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«As filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission on July 26, 2016 UNITED STATES SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION WASHINGTON, D.C. ...»

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For additional details, see “Item 8. Financial Information—Other Financial Information—Legal Proceedings—Legal Proceedings Against Internet Ticket Touts.” Ryanair is Subject to Cyber Security Risks and May Incur Increasing Costs in an Effort to Minimize Those Risks. As almost all of Ryanair’s reservations are made through its website, security breaches could expose it to a risk of loss or misuse of customer information, litigation and potential liability. Although Ryanair takes steps to secure its website and management information systems, the security measures it has implemented may not be effective, and its systems may be vulnerable to theft, loss, damage and interruption from a number of potential sources and events, including unauthorized access or security breaches, cyber attacks, computer viruses, power loss, or other disruptive events. Ryanair may not have the resources or technical sophistication to anticipate or prevent rapidly evolving types of cyber attacks. Attacks may be targeted at Ryanair, its customers and suppliers, or others who have entrusted it with information.

In addition, data and security breaches can also occur as a result of non-technical issues, including breaches by Ryanair or by persons with whom it has commercial relationships that result in the unauthorized release of personal or confidential information. Any such cyber attack or other security issue could result in a significant loss of reservations and customer confidence in the website and its business which, in turn, could have a material adverse effect on Ryanair’s operating results or financial condition and potentially entail its incurring significant litigation or other costs.

The Irish Corporation Tax Rate Could Rise. The majority of Ryanair’s profits are subject to Irish corporation tax at a statutory rate of 12.5%. There remains a risk that the Irish government could increase Irish corporation tax rates above 12.5% in order to repay current or future loans or to increase tax revenues.

At 12.5%, the rate of Irish corporation tax is lower than that applied by most of the other European Union member states, and has periodically been subject to critical comment by the governments of other EU member states.

Although the Irish government has repeatedly publicly stated that it will not increase corporation tax rates, there can be no assurance that such an increase in corporation tax rates will not occur.

In the event that the Irish government increases corporation tax rates or changes the basis of calculation of corporation tax from the present basis, any such changes would result in the Company paying higher corporate taxes and would have an adverse impact on our cash flows, financial position and results of operations.

Change in EU Regulations in Relation to Employers and Employee Social Insurance Could Increase Costs.

The European Parliament passed legislation governing the payment of employee and employer social insurance costs in May 2012. The legislation was introduced in late June 2012. The legislation governs the country in which employees and employers must pay social insurance costs. Prior to June 2012, Ryanair paid employee and employer social insurance in the country under whose laws the employee’s contract of employment is governed, which is either the U.K. or Ireland. Under the terms of this new legislation, employees and employers must pay social insurance in the country where the employee is based. The legislation includes grandfathering rights which means that existing employees (i.e. those employed prior to the introduction of the new legislation in June 2012) should be exempt from the effects of this legislation for a period of 10 years up until 2022. However, both new and existing employees who transfer from their present base location to a new base in another EU country may be impacted by the new rules in relation to employee and employer contributions. Each country within the EU has different rules and rates in relation to the calculation of employee and employer social insurance contributions. Ryanair estimates that the change in legislation will have an adverse impact over time in the majority of jurisdictions in which Ryanair currently operates from.

Ryanair is Subject to Tax Audits. The Company operates in many jurisdictions and is, from time to time, subject to tax audits, which by their nature are often complex and can require several years to conclude. While the Company is of the view that it is tax compliant in the various jurisdictions in which it operates, there can be no guarantee, particularly in the current economic environment, that it will not receive tax assessments following the conclusion of the tax audits. If assessed, the Company will robustly defend its position. In the event that the Company is unsuccessful in defending its position, it is possible that the effective tax rate, employment and other costs of the Company could materially increase. See “—The Irish Corporation Tax Rate Could Rise” above.

Risks Associated with the euro. The Company is headquartered in Ireland and its reporting currency is the euro. As a result of the ongoing uncertainty arising from the Eurozone debt crisis, in 2012 there was widespread speculation regarding the future of the Eurozone, including with regard to Ireland. To date, there have been no exits from the Eurozone. Although the economic environment in Ireland has considerably improved, there is still a risk of contagion spreading to the weaker Eurozone members. Greece in particular is a potential risk as negotiations around the final restructuring of their existing debt program continue. As many international banks no longer have material exposure to Greek bonds or Greek banks, the risk of contagion in the banking system as a result of Greek default is now considered to be low but should not be totally discounted. In addition, following a Referendum on June 23, 2016, a majority of the U.K. population voted to leave the EU. The immediate impact of the vote was that the U.K. pound sterling weakened significantly against the euro. Ryanair predominantly operates to/from countries within the Eurozone and has significant operational and financial exposures to the Eurozone that could result in a reduction in the operating performance of Ryanair or the devaluation of certain assets. Ryanair has taken certain risk management measures to minimize any disruptions; however these risk management measures may be insufficient.

The Company has cash and aircraft assets and debt liabilities that are denominated in euro on its balance sheet. In addition, the positive/negative mark-to-market value of derivative-based transactions are recorded in euro as either assets or liabilities on the Company’s balance sheet. Uncertainty regarding the future of the Eurozone could have a materially adverse effect on the value of these assets and liabilities. In addition to the assets and liabilities on Ryanair’s balance sheet, the Company has a number of cross currency risks as a result of the jurisdictions of the operating business including non-euro revenues, fuel costs, certain maintenance costs and insurance costs. A weakening in the value of the euro primarily against U.K. pound sterling and U.S. dollar, but also against other nonEurozone European currencies and Moroccan Dirhams, could negatively impact the operating results of the Company.

