning Contract 04-05-02 in the amount of $175.27.

D. Ratz D. Dallimore CARRIED.

THAT we approve payment of the Village General Store in the amount 04-05-03 of $1,309.46.

D. Wedgwood G. Reeves CARRIED.


Mike Muscat, with Municipal Health and Safety Association attended to make a presentation on Health and Safety in the Workplace, and the structure and mandate of the Municipal Health and Safety Association which serves all municipalities in Ontario. Mr. Muscat noted the programs and services provided by the association to promote wellness and prevent injuries and illnesses in the workplace. The association and all its services are funded through a direct percentage of premiums paid to W.S.I.B. He provided information and background on Council’s obligation to ensure due diligence is carried out by the municipality, and the importance of having policies and procedures in place not only for our internal operations, but for hiring outside contractors as well, highlighting the impact to municipalities regarding the introduction of Bill C-45 legislation being an amendment to the Criminal Code. The message was clear that you cannot contract out liability.

A delegation of taxpayers of Huron Shores attended to make a presentation regarding the water service provided to their properties by the Town of Thessalon water system. Reeve Linley advised those present that he intended to review the notes taken at a meeting held in the Town of Thessalon on Thursday, March 4, 2004, at 3:00 p.m., attended by himself, Councillor Fullerton and Assistant Clerk Eagleson, to recap the information exchanged at that meeting.

Colin Ingram, as spokesperson for the group, asked that Reeve Linley proceed with his comments prior to their presentation, hoping that some of the information discussed may alleviate some of the concerns of the taxpayers. At the end of the recap, Reeve Linley asked if any Councillors had any additional comments to add. Councillor Fullerton noted that on CBC radio it was reported that will cost in excess of $100 billion to upgrade and repair Ontario’s Page 1 of 1 THE CORPORATION OF THE MUNICIPALITY OF HURON SHORES (04-05)

March 10, 2004

water systems to the standards required under the new legislation/regulations. In his opinion, the Provincial Government is going to have to take some responsibility to assist with the enormous financial burden that has been created, even if it means Provincial longer term financing or Provincial deficit financing to find the dollars. Neither Municipal tax dollars nor individual taxpayers on municipal water systems can afford the dollars that will be required to meet the new standards.

When annexation and amalgamations were brought up, Reeve Linley advised that to consider any annexation or amalgamation, all aspects of municipal services have to be looked at and studied, not just water services.

Colin Ingram spoke on behalf of the delegation present, thanking Council for their time and stating that those present, were looking for some assistance or direction in figuring out where to go next. He provided information gathered from research the group has undertaken. Information they received from MOE indicates that a well cannot be drilled within 500 feet in any direction of a lagoon or salt storage facility, nor within 1 mile of any garbage disposal site. If this is the case, it would probably eliminate everyone on the water service from seeking their own water source due to the proximity of the Thessalon sewage lagoon, south of the area, the salt/sand storage facility at the MTO yard at Highway 17 and Station Road, and the old Thessalon Waste Disposal Site on Highway 129. Mr. Ingram reported that they have heard from Thessalon how critical it is for Huron Shores to enter into an agreement with the Town. The good news is that the September 30th cut-off deadline will not happen which provides time to investigate solutions.

Mr. Ingram requested that if there were any financial programs available that the municipality could tap into it would be greatly appreciated by the group. They aren’t sure where they fit in.

They don’t want Thessalon taxpayers to be upset with the Township, but they are already a part of the system. Mr. Ingram stated that the group he represents are willing to pay their fair share, but they can’t afford the $50,000 figure that is being referenced for the costs to upgrade the distribution lines. He stated that they understand that this municipality is not in the water business, but they need our help.

Reeve Linley advised that this item is scheduled later in the meeting and Council will discuss the possibility of appointing representatives from Huron Shores Council to a joint committee with Town of Thessalon Councillors to look at negotiating an agreement.

Further discussion resulted in the concerned citizens considering forming their own committee of approximately 6 people that will probably not be a part of the municipal committee but that would work closely and stay in touch with the Municipal Committee to consider options available to resolve the matter. Mr. Linley invited Council members to share any comments they might have on the issue.

Councillor Fullerton firmly believes that the Provincial government created this monster, and they have created such a high standard, that they are going to have to draw back on some of the demanding criteria to meet what is fiscally feasible, and felt confident that this Council will do whatever is in its power to assist and work with the Town.

Councillor Reeves summarized that he heard four concerns the citizens are seeking to have addressed.

1. That we need an agreement with Thessalon to allow this process to move forward.

2. They are asking that we do all we can to find sources of funding or support.

3. The citizens are agreeable to pay a reasonable share of costs but it does have to be reasonable.

4. They want a voice in the process; that is to be able to affect the process.

Councillor Wedgwood stated that he felt this Council would do what it can within our ability having regard for the restrictions imposed by legislation and regulations.

Councillor Roach recognized that these people are our taxpayers and we’ll work with them to solve the problem.

