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Following a brief discussion regarding the use of ARRA funds, the question was called on the motion and it carried by a vote of eight, Supervisor Cook, Supervisor Foust, Supervisor Herrity, Supervisor Hudgins, Supervisor McKay, Supervisor Smyth, and Chairman Bulova, and Acting-Chairman Hyland voting “AYE,” Supervisor Frey being out of the room, Supervisor Gross being absent.


In a joint Board Matter with Supervisor Cook, Chairman Bulova said that Oak Hill is a privately owned eighteenth century Georgian-style home that was preserved in October 2004 when the Board of Supervisors, the Park Authority Board, and Northern Virginia Conservation Trust negotiated the purchase of an historic easement from Seville Homes. The home and adjacent properties are all that remain of the Fitzhugh land grant, the Ravensworth Tract - totaling more than 22,000 acres - dating from the 1670s. This was one of three plantations owned by the Fitzhugh family and today the original home remains intact along with much Board Summary -56- September 14, 2009 of the historic landscape, including 200-year-old boxwoods. As part of the agreements, limited public access to the site is provided each year.

On October 3 the Park Authority and the Look Back at Braddock Committee will be hosting the third annual Oak Hill Open House at an eighteenth Century Fitzhugh Mansion at the corner of Wakefield Chapel Road and Braeburn Drive, in Annandale. This is an excellent opportunity to celebrate local history at this free family festival at one of the oldest homes in the County. The event will take place from noon to 5 p.m.

Some of the highlights of this day include: a Civil War re-enactor, speakers on the history and architecture of Oak Hill and the history of the County during the Civil War, and learning about the care of boxwood shrubs. Musical entertainment will be provided by the Oak Hill Trio, a string ensemble. Free shuttle service will be provided from the parking lot at the Nancy Sprague Technology Center and there will be free light refreshments.

Therefore, Chairman Bulova, jointly with Supervisor Cook, asked unanimous consent that the Board direct the Office of Public Affairs to publicize Oak Hill Day. Without objection, it was so ordered.

60. TRY TRANSIT WEEK (6:49 p.m.) Jointly with Supervisor Hudgins and Supervisor McKay, Chairman Bulova said that the public transit is an important part of County’s transportation system and transit provides numerous benefits to County residents. For example, a study by the American Public Transportation Association found that households can save up to $9,000 annually in fuel and car repair expenses by taking advantage of transit. Additionally, transit can reduce congestion caused by traffic; the Virginia Transit Association found that each bus can remove up to 40 vehicles from the road, and each rail car can remove up to 125 vehicles from the road.

Jointly with Supervisor Hudgins and Supervisor McKay, Chairman Bulova asked

unanimous consent that the Board:

–  –  –

61. AMERICAN INDIAN HERITAGE MONTH (6:51 p.m.) Chairman Bulova announced that the month of November is nationally recognized as American Indian Heritage Month. She asked unanimous consent that the Board direct the Office of Public Affairs to invite representatives from the Office of Human Rights and Equity Programs to appear before the Board at its October 19 meeting to receive a proclamation declaring November as “American Indian Heritage Month” in Fairfax County. Without objection, it was so ordered.

–  –  –

Chairman Bulova said that the ART of Driving was founded by Robin Thompson as an outreach program of the Ashley Renee Thompson Memorial Foundation.

This remarkable program recently won the 2009 Virginia Governor’s Transportation Safety Award for Youth Traffic Safety.

The program is designed to raise awareness about the unique challenges that young drivers face. Its outreach encourages teen drivers and parents to increase time behind the wheel with parental supervision to help improve driver training.

Therefore, Chairman Bulova asked unanimous consent that the Board direct the Office of Public Affairs to invite Ms. Robin Thompson to appear before the Board on October 19 to be recognized for initiating and promoting this noteworthy program. Without objection, it was so ordered.

