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«9:00 Opening Prayer, Welcome by Host Congregation 9:10 Presbytery Worship 9:55 Transition 10:00 Stated Clerk: The Rev. John Kelso Quorum call; ...»

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Presbytery of San Jose: Notice of Stated Meeting

Saturday January 24, 2015, 9:00 AM

First Presbyterian Church of Mountain View

1667 Miramonte Avenue, Mountain View, CA 94040

Directions: http://www.fpcmv.org/locations/first-presbyterian-church-of-mountain-view/


Please note: The Polity and Government sub-Committee will be presenting the

proposed Constitutional amendments for our positive and negative votes. Booklets

containing the amendments were available for commissioners at the September and

November presbytery meetings. Electronic copies are available at:

http://www.pcusa.org/site_media/media/uploads/oga/pdf/2014-proposed-boa-electronicversion.pdf 9:00 Opening Prayer, Welcome by Host Congregation 9:10 Presbytery Worship 9:55 Transition 10:00 Stated Clerk: The Rev. John Kelso Quorum call; Corresponding Members; First time attendees; Approval of the minutes of the November 22, 2014 stated meeting.

Description of the plan for correction of the elder imbalance for the remaining meetings of 2015

Consent Docket:

1. Approval of the Plan for Correction of the Imbalance of TE and RE at presbytery meetings for 2015.

2. Approval of Presbytery Council’s resolution to make a $2,000 donation to the Presbytery of Cascades’ General Assembly Committee on Local Arrangements

3. Approval of the Parish Associate relationship between the Rev. Julie Kim and the Presbyterian Church of Los Gatos.

4. Withdrawal of Todd Misfeldt from the CPM inquirer process.

5. Proposed Amendments to the PC(USA) Constitution Amendment # P&G Recommendation 14-1 Belhar Confession Yes 14-A Renunciation of Jurisdiction No 14-B.1. Final Assessment in Prep for Min Process Yes 14-B.2. Accommodations in Prep for Min Process Yes 14-C Child Protection Policy Yes 14-D Minimum Composition of a Presbytery Yes 14-E Interreligious Stance Yes 14-F Marriage Yes (Any Consent Docket item may be removed to an appropriate committee report by the request of a commissioner) 10:05 Announcements (open mic.) Elder Lynn Viale 10:15 Celebration of Ordination Elder Viale 11:00 Financial Affairs Rev. Anne McAnelly 11:15 Break 11:30 Committee on Ministry Elder Erik Khoobyarian 12:30 Joys and Concerns (open mic) Elder Viale 12:25 Polity and Government sub-Committee Elder Marcia L

–  –  –

The Stated meeting of the Presbytery of San Jose was called to order at 9:08 by the Moderator Rev. Dr. Margaret Boles. The Rev. Boles led the opening prayer.

Welcome was given by the Rev. Boles on behalf of Covenant Presbyterian Church, Palo Alto, celebrating the interweaving of cultures, the youth program and other aspects of church life.

Stated Clerk Stated Clerk the Rev. John Kelso affirmed the presence of a quorum; corresponding member the Rev. Dan Christian, Redwoods Presbytery, representing SFTS, was introduced; Presbytery voted to seat him.

There was introduction of first time attendees.

The Stated Clerk moved approval of the minutes of the September 27, 2014 meeting. There were no corrections. Seconded, and approval was voted.

Stated Clerk Kelso presented the plan for correction of the elder imbalance for the year 2015.

He moved that the current plan and numbers be kept in place through the January 2015 meeting, while Polity & Government puts together a plan reflecting the Presbytery’s changed membership numbers. Seconded and approval was voted.

Approval of Docket: John Kelso moved approval of the docket. Seconded, and Presbytery voted approval.

–  –  –

San Jose, Trinity Briggs, G.

Perkins, Larry San Jose, Westminster Schell, Melinda Notor, Nan Frost, Christy San Martin None Santa Clara, First Fitch, Robert Santa Cruz, Bonny Doon None Santa Cruz, Trinity Stock, Juanita Santa Cruz, Vintage Faith None Saratoga None Saratoga, Westhope None Sunnyvale Emery, Frank Sunnyvale, Daesung None Watsonville, United Viale, Lynne Bilstad, Jolly Consent Docket: Presbytery voted approval of the following items on the consent docket.

1. To concur with the request of the Rev. Dr. Steve Harrington and the congregation of Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church to dissolve the pastoral relationship between the Rev.

Harrington and Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church and to transfer the Rev. Harrington’s membership to the Presbytery of San Francisco pending a request therefrom.

2. To concur with the vote of the congregation of El Estero Presbyterian Church to dissolve the pastoral relationship with the Rev. Craig Roberts effective October 6, 2014, and to move the Rev. Roberts to member-at-large status in the Presbytery.

