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«The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son.by Teague CHAPTER ONE Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, ...»

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“I’m going to visit your pack in Daruth’s absence. I want you to spend as much time with Helen as your schedule permits. I will maintain order in your absence” Andreas swallowed hard. “My Lord?” “You can’t be in two places at once Andreas and I need Helen protected. You’re the only Wolf I trust who can do that effectively, even if your beast won’t come forth” He looked around. “I will ensure the pack remains Daruth’s” “Silas wouldn’t dare” “Silas would dare a great many things! You of all people should not underestimate him. I need the information I’m hoping Daruth can supply, and if Silas steps out of line because of it, then I’ll put him in the fucking ground!” Michael’s power flooded over Andreas and the smaller man wanted to kneel. He wanted to show his respect to the beast that lived under Michael’s skin.

“She will be protected with my life” Andreas swore. “But whatever this was…I just got the feeling that…” Andreas was a thoughtful man, not one to exaggerate. He was Daruth’s second for a reason. He had a level head and a cool demeanor, even for a Wolf. Michael would have considered him friend if not for the fact that the man spent his nights with the mother of his only Son. Still, Andreas was to be trusted.

“What?” Michael asked. “Speak your mind” “That it didn’t care about me at all. That I was just…beneath it” Michael thought this through. Andreas was no Alpha but he was a fierce fighter, in Wolf or human form.

It would take a very delusional creature not to see that in him.

What kind of silent power could put a Wolf to sleep? Michael thought. “Go to Helen tonight. I’ll send Sean to collect Chase. Stay with her, but tell her nothing” Andreas bowed. “As you wish my Lord” He turned and walked away.

Michael called after him. “You were right to come to me. Perhaps I won’t rip your arms off after all!” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Andreas couldn’t help but grin. Once he was far enough removed from the Alpha, he started to run.

Michael picked up the ax and loaded another log. The fissure he made in the tree stump made it unsteady. He removed the log and put both hands on each side of the stump and pushed them back together. The crevice sealed shut with a loud groan of wood as Michael’s immense strength made it whole. Lost in thought, he continued splitting wood.

He didn’t notice his tiny daughter looking blankly at him from her window, clutching a stuffed animal, in the shape of a pink wolf.

“Eight” she said.

Later that night, Michael told Wendy about Andreas’s visit. She, as always, understood that his role as a Grand Alpha was quickly coming to a head. She nodded to him when he explained his reason for going to Daruth’s pack.

“Do what you need to do my love. Chase and Helen are not the only ones that count on you” Michael smiled at her. “How did I get lucky enough to marry such an understanding and powerful woman?” “Brad Pitt was already spoken for?” she grinned back.

“That’s two!” Michael warned her, kissing her mouth in the process.

Sean came over about twenty minutes later with Chase in tow. Father and Son hugged one another and little Emma was swept up in her brother’s arms for a hug of her own. Michael pulled Sean to the side and told him what was happening. Sean was to stay with the family and protected them while he was away for the night. The blonde boy listened carefully to Michael’s instructions and soon the Alpha was on his way to Daruth’s pack.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague He walked to the edge of camp. Three large men came out to meet him but stopped cold when they saw who he was. Michael’s visit was not foretold. In unison, they kneeled. He looked at each; their heads bowed eyes to the ground…and walked right by them.

The camp was large, although nowhere near the size of Silas’s. Sturdy homes were built and several people were walking by when they recognized who he was. Whispers and turned heads followed him everywhere. Women flooded out of the homes at the news of his arrival.

The Grand Alpha was among them!

Destel approached him. “I didn’t know you were expected” Michael confronted him, his large body squared off and tall. “I wasn’t aware I needed to report to you…little Wolf” Destel swallowed and took a large step back. He was no fool and an open challenge to the Grand Alpha would mean his death. He opened his hands to show they were empty. Several men came near but stood far enough away so not to threaten Michael or give the impression they would fight with Destel.