Mr. Ingram stated that while this group of taxpayers is a small part of the community, the cattle yard alone process over 4,000 animals a year, and is quite significant to Huron Shores.

Reeve Linley stated that it is important that provincial government agencies have recognized the problem and are willing to work with our communities to reach a resolve. It is important to keep everyone informed and suggested that information will be made available to the group through their committee.

Ray Leighton noted that any future planning and development in this area of Huron Shores will have to recognize the water system and progress accordingly. He also asked if there was any funding available through the Patten Post allocation. Council advised of our allocating this municipality’s share to support Algoma Manor redevelopment. Our own municipal allocation has been committed for other projects.

–  –  –

March 10, 2004 Mr. Ingram again thanked Council for allowing them to attend this evening, for their time and working with them to attempt to resolve this matter.

Council discussed participation in a joint committee with Thessalon on this matter.

–  –  –

Council asked that Clerk Tonelli confirm with Thessalon whether any consideration had been given to including members of the public on this committee.

Council briefly discussed the map Mr. Ingram produced showing the affected area and how this might affect private water sources on individual properties as indicated from the interpretation of information from MOE.

Treasurer’s Report On behalf of Treasurer Leach, Clerk Tonelli reported that 2004 Interim Tax Bills have been mailed. Approximately 2500 bills are generated.

Public Works Report

–  –  –

CBO/Planning Report Councillor Dale Swan attended the Nuisance Bear Plenary Session, held February 26/04. It appears that in order for this municipality to get assistance from MNR for removal of nuisance bears, we are going to have to do our part to investigate and educate the public.

Councillor Reports Reeve Linley and Councillor Fullerton report on meeting March 4th with Town of Thessalon and Ministries re: Thessalon water services was moved to Delegation portion of meeting.

Councillor Fullerton reported on attending a Town Hall Meeting sponsored by CDC.

Representatives were asking the public to provide information to them that they could compile and submit to various agencies. There was discussion on insurance and the fact that people can’t afford liability coverage in all walks of life. Power supply seems to have become a quagmire.

Councillor Reeves reported that the Cemetery Board met the previous evening. Will be expending dollars this year for survey and legal work to take title to Carlisle Cemetery as well as to survey Sunset Cemetery to ensure burials are within the confines of the cemetery property.

Upon reviewing their financial situation, Council can anticipate a request to come forward to Council for a budget allocation this year It was noted that there has been an ongoing annual allocation to the Thessalon Joint Cemetery Board to finance its operations.

–  –  –

March 10, 2004 member this past month. They have purchased a new vacuum cleaner. Space is a real a problem for the library and down the road, Council should really consider the possibility of a new facility.

Councillor Wedgwood reported on his findings on pricing a tag-along trailer to transport backhoes. He was surprised that the prices were somewhat lower than anticipated. He also reported that while Treasurer thought it may be possible to finance this year, cash flow is somewhat restricted due to the purchase of fire truck, plow truck and plow equipment and pending receipt of claim for expenditures on Patten Post projects. Councillor Wedgwood did not recommend taking these dollars from reserves and did not recommend purchasing right now.

Council agreed that this item should be deliberated with budget discussions.


8-1. Ministry of Transportation / closing date extension for sale of property for Industrial Road.

–  –  –

Councillor Reeves commented that the Tally Ho Park Committee intends to make improvements to the west end approach of the recreation bridge which ill significantly improve accessibility.

8-4. Application for Re-zoning to Seasonal Residential - Island View Estates.

–  –  –

9-3. The Board of Management / new appointments required effective April 1, 2004.

Councillor Fullerton expressed interest in serving Area 5 on the Algoma District Homes for the Aged Management Board.

–  –  –

9-4. Horton Township / request support of resolution petitioning the Ontario Government to amend the Safe Drinking Water Act and its Regulation.

–  –  –

9-5. Township of Shedden / request for Patten Post Regional Funding for Demolition of former Garnier College.

Council discussed if this project is truly regional in nature and deferred for the time being.

Council would like to confirm if the Algoma Manor project already supported has received support from six communities. Councillor Dallimore will contact the Town of Thessalon to determine the status of support to use Patten Post Regional funds for Algoma Manor redevelopment.


10-1. City of Elliot Lake / deferred resolution of support for our request for Patten Post Funding for Algoma Manor Redevelopment Project.

10-2. Don Dallimore / copy of letter sent to Town of Thessalon re: development of Highway Commercial/Light industrial development.

10-3. County of Prince Edward / request for exemption of “Omitted Assessment” for trailers for the 2003 taxation year.

10-4. City of Cornwall / request support in obtaining Provincial and Federal Governments to recognize the need for stronger legislation on motorized wheelchairs and scooters upon city streets and sidewalks.

10-5. Algoma Country / The Canada Store partnership opportunities.

10-6. Iron Bridge Lioness Club / thank-you for contribution to 2004 Winterfest (free photocopying).

10-7. Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care / Algoma Manor - establishment of not-forprofit corp.

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