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«Creating a New Banner Requisition There are two ways to navigate through the Banner system. You can use the menus for each of the different modules ...»

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Click “OK”. Note: Documents can be approved prior to being cleared from NSF (Non Sufficient Funds). Users will not be required to re-approve a document after NSF conditions are cleared by the Business Office.

Disapproving a Requisition If, after a requisition has been reviewed, it is decided that changes must be made, the department approver may disapprove the requisition. This is done by clicking on the box marked “Disapprove”. The requisition then must be addressed by the department employee who originally entered it on to Banner, or by another department employee who has the same Banner Finance security for that department.

If the requisition needs to be edited or corrected and it is already completed and approved by the department, send an email to the Purchasing Department informing them of the situation and ask them to disapprove the requisition in order for you to make any necessary corrections. Also note that once the Purchasing Department approves a requisition, it is not possible for the document to Page 17 be disapproved. It will have to be cancelled by Purchasing and a new requisition entered by the department.

To retrieve a requisition for correction, go to requisition entry screen FPAREQN and enter the SAME requisition number. DO NOT start a new requisition. Once the changes have been made, the document should be completed and approved by the department, as noted above, for processing by the Purchasing Department.

Procurement Text Entry [FOAPOXT] There are two types of text that can be entered on the Procurement Text Entry screen. Item text is used to provide information specific to a single line item/commodity on the requisition or purchase order. Document text is used for more general information regarding the procurement.

To access the Procurement Text Entry screen, type “FOAPOXT” in the “Go To….” box and hit Enter.

The “Procurement Text Entry” [FOAPOXT] form will now be open.

Page 18 To enter item text, enter “REQ” in the “Text Type” box. Tab to the code box and enter the complete requisition number (ex. R0018878). Tab to item number and enter the line item number (ex. 1, 2, 3...), then click “Next Block”.

In the text description field type all additional information pertaining to the specific line item reflected in the ITEM NUMBER box.

To enter document text, follow the same process as above. Leave the item number box blank.

Then tab to the Text field and enter your document text.

Examples of document text would include:

• Specific instructions related to delivery of supplies on a between certain dates.

• Information for a new vendor.

FOAPOXT is also used by Purchasing and the Business Office to note progress and communications regarding requisitions.

Page 19 Open Requisitions by FOAPAL Query Questions often arise when departments have requisitions that are in a Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) status even though an available balance is showing on the Banner Form “FGIBDST” account line (where the Banner system exceeds the amount of the requisition). This can occur when a department has entered other requisitions into the Banner Purchasing system, but has not completed or approved the document. While this amount will not show up in the commitments on the Organization Budget Status “FGIBDST” form, it is still committing funds in the background, causing another requisition document to show as NSF if budgeted funds are exceeded. In many cases, a department does not even realize these uncompleted documents are still in the system. The following instructions show how to query for all open requisitions

regardless of their status:

In the “Go To” box, type “FPIORQF” and hit enter. This will bring you directly to the Open Requisitions by FOAPAL Query form.

Enter the appropriate fund, organization code, account and program. Then, click the “Next Block” icon.

–  –  –

1. Requisitions entered but not completed.

2. Requisitions completed by the department but not yet approved.

3. Requisitions approved by the Purchasing Department but do not have a purchase order assigned or issued.

It is crucial that a department review this section periodically to resolve any outstanding open requisitions. Pending requisitions can impact budget dollars and cause an order to be flagged NSF (nonsufficient funds).

On the first day of each month, an e-mail message will be automatically sent to the person who has entered a requisition in Banner that is in an incomplete status. The e-mail message will include the requisition number. The e-mail states that the person has three weeks to either complete or delete the email. Please check the document text for any notes that would explain Page 21 why the requisition was disapproved by the Business Office or Purchasing. After three weeks, the Purchasing department will delete any requisitions that remain in incomplete status.

Banner Messages On the right side of the Main Menu screen under “My Links”, there is a link to “Check Banner Messages”. If a purchase requisition document has been disapproved, for example, you will receive a Banner message indicating this has occurred. A green checkmark will appear next to the link which indicates that a message is present for your review.

Documents can be disapproved by the department approver, the Business Office or Purchasing for various reasons including incorrect vendor information and incorrect FOAPAL codes.

To review your Banner messages, click directly on the “Check Banner Messages” heading.

Once you have opened the message screen, a list of messages will appear. If the message text is too long for the block displayed on this screen, click on the pencil icon at the end of the message box to show the entire message.

Page 22 Any notes written by the disapprover regarding why a document was disapproved will display.