They listened intently to see what the assassin would do.

“That is, of course, not necessary Michael. I simply would have arranged a proper gathering for the arrival of such a respected guest” Destel was good. He wasn’t the diplomat that Andreas was, but he could hold his own in a pinch.

Michael looked around. “I need no such display” He was careful not to use Destel’s name. He didn’t want the man to think that he knew him. It would elevate his status among the pack if others heard the exchange, and Michael didn’t want to subjugate Andreas’s rank.

“Daruth is gone. As is Andreas” Michael said it as a matter of fact. The men all around him shifted. If he were Silas, this could have been a hostile takeover. Michael realized they thought he meant to claim the pack. “So many Wolves without a leader troubles me” “Andreas is not gone my Lord, only absent” Destel said.

Before Michael could respond a woman with beautiful black hair stepped forward. Two small children hugged her legs and peered around her to look at Michael. “He does not wish to challenge Daruth or Andreas” Destel turned to give her a stern look but she held her ground. It was clear she had a status of her own.

“He is stronger than every Alpha put together” She bowed her head and extended her hands in greeting. “Welcome great one. We are yours” Destel shifted uneasily. He moved toward her in anger until he heard Michael’s voice.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague “Take another step toward her Wolf…and it will be your last” Destel slowly turned around and bowed his head to Michael. Michael stepped by him and faced the woman. He took her hand and kissed it. Several women nearby quickly turned to look at each other.

“You must be Elyria?” She smiled. “I am. And we of course, know you” He saw the other women looking hungrily at him. The men however, were not so happy with this.

“Daruth has good taste. Nothing like a powerful woman” he said. “It brings out the beast in me” Several groans could be heard from women whose Wolves were responding to his presence. A growl or two was added to that but when Michael looked around, the men they belonged to seemed to melt into the ground.

Elyria tilted her head. “How are Wendy and Emma? All is well I hope?” Michael didn’t have to be an Alpha Wolf to understand what was happening. Elyria was finding out if he was here to mate with them. She was asking the questions that all the women wanted to know.

“They are well. My family is intact” he replied. He saw a woman in the distance. She was small with brown hair. She was also pregnant. He waved her over and she reluctantly stepped forward. A young Wolf in his twenties quickly stood beside, and just in front of her, his eyes on Michael. “How far along are you?” She bowed her head and said, “Five months” Michael looked at the man. “You must be a fearsome Wolf to keep her animal at bay for that long” The man’s face blushed red. He shook his head. “It is Daruth’s will, my Lord, which does that. I have no such power” Michael stepped toward them. “As the weeks progress you may find it harder to keep the call of the moon at bay” Every month the wolves emerged. Only the strongest could prevent the change. “You may need more than Daruth can provide, and Phoebe has provided me much. Consider me at your disposal, if you so choose” There were audible gasps from the women. The Grand Alpha had just offered to control her beast, a job for the pack Alpha to attend.

“Daruth is a great man” Michael said to the small women, but he said it loud enough that everyone heard. “Carrying a child to term is a burden that only the strongest of women can endure. If I can The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague make things easier for you and your pack, then I will. There is no point in not using every resource available. And I am available” “Thank you!” she said with relief. The joy on her face was clear to everyone. The male Wolf next to her put his arm around her shoulders and smiled.

Michael looked around. “We have lived through much and lost many. We have been hurt but not broken. This is not my pack. You belong to Daruth and you will stay his. I am here. I will defend you and help you rebuild” He looked at the young pregnant woman. “I will help your children and the children yet to be” He turned to Destel and slowly walked up to him. This was something that had to be done. “But perhaps there are those among you that don’t want me here. They may see my presence as a threat” Destel would not meet his eyes.

“They might want to speak up. To tell me to leave” he waited, but nothing was said. “Perhaps they’ve lived too long, and wish for release?” Destel was as still as a statue.