Recession, austerity and uncertainty in connection with the euro could also mean that Ryanair is unable to grow. The recent European recession, austerity measures still in effect in several European countries and social and political instability associated with the influx of refugees related to the wars in Syria and Afghanistan could mean that Ryanair may be unable to expand its operations due to lack of demand for air travel.

Risks Related to the Airline Industry

The Airline Industry Is Particularly Sensitive to Changes in Economic Conditions: A Continued Recessionary Environment Would Negatively Impact Ryanair’s Result of Operations. Ryanair’s operations and the airline industry in general are sensitive to changes in economic conditions. Unfavorable economic conditions such as government austerity measures, the uncertainty relating to the Eurozone and in the U.K. following Brexit, high unemployment rates, constrained credit markets and increased business operating costs could lead to reduced spending by both leisure and business passengers. Unfavorable economic conditions, such as the conditions persisting as of the date hereof, also tend to impact Ryanair’s ability to raise fares to counteract increased fuel and other operating costs. A continued recessionary environment, combined with austerity measures by European governments and increased Brexit-related uncertainty in the U.K., will likely negatively impact Ryanair’s operating results. It could also restrict the Company’s ability to grow passenger volumes, secure new airports and launch new routes and bases, and could have a material adverse impact on its financial results.

Brexit and the resulting uncertainty could adversely affect our business. In a referendum held on June 23, 2016 in the U.K. (the “Referendum”), a majority voted in favor of the U.K. leaving the EU (“Brexit”). The Referendum was non-binding and the U.K. government has yet to make the declaration required by Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty necessary in order to begin the process by which the U.K. would leave the EU. If such a notification is made, negotiations would commence to determine the future terms of the U.K.’s relationship with the EU. This would include the renegotiation, either during a transitional period or more permanently, of a number of arrangements between the EU and the U.K. that directly impact our business. These arrangements include, inter alia, freedom of movement between the U.K. and the EU, employment rules governing the relationship between the U.K. and the EU, the status of the U.K. in relation to the EU’s open aviation market and the tax status of EU member state entities operating in the U.K. Adverse changes to any of these arrangements, and even uncertainty over potential changes during any period of negotiation, could potentially materially impact on Ryanair’s financial condition and results of operations in the U.K. or other markets Ryanair serves.

Ryanair is exposed to Brexit-related risks and uncertainties, as approximately 28% of revenue in fiscal 2016 came from operations in the U.K. although this was offset somewhat by 21% of our non-fuel costs in fiscal 2016 which were related to operations in the U.K.

Brexit could also present Ryanair with a number of potential regulatory challenges. Brexit could lead to potentially divergent national laws and regulations as the U.K. determines which EU laws to replace or replicate. It could also require special efforts to ensure our continuing compliance with EU Regulation No. 1008/2008, which requires that air carriers registered in EU member states be majority-owned and effectively controlled by EU nationals.

If U.K. holders of the Company’s shares are no longer designated as EU nationals, the Board of Directors may have to take action to ensure continuing compliance with EU Regulation No. 1008/2008. For additional information, please see “Item 3 – Risks Related to Ownership of the Company’s Ordinary Shares or ADRs”.

The Referendum has also caused, and Brexit may continue to cause, both significant volatility in global stock markets and currency exchange rate fluctuations, as well as creating significant uncertainty among U.K. businesses and investors. In particular, the pound sterling has lost approximately over 10% of its value against the U.S. Dollar and the euro since the Referendum, and The Bank of England and other observers have warned of a significant probability of a Brexit-related recession in the U.K. We earn a significant portion of our revenues in pounds sterling, and any significant decline in the value of the pound and/or recession in the U.K. would materially impact our financial condition and results of operations. For the remainder of fiscal 2017, taking account of timing differences between the receipt of sterling denominated revenues and the payment of sterling denominated costs, Ryanair estimates that every 1 pence sterling movement in the EUR/GBP exchange rate will impact income by approximately €8 million.

For additional information, please see “Item 3 – Currency Fluctuations Affect the Company’s Results”.

The Introduction of Government Taxes on Travel Could Damage Ryanair’s Ability to Grow and Could Have a Material Adverse Impact on Operations. The U.K. government levies an Air Passenger Duty (“APD”) of £13 per passenger. The tax was previously set at £5 per passenger, but it was increased to £10 per passenger in 2007, £11 in 2009, £12 in 2010 and subsequently to £13 in April 2012. The increase in this tax has had a negative impact on Ryanair’s operating performance, both in terms of average fares paid and growth in passenger volumes. On December 3, 2014, the U.K. government announced that it was reducing APD for children under the age of 12 years from May 1, 2015. It was also announced that this reduction of APD would be extended to persons under the age of 16 years from March 1, 2016. In 2008, the Dutch government introduced a travel tax ranging from €11 on short-haul flights to €45 on long-haul flights (withdrawn with effect from July 1, 2009). On March 30, 2009, the Irish government also introduced a €10 Air Travel Tax on all passengers departing from Irish airports on routes longer than 300 kilometers but subsequently reduced it to €3 on March 30, 2011. On April 1, 2014 the tax imposed by the Irish government was abolished. In Germany, the government introduced an air passenger tax of €8 in January 2011 which was subsequently reduced to €7.50 in January 2012. In Austria, the government also introduced an ecological air travel levy of €8 in January 2011. The Moroccan government has also introduced a similar tax (equivalent to approximately €9) from April 2014. The Italian government has recently increased the municipal taxes in Italy by €2.50 to €9 (€10 at Rome).

From June 2016, the Norwegian government introduced a passenger travel tax of NOK80 (equivalent to approximately €8.50) which resulted in Ryanair announcing the closure of its Oslo Rygge base with effect from late October 2016.

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