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«9:00 Opening Prayer, Welcome by Host Congregation 9:10 Presbytery Worship 9:55 Transition 10:00 Stated Clerk: The Rev. John Kelso Quorum call; ...»

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Presbytery of San Jose: Notice of Stated Meeting

Saturday June 6, 2015, 9:00 AM

Watsonville United Presbyterian Church

112 E Beach Street, Watsonville, CA 95076 831-724-4737

Directions: http://www.upcwatsonville.org/contact/

Please call the church by June 2 to arrange child care

9:00 Opening Prayer, Welcome by Host Congregation

9:10 Presbytery Worship

9:55 Transition

10:00 Stated Clerk: The Rev. John Kelso

Quorum call; Corresponding Members; First time attendees; Approval of the minutes of the March 28, 2015 stated meeting.

Consent Docket:

 The COM recommends that the Presbytery conduct an ordination service of Debra Baker on July 19, 2015, at 5 p.m., at First Presbyterian Church of Monterey, including the service of communion; and that COM be given authority to approve the administrative commission for the ordination.1  The Polity and Government sub-committee of Presbytery Council recommends that the presbytery receive the report of the Review of Session Records for 2014.

(Any Consent Docket item may be removed to an appropriate committee report by the request of a commissioner) 10:05 Announcements (open mic.) Elder Lynn Viale 10:10 Presbyterian Board of Pensions The Rev. Mark Frey 10:20 Financial Affairs The Rev. Anne McAnelly 10:30 Church Health and Growth Team Sweaty Sheep The Rev. Ryan Althaus 10:40 Immanuel House Elder Martha Wills 10:55 Synod Report The Rev. McAnelly 11:05 Safe Church Elder Jane Odell 11:15 Presbyterian Women Elder Rosaleen Zisch 11:25 Committee on Ministry Elder Erik Khoobyarian Presbytery approved the ordination of Ms. Baker and validated her ministry at Santa Catalina School at the June 2014 meeting.

11:45 Nominating Committee The Rev. David McCreath 11:50 Committee on Preparation for Ministry Elder Viale 12:05 Polity and Government sub-Committee Elder Marcia Ludwig 12:10 Joys and Concerns (open mic) Elder Viale 12:15 Stated Clerk The Rev. Kelso 12:18 Adjournment with Prayer Presbytery of San Jose: Minutes of Stated Meeting Saturday, March 28, 2015 First Presbyterian Church, Palo Alto The Stated meeting of the Presbytery of San Jose was called to order at 9:02 a.m. by the Moderator, the Rev. Mark Peake who gave the opening prayer.

 Welcome by Host Congregation Pastor the Rev. Rob Martin welcomed the Presbytery and gave descriptions of the facilities. He introduced Arden Ratcliffe, Director of Children, Youth & Young Adult Ministries at First Palo Alto, who pointed to Stations of the Cross created by artist Mary Button.

 Presbytery Worship The choir of FPC Palo Alto called the Presbytery to worship, singing “I want Jesus to Walk with Me.” The Rev. Rob Martin preached on “Galilee—the Easter Directive,” subtly calling upon all of us to find “Galilee” – the place where we will find Jesus Christ – wherever it is in our own lives.

 After a brief transition, the moderator called us to order.

 Stated Clerk The Rev. John Kelso affirmed the presence of a quorum.

Corresponding members were introduced: The Rev. Rachel Yates and the Rev. Steven Wirth, the Rev. Deborah Whaley, the Rev. Ted Esaki, the Rev. Libby Boatwright.

Presbytery approved seating for all.

First time attendees were introduced to the presbytery.

Presbytery approved the minutes of the January 24, 2015 stated meeting as submitted.

Presbytery approved the Docket after adding a time for a report of the Safe Church Task Force.

–  –  –

 Announcements Elder Lynn Viale led a time for announcements.

1. Tom Coop described the Feed My Starving Children organization, and asked for participants in a project on May 2, 3 and 4 to pack meals, in San Jose.

2. Ryan Larkin spoke for the Office of Special Offerings and the One Great Hour of Sharing, one of four general offerings through the year in the PC (USA). He is available to churches in the Presbytery for information, support.

3. Dave Watermulder: a Palm Sunday evening Messiah sing with professional orchestra at PC Los Gatos, 7:00 PM.

4. Bryan Franzen spoke of early music concerts at Westminster, San Jose, in cooperation with Foothill, San Jose: April 18, 3 pm recorder concert; April 25 Monteverdi Brass quartet, and others.

