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«Nobeltec TimeZero Odyssey v2.0.3 Table of Contents Welcome Getting Started Home Planning Vs Navigation Home Planning Navigation Chart Compatibility ...»

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Nobeltec TimeZero Odyssey


Table of Contents


Getting Started

Home Planning Vs Navigation

Home Planning


Chart Compatibility

Installing Charts

Chart Installation from DVD

Charts Installation from files downloaded on-line:

Setting up Instruments

Automatic Instrument Configuration

Using Nobeltec TimeZero

User Interface Overview:

Toolbar & Ribbons:

Work Spaces

Working with Charts

Scrolling & Zooming

Scrolling the Charts

Zooming the Charts

Scale & Range value

2D & 3D Chart Orientation

2D & 3D Mode:

Chart Orientation

3D Exaggeration

Selecting Charts & Overlays

Selecting Charts:

Chart Property

Satellite Photos

Depth Shading

Other Overlays

Adjusting Vector Charts Display

Vector Chart Menu

S-52 Display Menu


Route Introduction

Hiding Routes

Creating a Route

To create a new Planning Route:

Great Circle Route:

Editing Routes

Extend a Route

Insert a Waypoint

Reverse Route

Delete Route

Split Route

"Fork" Route

Rename Route

Lock and Unlock Route

Route Detail & Simulation

Opening and Closing the Route Detail

Using the Route Detail

Route Simulation

Route Optimization

Navigating a Route

Activating a Route

Waypoint Switching Mode

Cancelling the Active Route

Importing & Exporting Route



Ship & Track

Ship Icon

Icon Size

ii Table of Contents Course & heading Vector

Centering on the boat

Motion Mode:


Enabling / Disabling Track Recording

Track Coloring

Displaying the Track List:

Converting a Track into a Route

Man Over Board

Bearing and Distance

Divider Tool

Bearing and distance between two points

Multiple Bearing and distance from own ship position

Editing and Deleting Divider line

Cursor NavData

Marks and Objects

Creating & Editing Marks

Creating Marks graphically:

Creating Marks Manually:

Moving a Mark:

Changing Marks Icon and Color

Adjusting Marks Size

Add Photography to a Mark

Delete or Rename Mark

Lock and Unlock Mark

Hiding Marks

Creating & Editing Boundaries

Creating Boundaries graphically:

Creating Boundaries Manually:

Delete or Rename Boundary

Moving a Boundary:

Changing Boundaries Color and Contour

Changing Boundary Area and Circle transparency

Adjusting Boundary Contour Thickness

Lock and Unlock Boundary

Hiding Boundaries

Selecting Marks & Objects

Selecting Individual Object

Selecting Multiple Objects

Apply a modification on Multiple Objects

Marks and Objects List

Importing & Exporting Marks




Attach Photo & Notes to Objects

Add a Photo on the Chart

Import Photo

Tides & Tidal Currents


Displaying Tides on the Chart

Displaying the Tide Graph

Tidal Currents

Displaying Tides on the Chart

Displaying the Tidal Current Graph

Tides & Current NavData


NavData Introduction

NavData Types

Sensors NavData:

Route NavData

Waypoint NavData

Gauge NavData

Cursor NavData

Tide & Current NavData

Weather NavData

iii Nobeltec TimeZero Odyssey v2.0.3

GPS Status NavData

Target Information NavData

AIS and ARPA List NavData

Alarm Zone NavData

Undocking NavData


Requesting a Weather File

Displaying Weather Data

Displaying Graphically

Displaying Numerical Value

Weather Data Type and Coverage

Opening a Weather File

Animate Weather Forecast


Target Overview

AIS Target

AIS Target Icon

AIS Color

AIS Filtering

ARPA Target

Acquiring ARPA targets

ARPA Target Icon

ARPA Color

Target Information

Target Graphic CPA

Online Services


Register to be an "ActiveCaptain":