63. RECOGNITION OF PAUL AND MARGARET ANDINO (6:52 p.m.) (BACs) Chairman Bulova expressed her appreciation to Paul and Margaret Andino for their dedicated service while serving as the Braddock District Water Authority appointees. She said that the Braddock District was fortunate to have Mr. Andino’s service for 21 years. Over the years her office has always been able to count on the Andinos to help constituents resolve problems surrounding Water Authority issues.

Therefore, Chairman Bulova asked unanimous consent that the Board direct the Office of Public Affairs to invite the Andinos to appear before the Board to receive recognition for their long time service. Without objection, it was so ordered.


–  –  –

Therefore, Chairman Bulova asked unanimous consent that the Board direct the Office of Public Affairs to invite Mr. Cantor to appear before the Board to receive recognition for his long time service. Without objection, it was so ordered.

65. VOLUNTEERFEST 2009 (6:53 p.m.) Chairman Bulova said that Volunteer Fairfax, along with other nonprofit and public agencies, will be promoting philanthropy and volunteerism by celebrating VolunteerFest® Day on October 24. This day is designed to be a national day of giving back that helps to celebrate and strengthen the spirit of volunteer service.

Volunteering provides a meaningful way to connect residents from a multitude of backgrounds and cultures. For years VolunteerFest® has provided a unique opportunity for busy residents to offer their time and talents to help better their community. The County is fortunate to have such wonderful and dedicated volunteers that are committed to helping make the County a better place to live, work, and play.

Therefore, Chairman Bulova asked unanimous consent that the Board direct the Office of Public Affairs to invite representative members of those coordinating VolunteerFest® to appear before the Board on October 19 to receive a proclamation recognizing October 24 as VolunteerFest® 2009. Without objection, it was so ordered.

66. FIRE PREVENTION WEEK (6:54 p.m.)

Chairman Bulova said that the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) found that fire departments throughout the United States responded to nearly 399,000 home fires in 2007 alone. During the week of October 4-10 the Fire and Rescue Department will be promoting fire safety practices with the theme, “It’s Fire Prevention Week. Stay Fire Smart! Don’t Get Burned.” Chairman Bulova noted that there are simple daily practices that can significantly reduce fires and fire related injuries. These include being attentive while cooking and planning a home fire escape plan. Individuals are encouraged to utilize these as well as the other techniques the Fire and Rescue Department promote to prevent fires.

Therefore, Chairman Bulova asked unanimous consent that the Board direct the Office of Public Affairs to invite representative members of the Fire and Rescue Department to appear before the Board on October 5 to receive a proclamation recognizing the week of October 4-10, 2009, as “Fire Prevention Week” in Fairfax County. Without objection, it was so ordered.

–  –  –

67. HIGH-OCCUPANCY TOLL (HOT) LANES (6:55 p.m.) Jointly with Supervisor Cook, Supervisor Gross, Supervisor Herrity, and Chairman Bulova, Supervisor McKay noted that last week, citizens came back from vacation, children and school buses returned to school, and a myriad of business and personal vehicles added to Northern Virginia’s chronic traffic congestion. This makes even more disturbing the August 18 announcement by the State that the high-occupancy toll (HOT) lanes planned for I-395 and I-95 will be indefinitely delayed and will be phased to terminate initially on the northern end at the Capital Beltway.

Supervisor McKay noted the current economic situation, and said that the transit and highway infrastructure associated with the HOT Lanes project is too important to let the region’s transportation network be put on indefinite hold. Given the miniscule level of transportation funding available through other revenue sources, a tolling option, such as the HOT lanes proposal, may be the only viable opportunity to achieve the critical infrastructure needed in the I-95/I-395 corridor, as well as promote further use of mass transit.

This project has many local implications. To fast track the construction of a commuter parking lot in the Springfield area, the County has already committed to purchase the former Circuit City site and is counting on the State’s completion of other land acquisitions (namely the service station and former Long John Silver’s restaurant) for the parking lot. The commuter lot must be completed before the HOT lanes project begins to facilitate HOV use and reduce traffic during construction.

