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«United Nations System and Conference Diplomacy Introduction to the United Nations System Conference Diplomacy and Multilateral Negotiation Chairing ...»

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Customized Training

in Multilateral Diplomacy

We empower individuals,

governments and

organizations through

knowledge and learning

to effectively overcome

contemporary global






Table of contents

Who we are

Customized training

Meet our trainers

Training design 5 United Nations System and Conference Diplomacy Introduction to the United Nations System Conference Diplomacy and Multilateral Negotiation Chairing Multilateral Conferences Rules of Procedure of United Nations Conferences United Nations Protocol Working Efficiently with UN Budget Documents Structure, Drafting and Adoption of United Nations Resolutions Diplomatic Report Writing Inter-ministerial Coordination in Negotiation Preparation and Follow-up International Crisis Management Skills Development Skills Assessment and Management Development Negotiation Skills and Techniques Leadership and Diplomacy 14 Public Speaking and Media Relations Positivity Skills 15 Training of Trainers 15 Environmental Diplomacy Climate Change Diplomacy 18 Green Diplomacy 18 Negotiating Climate Change Finance 19 Negotiating Water Resources 19 Human Rights Diplomacy International Human Rights Protection Other popular courses Public Diplomacy Introduction to Water Diplomacy Cultural Diplomacy Contemporary Multilateral Challenges: Cyber Crimes and Cyber Security Commercial Diplomacy Agricultural Diplomacy Advisory Service 27 Who we are The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) With over 50 years of experience, the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) delivers more than 400 training activities per year, reaching out to 30,000 professionals world-wide. At the heart of UNITAR, the Multilateral Diplomacy Programme (MDP) is a leading provider of training in global and strategic challenges for professionals within and outside of the United Nations. Since 2004, UNITAR has been working closely with Ministries of Foreign Affairs to develop capacities in the field of multilateral diplomacy through the organization of professional, executive-type courses and training-related activities.

Our courses have been developed to suit specific needs in the areas of Multilateral Diplomacy, Negotiation, Leadership and the UN System.

Being at the forefront of the international arena we bring together people from all professional areas facilitating knowledge exchange and the creation of new networks.

We have developed extensive experience in designing and implementing professional training courses for decisionmakers that shape our world today.

1 Customized Training Catalogue Customized training

–  –  –

Upon the request of individual UN Member States and/or in partnership with intergovernmental organizations or UN agencies, UNITAR organizes and implements specifically designed courses on themes related to multilateral diplomacy and international affairs management, including environmental diplomacy, STEP 1 human rights and international trade and development.

The duration, content and mode of delivery of the courses are defined in close consultation with the beneficiaries and partner organizations in order to meet participants’ specific needs.

STEP 2 The training activities can be implemented face-to-face in Geneva or in the beneficiary’s country, as well as online via our e-Learning platform.

STEP 3 Meet our faculty

–  –  –

Masoumeh Sahami holds a Masters in Ambassador Shola Omoregie is founder and Jean-Marc Boulgaris is a senior UNITAR Business Administration and has 30 years Chief Operating Officer of the Africa Peace consultant and a former Ambassador and of service with the United Nations. As the Support, LLC. A former career diplomat at Permanent Representative of Switzerland to Secretary of the Trade and Development the United Nations, Ambassador Omoregie the United Nations and other international Board she also served as Secretary of the is an expert on the UN Security Council and organizations in Geneva. He started his 13th UNCTAD Ministerial Conference in peace operations having had a dedicated career in the diplomatic service in 1968 and Doha in 2012. She has a varied experience and distinguished service at the United has held many postings, including as Deputy in the work of UNCTAD, not least, technical Nations spanning over three decades. From Permanent Observer of Switzerland to the cooperation in collaboration with bilateral October 2006 - December 2008, he served United Nations in New York, Political Director donors and Bretton Woods Institutions as the Representative of the United Nations of the Department of Foreign Affairs, and (BWIs) and all inter-governmental matters. Secretary-General in Guinea-Bissau and Head Ambassador to Denmark and Colombia. He She has participated in extensive technical of United Nations Peace-building Support also represented Switzerland in meetings of assistance activities in a wide range of office in Guinea-Bissau. As a member of the the GATT, EFTA, OECD and the International developing countries, covering areas from UN Task Force on Assistance to the African Energy Agency. In 2003-2004, Ambassador trade facilitation to mainstreaming gender Union (from 2003 – 2005), he assisted the Boulgaris was Chairman of the Executive in development strategies, microfinance, African Union in the establishment of the Committee of the Programme of the United trade and poverty. She has also worked modalities for the operation of the Peace Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

with the WTO, UNDP, ITC and BWIs, in and Security Council (PSC), including the He served as Member of the UNITAR Board connection with Aid for Trade, as a board drafting of the rules of procedure of the PSC of Trustees and is a Member of the Board member of the Enhanced Integrated and preparation of the working methods of the Friends of the Conference of NGOs Framework. of the Council. He was educated at the accredited to the Economic and Social University of Lagos, Nigera. Council (CONGO), in Geneva, Switzerland.

3 Customized Training Catalogue The trainers and resource persons selected by UNITAR are experts in the fields of international relations, diplomatic practice and international law from academic and international circles, including practitioners from both within and outside the UN system.

Below you can meet some of them.

