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The technology required at each training location is directly related to the audience identified. Decision makers will not be walked through the application. Instead, they will be presented with information to assist in their decision-making processes. Because of this, decision makers need a lecture-style classroom for their presentation.

Both future trainers and user groups will need a more interactive setting. These groups will require a lecture presentation, computers and software. The CUPSS application is compatible with Microsoft Windows 1995/98/2000 Professional/XP operating systems.

Basic Microsoft Office applications or readers will be helpful for report generation and modification.


The CUPSS trainers website (www.epa.gov/cupss/resources.htm#trainers) provides several templates for various forms of advertising materials and several documents such as the “CUPSS and US” presentation that can be used in marketing CUPSS to local decision makers. All materials are available at EPA and, on request, will be shipped at no cost to each CUPSS User. Trainers can order promotional post cards in bulk, but they should use the CUPSS CD for all other materials.


EPA has developed presentations that will assist any trainer in effectively communicating the importance of CUPSS and the application’s features to multiple audiences.

Presentations are specifically geared toward community and financial decision makers, future trainers and potential users. All presentations are editable so that trainers have the ability to modify materials to better reach a specific community.

EVALUATION Evaluation form templates are used at the conclusion of the training course. A template has been provided on the CUPSS training website and can be edited and geared toward the training location and community. See Appendix E for the evaluation form.

3.3 “GETTING READY FOR CUPSS” TRAINING “Getting Ready for CUPSS” will provide education on how to help future trainers when setting the stage for successful implementation of the CUPSS tool. This presentation discusses how the tool should be used, when it should be used and who should use it. Explanatory information is provided on how to train new trainers and future CUPSS users. Trainers will go through the “Getting Ready” workbook and help potential users in the informationgathering stage of the CUPSS process. Trainers must be well versed in the system before seeking community support and approval. The “Getting Ready for CUPSS” presentation is on the CUPSS CD.

4 Training Activities Comprehensive training activities are essential when educating users on new concepts and technical tools. This section provides training tips and assistance on each of the main modules within the CUPSS desktop application. Instructions have been provided for the trainers to ensure an effective system walk through. These exercises follow and complement the CUPSS User’s Guide. The User’s Guide contains all the essential information for the user to make full use of CUPSS. It includes a description of the functions and capabilities of CUPSS and step-by-step instructions for using the application to develop and implement an asset management plan.

An electronic version of the User’s Guide is on the CUPSS CD.

4.1 MY TRAINING Overview: This module has been developed to help the user understand CUPSS and the asset management process through clear, concise instructional materials. In this section, the user finds an introductory training video and a tutorial for each CUPSS module. The help section is keyword searchable and has a glossary section in addition to example forms and reports.

Training Activity: The activity information is found in the CUPSS training presentation and will follow Chapter 1 and 10 of the User’s Guide.

4.2 SET-UP MY CUPSS Overview: The first step in the CUPSS process is to identify the CUPSS team. CUPSS contains a team assembly wizard that will allow users to create lists of team members, define their roles and gather contact information. The default CUPSS user (from Set-Up My CUPSS) is carried over into the team roster. The users can then establish or modify their team at any time but should be encouraged to set up a team during the initial run of CUPSS. CUPSS allows users to export the team roster and associated data into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file.

Training Activity: The activity information is found in the CUPSS training presentation and will follow Chapter 3 and 4 of the User’s Guide.

4.3 MY INVENTORY Overview: This module allows users to identify and characterize their water system’s assets. The program prioritizes the user’s assets and helps the utility better manage its revenue for repair and replacement of assets. Users will enter their assets and all related information. If an asset has already been entered, the user can review and update the assets’ information. The My Inventory module already contains information about the utility’s assets from the user’s self-created diagram. The user can also enter additional assets. All assets are displayed in a table format with both mandatory and optional data fields.

Training Activity: The activity information is found in the CUPSS training presentation and will follow Chapter 5 of the User’s Guide.

4.4 MY O&M Overview: This module allows users to create and track past, current and future operations and maintenance (O&M) activities. The user can add tasks to the schedule and mark scheduled items as completed. These items will then be moved to the log. The log incorporates all routine tasks and logged activities into the task list. This module then records the status and history of each task, alerts users if the task status is past due or critically past due and alerts the user when to reassess the asset condition if maintenance is not performed as scheduled.

Training Activity: The activity information is found in the CUPSS training presentation and will follow Chapter 6 of the User’s Guide.

4.5 MY FINANCES Overview: This module allows users to determine the full costs of doing business and to calculate how much money is needed for full recovery. This allows staff members to discuss their needs within the context of the community budget.

The user provides the current year’s budget (at a minimum) and actual expenses from previous years’ financial statements. From this, the user can calculate their total cost of doing business and project budget needs for up to ten years.