3. That the Rev. Rebecca Kuiken, member-at-large, be transferred to the Presbytery of Wabash Valley pending communication from the Presbytery requesting the transfer.

4. That the Rev. Andy Yoo, member-at-large, be transferred to the Presbytery of the Pacific, pending communication from the Presbytery requesting the transfer.

5. That the membership of the Rev. Dr. Paul Masquelier, HR, be transferred to the Presbytery of San Joaquin.

6. To approve the adoption of new policy HR-3 Pastor Emeritus.

7. To approve the adoption of new policy HR-4/ML-4 Parish Associates.

8. To approve the adoption of new policy PS-12/PT-8 Teaching Elder in Non-installed Positions.

9. To approve the adoption of new policy PT-9 Member of Pastoral Staff Serving as the Next Installed Pastor.

10. To approve the adoption of revised policy PT-3 Interim Pastors.

(Items 6-10 are available on the Presbytery web site and will be appended to the official printed minutes of the Presbytery) San Francisco Theological Seminary The Rev. Daniel Christian, Director of Development and Alumni Relations, presented information on the seminary as a place of learning, as a destination for retreats, and as a new center for innovation in ministry.

Nominating Committee On behalf of the Nominating Committee, the Rev. Nan Swanson, chair, moved the following list of nominations. She moved suspension of Standing Rule 4.14 to allow Erik Khoobyarian and Lela Noble to take extra years as chairs of COM and Personnel (two thirds vote required). Approval was voted for the suspension.

Council Chair: Evie Macway, Trinity, Santa Cruz, Teaching Elder Bryan Franzen, Westminster, San Jose, Teaching Elder; Young Rhyon Kim, Onnuri, San Jose, Teaching Elder Committee on Ministry Chair: Erik Khoobyarian (Standing Rules suspended), Los Gatos, Ruling Elder 2017:

Chris Williams, First, Monterey, Teaching Elder; Gene Burke, Aptos, Ruling Elder Mel Goertz, Stone, San Jose, Ruling Elder; Vincent Arishvara, Trinity, San Jose, Teaching Elder Denise Martin, Gilroy, Ruling Elder Julie Kim, Chaplain and Teaching Elder, At Large; Frank Emery, Sunnyvale, Ruling Elder Committee on Personnel Lela Noble, Chair, (Standing Rules suspended) First, Palo Alto, Ruling Elder Evelyn Wong, First, Palo Alto, Ruling Elder Lyle Schmidt, Gilroy, Teaching Elder Judy Joy, HR, Teaching Elder Committee on Preparation for Ministry Chair: Lynn Viale, Watsonville United, Ruling Elder Nan Notor, Westminster, San Jose, Ruling Elder Dennis Woodsmall, First, Santa Clara, Teaching Elder Chris Hasegawa, membership pending at First, Monterey, Ruling Elder Financial Affairs Chair: Anne McAnelly, St. Andrew, Aptos, Teaching Elder Jim Lewis, Westminster, San Jose, Ruling Elder Anne McAnelly, St. Andrew, Aptos, Teaching Elder Ruth McCreath, Stone, San Jose, Ruling Elder Charlie May, Trinity, Santa Clara, Ruling Elder Permanent Judicial Commission David Burgess, Westminster, San Jose, Ruling Elder; Diana Gibson, Teaching Elder, At Large The Presbytery voted approval of the slate.

Nan Swanson gave commendation to all who have served on committees and Task Forces.

Announcements  Jane Odell spoke for the Safe Church Task Force and asked for the return of missing mission resources.

 Lynn Viale asked for descriptions of events and life in the Presbytery.

 Bryan Franzen, Westminster, San Jose, spoke of a proposed Presbytery wide retreat; the Presbytery Council has put together a team for planning. They will be thinking about the Presbytery and how it moves forward.

 Jay Bartow, HR, announced that April 20 and 21, 2015 are the dates for a clergy retreat at House of Prayer, Carmel. He asked Presbyters to contact him or Chris Williams with ideas, input.

 Frank Emery announced a December 7 choir concert at Sunnyvale.

 Ann McAnelly announced that St Andrew, Aptos will celebrate its 50th anniversary, May 2, 2015, a Saturday night.

 Abby Mohaupt noted that Palo Alto 1st received recognition for its work on an environmental overture.

 Presbyterian Women in the Presbytery will hold an Epiphany tea and Taizé service at Stone, San Jose, on January 4, 2015 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Celebration of Ordinations Elder Lynn Viale led in recognizing these ordinations: Mike Garner, November 1982; Hsien-Chang Lai Dec 1982; Rebecca Kuiken, November 1986 (transferring to Wabash Valley Presbytery); Nancy Harrington, November 1992; Anne McAnelly, November 1993; Geoff Browning, November 2008; David McCreath, December 1961; Abby Mohaupt, November 2013.

