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«Manteca, California December 11, 2012 The Board of Directors of the South San Joaquin Irrigation District met in regular session in their chambers at ...»

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Manteca, California

December 11, 2012

The Board of Directors of the South San Joaquin Irrigation District met in regular session in their

chambers at the hour of 9:00 a.m. President Holbrook called the meeting to order and Director

Roos led the flag salute. Upon roll call the following members were noted present:



Also present were General Manager Shields, General Counsel Emrick, Engineering Department Manager Sam Bologna, and Betty Garcia, Executive Secretary.

Director Holbrook asked for public comment. There was no public comment.

The Board was asked to consider the following Consent Calendar Items.


A. Approval of Warrants and Payroll in the amount of $555,327.52.

B. Approval of Board Meeting Minutes of November 27, 2012.

C. Consider approval of amendments to MDC Shotcrete.

Director Holbrook noted that on page 7 of the minutes, Director Kamper asked if we are going to be able to add more of Division 9 type projects, “to Division 5” should be deleted. Also, under Director Roos comments to define groundwater recharge, he said we should change to add, “pursue legislation to define groundwater recharge as beneficial use.” A motion was made by Director Roos and seconded by Director Kuil to approve the consent calendar items with the corrections to the minutes as stated above.

PASSED AND ADOPTED on this 11th day of December 2012, by the following roll call vote:

Ayes: Holbrook, Holmes, Kamper, Kuil, Roos Noes: None Absent: None Director Holbrook noted that items #7, #8, and #9 would be pulled from the agenda as approval for these items is within the General Manager’s authority.


Item #1 – Oath of Office Ms. Robin Guintoli administered the oath of office to Directors Holbrook, Kamper, and Kuil.

Item #2 – District Division 9 Project update Mr. Jeff Shaw addressed the Board stating that staff has been diligently working on a big procurement package and getting quotes on parts and products the District will need to make repairs and add new connections. He said staff is taking everything they learned from the Division 9 project and will use that information as they start new projects. He stated the Siemens flow meters may need to be replaced with different products. Mr. Shields stated the $250,000 that has been retained from Knife River will be used to make the necessary repairs. Mr. Shaw indicated that Khron is the recommended meter to replace the ones that are not working properly and although the meters may cost more they will be worth the investment.

Item #3 – Mid-Pacific Region Water Users Conference Director Holbrook asked which of the Directors would be attending the upcoming conference in January 2013. It was decided that Directors Holbrook, Kuil, and Roos will attend.

Item #4 – Directors report from ACWA Conference Director Roos stated that he attended a Joint Powers meeting for approximately two hours and noted the meeting was ran very well and included a reception after the meeting. He said they discussed their investment portfolio which is earning over 1%. He stated their Workers Compensation program has problems in liability, property loss, and experiencing high claims.

He also attended a meeting entitled “Hell or High Water” which dealt with concerns and solutions regarding the Delta. He said that one-third of the water used in Northern California is mostly groundwater. He said the rice paddies in the Northern Region were helping to increase the duck population. He also attended a meeting regarding the Delta Mitigation and impacts on fixing the Delta. He said they did not address the proposed twin tunnels to carry water from the Delta to Southern California. He said the Salary Survey offered by ACWA is not working properly because of technical issues and the information will not be available until next Spring.

He reported that ACWA is seeking new ways to generate monies.

Director Holmes said that he attended a presentation on Wednesday morning regarding short term weather forecasting and that drier conditions are predicted for the remainder of this season.

He also attended the required Ethics Training. On Thursday morning, he attended a meeting regarding the new crop of young farm leaders.

Director Kuil said that he attended a Sexual Harassment prevention and Certified Health Reform program. He stated it was amazing how much the cost of health insurance has increased. He also attended a groundwater meeting which discussed ways of putting extra water into the ground. He suggested the District contact people in regards to groundwater. They also discussed tap water versus bottled water and said they are promoting tap water use over bottled water. He stated that Jeff Davids introduced a unit for meters to help with measuring water. Mr.