There are other serious issues associated with delaying the project and particularly with phasing the project to initially terminate at the Capital Beltway. These include essentially negating the value of the project for County motorists and public transit users heading to jobs in Arlington, Alexandria, and DC if the project ends at the Capital Beltway. This will unfairly burden other transportation infrastructure in the County with traffic heading to inside the Beltway destinations and does not solve the many existing access problems inside the Beltway. Terminating the project at the Beltway will further exacerbate the commuting nightmare resulting from the ill-conceived BRAC decision to locate more than 6,000 employees at the Mark Center with very limited transit and roadway network capacity improvements and will make an unimproved Seminary Road area impassable.

Supervisor McKay expressed grave concerns about the idea of stopping the project at the Capital Beltway and called on the State to immediately reexamine the issues associated with the proposed phasing of the I-395/I-95 HOT lanes project, in close coordination with the County officials, and to evaluate, at a minimum, an option to include the Seminary Road interchange as the northern terminus rather than the Beltway.

–  –  –

regarding the implementation of the I-395/I-95 project and encouraging the Governor to keep this project of regional and local importance moving forward on an expedited basis. A draft letter for the Chairman’s signature was circulated to the Board.

Chairman Bulova seconded the motion, which carried by a vote of eight, Supervisor Frey being out of the room, Supervisor Gross being absent.


In a joint Board Matter with Chairman Bulova, Supervisor Foust announced that one of the first “carbon neutral” houses in the US has been constructed in McLean. The project showcases a new approach to development whereby more efficient building design, innovative technology, and smart locations can be combined to reduce carbon emissions, the leading source of Greenhouse gases.

Development of the carbon neutral house is a partnership between McLean based WEST*GROUP and Arlington based GreenSpur, Incorporated.

As outlined in his written Board Matter, Supervisor Foust described the house and its energy qualities and environmentally responsible design. He announced that that WEST*GROUP will open the house to the public from October 10 through October 30. Proceeds from the open house will benefit the McLean Project for the Arts, Friendship School, a charter school located in the District of Columbia, the Injured Marines Semper Fi Fund, and the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund.

Supervisor Foust commended WEST*GROUP and GreenSpur for their spectacular job developing a home that is attractive and functional and serves as a model for the kind of residential development needed in the fight to reverse global warming. He stressed the importance of exposing as many home builders and home buyers to the technology and the results achieved.

Accordingly, Supervisor Foust asked unanimous consent that the Board direct the

Office of Public Affairs to:

–  –  –

public safety, human services, education, and energy programs. Because of the enormous expenditure of federal funds under ARRA, the federal government is implementing special measures to protect against fraud and collusion in public contracting for those funds. These measures include a training session offered by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) to train individuals at all levels of the funding process on collusion and fraud awareness. The training is described on DOJ’s website http://www.usdoj.gov/atr/public/criminal/economic_recovery.htm.

The goals of the training are to prevent collusion and fraud in the process of awarding contracts and grants and to investigate possible collusion and fraud in contracts or grants that have been awarded. The training focuses on making procurement personnel aware of certain red flags that may indicate collusion or fraud.

Supervisor Foust said that to date, more than 13,000 procurement and grant officials who will be handling ARRA funds, including thousands of state and local government employees, have received the training, which takes less than two hours and is provided without charge by DOJ attorneys.

Accordingly, Supervisor Foust moved that the Board direct staff to investigate and determine whether the training on fraud and collusion awareness should be scheduled and offered to County procurement personnel. Supervisor Hudgins and Chairman Bulova jointly seconded the motion, which carried by a vote of eight, Supervisor Frey being out of the room, Supervisor Gross being absent.

70. McLEAN PROJECT FOR THE ARTS (MPA) ARTFEST (DRANESVILLE DISTRICT) (7:04 p.m.) Supervisor Foust announced that on Sunday, October 4, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., the MPA will present its third annual community MPAartfest. Admission is free.

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