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«Creating a New Banner Requisition There are two ways to navigate through the Banner system. You can use the menus for each of the different modules ...»

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Community College of Rhode Island

Purchasing Manual

Creating a New Banner Requisition

There are two ways to navigate through the Banner system. You can use the menus for each of

the different modules which are accessed by double clicking on the folder in front of the menu

that you what to open. Or, you can use the “Go To:…” box and type in the form name that you

want to directly access.

To use the menus, double click on the “Finance System Menu [*FINANCE]” folder:

Double click on the “Purchasing and Procurement [*FINPURCH]” folder.

Page 1 To work with the requisition sub-folders, double click on “Request Processing [*FINREQST]”.

From the Request Processing sub-menu, double-click “Requisition [*FPAREQN]”.

Page 2 Note: If you are an approver, Form FOIAINP will display, notifying you that there are documents waiting for approval. To exit this screen, simply click the “X” icon on the right side of the form.

The requisition entry form will now be open [FPAREQN]. Type “Next” in the Requisition box.

Then, click the “Next Block” icon to continue to the next screen.

Page 3 If you are entering a requisition that is the same as one previously entered, a copy function is available to limit the amount of data entry required. Before clicking “Next Block”, click on the icon to the right of the Requisition box (not the dropdown box).

Once you have entered the number of the requisition you want to copy, hit tab to fill in the vendor information and click “OK”. This will bring all the data from the previous requisition into a new document. Continue to follow the instructions for each screen in the requisition to ensure all required information is accurate.

Page 4 Requestor/Delivery Information Form The first form in the requisition contains information on the person requesting the purchase and delivery information.

The Order and Transaction Dates will be set to the current date. Tab to “Delivery Date”. Enter a delivery date – use the calendar function to avoid date format errors. In the “Comments” field, enter MPA/APA numbers (if applicable). Please note this is the ONLY time you will use the comment section.

Tab to the “Requestor” field. The Requestor, COA, Organization fields will be system generated if you have single Organization Code security access. If you have security access to multiple organization codes, you will have to enter the appropriate one.

Enter phone and fax numbers. Tab to the “Ship To:” field. Banner Finance will auto-fill this field. It can be modified by clicking on the downward arrow and selecting an alternate delivery location.

• All Providence orders will be shipped to the Flanagan Campus. Use the ship to code “PROV”, not “PROVDN” as it is inactive in the system.

• All Newport orders will be shipped to the Knight Campus.

Page 5 Tab to the “Attention To:” field. Enter first initial, last name, campus identifier and room number for delivery. This cannot exceed 25 characters. The delivery information will assist the

Receiving Department in expediting delivery of orders. Use the following campus identifiers:

–  –  –

Once this form is complete, click “Next Block” to continue.

Page 6 Vendor Information Form The second form contains information for the suggested vendor for the purchase. To find a vendor, click the downward arrow at right of “Vendor” field. The Option List dialog box will appear in a pop-up window.

Single click on “Entity Name/ID Search”. To search for a vendor, enter portion of vendor name in the box marked “Last Name”. Please note that this is case sensitive. Use the “%” – a wildcard – before and after the name of the vendor. For example: %Mason Co% Then, execute the query.

–  –  –

If the vendor you wish to select is displayed, double click on that vendor. This will bring the vendor ID and name into the requisition “Vendor Information” form [FPAREQN].

Note: Do not choose the Vendor name with a LGCY designation in the “Type” column on the far right column of this form. Only select a vendor that has an ID number beginning with a “9”.

–  –  –

Click “Next Block” to continue.

If the vendor is not displayed in the query results in form FTIIDEN, click white “X” in the upper right hand corner of the form to return to Vendor Information tab on FPAREQN.

Enter vendor name in the vendor field. Click the “Options” dropdown menu, and then click “Document Text”. From here, click “Next Block”.

Type in complete vendor contact information in the space provided to include name, address, phone number, fax number, e-mail contact information, and Federal Identification Number.

Click File, then Save, and exit the screen with the white “X” to return to the FPAREQN form.

Click “Next Block” to continue.

Please note that the department MUST provide Purchasing with an E- Verify W-9 form which is completed by the vendor. Write the requisition number on the W-9, and e-mail a PDF version of the document to Purchasing. Requisitions cannot be processed until this form has been

received. A blank form is located on the Purchasing Department’s webpage:


–  –  –

At this point, the requisition number has been automatically assigned and appears in the upper left corner of the document. It is important to take note of this number.

The cursor will appear in the Commodity field. Do not enter any information in this box. Tab to the “Description” field. Type item description (maximum 50 characters). To add more text, click “Options” and then select “Item Text” and a new form will appear - Procurement Text Entry [FOAPOXT].

Page 10 Place cursor in the first line of the TEXT section and type the additional information (maximum 50 characters per line). If additional lines are needed, use the down arrow key to move the cursor to the next line and continue typing. The Clause number field is not used. Under the Print column, there are check boxes which can be left checked when that line of text is to appear on the printed requisition, or unchecked when that line will not appear on the printed requisition.

• The Text field is where the exact specifications of what you want to procure are included.

These specifications should be in specific and sufficient detail to allow Purchasing to conduct a bid.

• If you have received an e-quote for computer equipment from the IT Help Desk, include this e-quote number in the item text.

When done, save the text. Then click the white “X” to return to the Commodity/Accounting form.

Notice that the Item Text box on the Commodity/Accounting page will now have a check mark indicating additional description information.

