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This event transforms the McLean Central Park into a lively landscape of mini art galleries, showcasing and offering for sale the work of a diverse group of 40 juried artists.

Supervisor Foust described the event as outlined in his written Board Matter and invited the Board to attend. He expressed appreciation to the MPA, its many volunteers, corporate and community sponsors, supporting partners, and other community volunteers for creating such an outstanding experience.

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FORTIETH ANNIVERSARY (7:05 p.m.) Supervisor Hudgins said that CHO was organized in 1969 by a group of concerned churches and individuals in the Dunn Loring, Merrifield, Oakton, and Vienna communities to provide simple, loving charity to those in need of goods and services which they are unable to provide for themselves, or obtain from governmental social service organizations. CHO is an all-volunteer organization whose intent is to help those individuals who are truly in need. On Sunday, October 4, CHO will be celebrating its fortieth anniversary.

Therefore, Supervisor Hudgins asked unanimous consent that the Board direct staff to prepare a certificate recognizing the fortieth anniversary of CHO and its many volunteers for presentation at the October 4 event. Without objection, it was so ordered.


(HUNTER MILL DISTRICT) (7:05 p.m.) Supervisor Hudgins said that Club Phoenix, the Town of Vienna's teen center, will celebrate its tenth anniversary on Saturday, September 19. Club Phoenix began as a grassroots effort by the youth and adults in Vienna to provide teens a place of their own. The anniversary celebrations will include festivities for current teen center members and invite former members and community leaders to return to commemorate the community involvement in establishing and building the center.

Therefore, Supervisor Hudgins asked unanimous consent that the Board direct staff to prepare a proclamation honoring this occasion to be presented at the anniversary celebration. Without objection, it was so ordered.

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Supervisor Hudgins said that Phase 1 of the Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project (Project) is under construction and there is much to celebrate. While County residents, especially those along the Dulles Corridor, will experience some pain during the construction of the project, she asserted that this as an important priority. The source of funding for the project continues to raise concerns. To date, phase 1 of the project is divided as 34 percent federal, 10 percent State, 15 percent County, and 41 percent MWAA (tolls). Tolls generated from the County section of the Dulles Toll Road make up the largest share of funding for the project, an apportionment that had previously had larger shares of funding from federal and state sources.

Board Summary -63- September 14, 2009 Since the earlier announcement in 2005 of the phasing of the project, it was recognized that the Commonwealth portion of the project funding would come from toll revenues. The Board has been on record that, given the deficits in transportation funding from the Commonwealth, the use of toll revenues were appropriate to fund the MetroRail Project, transit use, and capital improvements within the Toll Road, meaning the area from Route 7 to Route 28.

Use of Dulles Toll Road revenue and surplus monies have been specifically spelled out in State and County documents and policies for many years. In 1993, the MWAA secured a pledge from the Commonwealth to "henceforth dedicate all Toll Road surplus funds (having been previously directed to uses statewide) to the Dulles Corridor for the betterment of the local users paying these tolls." In its 2005 proposal to operate the Toll Road and build rail, MWAA's press release reaffirms this policy. "It is important that all the revenues of the Toll Road continue to remain in the corridor and to be used for transportation improvements in the public interest, particularly expedited rail to Dulles. The Toll Road, and the revenue it generates from the citizens, must be preserved for the public and safeguarded as a valued asset for the corridor well into the future."

The Board has consistently endorsed using revenues and any surplus revenues in the County portion of the Dulles Corridor.

The Commonwealth transferred the management of the Toll Road and the project to the MWAA in 2006. Under this transfer, the MWAA will manage the Toll Road and the project using tolls revenues. The December 2006 Master Transfer Agreement and Permit and Operating Agreement changes the previously defined use of toll revenues and how they may be used in the corridor. For instance, surplus toll road revenue will now be "paid to the Commonwealth for allocation by the CTB for transportation programs and projects that are reasonably related to or benefit the users of the toll road...” The Dulles Corridor had been generally defined by its eastern (West Falls Church Metrorail Station) and western (Route 722 in Loudoun County) terminus in

Loudoun County. Under the new agreement, the definition is broader:

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In the spirit of regional cooperation, the County contributed $50,000 in 2007 to the implementation of a Dulles Loop Study undertaken by the Dulles Loop Implementation Group (DLIG) to look at improvements to Route 50, Route 28, and Route 606 in Loudoun County. This was conditional that no Toll Road revenue be spent on the project. Route 28 improvements are nearly completed, funded by the Route 28 District. Route 50 is being widened by the State. No funding was identified to widen Route 606 in Loudoun County.

Supervisor Hudgins said that documents at recent MWAA public Toll Road hearings and at the final meeting of the Dulles Loop group noted that Dulles Toll Road surplus monies will fund a third of the $2 million needed for the preliminary engineering study of Route 606 widening. Under the 2006 master agreement, Toll Road revenues and bonds backed by Toll Road revenue could conceivably fund construction of widening Route 606 to 8 lanes in the future. She noted that she first raised questions with staff last spring when the DLIG study was published. The response was that a specific source of funds for Route 606 was not available.

Citing that this is the first test of how Toll Road revenue will be used to fund Capital Improvements in the corridor and raises concerns about how these funds will be prioritized and used in the future, Supervisor Hudgins moved that the

Board direct staff to:

–  –  –

Supervisor Hudgins moved that the Board direct staff to work with MWAA to resolve these issues. She noted that the letter must be sent by midnight because the comment period closes at that time. Chairman Bulova seconded the motion.

