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«Proceedings of the th 14 National Street Tree Symposium 2013 ISBN: 978-0-9806814-1-3 TREENET Proceedings of the 14th National Street Tree Symposium ...»

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22.4 A separate bank account is to be opened to deposit money donated to the fund, including interest accruing thereon, and gifts to it are to be kept separate from other funds of the organisation.

22.5 Receipts are to be issued in the name of the fund and proper accounting records and procedures are to be kept and used for the fund.

22.6 The fund will be operated on a not-for-profit basis.

22.7 A committee of management of no fewer than three persons will administer the fund. The committee will be appointed by the organisation. A majority of the members of the committee are required to be ‘responsible persons’ as defined by the Guidelines to the Register of Environmental Organizations.

The 14th National Street Tree Symposium 2013


Philip Weinstein Philip Weinstein is Professor of Ecosystem Health and Dean of Graduate Studies at the University of South Australia. He is a medical graduate of the University of Adelaide and Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Public Health Medicine and was most recently Professor of Public and Environmental Health at the University of Queensland where he also led an environmental health research group. He was formerly the Head of School of Population Health at the University of Western Australia and Associate Dean Research at the Wellington School of Medicine, University of Otago.

Phil has over 200 publications on the environmental determinants of waterborne and mosquito-borne disease, and also led a major research programme on air quality and respiratory health through the Cooperative Research Centre for Asthma and Airways. He was a member of the Board of Review Editors for the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment and Co-Chair of the International Medical Geology Association, and remains an enthusiastic teacher. Phil’s most recent research has focused on the value of maintaining biodiversity in suppressing the emergence of infectious disease epidemics in humans.

Sheryn Pitman Sheryn Pitman manages the South Australian Green Infrastructure Project hosted by the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide, an evolution of the Sustainable Landscapes Project which began in 2004. This work brings together diverse stakeholders to integrate the planning and design of green spaces and water systems that underpin the health and sustainability of our towns and cities.

Sheryn has a multidisciplinary background in environmental and project management, education, research, writing and communication. With a Masters Degree in Environmental Studies she worked for seven years with Greening Australia engaging communities in landscape rehabilitation and habitat restoration. Prior to this she spent many years as a creative and technical writer including documentary film, television and radio and five years as a secondary school teacher.

Currently Sheryn is two thirds of the way through a PhD in Environmental Management with Professor Chris Daniels at UniSA.

Dr Kate Delaporte Dr Kate Delaporte graduated from University of Adelaide with a BAgSc (Hons) and a Doctorate of Philosophy.

She was the 3rd Playford Trust Horticultural Scholar. In 1999-2000 she was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to study the use of Australian plants overseas.

Kate worked on the research and development of eucalypts, as the Postdoctoral Research Fellow the University of Adelaide’s Ornamental Eucalypts Development Program with Professor Margaret Sedgley, in projects supported by the RIRDC, industry collaborators and the Playford Trust.

More recently, this work has been supported by Horticulture Australia Ltd, in collaboration with Industry and the University of Adelaide.

The 14th National Street Tree Symposium 2013 Sue O‟Keefe Sue O’Keefe is an Associate Professor in the School of Economics at La Trobe University.

She is based at the University’s Albury-Wodonga campus.

Her research interests focus on decision making and incentives and public policy, institutions and management, particularly in the context of water.

Ali Hassanli Ali Hassanli is Associate Professor at Shiraz University, Iran and Adjunct Associate Professor at University of South Australia, School of Natural and Built Environments (NBE), Division of Information, Technology, Engineering and Environment (ITEE).

He is a lecturer and postgraduate student supervisor at Shiraz University and as a research fellow at UniSA.

Ali has 30 years international experience in academic institutions, water and agricultural industries. He has a long history of field experience in various water and soil projects involving research, monitoring, design, assessment and evaluation.

He is the author of 4 books and one chapter of a book and published 45 journal papers and presented at 42 conferences regionally, nationally and internationally.

Peter Levett Capital Works Officer, City of Salisbury SA Peter is a highly experienced public works practitioner. He has in excess of twenty 20 years’ experience in major metropolitan Adelaide councils in civil and landscape construction and maintenance.

In his current role at City of Salisbury Peter administers a significant road surfacing program and other civil works. Peter has lead initiatives to achieve carbon reduction strategies and is active in cross council forums seeking improved industry standards in road surfacing.

In 2012 the Council Solutions procurement body recognised Peter for his role as an innovator.

Peter Young Landscape Design Officer, City Of Salisbury, SA Peter’s early career was focussed on skatepark design and promotion of this form of recreation culminating in 2009 with a redevelopment masterplan for Canberra’s Belconnen Skatepark to become Australia’s largest.

During University of Adelaide studies in landscape architecture he worked with Taylor Cullity Lethean and credits a rigorous design ethos with this experience.

Since 2008 Peter has been employed at City of Salisbury working on a range of landscape and biodiversity projects.

Peter is a strong advocate for water sensitive urban design in local government.

The 14th National Street Tree Symposium 2013 Sean Connell Sean Connell is Professor of Marine Biology at the University of Adelaide. He works to understand the effect of land and atmospheric change on coastal marine ecosystems.

Sean has shown how natural catchments positively affect the marine environment, how discharges cause habitat loss of seagrass and kelp habitats and what the possibility is of restoration.

Michael Leers Michael Leers is currently the Coordinator Parks & Landscapes with the City of Fremantle.

