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«The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son.by Teague CHAPTER ONE Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, ...»

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The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague


Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, his shirt wet with

sweat. He had already put the new tire on and was replacing the bolts with practiced ease. Chase got

out of the old truck and walked around back, putting a hand on Sean’s shoulder.

“Did you fix it?”

“Of course I fixed it. I’ve changed dozens of tires” Sean said with hint of pride.

Chase rubbed at his forehead. “Why does Dad have this truck if it breaks down? He can afford a new one” Sean continued to work, not bothering to look up. “It’s not broke first of all. Any truck can get a flat whether it’s new or not. Besides, this truck is a work horse. It can take a hell of a beating and it’s perfect for the farm” Chase hadn’t been around that long to know if that was true. He lived with his mother in town and Sean split his time watching over him and then tending to pack business near his Father’s place. It took getting used to…being a Werewolf. Sean had been at it for years, and he was the only official member of his Dad’s pack, if it could even be called that. Chase’s Dad was the strongest Alpha wolf in North America, and aside from him and his half-sister Emma, he had no other children.

Emma was like her mother…a Druid. She had control over plants and was developing a sort of communication with them. According to his Father, Emma would be skipped over as a Werewolf because of the nature of her mother. The power of the Druid blood was based on life and growth, while the Werewolf nature was more of a supernatural disease of sorts. Having such a powerful mother, drove the likelihood of having a Werewolf child so far out of possibility, that the chances of Emma being like her Father were about a million to one. This was one of the reasons Michael married Wendy.

Building a dynasty wasn’t something he wanted to do, now or ever.

Of course Emma’s powers paled in comparison to her mother’s, but she seemed happy enough to make flowers bloom and vines grow. Their Dad always made a big deal out of everything she did with her new found abilities, and Chase often found himself with dozens of various blossoms to take home to his mom. Some of the flowers were so exotic that they died within hours of being separated from the tiny Druid’s power. But it made no difference, because Emma would simply make more.

Chase used to worry that his mother wouldn’t be able to handle their new life, and was thankful that she had someone new in her life to help her cope with everything.

As he rounded the truck he saw the most beautiful boy imaginable.

He was tall with thick muscles and jet black hair. Like Chase he had blue eyes, and for the briefest moment Chase imagined this is what his brother would look like, if he had one. His own Dad was blonde, and in truth, Chase shared none of his looks or physical features. If his Dad had dark hair, this boy could have easily been his Son.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague He wore a football jersey. It was burgundy with big white numbers that hung off his large chest like a trophy. The boy’s thick neck and broad shoulders seemed to call to Chase as the boy stared back.

Without realizing it, Chase was broadcasting his desire and the boy shifted in place in response.

Chase saw the bulge between the large boy’s strong legs. He could hear the boy’s heart beating faster and he saw his muscles tense up. Chase took in a deep breath and his lungs filled with the male scent of the teenager as his own cock thickened from the stimulation.

He never wanted another boy more.

The football player grinned at him and started to walk forward, his lust for Chase clear. It seemed like everything else melted away and there was only the two of them, moving toward one another.

Suddenly Sean’s back blocked his view.

The blond turned to face him and took hold of his neck, turning Chase away. Almost immediately he felt his power break as the older Werewolf interrupted his line of sight. When he turned to face Sean his eyes saw the sweat of Sean’s body soaked through his shirt, not inches in front of him, and his head filled with the smell of his protector instead.

The blond boy tilted his head toward the other and then said, “Hey. We talked about this. You can’t just go bewitching the local boys whenever you get aroused” Sean was handsome. In fact Sean was the best looking teenage Werewolf Chase had ever seen. He didn’t have the ruggedness of full grown men, like his Dad or Andreas, but he turned far more than his share of heads; female and male alike.

“Let him go Chase” Chase nodded and moved around the truck, getting back inside. He took in a deep breath and concentrated on Sean only. He was easy for Chase to find because Sean pulsed with Werewolf energy.