Following discussion regarding use of the tolls and the County’s economic engine, Supervisor Herrity asked to amend the motion to add a fifth bullet as


–  –  –

Following further discussion regarding the use of surplus funds, increased tolls, annual justification and analysis, and the Route 606 study, Supervisor Foust asked unanimous consent that the Board direct staff to provide information regarding the decision maker who authorized engineering for the loop study. Without objection, it was so ordered.

Following further discussion regarding express bus service, with input from Anthony H. Griffin, County Executive, the question was called on the motion, as amended, and it carried by a vote of eight, Supervisor Frey being out of the room, Supervisor Gross being absent.


–  –  –

reminded the Board that the County’s large and small businesses are also facing daunting economic challenges. Although there is certainly no magic bullet to fix this problem, as the elected leaders of the County, the Board needs to be proactive not only in dealing with the problems faced with the County’s budget, but also in making sure it does everything it can to assist the businesses that help to fund County services and employ so many of the citizens.

Supervisor Herrity asserted that one of the strategic advantages of the County is its robust and eclectic retail community. No matter what kind of shopping experience one is seeking – a mom and pop shop, a town center or a regional mall – the County has it all.

Retails sales are an important part of the County’s budget as one percent of the sales tax from each purchase stays in the County. In the last budget cycle, the County received $152.25 million in sales tax revenue. This important revenue stream has helped to provide the high quality schools and services residents expect and deserve. Another important benefit provided by the retail establishments are the thousands of jobs they create for County citizens. No job can be taken for granted.

Supervisor Herrity acknowledged that the tax revenue and jobs created by local retail establishments may not always be on the minds of citizens as they shop for that new car, television or clothing item. According to the 3/50 Project, a nationwide initiative aimed at encouraging the patronage of local, independently owned businesses, for every $100 spent in a local store, $68 returns to the community through taxes, payroll, and expenditures. If the money is spent online, none of it stays in the community.

Supervisor Herrity said that is why he began the development of an initiative called “Shop Fairfax,” which is a campaign to remind the citizens of the County that when they shop in the County, part of their money stays here to fund things they value like police officers, fire fighters, and teachers. Another aim of the initiative is to remind residents that when they spend here they are also helping to save local jobs. Over the past couple of weeks he presented this idea to the County Chamber of Commerce, several of the local Chambers of Commerce, Chairman Bulova, Visit Fairfax, and the County Economic Development Authority in an attempt to form a coalition that can get this initiative off the ground. He reported that everyone enthusiastically supported the idea and last week had their first meeting to begin development of a strategy for “Shop Fairfax.”

–  –  –

75. ENCOURAGING MASS TRANSIT IN THE I-66 CORRIDOR (7:27 p.m.) Supervisor Herrity stated that I-66 is one of the most congested corridors in the area. Those sitting in this congestion got good news last week as Virginia Transportation Secretary Pierce Homer finally released the schedule for the Multimodal Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). He thanked the Board for its support of the efforts to get this first step to a long term solution for this corridor underway. As outlined in his written Board Matter, he continues to work with the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) on short term solutions to I-66 congestion, such as extended use of the shoulder lanes and safe use of the slip ramps at Stringfellow Road and Monument Drive outside of High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) hours.

Supervisor Herrity recommended that the Board consider two additional low-cost short term ideas brought to him by a constituent to improve congestion in this corridor and make it easier to take Metro.

First is the use of the electronic messaging signs on I-66 to alert motorists of the status of the Metro parking lots. Many drivers exit for this station only to find out that no parking is available, wasting time and fuel, congesting the local roads, and adding to an already frustrating commute. Signs such as these have been installed at Dulles Airport to help those searching for parking at the airport. Use of these signs would allow drivers to continue on to a station with parking still available.

Supervisor Herrity’s second suggestion is to consider allowing non-HOV traffic to travel approximately 1.5 miles inside the Beltway to the exit for parking near the West Falls Church Metro stop. Allowing non-HOV commuters this access may help take drivers off the road as those who would otherwise have driven to work on alternate roads after finding no parking available at the Vienna station would now have the option to continue on to the West Falls Church-VT/UVA station, which typically has more parking available and later in the day. He expressed the belief this could increase the number of people taking Metro.

Accordingly, Supervisor Herrity asked unanimous consent that the Board direct staff to work with VDOT and the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) to perform a preliminary review of the feasibility and the costs and benefits of pursuing or implementing both of these initiatives to make it easier for those trying to take Metro and report with its findings.

–  –  –


CENTENNIAL ANNIVERSARY (SPRINGFIELD DISTRICT) (7:32 p.m.) Supervisor Herrity announced that Sydenstricker United Methodist Church on Hooes Road in Springfield is celebrating its centennial anniversary. The Church’s history started in 1909 with modest expansion over time. At first the church opened on the wooden floors of a dancing pavilion, later the church practiced in a small schoolhouse, over time they were able to bring volunteers together to build a church on donated land on the back roads of what was then known as Corbett, Virginia. Since those times, the church now finds itself with six buildings on the campus on Hooes Road, one of which is shared with a Korean Church.

Supervisor Herrity described the church’s mission and charitable works as outlined in his written Board Matter. To honor not only the good work that the congregation of Sydenstricker United Methodist Church does in the County and beyond, but also to honor its first centennial celebration, Supervisor Herrity asked unanimous consent that the Board prepare a resolution to present to members of the church at a future Board meeting. Without objection, it was so ordered.


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