5. St. Andrew, Aptos is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a May 2 dinner and worship on May 3. Anne McAnelly asked that Presbyters please RSVP the dinner.

6. Covenant, Palo Alto will host Mission coworkers to speak on the 3rd Sunday of May after worship.

7. Presbyterian Women of the Presbytery will host an event May 17 at History Park San Jose, including a storyteller (Rosaleen Zisch, Moderator)

8. Presbytery of San Jose Clergy Retreat April 20 and 21 at House of Prayer + Villa Angelica, Carmel. (Jay Bartow)

9. Jay Bartow spoke about a project called “Living Waters for the World,” with opportunities for learning about building clean water systems.

 Presbyterian Mission Agency, The Rev. Rachel Yates, the PC (USA) Churches Support Associate, based in Denver, works with churches throughout the West, deepening relationships with Mission. She thanked

Presbytery for its giving to Shared Mission Support. She spoke of three Focuses in mission:

Alleviation of Poverty, Reconciliation and Education. She invited members of San Jose Presbytery to participate in a program of “Courageous Conversation.” She noted that the Presbyterian Church of Sunnyvale is in the top ten of Mission coworker support in the U. S.

Finally she brought greetings from Don and Sook Choi who are getting settled in their assignment in Indonesia.

 The Presbyterian Foundation The Rev. Steven Wirth introduced himself as a former pastor in Lafayette Orinda and one who served there with Tom Coop for a time. He has been with the Presbyterian Foundation for the last year. The Foundation, he said, helps to raise and manage Mission funding. The Foundation offers services to churches: it can help churches with on line giving, with options for investing for mission and with training and materials for estate planning.

 Financial Affairs The Rev. Anne McAnelly described the current status of the Immanuel House project, saying the Financial Affairs Committee anticipates finishing the project by the end of the summer.

Some volunteer labor may be used, under the supervision of the contractor.

Financial Affairs recommends approval of a line of credit of $150,000 to complete the renovations of Immanuel House. The Presbytery voted approval.

Anne McAnelly also underlined the importance of churches getting approval of leases from the Financial Affairs Committee, in order to address possible legal concerns.


Anne thanked Presbytery for support of the Kaleidoscope Conference on Stewardship and urged churches to send folks to it another year.

 Nominating Committee The Rev. David McCreath noted the need for election of the Presbytery treasurer, and brought the recommendation that Edd Breeden be elected Treasurer for a term ending 11/30/2018. The moderator asked for nominations from the floor, and with none forthcoming, the presbytery voted unanimously to elect the Rev. Breeden to the office of treasurer of the presbytery.

 Safe Church Task Force Jane Odell presented a Safe Church certificate to Trinity Presbyterian Church, Santa Cruz.

She reminded the Presbytery that the General Assembly in 2014 said all Councils should have a child protection policy.

There will be a Safe Church training April 25 at Trinity, San Jose.

Jane Odell also encouraged training for the possibility that an active shooter should be on the premises, since, sadly, guns are a more likely presence in contemporary society.

 Committee on Ministry

Elder Erik Khoobyarian, chair of COM, presented actions based on the work of the committee:

1. To concur with the vote of the congregation of Gonzales Community Presbyterian Church to confer the title of Pastor Emeritus on the Rev. Ed Lee. The Rev. Lee died on March 9, 2015. Kate Rutledge, member of the congregation spoke to the action. John Kelso, speaking on behalf of Paula Kelso who worked with the session to confer this honor, described the congregation’s love for Ed as pastor. Mark Peake spoke of Ed’s care of Candidates. Approved. Judy Johnson led in a heartfelt prayer.

2. Recommend that the stated supply relationship between the Rev. Ted Esaki and El Estero Presbyterian Church be approved and that Rev. Esaki be admitted to the

Presbytery of San Jose. Terms of call:

–  –  –

Ted Esaki introduced himself as having come under care of this Presbytery in 1986, ordained in this Presbytery, and as a director of the tri-church Sansei Yonsei youth group (a former long-time program of the Presbytery’s three Japanese Presbyterian Churches). After questions from the floor, the Presbytery voted approval.

Moderator Peake invited members of El Estero to come forward as Erik Khoobyarian led in prayer.

3. Recommend that the interim pastor relationship between the Rev. Debra E. Whaley and Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church be approved and that the Rev. Whaley be admitted to

the Presbytery of San Jose. Terms of call:

–  –  –

Debra Whaley introduced herself as from the Bay Area by birth and growing up, and from a deeply Presbyterian church background. After questions from the floor, the recommendation was approved.