Michael has been working in local government for more than 15 years. During this time his focus has been managing Public Open Space with particular attention to tree selection and establishment in the urban environment. He graduated from The University of Melbourne (B. App. Sci. Hort Honours) in 2000.

Michael is currently completing a Masters of Horticulture by Research with The University of Melbourne. His research and ongoing interest, is investigating factors which influence the establishment of street trees.

Dr Darren Peacock Dr Darren Peacock is the Managing Director of Sociable Technology, an independent digital strategy consultancy based in Adelaide.

Darren works with government, cultural, educational and community organisations to help them plan and implement digital communication strategies and projects. He has twenty years’ experience in planning and managing information and communication projects and services. His doctoral research explored how organisations innovate through their use of digital information and communication technologies.

Darren has a strong interest in heritage and the natural environment and serves on the Council of the National Trust of South Australia.

David Lawry David Lawry is responsible for co-founding TREENET (Tree and Roadway Experimental and Educational Network) in 1997 with Dr Jennifer Gardner, curator of the Waite Arboretum.

With a Degree in Agricultural Science and a long horticultural history in the nursery and landscaping industry, David is a respected champion for the emerging science aimed at improving the establishment and retention of trees in urban settings, particularly street trees.

David doesn’t consider himself a tree expert by any measure and maintains that the success of TREENET is entirely due to the support of the “real legends of arboriculture in Australia” and in the TREENET community “who are changing the way we go about our daily work as urban foresters”.

David is a regular guest on talk-back radio and eagerly sought by print and television media to offer comment about tree issues.

The 14th National Street Tree Symposium 2013 In 2004, David initiated the “Avenues of Honour 1915-2015” project. In 2013 in his new role as co-director of TREENET David has a special focus driving and coordinating the project which will coincide with the Centenary of ANZAC in 2015.

Dave Williams Dave Williams has been working in tree related industries for over 15 years.

With a diverse range of qualifications and experience Dave has expertise in many aspects of tree management.

Dave began his career in the early 90's working in the Red Gum forests of southern NSW. After some time working as a tree feller for a mobile timber mill he decided to begin full time study.

Enrolling in a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne Dave completed predominantly Ecology and Botany related subjects finishing his degree in 1996.

Following the Bachelor of Science and still at The University of Melbourne Dave enrolled in a Bachelor of Forest Science completing the degree with Honours in 2000. Dave’s honours project was looking at nitrogen cycling in native forests.

Dr Greg Moore Greg Moore was Principal of Burnley College of the Institute of Land Food Resources at Melbourne University from 1988 to 2007. Prior to this he had been a Senior Lecturer and Lecturer in Plant Science and Arboriculture at Burnley from 1979. He was Head of the School of Resource Management at the University from October 2002 to April 2007. Apart from a general interest in horticultural plant science, revegetation and ecology, Greg has a specific interest in all aspects of arboriculture, which is the scientific study of the cultivation and management of trees.

He is recognised internationally as one of the founders of the modern arboricultural movement and is widely sought after as a speaker, advisor, advocate and mentor. His keynote papers at past Treenet Symposia have been a major catalyst for the recent changes in attitudes and practices relating to Australia’s urban trees. His presentations are founded on his exceptional ability to pass onto his audience his thorough understanding of the subject at hand.

As Chair since 2005, Greg’s other major contribution is the orderly and efficient governance he brings to TREENET. His ability to think strategically and his wide experience in the management of not for profit organisations has been called upon to the benefit of many environmental and educational causes over the past 30 years.

He has contributed to the development of Australian Standards in pruning and amenity tree evaluation and has been a major speaker at conferences in Australia, Israel, Hong Kong, USA and New Zealand in recent years.

He was the inaugural president of the International Society of Arboriculture, Australian Chapter. He has been a regular on Melbourne radio, particularly with ABC 774 and 3AW.

He has been a member of the National Trust of Victoria’s Register of Significant Trees since 1988 and has chaired the committee since 1996. Greg has been on the Board of Greening Australia (Victoria) since 1989 and has been an active member of various sub-committees of that organisation. He was involved with the Agriculture and Horticulture subject at VCE level setting several of the examinations. He has also served on a number of industry and TAFE sector committees, especially those that deal with curriculum and accreditation matters. He is currently supervising eleven post-graduate students and continues to pursue an active research profile in any matters that relate to trees in the urban environment and revegetation. He has written one book, contributed to another and has had some 80 papers and articles relating to tree biology and management published.

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For further reading about Phil Weinstein’s subject matter refer to the following publications:

Elsevier Journal Medical Hypotheses 76 (2011) 877-880

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The 14th National Street Tree Symposium 2013 As published in proceedings of 6th International Conference and Workshop on the Built Environment in Developing Countries, 4-5 December 2012, Adelaide, Australia by University of South Australia

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Introduction Green Infrastructure (GI) is a systems-based approach to the design and function of our towns and cities which aims to secure the health, liveability and sustainability of present and future urban environments. By investing in Green Infrastructure we strengthen the resilience of towns and cities to respond to the major challenges of growth, health, climate change, biodiversity loss and water, energy and food security.

While GI has been interpreted in various ways, it is effectively described as the network of planted green spaces and water systems that deliver multiple environmental, social and economic values and services to urban communities. The focus of most GI thinking is directed towards urban environments in towns and cities because these are the places where an increasing majority of people live and where lack of ‘green’ can result in many problems. GI includes parks and reserves, backyards and gardens, waterways and wetlands, transport corridors and greenways, farms and orchards, squares and plazas, roof gardens and living walls, sports fields and cemeteries.

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