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«The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son.by Teague CHAPTER ONE Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, ...»

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He rolled up on his side and moved his hand inside her panties. His thick fingers pushed away her lips and sunk into her cunt. She groaned and spread her legs apart for him. He leaned down and kissed her mouth softly. “Your body craves my touch. You’ve been without a man for far too long” He moved to his knees and pulled down her panties and lifted her top off her chest. He threw her garments to the floor and looked down at her naked body. He took one of her legs and pulled it up and around until she was straddling his bulky frame. He aimed his big dick to her cunt and leaned down as it sunk inside.

Helen let out a loud groan of pleasure.

Andreas felt his big dick wrapped inside her tight pussy. She was small for a woman, human or otherwise and he was a full grown Werewolf, with a never ending desire to mate. He covered her body with his and felt his hard cock sink to the limit into her overstretched cunt. Her small arms moved up and wrapped around his neck, pulling him down.

Andreas fucked her slowly, letting her squirm underneath him as she attempted the impossible. She wanted to capture every inch of his beastly prick. This was something he was used to. Helen was simply too small of a woman to take so much man but Andreas let her try regardless. He smiled as she shifted her hips as if her body would magically open up for him and create space where none existed before.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Long minutes disappeared into the night as Helen struggled with her impossible task until Andreas finally took over. He pushed down at her, trapping her under his heavy body.

He started to fuck her hard.

The bed shifted and rocked against the wall as the big man drove into her with deep strokes. The wet sound of her pussy being packed and emptied filled the room. Helen lost the ability to speak as she responded to every thrust of the Werewolf’s powerful body.

She came in less than a minute.

Andreas kept fucking her throughout her orgasm until his mighty cock swelled up and made her throw her head back in ecstasy. His large balls bore down and flooded her small pussy with heavy amounts of cum. The bed shook violently as he came inside her and soaked the sheets in the process.

By the time he was finished Helen’s body had fully relaxed under him and he didn’t have to look down to see why. He slowly pulled himself up on his hands to see the damage.

Helen was out.

Andreas laughed softly to himself and bent down to kiss her lips. She didn’t respond. He lowered himself once more and wrapped his strong arms around her, keeping his large cock buried inside her wet cunt. He pressed his face into her hair and breathed deeply before falling asleep himself.

Helen dreamed of him. There, like in reality, his body surrounded her and warmed her in the night.

She dreamed of the moon.

Kalibrus didn’t understand the role the Vampire played. Daruth explained how it used Chase to get to the Grand Alpha but how it was Chase’s mother who had destroyed it. He described Wendy and Emma and told his former master about their abilities.

“So much power in one area, and it took a human to dispatch the undead. She must be remarkable” “I’ve only met her in passing. My second, Andreas, is involved with her” “You walk a fine line Daruth. Be careful. You are accountable for everything he does” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Daruth nodded. “I am more than aware of that” He told Kalibrus of Wendy’s help. “She came around the camps and used her powers to grow garlic plants in the woods surrounding us, to weaken our enemies” Kalibrus nodded. “Effective, I’m sure. I would have liked to see the Naga. I haven’t beheld one in over a hundred years” “I wish I could say the same” Daruth admitted. “Nasty thing” A small girl, no older than fourteen came up meekly. Kalibrus turned to her. “My Lord, the food is prepared and everyone has gathered to eat” He nodded as her eyes moved over Daruth. He waved her away and she disappeared into the brush.

“She’s small” Daruth said. “Has she mated yet?” “Werewolf women mature far earlier than humans do. The men all vie for her attention. They fight over the right to take her first” This was the nature of packs in general. When a female Wolf was born the chances of expanding the pack was increased because she would be more able to have healthy children than a girl made Wolf by bite. The men were of course, more than eager to mate with her given the slightest hint of desire. Some men didn’t wait for that though, and it took an Alpha to protect the children from the lustful attraction of the full grown Werewolves. Young girls could be killed by the force of mating and with so many men at one time. Daruth himself had beaten lesser Wolves into submission over the right to mate with young girls.

“Her desire is present. She doesn’t yet understand the power she has over the men. She cannot be left alone with more than a few at one time” Daruth stood up and followed Kalibrus back to camp, his cock thick and heavy between his legs.

Mylana and Janel were curled up and huddled together on the ground as Michael zipped up his pants.

His dick filled out the large bulge that was forever present between his powerful legs. He looked down at the young women and smiled with pride. He was too much for them. He walked back to camp, knowing they had been watched by others. Elyria was waiting.

“Attend your children” he told her, nodding his head in the direction he came from. “They are too small to take one such as me, although they should be commended for their…eagerness” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Elyria’s eyes were wide at his words but she bowed her head. “Of course great one. We have others if they do not suit you” “They suit me fine Elyria. They are simply not ready” He looked around. Some women were milling about, trying to look busy, but it was clear they wanted to know what happened. “My beast requires women of more…sturdy stock” “Of course my lord. I have gravely misjudged you” “It’s alright. I’ll be back. Consider this…a first visit. I have duties of my own to attend” She escorted him to the edge of camp, near where he arrived. Destel was there but made no move to approach, he simply bowed his head.

“You are welcome day and night. If needed, we would gladly come to you my lord. We are yours, as you know” She’s good, Michael thought. “Andreas is currently engaged in a task I’ve asked him to perform. If you need anything and he is not here, you contact me. If Silas comes, I want to know” Elyria nodded and bowed before him. “As you command great one. It will be done” He left the camp alone and the night quickly swallowed him up as he headed back home. A woman came up to stand beside Elyria.