Members of Sunnyvale came forward to join in the prayer by Erik Khoobyarian.

Elder Jane Odell presented gift bags to Debra Whaley and Ted Esaki.

Erik reminded the Presbytery of the need for veteran members of the presbytery to welcome new members by issuing personal invitations to coffee, lunch or any other way to make personal contact.

4. COM received a request from the Rev. Jim Tirone for the validation of his ministry as Associate Pastor of Christ Community Church of Milpitas (dismissed on December 31, 2014, to ECO). (the motion required a second which was given.) Elder Khoobyarian explained that The COM met with the Rev. Tirone multiple times and considered the request. It did not recommend that the Presbytery approve the request for validation, and cited the Presbytery policy that pastors serving dismissed congregations are expected to transfer to the receiving denomination. The COM did not find convincing reason to deviate from this policy.

The Presbytery learned that the Rev. Tirone had decided to circulate his PIF, and that the PIF was in the hands of the Stated Clerk ready for validation.

The Rev. Tirone spoke to the body about his request, giving his history of being a candidate in and ordained by this Presbytery, with membership for 30 plus years, with service in a number of areas of presbytery life, and of his strong desire to stay within this body. He spoke about many of the arguments he had heard. There were questions and discussion from the floor.

A substitute motion was made and seconded: That the Presbytery validate the ministry of the Rev. Jim Tirone as Associate Pastor of Christ Community Church of Milpitas through September of 2015, then revisit the motion.

Presbytery voted to make the substitute motion became the main motion, which was then approved.

5. Throughout 2014, the Committee on Ministry engaged in a series of written communications and personal consultations with the Rev. Dr. Geoffrey Holmes, the former Pastor of Gilroy Presbyterian Church, in regard to his work as a pastor at the Morgan Hill Bible Church and his need for validation of his ministry. In November of 2014, the COM notified the Rev. Holmes that it was initiating the process by which the presbytery could find that he had renounced the jurisdiction of the church for continuing to engage in a work disapproved by the presbytery. The Rev. Holmes was given opportunity to meet with the COM regarding this decision, but chose to communicate instead via email. Prior to the November 2014 presbytery meeting, Rev. Holmes agreed to no longer allow himself to be identified as a pastor of the Morgan Hill Bible Church, and to immediately begin a search for employment by filing a PIF and using the PC (USA) call system. Consequently the COM agreed to stay action on renunciation of jurisdiction.

Rev. Holmes is now serving as the Executive Pastor of Morgan Hill Bible Church. His biography and photograph appear on the website, including a statement that he has been serving on the staff since July 2014 and that he will be working overseeing ministry programs, teaching, and giving leadership to MHBC staff. Additionally, the Stated Clerk has not received notification that the Rev. Holmes has filed a PIF. Rev. Holmes did not advise the COM or the Stated Clerk that he was accepting a call to serve as a pastor at MHBC and Rev. Holmes has not requested validation of his ministry.

Therefore, the COM recommends to the Presbytery of San Jose that it declare the Rev.

Geoffrey Holmes’ work at the Morgan Hill Bible Church to be a disapproved work pursuant to G-2.0509 of the Book of Order. The Presbytery approved this motion.

6. The Presbytery was asked to approve serving communion at the Clergy Retreat, April 20, 21. The Presbytery voted approval.

For Information The Presbytery of San Jose Clergy Retreat will be held on Monday, April 20, 2015 (11:00 a.m.) through Tuesday, April 21, 2015 (1:00 p.m.). For more information, see the flyer and registration form contained in the docket materials.

The Rev. Vincent Arishvara was installed as the Pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church of San Jose on March 1, 2015. The installation commission consisted of: the Rev. Diana Gibson (moderator of commission), the Rev. David Watermulder, the Rev. Laura Brekke, the Rev. Jack Longley, Elder Lynn Viale, Elder Erik Khoobyarian, Elder George Walker.

 Stated Clerk John Kelso asked that the Docket be extended to 12:25 pm, approved.

–  –  –

 Polity and Government sub-Committee Elder Marcia Ludwig thanked Clerks of Session for diligence in submitting statistical reports; she also gave thanks to the 26 churches whose clerks or designated substitute came to the reading of Session records. Many had exemplary records.

 Stated Clerk the Rev. Kelso

Mr. Moderator:

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