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«Prakash Sachin & Co. Prakash Sachin & Co., a Chartered Accountants firm provides various professional services to its clients. The client list ...»

Prakash Sachin & Co.

Prakash Sachin & Co., a Chartered Accountants firm provides various

professional services to its clients. The client list includes Foreign

Companies, Multinational Companies, public limited companies, limited

companies, Private limited companies, International NPO etc.

The firm main practice area is the Foreign Exchange Management Act,

International Taxation, Transfer pricing related matter, Structuring of

inbound and outbound investments, structuring of offshore funds, taxation of the EPC contracts, Taxation of the E- commerce transaction and FEMA, FTO & WTO related issue, Direct and Indirect taxation and its related regulatory compliance and litigation apart from the regular audit and assurance related matter.

The firm practice area in Indirect tax includes the matter covering the Central excise, Service Tax, Customs and Central Sales Tax Matter and State VAT.

The firm is known for its expertise in corporate, commercial and financial matters as well as handling of Due Diligence, audit, accounting and regulatory compliance matter. It has its in-house legal team and the firm has made several representations before the AAR (Authority of Advance Ruling), ITAT & CESTAT.

With offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, the firm has team size of over 25 professional including an integrated of experienced partners and associates. The team strength, location, training and experience of firm’s staff enables the firm to provide the best services to its clients in most complicated of transactions throughout India.

_______________________________________________________________________ 1 E-mail: mail@psc.co.in, www.psc.co.in Prakash Sachin & Co.

Recognizing that in today’s competitive marketplace business clients require dependable, understandable and accurate professional advice, the firm has dedicated themselves with the expertise, resources and commitment required to meet all client requirements.


Prakash Sachin & Co has established practice groups to serve its clients’

diverse needs:

International Taxation & FEMA related issue.

• Transfer Pricing and its related issue • EPC (Engineering Procurement & Construction contract) related • taxation, Legal & contractual matter.

Due Diligence and Valuation.

• Auditing (Internal & Statutory Audit), Bank Audits • Taxation (Direct & Indirect Taxation).

• Customs & Excise, Service Tax and SEZ related matters.

• Corporate and Commercial Law matters & ROC matter • Finance & Banking.

• Infrastructure finance and International Finance • Privatization & Disinvestment • Inbound and Outbound investments • While specialization is essential in today’s professional world, Prakash Sachin & Co. recognizes that clients’ needs often transcend specialties.

Therefore, the firm places the resources of all practice groups at the disposal of all clients.

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FEMA & FDI Issues.

The firm has the clientele of Foreign companies operating in India either through LO/BO/PO or through 100% subsidiary private limited company or though Joint Venture. The firm advices and helps in complying them on all their FEMA related issue. The firm guides them right from the Inward remittance reporting to the share valuation and FC GPR, FCTRS filling and appearance in the compounding matter both before the RBI and ED.

Further the firm guides with the FDI policy and its threshold limit applicable to the various sector as per the client requirements. The firm has been involved in various ECB matter and its related representation to RBI.

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In Income Tax the firm mainly works related to industrial law, SEZ, EPZ, EOU, STPI units and compliance matter mainly related to incentives and exemptions. Further the firms also guides its client in the matter related to search and seizure and its related assessment.

The firm engages in an exceptionally sophisticated, broad-based tax practice, touching on many different economic sectors. The firm advice clients on tax planning issues relating to the establishment of a corporate business presence in India and the subsequent conduct of business in general and by such corporate entities. The firm also recommends taxefficient structure for establishing a business presence in India consistent with the business prevailing tax regime and the provisions for applicable double taxable agreements.

The firm represents clients in tax litigation case at various levels, including tribunals. The firm is actively involved in providing tax-related advice on acquisitions, mergers, de mergers, absorption’s, reorganization and restructuring of businesses. In providing tax related advice on transactions, the firm has coordinated complex transaction and developed excellent working relationships with a variety of international tax and financial advisors.

–  –  –

The firm mainly practice in the areas of Transfer pricing covering both the International Transaction and Specified Domestic Transaction which has recently been introduced in India. The firm undertakes the assignment of the determination of the independent transaction value both for the tangible and intangible related transaction and preparation of the study report as well defending its before the regulatory authorities. The firm uses the independent data base of Prowess and capital line both for this purpose. The firm intends to represents the client in the APA ( Advance Pricing Agreement ) related matter covering both the unilateral and bilateral matters and appear before the Competent authority appointed under DTAA for some MAP related issue as envisaged in the respective country convention.

–  –  –

Apart from the practicing in the regular excise and customs matters the firm guides the clients about the various exemption /incentives/abatement available vide different notification or circular to the different sectors / area and helps the client in defining their Business policies and models related to the application of the Excise and Custom.

The firm has the expertise with different EPC contractor working under the Petroleum Exploration license (PEL) and Mining lease (ML) and guiding the client for the client benefits of International Competitive Bidding and its related exemption. Similarly the firm guides various exemption related to Irrigation Project, Civil Projects, Building project of governments,Roads, Dams, Power Sector, renewal energy sector and other similar contracts of Government and semi government. The firm represents the client for their DEEMED EXPORT BENEFIT before the DGFT. The firm represents clients before all forums, tribunals in matters relating to taxation, valuations, assessments, claims and demands from the department. In addition, the firm represents clients in anti-dumping and safeguard duty matters.