Please note that there is a difference between Item Text and Document Text. Document Text applies to the procurement as a whole. Item Text is specific to the line item on the Commodity/Accounting page.

–  –  –

Tab to the “U/M” field. Click the downward arrow to select from available choices. Scroll down until the abbreviation that is needed appears, click on your selection, and then click “OK”.

This will fill in the Unit of Measure field and take you back to the Commodity/Accounting form.

The cursor now appears in the Quantity box. Type in the appropriate quantity of the item you are requesting to purchase. Please note this must correlate to the chosen unit of measure. Tab to the “Unit Price” field. Type in correct unit price. A decimal point is only needed if cents are involved. Continue tabbing until the cursor is back in the Commodity field.

[Note: Do not enter a zero dollar amount on a line item. If there is no charge for the item, enter it as $0.01 and note “No Charge” in the item text.] If you need to add additional items, use the down arrow to get to the next row and continue to enter items on the requisition (as needed).

Page 12 When item entry is complete, tab until the cursor lands in the Commodity field of the last line item entered. Click “Next Block” to access the FOAPAL (accounting information) section of the screen.

The Cursor will now be in the FOAPAL section of the requisition in the box titled COA. Both the COA and Year fields will already be completed. The Index field is not used. Tab to the box titled “Fund”. Type in the correct Fund number, or use the drop down menu for options. Next, fill in the ORGN and ACCT fields for the Organization and Account codes, respectively. The PROG (Program) field will automatically populate, you do not need to make an entry here;

however, make sure the Program code is accurate.

Tab until cursor returns to the “C” box.

• Note: Before entering any FOAPAL data in to the fields, if you have multiple commodity lines and each is being charged to a different FOAPAL string, you must uncheck the “Document Level Accounting” block at the top of this form BEFORE you enter any accounting information. Enter the commodity information (as described above) and then click “Next Block” to immediately enter the accounting data for that line. After the accounting data is entered, use the “Previous Block” function to return to the Commodity section of the screen and enter the next line item. Repeat in this manner until all commodities and related accounting strings are completed.

Page 13

• If you are splitting the accounting between two or more FOAPAL strings for the entire purchase, use the down arrow key to move to the next line to add the additional FOAPAL strings. Be sure that you split the costs between the different lines appropriately. You will need to determine what percent of the total is being charged to each accounting string. After you tab over to the right hand side of the screen, click in the box next to the word “Extended” and enter the percentage as a whole number. For example, type “70” in the box to the right to assign 70% of the costs of the purchase to the FOAPAL string.

For additional assistance, contact the Purchasing Department.

Once the Commodity/Accounting form is complete, click “Next Block”.

Balancing/Completion Form The last form is the balancing/completion form.

Page 14 If the document is complete, click the check box next to “Complete”. Banner will perform document checking function. The message “Document R00XXXXX completed and forwarded to the Approval process” will appear at the bottom of the screen.

If the document is not complete, click the check box next to “In Process”. This will hold all information entered to this point until you can go back and finish the requisition. Make sure you have written the requisition number down for future reference. The message “Suspending Transaction” will appear. The requisition will require future completion.

Please note that if the message says “Insufficient Funds”, a budget transfer will need to be initiated since there is not enough budgeted dollars on the FOAPAL line in which this requisition has been entered. Budget transfer forms are located on the Budget Procedures and Forms page

of the Business Office webpage:

http://www.ccri.edu/businessaffairs/businessoffice/budget_forms.shtml Once a requisition is entered and completed, you cannot use FPAREQN to view the requisition.

To view the requisition again, you must go to Requisition Query [FPIREQN], which is an inquiry-only screen.

Page 15 If the requisition is completed but not approved by department and changes need to be made to the document, the department approver can go to “approval” screen (FOAUAPP) and disapprove the requisition so it can be retrieved for changes.

If the requisition has been approved by both the department and Purchasing, it cannot be disapproved. However, additional text can be added using FOAPOXT form.

Approving Requisitions in Banner After a Requisition has been entered into Banner and completed by a college department, the department employee with approval authority is responsible for reviewing it for accuracy and then approving the requisition. This must occur before Purchasing can process the requisition.

In the “Go To” box on the Main Menu, type “FOAUAPP” and hit enter. This will bring you directly to the User Approval form.

The User ID box will populate with your Username.

If you would like a listing of all requisitions that require your attention, click the “Next Block” icon. If you are trying to access one document only, tab to “Document Number” box and type in requisition number (which will begin with an R). Then click the “Next Block” icon. The result of your search will show on that same line.

There are a number of available options listed under each document in the list: (1) Approve, (2) Disapprove, if there are corrections to be made, (3) Detail, which provides summary information regarding the requisition, and (4) Queue, which shows the approval queue where the requisition presently resides.

Page 16 Reviewing the Requisition Prior to taking action on a requisition, click the icon next to the word “Detail”. This will allow you to view the accounting information on the requisition for accuracy. Once the accounting information has been reviewed, click “Options” in the menu bar, and then select “Document Query”. This will take you to screen FPIREQN and will allow the approver to view the entire requisition, such as the commodities and/or service requested, the vendor info, delivery address, etc.

Once the requisition has been reviewed and you are ready to approve the document, click the black “X” in the right corner of the requisition form at the end of the toolbar. This will take you back to the line item information/accounting information form. From here, click the black “X” in right corner of the accounting information form. This will bring you back to the FOAUAPP form.

Approving a Requisition Click the box marked “Approve”. A dialog box will appear that says “Document is Approved”.

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