Michael waited.

Elyria spoke. “There is no one here to challenge you great one. You are welcome, as is your family and your Son” This was an important statement. Wendy killed a female Werewolf that challenged her right to be Michael’s mate. Elyria had just secured her safety for the pack. No one refuted her claim. Michael turned to face her, leaving Destel alone with his eyes to the ground.

“Perhaps there is someone to show me around? I wish to visit Daruth’s camp and see for myself what it is he fights for” Elyria nodded and waved two females over. They were young, maybe twenty five. They practically fell over each other to get to him.

“This is Mylana and Janel. They will do…whatever you wish of them” Michael understood her meaning and nodded to the women. It was clear Elyria, and every other female there, wanted him to mate with the pack. These two were offered to him and he had no doubt that they would strip down in front of everyone if it meant possibly having a child by his Wolf. The men were no longer a concern. This meeting was being controlled completely by Daruth’s mate.

The young girls walked him away, one on either side as the other females nodded to them, hopeful for their mating.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Destel walked up to Elyria when the area was clear.

“Careful you don’t give everything away Elyria. Your hast to mate with him might leave us bankrupt” “Mind your mouth Destel. When your services are needed, I’ll let you know” she said, watching Michael in the distance. She snapped her fingers and three more young women ran up. “Make sure they are not disturbed. If anyone interferes with them I want to know. Be they woman or man” She gave Destel a hard look.

“As you wish mistress” one of them said and turned to shadow the Alpha from afar.

Destel was not pleased. “There are plenty of men available to fill your needs Elyria” “Giving birth to a Werewolf is not child’s play Destel. The stronger the man, the better the chances” She leveled her gaze at him. “If you could guarantee the women would go to term then the pack would be full of your children. How many women have you mated with? Seven, ten?

How many children do you have?” She didn’t wait for his answer. “Three! After dozens of failed attempts” She looked at Michael’s broad back. “He is a Grand Alpha. Any children by him will increase our pack, exponentially. If he is offering, we will most assuredly accept” She turned back at him. “Perhaps you would prefer it if he made this offer to the women of Silas’s pack instead?” Destel looked at the ground.

“I didn’t think so” The black bird circled far overhead, watching Michael’s house carefully. There was movement inside and a light turned on upstairs. It slowly flew downward until it landed on the large oak tree that stood outside the home. It watched as little Emma moved through her room and threw clothes and toys around in search of something. A woman walked in the door a moment later. She smiled at the child and crouched down to help her. The bird dug its claws into the bark of the tree and the woman flinched.

She stood up and grabbed her chest in surprise and looked around. The tree swayed in the night under its own power.

It was connected to the woman.

The bird understood and flapped its wings happily and flew off into the night.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Helen turned in bed and found Andreas asleep beside her. She sighed and wrapped an arm around his hairy chest and nuzzled against his warm body. The air rushed in his lungs like it was filling a great machine and his heart was like a drum in his big chest. She felt herself succumb to his presence. Her body wanted him on an almost constant basis and it was becoming unbearable to be separated from him.

Chase liked him, and that was a good thing. She wanted Andreas but if she had to choose between them it would be no contest. She was a mother first and foremost. Luckily it didn’t have to come to that.

Chase was as happy with Andreas as she could imagine, and the large man seemed equally comfortable with him.

She ran her hand absently over his muscled body. Her fingers moved through the soft hair on his powerful chest and trailed down his stomach until her hand slipped under the covers. Andreas’s cock seemed to be in a perpetual state of arousal. She slowly moved down the length of his shaft until she cupped the flared head of his cock and gave it a gentle squeeze. It thickened with just her touch.

She felt his great body stir and she felt herself become moist in turn. His arm coiled around her and hugged her tight.

“Keep this up and you’ll have to start taking vitamin C” his deep voice chided her. He reached across with his hand and pushed it between her legs.

Helen moaned.

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