After a long minute Sean pulled open the squeaky door and climbed inside. He smiled at Chase. “You ready little brother?” Chase nodded and absorbed the hunky blond boy next to him. Sean’s hair was long and brushed at his shoulders as he moved his head, and Chase had an urge to touch it.

Sean turned and looked at him, feeling Chase’s desire wash over him. He was used to having admirers.

Luckily for Chase, he knew just what the boy needed.

“Sorry” Sean threw the truck into gear and it lurched into the road. He put a hand on Chase’s leg. “It’s not your fault” He gave him a smile and patted his small leg. “Wanna see if Bart’s home?” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Chase felt his cock surge at the mere mention of Bart’s name. The bulky teenager was just what he needed. “Sure!” Sean laughed. “Yeah, I thought you’d like that idea” They drove away and Chase took Sean’s hand and gripped it tight. Sean would do anything for Chase. In fact he had too…Michael demanded it. Sean would give his life to protect him and Chase never felt safer than when he was with one or the other. As the big truck rumbled down the road Chase couldn’t help but think of the black haired boy with his big muscles and the blue eyes. He turned back, but he could no longer see him.

For now anyway, Chase would have to find someone else to occupy his time.

Silas and Daruth were watching a house going up. Several Werewolves where lifting a wooden frame to one side while others waited to nail it into place. The Vampire War had destroyed many homes and the Werewolves were in the process of rebuilding.

This was one of the last.

Once it was done, Wendy, Michael’s Druid wife, would come by and grow garlic plants and spray holy water on the roots. Everyone was on alert to any vampires in the area, the subject still sore with many who lost loved ones or bore battle scars because of it. Rival packs put aside their differences and came together to fight a common enemy and now wondered if Michael the strongest Alpha in North America, would rally them all together as one pack. The two Alphas under him, Silas and Daruth, thought of this more than anyone else. Daruth would have welcomed the addition of raw power to rule over them, but Silas saw it as nothing less than domination.

Working alongside Daruth was easy for Silas because Daruth never aspired to be more than he was. He was too powerful to be led by any but the strongest of wolves but he was complacent enough to not want more than he had. In truth Silas would have absorbed Daruth and his pack in a heartbeat, if Daruth would have it. Having such a strong wolf and a smart one would have made Daruth the perfect Second to him. But Daruth was too well respected to be a Second. He was Alpha through and through.

Instead, Silas acknowledged Daruth’s position and did nothing to shift the balance of power between them.

Besides, Michael might do that for him.

Silas lifted his head in the air. He smelled Sean. He looked over to Bart, who was standing on a beam a good story above the ground.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Bart felt it too. He turned around, his shirt off and sweat running down his chest. He smiled at the pickup truck and stepped off the frame, dropping to the ground with the ease. His thick legs absorbed the impact as if it were no higher than a curb, and he took off his work gloves and brushed his hands against his jeans. He came forward, dusting off his hands on his jeans as he did.

“Hey buddy” he said to Sean and took hold of his friend’s neck, giving it a hard squeeze. When he looked at Chase and could tell the problem right away.

Chase didn’t like to hug or even touch anyone when Silas was around. He didn’t like the man and Silas didn’t care for him much either. He didn’t like the type of wolf Chase turned into and Chase didn’t like the wolf Silas was. Chase’s animal was smaller, with no hint of the usual bulky muscle that Werewolves possessed. Silas watched them as Bart nodded to the woods.

“Take a run?” Sean nodded and took Chase by the arm and led him away. Silas watched with distain as the Alpha’s only Son and his onetime soldier moved out of sight. He rarely even spoke to Chase, thinking him an inferior beast and happy that the Alpha’s heir was frail. In his mind Chase’s mere existence proved the Alpha wasn’t as powerful as everyone thought. But the memory of what Michael became during the Vampire War was still fresh in his mind, and Silas had no intention of getting on the man’s bad side any more than he already was. He rubbed at the scar running down his face and neck. It was a scar from a very brief battle he had with the Alpha many years ago.