The Business Office and Purchasing use this message block in conjunction with notes in document text to inform departments as to why a document was disapproved and what required actions need to be taken.

Once you have made any necessary corrections to the document, you can clear any related Banner messages by clicking in the radio button circle next to the word “Complete” and then click the Save icon on the tool bar. The next time you open your Banner messages only those that you have not completed will remain. These remaining messages will have either “Pending”, “Hold” or “Confidential” radio buttons filled.

You can use this message feature to help manage your open requisitions, in conjunction with using the FOIDOCH screen, in order to track the status of any procurement documents.

Page 23 Tracking the Status of a Requisition There are two different forms in the Banner Finance Module that a department can use to track the status of procurements. These are the “Document History” [FOIDOCH] and the “Document by User Form” [FOADOCU]. The “Document History” form is useful in tracking the overall status of a purchase from the requisition stage to payment. The “Document by User” is useful to for getting a quick view of the status of requisitions that have been entered into Banner.

Document History The Document History [FOIDOCH] form can be used to track the overall status of procurement in Banner Finance module. This can be used to track requisitions and purchase orders as well as payments made against a purchase order. The instructions below will focus on tracking a requisition. The procedures can be done using a purchase order number or for accessing payment information.

In the “Go To:” box on the Main Menu, type “FOIDOCH” and hit enter. This will bring up the Document History Form.

Page 24 In Document Type box, enter “REQ” and then tab to “Document Code” box. Type the requisition number with the R followed by the number (i.e., R0001234). Then, click on the “Next Block” icon.

Other document types include:

• PO for purchase orders

• INV for invoices.

Banner will display the requisition and all related documents, such as the purchase order number, invoice numbers and check numbers, if these additional documents have been completed at the point in time you are inquiring.

For any requisitions that require bidding by the State, CCRI’s Purchasing department is using the Purchase Order field to record the state requisition number. This will be displayed on FOIDOCH. The state requisition numbers are seven numbers. The status block will be empty.

This does not mean that a purchase order has been issued for the procurement. Banner Purchase Orders begin with the letter “P”. You can monitor the status of the procurement with State Purchasing by referring the any notes in the document text of the requisition.

In the block to the right of the document numbers in each subsection of the form is a “Status” code. These codes are important in helping track your document. Explanations of the codes as

they relate to requisitions are as follows:

• If a “Status” block is blank, this means that the document has not been completed by the department.

• If the “Status” code is “C”, the document has been completed at the department level, but has not yet been processed by Purchasing.

• If the “Status” code is “A”, the requisition has been approved by Purchasing and is awaiting further action (i.e. bidding or transfer to a purchase order).

–  –  –

To view a requisition from FOIDOCH, click on the requisition number itself. With the number now highlighted, click on “Options” and then select “Requisition Info” from the drop down menu. This is an inquiry-only function and you will be brought to screen FPIREQN. When the requisition number appears, click “Next Block”. This will bring you into the details of the requisition. You can use the “Next Block” command to continue reviewing sections of the document.

As shown below, if the box next to “Document Text” on the right hand side of the screen is checked, there is text which may contain notes to better help track your procurement.

Page 26 You can access these notes by clicking on “Options” and selecting “Document Text” from the drop down menu. When the Document Text [FOAPOXT] screen appears, click “Next Block” to display all notes pertinent to the requisition.

For example, if a requisition requires bidding by State Purchasing and a state requisition has been created by CCRI’s Purchasing Department, the state requisition number and date entered will be noted here.

The process described on the previous pages related to requisitions can be used to review any documents related to a procurement (i.e. requisitions, purchase orders, invoices, etc.) Page 27 Document by User The Document By User [FOADOCU] form can be used by college departments to track Purchase Requisitions entered in Banner. This form provides information by the Username.

Departments can use this form to get a quick overview of the status of its requisitions, such as documents that are incomplete in the system. It can also be used to find a requisition number if one has been started and the user forgot to note the document number.

After entering in the Username in the Original User ID field, click “Next Block” to show the listing of documents. The first column will show the present status of the document.

–  –  –

Occasionally, there may be situations where a purchase requisition is not needed and should be deleted from Banner. A requisition can be deleted as long as it has not been completed or approved.

• If the requisition has been completed and is awaiting approval, disapprove the requisition before continuing.

• If the requisition has been approved by Purchasing, contact the Purchasing Department so that the requisition can be cancelled. At this point, it can no longer be deleted from the system.

To delete a requisition, go to “FPAREQN” and enter the requisition number to query the document. Once you have brought the requisition up in the system, click on the “Record” dropdown menu and select “Remove”.

After this, you will see a note below the requisition stating that you must click Record, Remove again.

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