–  –  –

Mr. Jérôme L’host is a dedicated Senior Ms. Alice Hecht is currently Adviser Tosi Mpanu-Mpanu, a Congolese national, Consultant based in Geneva and Moscow, to UNITAR on protocol in multilateral is a senior negotiator for the UNCCC. For working internationally with both the organizations and their impact in the seven years, he has worked for the Ministry Private and the Public Sectors. Mr. L’host conduct of negotiations. Prior to heading of Environment, Nature Conservation and attended the University of Savoie where he the Office of Protocol of the United Nations, Tourism of the Democratic Republic of studied Public Administration & Economics 2006 to 2009, Ms. Hecht was the Director of Congo. Formerly, he served as a National (AES). He later specialized in Marketing at Administration of the United Nations Mission REDD+ coordinator, Chair of the African the Plus-Values Institute in Paris. Mr. L’host in Kosovo (2003 to 2005) in charge of the Group for UNFCCC, Counsellor at the is a certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator direction of the administration of some Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International (MBTI) Coach, a UN-certified Coach and 7,000 civilian and uniformed personnel and Cooperation and as a World Bank Trainer, as well as a Synaps-certified, and the implementation of an annual budget consultant. Tosi Mpanu-Mpanu has more LSA (Leadership Style Analysis) Coach. Over of $270 million. From 1992 to 2003, than fifteen years of experience in the fields the last sixteen years, he has performed Ms. Hecht served as Chief Administrative of diplomacy, economic development, numerous presentations and motivational Officer of the United Special Commission climate change, energy and sustainable speeches for HEC Geneva, EPFL Chair of on Iraq and directed the financial, human development. He holds a Master’s degree Entrepreneurship, Nestlé, Association resources and logistics services required in European Studies and International pour le Progrès du Management and the for the implementation of the United Relations from the University of Paris 1 Swiss-French Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Nations mandates. Ms. Hecht was born and Panthéon-Sorbonne and has completed L’host has managed more than 40 large- educated in Belgium. She holds a Licence the International Advanced Training Course scale international projects in more than en Sciences Sociales and a Candidature en at the Ecole nationale d’administration in 30 different countries. He is the Founder Sciences Sociales from Université Libre de Strasbourg, France. He also holds a MBA and General Manager of The November Bruxelles/Belgium. in Finance and Investments from George Company, a Training & Consulting Group. Washington University in Washington DC.

Training design

–  –  –

UNITAR’s customized training activities in multilateral diplomacy target:

• Junior to senior level diplomats and other government officials or experts acting as representatives of their governments at the United Nations or in international conferences

• Government officers from specialized Ministries working on international issues (environment, security, trade…), university professors, academics, lawyers and staff of non-governmental organizations (NGOs)

• Participants should come from the same country or the same region or sub-region. To optimize training, groups for face-to-face activities are usually limited to 30 participants, groups for e-learning courses to 40 participants.

Increasingly our target audience is expanded to other often non-state constituencies:

–  –  –

All training activities can be delivered in any of the six official UN languages. It is important that participants have a good working knowledge of the primary language of the workshop or training in order to participate meaningfully in group discussions, exercises and simulations. Simultaneous interpretation may also be provided upon request.

Training Material

UNITAR usually provides a set of training material, prepared in close cooperation with partners and resource persons, consisting of copies of presentations, selected readings, instructions for the interactive exercises and discussion group assignments, relevant publications, etc. The material, enabling trainees to participate in a well informed, effective and prepared way, can also be shared with colleagues who have not benefited from the training.

–  –  –

The delivery format of all trainings devotes particular attention to:

• Interactivity: In the courses participants will be actively involved with discussions, feedback rounds and group exercises

• Applicability: The courses use a ‘learning-by-doing’ approach where participants learn how to apply theories to real-life situations, either through case studies, role plays or simulation exercises

• Experience Sharing: The courses build upon the experience, knowledge and personal resources of the participants

–  –  –

Since the content, methods and structure of a course are tailored to the specific needs of the participants and defined in close consultation with the beneficiary/ partner organization, the duration usually varies from training to training.

–  –  –

If the training takes place in-country our partner should provide the following facilities:

• A room with tables and chairs to accommodate approximately 30 participants and one or more trainer(s) and UNITAR staff

• Audio/visual equipment

• Other equipment (to be determined on a case-by-case basis)

–  –  –

Training activities organized at the request of UN Member States or organizations are financed entirely through extrabudgetary sources. In most cases, the activity is funded either entirely or partially by a bilateral or multilateral donor agency in the form of a special purpose grant and Member States or organizations requesting the training contribute in-kind, such as providing training facilities and covering logistical/hospitality expenses for the participants. In some cases, costs may even be shared with neighbouring countries by organizing the training activity at the sub-regional or regional level. There is no need to wait until the full project budget has been secured before contacting UNITAR. While it remains the responsibility of the requesting entity to secure full funding, UNITAR is often able to assist in the fundraising process. When submitting a request, it is thus important to identify possible sources of funding and indicate if contact has already been made.

Training Costs

Training costs vary from event to event, but generally cover the following elements:

• Content development, including expertise to develop, revise, or customize pedagogical material to the needs of the requesting Member State or organization

• Assessment of training needs of the targeted beneficiaries

• Facilitation and supervision expertise during the implementation of the activity

• Travel and accommodation of experts, UNITAR staff (and participants for regional/sub-regional activities)

• Purchase and reproduction of training material and supplies

• Communication and shipment of training material

• Evaluation and reporting

United Nations System and ConferenceDiplomacy

Being familiar with the United Nations system and conference diplomacy is a prerequisite for working effectively in this multilateral environment. Our courses in this topic cover introductions to the UN, its principal organs and their functioning, conference diplomacy, UN Protocol, and many more.

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