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«Commission Exact name of registrant as specified in its charter; IRS Employer File Number State or other jurisdiction of incorporation or ...»

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(2) PacifiCorp's and its subsidiary's minimum contributions to the plans are based on the amount of wages paid to employees covered by the Local 57 Trust Fund collective bargaining agreements and the number of mining hours worked for the UMWA Pension Plan, respectively, subject to ERISA minimum funding requirements.

(3) For the UMWA Pension Plan, information is for plan years beginning July 1, 2011 and 2010. Information for the plan years beginning July 1, 2013 and 2012 is not available. For the Local 57 Trust Fund, information is for plan years beginning July 1, 2012, 2011 and 2010. Information for the plan year beginning July 1, 2013 is not yet available.

(4) If PacifiCorp's subsidiary was to withdraw from the UMWA Pension Plan, a liability of up to an estimated $125 million could be triggered.

The current collective bargaining agreements governing the Local 57 Trust Fund expire in January 2016. Although the collective bargaining agreement governing the UMWA Pension Plan expired in January 2013 and a new agreement has not yet been reached, operations continue under the provisions of the expired agreement.

Defined Contribution Plan

PacifiCorp sponsors a defined contribution plan (401(k) plan) covering substantially all employees. PacifiCorp's contributions are based primarily on each participant's level of contribution and cannot exceed the maximum allowable for tax purposes. PacifiCorp's contributions to the 401(k) plan were $35 million, $36 million and $38 million for the years ended December 31, 2013, 2012 and 2011, respectively.

(10) Asset Retirement Obligations PacifiCorp estimates its ARO liabilities based upon detailed engineering calculations of the amount and timing of the future cash spending for a third party to perform the required work. Spending estimates are escalated for inflation and then discounted at a credit-adjusted, risk-free rate. Changes in estimates could occur for a number of reasons, including plan revisions, inflation and changes in the amount and timing of the expected work.

PacifiCorp does not recognize liabilities for AROs for which the fair value cannot be reasonably estimated. Due to the indeterminate removal date, the fair value of the associated liabilities on certain transmission, distribution and other assets cannot currently be estimated, and no amounts are recognized on the Consolidated Financial Statements other than those included in the cost of removal regulatory liability established via approved depreciation rates in accordance with accepted regulatory practices. Cost of removal regulatory liabilities totaled $843 million and $810 million as of December 31, 2013 and 2012, respectively.

The following table reconciles the beginning and ending balances of PacifiCorp's ARO liabilities for the years ended December 31 (in millions):

–  –  –

Certain of PacifiCorp's decommissioning and reclamation obligations relate to jointly owned facilities and mine sites. PacifiCorp is committed to pay a proportionate share of the decommissioning or reclamation costs. In the event of a default by any of the other joint participants, PacifiCorp may be obligated to absorb, directly or by paying additional sums to the entity, a proportionate share of the defaulting party's liability. PacifiCorp's estimated share of the decommissioning and reclamation obligations are primarily recorded as ARO liabilities.

(11) Risk Management and Hedging Activities PacifiCorp is exposed to the impact of market fluctuations in commodity prices and interest rates. PacifiCorp is principally exposed to electricity, natural gas, coal and fuel oil commodity price risk as it has an obligation to serve retail customer load in its service territories. PacifiCorp's load and generating facilities represent substantial underlying commodity positions. Exposures to commodity prices consist mainly of variations in the price of fuel required to generate electricity and wholesale electricity that is purchased and sold. Commodity prices are subject to wide price swings as supply and demand are impacted by, among many other unpredictable items, weather, market liquidity, generating facility availability, customer usage, storage, and transmission and transportation constraints. Interest rate risk exists on variable-rate debt and future debt issuances. PacifiCorp does not engage in a material amount of proprietary trading activities.

PacifiCorp has established a risk management process that is designed to identify, assess, monitor, report, manage and mitigate each of the various types of risk involved in its business. To mitigate a portion of its commodity price risk, PacifiCorp uses commodity derivative contracts, which may include forwards, options, swaps and other agreements, to effectively secure future supply or sell future production generally at fixed prices. PacifiCorp manages its interest rate risk by limiting its exposure to variable interest rates primarily through the issuance of fixed-rate long-term debt and by monitoring market changes in interest rates. Additionally, PacifiCorp may from time to time enter into interest rate derivative contracts, such as interest rate swaps or locks, to mitigate PacifiCorp's exposure to interest rate risk. No interest rate derivatives were in place during the periods presented.

PacifiCorp does not hedge all of its commodity price and interest rate risks, thereby exposing the unhedged portion to changes in market prices.

There have been no significant changes in PacifiCorp's accounting policies related to derivatives. Refer to Notes 2 and 12 for additional information on derivative contracts.

The following table, which reflects master netting arrangements and excludes contracts that have been designated as normal under the normal purchases or normal sales exception afforded by GAAP, summarizes the fair value of PacifiCorp's derivative contracts, on a gross basis, and reconciles those amounts to the amounts presented on a net basis on the Consolidated Balance Sheets (in


–  –  –

(1) PacifiCorp's commodity derivatives are generally included in rates and as of December 31, 2013 and 2012, a regulatory asset of $55 million and $121 million, respectively, was recorded related to the net derivative liability of $55 million and $121 million, respectively.