Displaying ActiveCaptain Markers on the chart

Updating ActiveCaptain Markers

Post a Marker Review

AIS Online



Connection Wizard


Automatic Port Configuration

Manual Port Configuration

Autopilot and External Output

Man Over Board (MOB)

Port Monitor

Data Source

Clear All

NMEA0183 Serial Connection

RS-232 (regular PC “COM port”)

RS-422 (or “NMEA port”)

Using a Serial to USB Adapter


Import & Export Data

Importing Data

Exporting Data:

Backuping and Restoring Data:

Save the User Interface (UI)

Proprietary NMEA Sentence

"PMXS, MOB" Sentence

"MXS, TLLX" Sentence


Options Overview

Ship & Tracks



Marks & Boundaries


Plotter Display

Vector Charts

S-52 Display


Table of Contents





Initial Setup


Serial Connection

USB Drivers

Factory Default

Getting More Help

How to Contact Nobeltec

License Agreement


Chart License Agreement


Thank you for purchasing Nobeltec TimeZero Odyssey. This User's Guide is written for an audience assumed to have a mid-level, pre-existing knowledge of computer usage and the principles of marine navigation. Do not use this document and software to replace actual navigation training and experience, but as a valuable navigational aid.

WARNING: Nautical navigation is a serious undertaking and should only be engaged in by persons trained and experienced persons in such navigation.

Getting Started Home Planning Vs Navigation Nobeltec TimeZero Odyssey can be used in two modes. Upon starting the software choose "Home

Planning" or "Navigation" mode:

–  –  –

Choose the "Home Planning" mode when planning on shore.

In "Home Planning" mode, the vessel icon is not displayed on the chart, the alarms are disabled and routes cannot be activated. All other functions such as creating Marks, planning routes, or updating and viewing weather files are available.

The Status Bar (Title Bar) appears in yellow in the "Home Planning" mode.

–  –  –

Choose the "Navigation" mode when the computer is physically connected to sensors and instruments (GPS, AIS, NavNet...) In this mode, the sensor and instrument data is displayed, alarms are enabled, and a route can be activated.

Note: The "Home Planning" and "Navigation" start-up mode are independent from the Work Spaces (which can be used to plan a route while in the navigation mode). Make sure to review the Work Spaces chapter for more information about this important concept of TimeZero Odyssey.

Chart Compatibility

Nobeltec TimeZero Odyssey is compatible with Mapmedia ".mm3d" charts. Mapmedia.mm3d charts are available in Raster Chart format or in Vector Chart format. Mapmedia Raster Charts are scanned from official hydrographic office and select private sourced paper charts. Mapmedia Vector Charts are manufactured from official hydrographic office vector charts called S-57 or from privately furnished vector charts from Jeppesen (C-MAP) or Navionics.

Nobeltec TimeZero Odyssey is furnished in North America with the complete NOAA library of Raster charts (RNC), S-57 Vector charts (ENC) and 3D Bathymetry in the Mapmedia.mm3D chart format.

This data is provided on six DVDs, two containing the Vector Charts (with 3D Data) and four containing the Raster Charts. Additionally, free USA High Resolution Satellite Photos are

–  –  –

downloadable from the Mapmedia Catalog.

Click here to download the free USA High Resolution Satellite Photo Outside North America, MapMedia offers a complete range of nautical charts for purchase. Visit the Mapmedia Catalog to view various chart coverage.

Installing Charts Chart Installation from DVD If you have received the charts on DVD(s), insert the first "Chart" DVD into the computer’s DVD


 If Nobeltec TimeZero Odyssey does not start automatically, use Microsoft Windows Explorer to browse to the file “ClickMeToInstall.mm3d” on the DVD and double-click on it.

–  –  –

Charts Installation from files downloaded on-line:

Every Chart Pack can be downloaded online from the Mapmedia Catalog. The Charts consist of multiple files that are downloaded individually. Chart and data files are stored as.zip files.

