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«As filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission on July 26, 2016 UNITED STATES SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION WASHINGTON, D.C. ...»

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During fiscal year 2014, Ryanair Holdings’ shareholders approved a stock option plan at the Company’s annual general meeting on September 20, 2013 (referred to herein as “Option Plan 2013”), under which all employees and directors are eligible to receive options. Grants of options were permitted to take place at the close of any of the ten years beginning with fiscal year 2014. All options will be subject to a five year performance period beginning with the year in which a grant occurs. The Remuneration Committee has discretion to determine the financial performance targets that must be met with respect to the financial year. Those targets will relate directly to the achievement of certain year-on-year growth targets in the Company’s profit after tax figures for each of the financial years of the performance period and/or certain share price targets. The Option Plan 2013 replaced all stock options plans previously approved by shareholders for all future grants, as these previously approved plans have expired.

Under Option Plan 2013, 36 senior managers (including 7 of the current executive officers) and 10 of the current non-executive Board members were granted 10 million share options, in the aggregate, at a strike price of €6.25 in July 2014. These options are exercisable between June 2019 and July 2022. They will only vest if certain targets in relation to net profit and/or share price are achieved and will only be available to managers/directors who continue to be employed by the Company through April 30, 2019. Also under Option Plan 2013, 3.5 million share options were granted, in aggregate, to executive officers at a strike price of €6.74 in October 2014. These options are exercisable between September, 2019 and October, 2021. They will only vest if certain exceptional targets in relation to net profit and/or share price are achieved and will only be available to executives who continue to be employed by the Company through July 31, 2019. On November 11, 2014, 5 million options were granted to Mr. O’Leary under Option Plan 2013 as part of his new 5 year contract. These options which were granted at a strike price of €8.345 are exercisable between September 2019 and November 2021. They will only vest if certain exceptional targets in relation to net profit and/or share price are achieved and will only be available if Mr. O’Leary continues to be employed by the Company through July 31, 2019. During fiscal 2016, 60,000 options were granted under Option plan 2013 to new non-executive Board members at a strike price of €11.38. These options are exercisable between August 2019 and August 2021. They will only vest if certain exceptional targets in relation to net profit and/or share price are achieved and will only be available to those non-executive Board members who continue to be directors through April 30, 2019.

The aggregate of 17.3 million Ordinary Shares that would be issuable upon exercise in full of the options that were outstanding as of June 30, 2016 under Company’s option plan represent approximately 1.4% of the issued share capital of Ryanair Holdings as of such date. Of such total, options in respect of an aggregate of 11.9 million Ordinary Shares were held by the directors and executive officers of Ryanair Holdings. For further information, see Notes 15 and 19 to the consolidated financial statements included herein.

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The following is a summary of certain provisions of the Articles of Association of Ryanair Holdings. This summary does not purport to be complete and is qualified in its entirety by reference to the complete text of the Articles.

Objects. Ryanair Holdings’ objects, which are detailed in its Articles, are broad and include carrying on business as an investment and holding company. Ryanair Holdings’ Irish company registration number is 249885.

Directors. Subject to certain exceptions, directors may not vote on matters in which they have a material interest. The ordinary remuneration of the directors is determined from time to time by ordinary resolutions of the shareholders. Any director who holds any executive office, serves on any committee or otherwise performs services, which, in the opinion of the directors, are outside the scope of the ordinary duties of a director, may be paid such extra remuneration as the directors may determine. The directors may exercise all the powers of the Company to borrow money. The directors are not required to retire at any particular age. There is no requirement for directors to hold shares. The Articles of Association provide that one-third of the directors (rounded down to the next whole number if it is a fractional number) retire and offer themselves for re-election at each annual general meeting of the Company.

The directors to retire by rotation are those who have been longest in office since their last appointment or reappointment. As between persons who became or were appointed directors on the same date, those to retire are determined by agreement between them or, otherwise, by lot. All of the shareholders entitled to attend and vote at the annual general meeting of the Company may vote on the re-election of directors.

Annual and General Meetings. Annual and extraordinary meetings are called upon 21 days’ advance notice.

All Ryanair shareholders may appoint proxies electronically to attend, speak, ask questions and vote on behalf of them at annual general meetings and to reflect certain other provisions of those Regulations. All holders of Ordinary Shares are entitled to attend, speak at and vote at general meetings of the Company, subject to limitations described below under “—Limitations on the Right to Own Shares.” Rights, Preferences and Dividends Attaching to Shares. The Company has only three classes of shares, Ordinary Shares with a par value of 0.60 euro cent per share, B Shares with a nominal value of 0.05 cent per share and Deferred Shares with a nominal value of 0.05 cent per share. The B Shares and the Deferred Shares were created at an EGM of the Company held on 22 October 2015 in connection with a return of value to shareholders arising from the sale of the Company’s shareholding in Aer Lingus plc, and no such shares remain in issue. Accordingly, the Ordinary Shares currently represent the only class of shares in issue and rank equally with respect to payment of dividends and on any winding-up of the Company. Any dividend, interest or other sum payable to a shareholder that remains unclaimed for one year after having been declared may be invested by the directors for the benefit of the Company until claimed. If the directors so resolve, any dividend which has remained unclaimed for 12 years from the date of its declaration shall be forfeited and cease to remain owing by the Company. The Company is permitted under its Articles to issue redeemable shares on such terms and in such manner as the Company may, by special resolution, determine. The Ordinary Shares currently in issue are not redeemable. The liability of shareholders to invest additional capital is limited to the amounts remaining unpaid on the shares held by them. There are no sinking fund provisions in the Articles of the Company.

Action Necessary to Change the Rights of Shareholders. The rights attaching to shares in the Company may be varied by special resolutions passed at meetings of the shareholders of the Company.