“They are both out” she said. “I don’t believe he seeded either of them” Elyria shook her head. “Two of our youngest and most willing women and neither could satisfy him” “It will be a while before they are ready again. He did a thorough job. Their beasts have been pushed so far down it may take days before they can change unassisted” Elyria was beside herself. “A human and Druid have both bore him children and yet women of pure Werewolf blood are no match for him?” “Perhaps he wasn’t so forceful with them?” the woman offered.

Elyria thought for a moment and said, “I want to meet the human, known as Helen” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Emma looked out her window. She had already taken her bath and heat of the water had made her sleepy. She knew her mother would be coming in at any minute and did a quick last second survey to see if she cleaned her room enough to miss a lecture. Her eyes were never as good as her mother’s she knew, and often found herself kicking things under her bed in case they lead to yet another reprimand by one of her parents. She yawned and looked out her window at the large oak tree that was her constant companion. The tree had been there for as long as she could remember. She knew her mother planted it and nurtured it into the massive titan it currently was. The sky was clear and Emma couldn’t help but yawn once more.

When she opened her eyes the tree had changed. It was colossal, far bigger than the familiar oak. It had huge misshapen limbs and a dark heavy bark that looked like scabs instead of the smooth surface of the oak. Its entire trunk was twisted as if a giant had reached from the sky and turned it with a massive hand. It had dark leaves that looked oily and dead.

Emma cried out for her mother and ran out of the room. She made it halfway down the stairs when Wendy scooped her up in her arms and asked her what happened. She explained the best she could for a four year old, as her mother carried her back to her bedroom and looked out the window.

The oak, as usual, stood protectively outside.

“See honey, it’s right there” Emma had no explanation, but she knew what she saw. Outside Chase and Sean were walking near the barn. Wendy pointed to them.

“If something happened you know your brother would have told me. It was just a day dream sweetheart” Emma watched them down below. She felt better knowing that her big brother and Sean were so close.

“When is Daddy coming home?” Wendy smiled. She was used to her daughter wanting the comfort of her Father’s arms around her.

“Seven” Emma said, looking absently out the window.

Wendy looked at her, confused by what she said. “Um, he’ll be back tonight, but after you’re asleep” She pointed to the tree. “You know I can feel everything it feels. You have nothing to be afraid of” Emma wasn’t happy, but as usual her mother knew the right things to say. She climbed into bed and allowed her mom to tuck the covers in around her.

“Sleep angel. I’m right downstairs” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Over a thousand miles away, a bent, diseased hand pulled a dark cloak off a warped shelf. It was small…made for a child. The hand shook it a few times in the air and it shrank to almost half its original size. It was moved into the candlelight for inspection.

It would fit just fine.

In the flickering light the dark cloak was in fact, deep red. It was made of a heavy material to protect its possessor from the cold. It had no sleeves and was meant to be worn over the shoulders.

It had one more feature.

It had a hood.

CHAPTER SIX Chase smelled him first. His sweat reached through the air and tugged at him like an invisible rope. He ran through the trees and leaped over shrubs to get to him. The others were far behind and it would take a long while before they caught up to him. He heard the noise before he saw anything. There were shouts and cheers and objects knocking together. He heard running and grunts of effort of some kind.

Chase made it to the edge of the forest and saw them. They were in brightly colored shirts and white pants that hugged their strong legs. He scanned them; breathing deeply, until he locked onto the one he wanted. He had a burgundy jersey and a matching helmet. He held a football in his strong hand and threw it like a rocket far down field. Someone caught it and ran forward as others chased after him.

Chase looked around. There was no audience. This wasn’t a real game, only practice. Only the players and support staff were on the field. He leaned against a large tree and watched the boy play.

He was tall and strong and in some ways he reminded Chase of Bart. He had powerful arms and equally thick legs, with broad shoulders and a thick neck. His muscles stood out proudly and flexed as he moved. Chase’s mouth watered as he took in the boy’s scent as deeply as he could. It was like being an addict. The aroma was incredible, and next to his Dad, this boy was the best smelling thing his Werewolf nose had ever breathed.

He wanted him. He wanted to run his hands over the strapping teenager’s commanding body. He wanted to feel the hardness of his muscles and the warmth of the boy’s arms around him. He wanted to kiss and worship every part of him.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague

This was the third time Chase saw him.

The first was when his Dad’s truck got a flat and Sean had to change it. The second was when Chase was a Wolf and running parallel the school bus the boy was in. It had been daytime and Chase was deep enough that they couldn’t tell what he was behind the trees. He was warned not to reveal himself to humans, but when he sensed the boy’s presence, Chase just had to see him; and for a brief moment the boy saw him.

Chase sighed as he remembered both encounters. He watched him play, not realizing he had touched him with his power.

The boy turned!

Chase looked at him, and even through the helmet he could see his bright blue eyes staring back. But he was too far away, and the boy didn’t know what he was looking at. Chase smiled and watched him look around. Other players ran up and shouted things to him and the boy turned back and pointed to where he wanted them to go.

After the next play, practice was over. Chase watched him move to the sidelines and take off his helmet.

A wash of thick black hair fell out as the boy shook his head around to cool off. He took a towel and wiped his face with it before putting it around his neck. He talked to some of the other guys nearby. A big blonde boy was grinning and pointing at some girls as he slapped the boy on the back. Chase felt anger rising inside his mind as the boy turned and looked at them. He cast out his power to pull his focus away from them.

The boy turned around as he lifted up a duffle bag and looked right at Chase, as if he were the only thing alive.

Chase smiled.

The boy said something to the others and let his bag fall on the ground. He turned and walked toward the trees. It took two minutes to walk the distance.

“Hey little buddy, you like football?” the handsome boy said.

“I like the Quarterback more. I didn’t know they were so…big” Chase replied.

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