The following table reconciles the beginning and ending balances of PacifiCorp's regulatory assets and summarizes the pre-tax gains and losses on commodity derivative contracts recognized in regulatory assets, as well as amounts reclassified to earnings

for the years ended December 31 (in millions):

–  –  –

PacifiCorp extends unsecured credit to other utilities, energy marketing companies, financial institutions and other market participants in conjunction with its wholesale energy supply and marketing activities. Credit risk relates to the risk of loss that might occur as a result of nonperformance by counterparties on their contractual obligations to make or take delivery of electricity, natural gas or other commodities and to make financial settlements of these obligations. Credit risk may be concentrated to the extent that one or more groups of counterparties have similar economic, industry or other characteristics that would cause their ability to meet contractual obligations to be similarly affected by changes in market or other conditions. In addition, credit risk includes not only the risk that a counterparty may default due to circumstances relating directly to it, but also the risk that a counterparty may default due to circumstances involving other market participants that have a direct or indirect relationship with the counterparty.

PacifiCorp analyzes the financial condition of each significant wholesale counterparty before entering into any transactions, establishes limits on the amount of unsecured credit to be extended to each counterparty and evaluates the appropriateness of unsecured credit limits on an ongoing basis. To mitigate exposure to the financial risks of wholesale counterparties, PacifiCorp enters into netting and collateral arrangements that may include margining and cross-product netting agreements and obtains thirdparty guarantees, letters of credit and cash deposits. Counterparties may be assessed fees for delayed payments. If required, PacifiCorp exercises rights under these arrangements, including calling on the counterparty's credit support arrangement.

Collateral and Contingent Features

In accordance with industry practice, certain wholesale derivative contracts contain credit support provisions that in part base certain collateral requirements on credit ratings for senior unsecured debt as reported by one or more of the three recognized credit rating agencies. These derivative contracts may either specifically provide bilateral rights to demand cash or other security if credit exposures on a net basis exceed specified rating-dependent threshold levels ("credit-risk-related contingent features") or provide the right for counterparties to demand "adequate assurance" in the event of a material adverse change in PacifiCorp's creditworthiness. These rights can vary by contract and by counterparty. As of December 31, 2013, PacifiCorp's credit ratings from the three recognized credit rating agencies were investment grade.

The aggregate fair value of PacifiCorp's derivative contracts in liability positions with specific credit-risk-related contingent features totaled $68 million and $153 million as of December 31, 2013 and 2012, respectively, for which PacifiCorp had posted collateral of $12 million and $56 million, respectively, in the form of cash deposits and letters of credit. If all credit-risk-related contingent features for derivative contracts in liability positions had been triggered as of December 31, 2013 and 2012, PacifiCorp would have been required to post $51 million and $73 million, respectively, of additional collateral. PacifiCorp's collateral requirements could fluctuate considerably due to market price volatility, changes in credit ratings, changes in legislation or regulation or other factors.

(12) Fair Value Measurements The carrying value of PacifiCorp's cash, certain cash equivalents, receivables, payables, accrued liabilities and short-term borrowings approximates fair value because of the short-term maturity of these instruments. PacifiCorp has various financial assets and liabilities that are measured at fair value on the Consolidated Financial Statements using inputs from the three levels of the fair value hierarchy. A financial asset or liability classification within the hierarchy is determined based on the lowest level input

that is significant to the fair value measurement. The three levels are as follows:

• Level 1 - Inputs are unadjusted quoted prices in active markets for identical assets or liabilities that PacifiCorp has the ability to access at the measurement date.

• Level 2 - Inputs include quoted prices for similar assets or liabilities in active markets, quoted prices for identical or similar assets or liabilities in markets that are not active, inputs other than quoted prices that are observable for the asset or liability and inputs that are derived principally from or corroborated by observable market data by correlation or other means (market corroborated inputs).

• Level 3 - Unobservable inputs reflect PacifiCorp's judgments about the assumptions market participants would use in pricing the asset or liability since limited market data exists. PacifiCorp develops these inputs based on the best information available, including its own data.

The following table presents PacifiCorp's assets and liabilities recognized on the Consolidated Balance Sheets and measured at

fair value on a recurring basis (in millions):

–  –  –

(1) Represents netting under master netting arrangements and a net cash collateral receivable of $12 million and $55 million as of December 31, 2013 and 2012, respectively.

(2) Amounts are included in cash and cash equivalents, other current assets and other assets on the Consolidated Balance Sheets. The fair value of these money market mutual funds approximates cost.

Derivative contracts are recorded on the Consolidated Balance Sheets as either assets or liabilities and are stated at estimated fair value unless they are designated as normal purchases or normal sales and qualify for the exception afforded by GAAP. When available, the fair value of derivative contracts is estimated using unadjusted quoted prices for identical contracts in the market in which PacifiCorp transacts. When quoted prices for identical contracts are not available, PacifiCorp uses forward price curves.

Forward price curves represent PacifiCorp's estimates of the prices at which a buyer or seller could contract today for delivery or settlement at future dates. PacifiCorp bases its forward price curves upon market price quotations, when available, or internally developed and commercial models, with internal and external fundamental data inputs. Market price quotations are obtained from independent energy brokers, exchanges, direct communication with market participants and actual transactions executed by PacifiCorp. Market price quotations for certain major electricity and natural gas trading hubs are generally readily obtainable for the first six years; therefore, PacifiCorp's forward price curves for those locations and periods reflect observable market quotes.

Market price quotations for other electricity and natural gas trading hubs are not as readily obtainable for the first six years. Given that limited market data exists for these contracts, as well as for those contracts that are not actively traded, PacifiCorp uses forward price curves derived from internal models based on perceived pricing relationships to major trading hubs that are based on unobservable inputs. The estimated fair value of these derivative contracts is a function of underlying forward commodity prices, interest rates, currency rates, related volatility, counterparty creditworthiness and duration of contracts. Refer to Note 11 for further discussion regarding PacifiCorp's risk management and hedging activities.

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