Charts for the USA are free and can be downloaded and updated at any time without unlock code:

–  –  –

Charts for outside the USA are licensed and require purchasing an unlock code.

If you download the charts from the same computer running Nobeltec TimeZero Odyssey, simply save the files in "My Documents | My Nobeltec | Downloaded Charts". The next time you open TimeZero Odyssey, it will scan this folder and prompt you if you want to install the charts (TimeZero Odyssey will automatically unzip the files then transfer them to the correct location).

If you download the charts from another computer, transfer the files using a USB jump drive (or other media) in "My Documents | My Nobeltec | Downloaded Charts" then open the software.

Note: You can also manually unzip the chart files, and then double click on them to install the chart in TimeZero Odyssey.

Setting up Instruments Nobeltec TimeZero Odyssey can utilize information from many different instruments on your boat.

A GPS will be the most common type of instrument used, but depth sounders, speed sensors, wind vanes, and AIS receivers can also supply information to Nobeltec TimeZero Odyssey.

These instruments can be connected to the PC through an NMEA0183 interface, through the Network (if a Furuno NavNet MFD or Ethernet sensor is used) or through NMEA2000 (using the Nobeltec NMEA PC Gateway).

Nobeltec TimeZero Odyssey v2.0.3  Serial Port: In most cases, connecting an NMEA0183 instrument to a computer is straightforward, and is accomplished by simply connecting the serial cable supplied by the instrument manufacturer to the serial port on the PC. The serial port is a nine-pin male port on the back of the computer often identified by an IO or COM symbol.

 Serial to USB adapter: Newer computers – especially laptops – may not include a serial port. One can be added by using a serial-to-USB adapter, which can be obtained from Nobeltec or computer stores. A serial-to-USB adapter will create a "virtual COM port" on your computer that can be viewed in the "COM and Ports" section of the Device Manager.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to install the USB adapter drivers BEFORE connecting the USB cable of the adapter to the computer!

 Active USB GPS antenna (such as the "USB GPS 9P" sold by Nobeltec) is an easy way to provide the software with a vessel’s position.

 Ethernet: If the boat is equipped with a NavNet series Furuno Chart Plotter (NavNet1, NavNetVx2, NavNet3D, NabNet TZtouch) or AIS (FA30, FA50), your computer can be connected to the NavNet network using a standard Ethernet Cable. Assign a fixed IP address to the computer connected to the NavNet network such as with a subnet mask of

Automatic Instrument Configuration

Nobeltec TimeZero Odyssey can automatically locate most sensors and instruments connected to the computer. To use this feature, start TimeZero Odyssey in "Navigation" mode to enable sensor

and instrument connections. Next, launch the Automatic Configuration Wizard:

 Click on the "Nobeltec" Button located on the top left of the screen  Click on "Connection Wizard"  Select the "Automatic Ports Configuration"; and then, click "Next"  Follow the on screen instructions

–  –  –

Note: The Connection Wizard option will not appear when the software is started in "Home Planning" mode Using Nobeltec TimeZero

User Interface Overview:

–  –  –

6. NavData: The NavData displays the data received from external instruments such as the GPS, wind sensor, depth sounder etc… It also displays the cursor position and the range and bearing of the cursor from the vessel icon. Route information including Course to Steer, Range to Waypoint, ETA and other graphic data can also be displayed. To configure

–  –  –

Note: After customizing the user interface to your preference, you can save all the settings to a file. Click on the Nobeltec button and select "Save UI As...". To reset the user interface to your default settings, simply open Nobeltec TimeZero Odyssey by double clicking on the User Configuration file. Note that you can make multiple User Configuration files for multiple users or various uses of the software.

–  –  –

Toolbar The Active Tool (the tool currently selected) appears surrounded in yellow. In the example below,

the Panning Tool (hand icon) is selected:

–  –  –

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