Bologna said Davids Engineering is the company the District is working with to help with water measurement requirements.

Item #5 – Consider adoption of Agricultural Water Management Plan and Resolution Mr. Shields stated the plan must be adopted by the end of the year. Mr. Emrick stated on page 7in Section 7.3-13, Tri-Dam Authority should be Tri-Dam Project and on page 11 of Appendix A, “acres” is missing after “90” in the second paragraph.

A motion was made by Director Kuil and seconded by Director Holmes to approve the Agricultural Water Management Plan as corrected and approve Resolution 12-18-W. Motion passed 4 to 1 by roll call vote with Director Roos casting a no vote.

Item #6 – Consider conditional approval of Blossom Grove Development.

Mr. Bologna addressed the board stating that portions of Lateral “X and Ya” connection will be impacted by this portion of the development and will need to be replaced and relocated and that the pipe will only service approximately 10 acres. Mr. Shields asked what the size of the pipe is and Mr. Bologna stated it is 36 inches but staff is proposing a 48 inch pipe line be installed.

Director Holbrook expressed concerns because the developer would only be replacing a portion of the existing pipe line.

A motion was made by Director Roos and seconded by Director Kuil to authorize approval of Blossom Grove Development in accordance with staff’s recommendation and to notify all the homeowners regarding the high groundwater levels in the area. Motion passed 4 to 1 with Director Holbrook casting a no vote.

Item #10 – Approval of Job Title and Description of the Finance Supervisor and System Administrator Mr. Lindley proposed changes to the existing job description and changing the job title to Finance & Customer Service Supervisor. He stated this job description does not create a new position but rather it only conforms to the duties which are actually performed now. He said the new job description will be provided to the consultant who has been engaged to conduct the upcoming salary survey.

A motion was made by Director Kamper and seconded by Director Roos to approve the new job description and title. Motion passed unanimously.

#11 – Consider approval of proposed Budget for 2013 Mr. Lindley informed the Board that $3,450 was added to the budget in response to comments from the Directors to provide for additional CPR training and to ensure we get sturdy chairs for large District meetings such as Safety Day. The capital spending budget was adjusted to keep the total budget unchanged despite an increase in the expected cost of lining the Main Supply Canal.

A motion was made by Director Holmes and seconded by Director Kamper to approve the Budget for 2013. Motion passed unanimously.

Item #12 – Consider approval of Investment Policy for 2013 and adopt Resolution Mr. Lindley noted there were no substantial changes to the proposed Investment Policy and that approving the policy would also re-appoint the Treasurer as the investment officer.

A motion was made by Director Roos and seconded by Director Kuil to approve the Investment Policy for 2013 and adopt Resolution 12-19-F. Motion passed unanimously by roll call vote.

Item #13 – Tour of River Road Storage Property and Upper Woodward Reservoir in vicinity of 28 Mile Road This item was deferred until after closed session. Returning to item 13 of the action calendar, tour of River Road Storage property and Upper Woodward Reservoir in vicinity of 28 Mile Road, the Board received an update from Jim Atherstone on access to the Woodward Reservoir inlet area and ongoing work on adjacent real property and asked him to continue to monitor the adjacent property. The Board also discussed the River Road property with Joe Cantanzarite.

After the discussion, the Board decided to defer a tour until a later date.

Item #14 - Communications Director Roos  He questioned the Agricultural Water Management Plan.

Director Holmes  He thanked the District for being able to attend the ACWA Conference.

Director Kuil  He said he would like to review information on the ground well reports. Mr. Shields stated that he would get the reports and distribute to all board members.

Director Holbrook  He attended dinner for Supervisor Bob Elliott and said there was good attendance. He stated they recognized SSJID.

 The Mid-Pacific Water Users Conference is seeking donations from organization for a Scholarship Fund.

 He said we need to encourage cities to modify water supply requirements for new subdivisions to allow reductions in water supply when there are shortages in dry years.