–  –  –


The firm practice area includes the Central Sales Tax matter and State VAT. The firm has a battery of professional and a team there under to look into this matter. Further it has its associates both Chartered Accountants and Advocates, where the firm does not have the physical presence, in different part of country who works for the departmental interface with the legal support from the main office The firm has through experience in the Delhi VAT and its related assessment and refunds. The firms also undertake the appeal matter related to State VAT and CST upto the commissioner level whereas it has a team of advocates who can take up this type of matter in the higher courts.

Further the firms practices on the works contract related matters and arising out of any contract/ works contracts and its regulatory matter and compliance matter.

–  –  –

The corporate and commercial practice is at the heart of firm. The firm provides advice on a broad spectrum of matters, ranging from general corporate advice, corporate governance, company formations, contract law, and exchange control regulations. The firm represents diverse range of clients in evaluating business options, restructuring companies, establishing joint ventures and negotiating other commercial arrangements. The firm also obtains regulatory establishing legal entities or other forms of business presence in India.

The firm offers specialized advice on all aspects of company law and, as a full service firm; it provides day-to-day corporate compliance services.

The firm advises and represents buyers, sellers and investors in complex international and domestic business and other commercial and corporate transactions. The ability of firm to understand the client’s business requirements, their grasp of the applicable law and their practical experience ensure the successful and the timely completion of major transactions.

Secretarial Services.

• Corporate Reorganization & Legal Audits • Establishment of Branch, Liaison, Project & Representative Offices.

• Exchange Control & Regulatory Matters

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We have the special interest in handling the EPC (Engineering, procurement & construction) contracts and its related contractual, taxation and legal issue. Be it the Oil & Gas Sector, Petrochemicals sector, Power Sector, High ways, Port etc or any other Infra structure sector we have the capacity to understand the minute issue related to taxation, legal and Contractual matter and provide a complete solution on this issue based on the Standard Practice which are being adopted by the major player in this sector.We get involved in the pre bid as well post bid discussion with the client on the above issue which help the contractor as well contractee to sort out the issue before making commitments.

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VALUATION, DUE DILIGENCE etc The firm has set up team under the Guidance of the senior Partner for the Valuation of the entity, its business and financial securities. This valuation and transition advisory cell is committed to provide value based professional, ethical and high quality consultancy and valuation services. The firm covers the complete spectrum of the valuation based on the purpose of its and delivers the professional services with innovative way. The firm proposes to develop a multi disciplinary expertise across various industry segments which can handle the complex issues of valuation, covering the whole range like Securities Valuation, Tangible and Intangible assets including the impairment studies of the tangible and intangible assets.

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Prakash Sachin & Co. has diversified experience of auditing, like, Statutory Audit, Internal audit, stock audits, Transaction Audits ( TVA ) of various corporate & Non corporate client.

The firm is doing the statuary audit as well as the internal audit of some reputed client from manufacturing Industry, construction Industry, Service Industry and Institutions etc.

In FMCG Sector the firm is doing the internal audit/stock audit of manufacturers of Branded readymade garments, Health care products, pharmaceuticals items, fresh food products and leather item & its related footwear products. In addition the firm is engaged in the internal audit of BSE/NSE listed Infrastructure construction companies and companies in IT/ITES sector.

The audit department is headed by a partner and the team consists of qualified Chartered Accountants and semi qualified Assistants and is geared up to take handle the assignment of any large industry.

_______________________________________________________________________ 11 E-mail: mail@psc.co.in, www.psc.co.in Prakash Sachin & Co.

BANK AUDIT The firm is empanelled with RBI. The level assigned is level –II. The firm is the statuary Branch Auditor of State Bank of India since last successive four year. Apart from the Statuary Audit, the firm is the empanelled with Allahabad bank, Oriental Bank of commerce for their Revenue, concurrent and stock audits.

In private sector Banks, we are the authorized credit monitoring agency appointed by ICICI banks & AXIS Bank and continuously supervise the borrowers accounts on behalf of these banks in terms of Units inspection, stock verification, ROC search etc and other assignments as provided by the Bank.

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Prakash Sinha (FCA) aged about 40 years, is the senior partner of our firm. He has Post Qualification experience around 18 years. He has handled the Concurrent Audit, Inspection Audit; Statutory Audit of Banks both is private sector as well as public sector. During the time he has developed himself in the Taxation, Management Consultancy Corporate & Commercial matters, Auditing, audit at Regulatory Companies. He was a member of the Research Study Group constituted by Northern India Regional council of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India on the International taxation and WTO matters.


Sachin Sinha (FCA) aged about 30 years, partner in the firm. He has in hand experience of Taxation, Auditing and Management Consultancy. He has developed himself in the direct taxed, Corporate, Secretarial, and Commercial issues.


He is a young and talented Chartered Accountant and has a rich knowledge in the Taxation, Audits & Finance related matter. He takes care of client for their IFRS related issues of corporate client.


He is the Chartered Accountant in our team and handles the Direct Taxation and audit & Assurance related issue of issue of a Northern India client.

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