Presbytery Worship Worship was led by the Rev. Dr. Margaret Boles, with Ruling Elder Frank Bernstein as liturgist and the Rev. Joey Lee preaching on “People Who Stare at Clouds.” Presbytery Council The Rev. Evie Macway presented the Council report, including an action to nominate these members of the nominating committee, class of 2017: Ruling Elders Charlotte Powers (First San Jose), Pat Jones (Los Gatos) and Judi Johnson (Gilroy). The Rev. Nancy Schell, HR, was nominated to fill a one year unexpired term ending in 2015, and the Rev. David McCreath, HR, was nominated to serve as Chair for

2015. The Presbytery voted approval.

The Rev. Dick Spencer, H. R. presented a motion from the floor (this was not on the docket):

"I move that this presbytery declare for the record that all of our member congregations in the process of dismissal, and their currently installed teaching elders, are ‘validated’ per the provisions of G-2.0502 and G-2.0503, and that no "pendency" or interim status of member at-large is either necessary or warranted for the affected teaching elders.” After consideration, the Moderator ruled that this was new business, and must be referred (per Standing Rule 2.19). There was a motion to suspend the Standing Rule and to appeal the Moderator’s ruling. The Moderator divided the motion, since suspending a Standing Rule takes a two-thirds vote and appealing the ruling takes a simple majority. The motion to appeal the moderator’s ruling failed on a standing vote of 37 yes, 55 no. The Moderator then referred the motion to the Committee on Ministry.

Financial Affairs Ruling Elder Chair Paul Jones presented the 2015 Ecclesiastical and Program budgets (appended to these minutes). For the Ecclesiastical Budget he explained that fewer churches and members mean less Per Capita. In the year 2015, this shortfall will be defrayed using payments made by departing churches.

But such payments are a short term solution; long term will require planning. For the coming year there is a slight increase in per capita.

The Presbytery voted approval of both the Ecclesiastical and the Program Budgets.

(These budget documents are available from the Presbytery Office and will be appended to the Official printed minutes of the Presbytery.) Ruling Elder Paul Jones was thanked for his three years of service during a difficult time.

Committee on Preparation for Ministry The Rev. Mark Peake presented this motion: The Committee on Preparation for Ministry moves that the undergraduate course in Hebrew Language & Exegesis satisfy the Book of Order requirement for said language for inquirer Mathew Dimick. The Presbytery voted approval.

Committee on Ministry Ruling Elder Erik Khoobyarian explained that our actions to dismiss churches use the legal name of the church rather than its common or business identity. Frank Bernstein spoke for the PET (other members were Andy Rausch, Jim Tirone, Donna Erickson, Paul Davis and Deck Stebbins), and the factors that went into negotiations. Mayflower has not been a PC USA congregation for long—they became a part of the Presbytery of San Jose in 1989.

Chair Khoobyarian presented motion 1: Consistent with section (B) (5) of the dismissal policy approved by the Presbytery of San Jose, that the debate on the motion to adopt terms of dismissal for The Mayflower Church of Pacific Grove (also known as Mayflower Presbyterian Church) be limited to 20 minutes with individual comments limited to 1 minute per speaker and with alternating debate between speakers for and against the motion.

The Presbytery voted approval by voice vote, with 1 “no.” Chair Khoobyarian presented motion 2: Consistent with section (B) (5) of the dismissal policy approved by the Presbytery of San Jose, that no amendments or other modifications may be made to the motion to adopt terms of dismissal for The Mayflower Church of Pacific Grove (also known as Mayflower Presbyterian Church).

The Presbytery voted approval by voice vote, with 1 “no.” Chair Khoobyarian presented motion 3: To approve the dismissal of The Mayflower Church of Pacific Grove (also known as Mayflower Presbyterian Church) (“Mayflower”) from the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A) to the denomination ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians (“ECO”) consistent with the terms of the Agreement for Dismissal of The Mayflower Church of Pacific Grove and Mutual Release of Claims (“Dismissal Agreement”). The Stated Clerk and the Moderator are authorized to sign the Dismissal Agreement and the Stated Clerk is authorized to execute other documents necessary to complete the dismissal of Mayflower to ECO (including any documents related to real property as described in the Dismissal Agreement).

There was no debate.

Before ballots were marked and collected, Teaching Elder Sharon Hare, First, San Jose, led in prayer.

The Presbytery voted by written ballot; 116 ballots were cast with 98 voting “yes” and 18 voting “no.” Gift: During the interval when votes were counted, Moderator Boles gave each person present a bookmark with a text from Jeremiah 29:11-13.

The Presbytery joined in a liturgy for dismissal.

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