It never healed. It never would. Scars from a more powerful foe, stayed with you for life.

Bart came around the side of the house as Chase and Sean were kicking off their pants. He unbuttoned his own and smiled as Chase looked him over. He knew how much the boy liked him and he loved that everyone knew it. Having the Son of the Alpha desire you, had a way of elevating ones reputation. He stood in front of Chase as the boy gazed hungrily at his big cock. He gave him a lustful grin and said, “Let’s get out of here so we can play” Sean began to ripple as his body started the shift to wolf. His changed came much faster now that he had Michael’s power in him. He could transform in less than half the time it took the others but did his best not to rub it into his friend’s face.

Chase pulled his eyes from Bart’s thick shaft and changed as well. Bart followed. Within minutes all three ran for the woods.

Silas saw two Werewolves and a midnight black were-panther thing, which he knew was Chase, run toward the trees. He sighed and lifted a massive wooden beam with his bare hands clear over his head for others to put into place. Men moved out of his way as he walked by, giving him curt nods of respect at his display of strength.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague The wolves ran for a couple of miles until they found a clearing they used on a regular basis. Chase was there first. He was always first. No one could run faster than him, not even his Alpha Father. He was waiting for the others, already back in human form.

Bart burst from the trees and jumped in the air landing playfully on Chase. Chase laughed and hugged the hairy beast happily, his small arms not even coming close to meeting around Bart’s huge body.

Sean came out next and moved beside them. He ran by and sniffed at the air in every direction. He was making sure they were alone. He barked loudly and Bart began to shift into human form. He waited until he was fully changed before he headed back into the woods to patrol the area.

Bart held out his arms out to Chase and the boy rushed into them. “Miss me puppy?” Chase hugged him tight, his cock already rock hard.

“I always miss you Bart” High in the trees a large black raven watched their bodies intertwine. As Chase fell to his knees and took Bart’s thick shaft in his mouth, the bird began to pick at the bark, its powerful talons pulling up large chunks of it.

Several minutes later, Bart came in Chase’s hungry mouth. The small boy drank deeply, but like every Werewolf he wanted more. He took the teenager’s strong hand and pulled him to the ground.

Bart laughed as Chase rolled him over and sat on top of him. He rubbed his smooth ass on the big cock as Bart took hold of his slender hips and guided him down. He watched with amusement as Chase threw back his head and groaned with pleasure as his heavy cock found its mark.

The Raven had seen enough. It sprung from the branch, and as it gained momentum, it spread out its great wings and took flight.

Far below, the two boys continued to mate, not noticing the jet black bird flying overhead. They were too wrapped up in themselves to care about anything else at the moment as Chase rode up and down Bart’s throbbing cock. Chase squeezed at his big muscles as the rugged teenager grinned at him.

Engaged in their pleasure, they didn’t hear the sound of dripping, or notice that the tree was bleeding.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague CHAPTER TWO It had been four months since the war and everyone was recovering in their own way. Wendy spent most of her time with Emma now that her powers had developed. She wasn’t sure if seeing her brother Chase in danger sparked them into activity. or if it would have happened all on their own. Her own abilities didn’t manifest until she was in her early teens, so she was worried that her daughter would have a hard time controlling them at such as young age.

Emma didn’t seem to have any problems though. In fact she acted as though it was the most natural thing in the world to make plants grow at her command.

Wendy watched her carefully, always ready to stop her daughter’s power if it became too much. Druid magic, like any magic, could overwhelm the user and take on a mind of its own, unless controlled carefully by the caster. Wendy remembered the jagged branches that had cruelly beaten and impaled the three Werewolf teenagers that had attacked Chase. Emma’s magic had exploded because her emotions got the best of her. Fear is a powerful force, and when backed by magic, its usually deadly.

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