Limitations on the Rights to Own Shares. The Articles contain detailed provisions enabling the directors of the Company to limit the number of shares in which non-EU nationals have an interest or the exercise by non-EU nationals of rights attaching to shares. See “—Limitations on Share Ownership by Non-EU Nationals” below. Such powers may be exercised by the directors if they are of the view that any licence, consent, permit or privilege of the Company or any of its subsidiaries that enables it to operate an air service may be refused, withheld, suspended or revoked or have conditions attached to it that inhibit its exercise and the exercise of the powers referred to above could prevent such an occurrence. The exercise of such powers could result in non-EU holders of shares being prevented from attending, speaking at or voting at general meetings of the Company and/or being required to dispose of shares held by them to EU nationals.

Disclosure of Share Ownership. Under Irish law, the Company can require parties to disclose their interests in shares. The Articles of the Company provide that the directors will not register any person as a holder of shares unless such person has completed a declaration indicating his/her nationality and the nature and extent of any interest which he/she holds in Ordinary Shares. See, also “—Limitations on Share Ownership by non-EU nationals” below.

Under Irish law, if a party acquires or disposes of Ordinary Shares so as to bring his interest above or below 5% of the total issued share capital of the Company, he must notify the Company of that. The Irish Stock Exchange must also be notified of any acquisition or disposal of shares that brings the shareholding of a party above or below certain specified percentages – i.e., 10%, 25%, 50% and 75%.

Other Provisions of the Articles of Association. There are no provisions in the Articles:

(i) delaying or prohibiting a change in the control of the Company, but which operate only with respect to a merger, acquisition or corporate restructuring;

(ii) discriminating against any existing or prospective holder of shares as a result of such shareholder owning a substantial number of shares; or

–  –  –

On March 19, 2013, the Company announced that it had entered into an agreement with Boeing to purchase 175 Boeing 737-800NG aircraft, over a five year period from fiscal 2015 to 2019 in accordance with the terms of the contract. The contract was approved by the shareholders of the Company at an EGM on June 18, 2013. In April 2014, the Company agreed to purchase an additional five Boeing 737-800 next generation aircraft and in February 2015, the Company agreed to purchase an additional three Boeing 737-800 next generation. This brings the total number of 737next generation aircraft on order to 183, with a list value of approximately $14.4 billion. At March 31, 2016, 52 of these aircraft had been delivered.

In September 2014, the Group entered into an agreement with Boeing to purchase 200 Boeing 737-MAXaircraft (100 firm orders and 100 aircraft subject to option), with a list value of approximately $20.5 billion (assuming all options are exercised), over a five year period from fiscal 2020 to 2024 in accordance with the terms of the contract. The contract was approved by the shareholders of the Company at an EGM on November 28, 2014.


Except as indicated below, there are no restrictions on non-residents of Ireland dealing in Irish securities (including shares or depositary receipts of Irish companies such as the Company). Dividends and redemption proceeds also continue to be freely transferable to non-resident holders of such securities.

Under the Financial Transfers Act 1992 (the “1992 Act”), the Minister for Finance of Ireland may make provision for the restriction of financial transfers between Ireland and other countries. Financial transfers are broadly defined, and the acquisition or disposal of the ADRs, which represent shares issued by an Irish incorporated company, the acquisition or the disposal of Ordinary Shares and associated payments may fall within this definition. Dividends or payments on the redemption or purchase of shares and payments on the liquidation of an Irish-incorporated company would fall within this definition.

The 1992 Act prohibits financial transfers involving President Lukashenko, the Belarusian leadership and certain other officials of Belarus, the late Slobodan Milosevic and associated persons, certain persons indicted by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, Burma (Myanmar), certain persons and entities associated with the now deceased Usama Bin Laden, the Al-Qaeda network and the Taliban of Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, certain persons in Egypt, certain activities, persons and entities in Eritrea, the Republic of Guinea, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea), Iraq, Côte d’Ivoire, certain activities in Lebanon, certain activities in Liberia and the former Liberian President Charles Taylor, his immediate family and close associates, Libya, certain persons and activities in Sudan and South Sudan, Somalia, Tunisia, Zimbabwe, certain activities, persons and entities in Syria and Iran, certain persons, entities and bodies in Ukraine, certain persons, entities and bodies in the Republic of Guinea-Bissau, certain known terrorists and terrorist groups, and countries that harbor certain terrorist groups, without the prior permission of the Central Bank of Ireland.

Any transfer of, or payment in respect of, an ADS involving the government of any country that is currently the subject of United Nations sanctions, any person or body controlled by any of the foregoing, or any person acting on behalf of the foregoing, may be subject to restrictions pursuant to such sanctions as implemented into Irish law.

The Company does not anticipate that Irish exchange controls or orders under the 1992 Act or United Nations sanctions implemented into Irish law will have a material effect on its business.


The Board of Directors of Ryanair Holdings is given certain powers under the Articles to take action to ensure that the number of Ordinary Shares held in Ryanair Holdings by non-EU nationals does not reach a level which could jeopardize the Company’s entitlement to continue to hold or enjoy the benefit of any license, permit, consent or privilege which it holds or enjoys and which enables it to carry on business as an air carrier (a “License”). In particular, EU Regulation 2407/92 requires that, in order to obtain and retain an operating license, an EU air carrier must be majority-owned and effectively controlled by EU nationals. The regulation does not specify what level of share ownership will confer effective control on a holder or holders of shares. As described below, the directors will, from time to time, set a “Permitted Maximum” on the number of Ordinary Shares that may be owned by non-EU nationals at such level as they believe will comply with EU law. The Permitted Maximum is currently set at 49.9%.

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