 Tri-Dam Advisory meeting was held yesterday. They discussed the Project’s maintenance reserves and it was agreed that $1 to $1.5 million could be set aside annually to rebuild the reserves to whatever level is established. A new resolution will need to be adopted. They were also going to discuss salary negotiations in closed session. The budget was going to be revised and be brought back for approval and acceptance.

President Holbrook asked for Managers Reports.

Bill Hubkey, Water Treatment Plant Manager  The Plant Manager attended a meeting hosted by CalTrans last week. The meeting covered an overview of the project. He requested the status of various utilities on relocation of their services. Bay Cities Construction is the primary contractor and has not set a schedule to move the Water Plants transmission line. There will be more meetings in the near future.

 Plant staff met with the City of Manteca and various contractors to do “run” tests on the new emergency generators installed at M-2 and M-3. The tests were successful and are now in operation.

 Staff have completed acid cleaning on five trains and only have three to be cleaned. The cleans are expected to be completed by December 16.

 The Plant Manager met with Glen Gephardt, Engineer with the City of Manteca, to discuss their turnout flows and the “River Islands” connection.

Don Battles, Utility  Water retention basin at the Solar Farms revealed several problems to be corrected;

drainage ditch on the south side of Dodds Roads; elevations at Dodds Road, the valve is sticking out; and there was some damage to the levee. District staff is going to raise the levee five to six inches.

Bere Lindley, Chief Financial Officer  He was to meet with Rick Dodge and Kathy Cook on Monday, December 3, regarding Tri-Dam distributions but Ms. Cook was not available to meet, so she suggested that Mr.

Lindley and Mr. Dodge meet without her. Mr. Lindley advised that it is important to define funds available for distribution as a subset of cash and investments on hand at the time of distribution, and not in terms of prior net income or net cash flow.

 He has a conference on Friday with Bryan Thoreson to discuss volumetric billing.

Troylene Sayler, Communications  The Employee Appreciation Dinner will be held on Friday, February 1.

 Boys and Girls Club will host a Crabfeed on January 19. Stantec and SSJID will help sponsor the event.

Sam Bologna, Engineering  Received 16 applications to the Water Conservation Program’s new effort totaling $297,223; and there are five applications pending.

Jeff Shields, General Manager  He met with Don Glaser at the ACWA conference and he confirmed that he will provide a letter regarding the 1988 Stipulation and Agreement at New Melones. He also met with Ken Vogel and encouraged him to work with staff to get a hearing date for the District’s LAFCo application.

 Signed the Remand BiOp and Long-Term Operation of CVP and SWP Agreement to act as Cooperating Agency on the EIS.

 He arranged for City of Tracy to continue to get water for the remainder of 2012 even though they have used their full allocation. The City of Lathrop has agreed to let Tracy use some of their water which will be invoiced at the “out of district” rate.

 He distributed a FishBio report to the Board members. Noted page 3 graph shows FRCS return at 10 year high nearly 35% above the 2003 level which was the highest record since we installed the wier in the Stanislaus River.

 TriDam Daily report shows significant precipitation with nearly 20 inches for 2012; it needs just to show precipitation since Oct. 1.

 SJTSP meeting moved to Sacramento on December 13. This a pivotal meeting to determine who will be allowed to participate in final settlement negotiations and to define the settling parties’ goals.

 San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors Annual Holiday Open House is on Thursday, December 13.

 The District’s 2-ton flat bed was involved in an accident today. Our truck struck a small pickup on Highway 120 at Wagner Road. The small pick up pulled out onto Highway 120 and our truck hit the small truck. Nick Fereria had the two employees in the District’s truck taken to the Urgent Care to be checked out and it appears they are both ok. They will have a follow up with their doctors on Monday. The Highway Patrol took the report.

 The DSC released the “Recirculated Draft Program EIR for the Delta Plan.” There is a 45 day review and comment period (due January 14). The District will review and comment through the SJTA/SJRGA and also through the SJ County Delta Coalition.

 San Joaquin Partnership Holiday reception was on November 29 at the Stockton Country Club. Directors Kuil and Holbrook attended along with Jeff Shields.

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