Training Activity: The activity information is found in the CUPSS training presentation and will follow Chapter 7 of the User’s Guide.

4.6 MY CHECK UP Overview: CUPSS generates two customizable reports: “My Asset Check Up” and “My Financial Check Up.” These reports allow the user to pick the level of complexity they wish to use to manage their assets. Trainers should walk the user through each of the two reports paying special focus on how the financial report should be set up and run.

Training Activity: The activity information is found in the CUPSS training presentation and will follow Chapter 8 of the User’s Guide.

4.7 MY CUPSS PLAN Overview: This module assembles, using an existing template, an asset management plan that is already pre-filled with the information the user enters throughout the previous CUPSS modules. CUPSS allows the user to make edits within the template and export the management plan as a Word document.

Training Activity: The activity information is found in the CUPSS training presentation and will follow Chapter 9 of the User’s Guide.

Appendix A. Additional Resources Several additional resources are available to provide valuable information to the trainers, the users and the decision makers. EPA-approved guidance documents, references and other associated information are on the associated CUPSS CD.


• Getting Started with CUPSS Workbook. EPA 816-R-08-005

• CUPSS User’s Guide. EPA 816-R-08-003

• CUPSS and Us presentation.

• Asset Management: A Best Practices Guide. EPA 816-F-07-011

• Asset Management for Local Officials Factsheet. EPA 816-F-07-012

• Building an Asset Management Team Factsheet. EPA 816-F-07-013



• A Guide for New CUPSS Trainer’s (this guide). EPA 816-R-08-004

• Getting Ready for CUPSS: Information for Trainers presentation.

• Short format CUPSS Training presentation.

• Long format CUPSS Training presentation.

• Postcards. EPA 816-E-08-001 and EPA 816-E-08-002 RESOURCES ON THE EPA WEB SITE (epa.gov/safewater)

• Asset Management: A Handbook for Small Water Systems. EPA 816-R-03-016

• Taking Stock of Your Water System: A Simple Asset Inventory for Very Small Drinking Water Systems. EPA 816-K03-002

• Setting Small Drinking Water System Rates for a Sustainable Future. EPA 816-R Preventive Maintenance Card File for Small Public Water Systems Using Ground Water. EPA 816-B-04-002

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Boise State. “Capacity Tracker: User Manual.” Accessed February 11, 2008.

http://sspa.boisestate.edu/efc/Tools_Services/Capacity%20Tracker/Capacity%20Tracker %20User%20Manual.pdf.

Department of Natural Resources and Water, Queensland. “Guidelines for Implementing Total Management Planning.” Accessed December 28, 2007.

http://www.nrw.qld.gov.au/compliance/wic/pdf/guidelines/tmp/2001_guidelines/implemen tation/asset_glossary.pdf.

EPA. 2003. “Asset Management: A Handbook for Small Water Systems:’ One of the Simple Tools for Effective Performance (STEP) Guide Series.” Accessed December 27, 2007.


EPA. 2007. “Drinking Water Glossary: A Dictionary of Technical and Legal Terms Related to Drinking Water.” Accessed December 27, 2007.


EPA. 2006. “Setting Small Drinking Water System Rates for a Sustainable Future: One of the Simple Tools for Effective Performance (STEP) Guide Series.” Accessed December 27, 2007.

http://www.epa.gov/safewater/smallsystems/pdfs/guide_smallsystems_final_ratesetting_ guide.pdf.

EPA Office of Water, California State University. “Glossary.” Accessed February 10, 2008.


Appendix C. Readiness ChecklistWINGYOU

❏ Are you sure that the facility meets your needs? Does the room have electrical outlets?

❏ Are there tables and chairs? Are you going to have the space to yourself during the session?

❏ Do any of the participants have special needs (e.g., wheelchair access, hearing impaired)?

❏ Have you arranged for refreshments?

❏ Have you identified all the restroom locations?

❏ Have you sent reminders/flyers to potential participants?

❏ Have you reviewed the session?

❏ Have you prepared all needed presentations and visual aids for the sessions?

❏ Have you prepared specific examples that your participants will be able to relate to?

❏ Have you practiced your presentation?

❏ Do you have a participant sign-in sheet?

❏ Are the discussion questions pre-written on a flipchart?

❏ Have you brought your Trainer’s Guide and some extra participant workbooks?

❏ Have you prepared and printed the evaluation form?

❏ Do you have all of your teaching materials?

❏ Computers?

❏ Markers?

❏ Flipchart?

❏ Flipchart stand?

❏ Tape?

❏ Overhead projector?

❏ Extra pencils?

❏ Extra calculators?

❏ Have you set the date, time and place for the next session?

❏ Other ______________________________________________________________

–  –  –

5. What subjects were not covered fully enough? Please explain.

6. What subjects were not covered that you would have liked addressed?

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