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«The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son.by Teague CHAPTER ONE Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, ...»

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“We’re just pussycats. I’ll tell you a secret, we love attention. But most of all, we love to give the fans what they want most” The boy shifted his stance. Chase saw it immediately. He had a thick bulge between his legs. Chase’s mouth watered at the sight and it took a great deal of effort not to drop to his knees right then and there.

“Your muscles are huge” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague “There just muscles. Wanna feel ‘em?” It was clear he was lost in the young Werewolf’s power. He took a step forward and flexed a bicep for Chase to touch, but before he could he spun around as a sound hit his ears.

They were no longer alone.

Sean, Jason, and Bart stepped out of the trees. Bart moved in front of Chase and stared the new boy in the eyes.

The boy stepped back and Sean put his hand on Bart’s shoulder, holding him back.

“I’ll deal with this Bart” He turned to the football player. “You’re off the field” “Yeah, what of it?” Bart moved quickly forward, his face twisted with anger and his huge muscles swelled up but Sean blocked his path.

“This isn’t the city” Sean said. “All kinds of bad things live in these woods. You don’t want to come out here” Chase was fixated on the black haired boy. He barely acknowledged the others.

“That’s Chase. I’m Sean” he waved to the others. “Jason…and this big angry guy is Bart” “I’m not looking for trouble” the boy said.

“We know that. We’re just protective of our own” “You’re brothers?” “Yeah, but not the way you think” Sean moved until he was between the boy and Chase. “We look out for each other, especially our younger ones” “Sure, I get that” The boy looked at Chase and said, “You have one hell of a security system” Chase smiled. “Yeah, I…” he looked at the three boys now surrounding him as if he now saw them for the first time. He moved just past Sean. “Sorry about…” he waved to them. “…all this” Bart moved right behind Chase and wrapped one thick arm around his shoulders and hugged him tight, keeping him still.

Sean thumbed over this shoulder. “Cute kid isn’t he?” The boy blinked and looked up at the blonde. “What?” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague “Chase. He’s pretty cute isn’t he?” “Um, well yeah…I guess” Sean smiled at him. “Hey, we’re not exactly immune to his charms either. Fact is, no one is. You should see the girls drop around him. He’s a lady killer. They fall all over themselves to get to him. It would be kind of funny if no other boy was around. Otherwise, it kinda sucks, if you know what I mean?” The boy looked at him in confusion. He didn’t understand. Then he saw Bart with his strong arm around Chase, his body pressed into the kid’s back. He understood. “You’re all…together?” Sean nodded. “Yeah, you could say that” He turned and looked at Chase for a moment. “That kid runs me ragged. His Dad is pretty well known around here. I’m not supposed to let anything happen to him, or else he’ll rip my head off. And that would be funny too, if it was just a joke. Sadly it isn’t” The boy simply stared. The spell on him was still in effect. All he wanted was Chase, and everyone knew it.

“The problem is, he likes YOU a lot” Sean continued.

The boy gave Chase a soft smile which Chase returned.

“He keeps coming back to you and we keep chasing him around” The boy looked at Chase. He wasn’t even old enough to drive. How did he get this far if not by car?

“He’s fast. Real fast” Sean said as if to answer his silent question.

Chase grinned. “No one can catch me! Not even my Dad!” He said that last part with pride.

Bart pulled him tight, lifting his small body off the floor as he did. He gave Chase a disapproving glare.

“You’re gonna be the death of all of us, you know that?” Sean rolled his eyes. “He’s like a damn gazelle” The boy said to Chase. “I could catch you” His double meaning clear.

Chase leveled his eyes. “Wanna bet?” “No he doesn’t!” Sean said turning. “Don’t you think you’ve bothered him enough?” “He’s no bother” The boy answered once again getting lost in Chase’s charm.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague “Dude, you have no idea” Sean replied. “Look this isn’t your fault. Chase is… new. He’s not in full control yet” “New? New to what?” Sean opened his mouth to speak and then caught himself. “Ah. New to the area. We’re looking out for him” “Cause of his Dad?” Chase grinned. “Yeah. They’re all scared of him. He’s stronger than anyone!” Bart squeezed him again. Sean shook his head. “In our own defense, you have to meet his Dad” “Wanna race?” Chase asked the football player.

The boy laughed. “I bet your fast at the start, but I run fields all day long. I’ll get you sooner or later” His eyes filled in his meaning.

Chase laughed and shook his head but his eyes were inviting and the boy was lost in them.

“No you won’t” Jason said, speaking for the first time. “Especially not in here” he looked around the woods. The trees and shrubs would make it hard for a big boy to move. Chase on the other hand would shift effortlessly under low hanging branches and around trees.

“Well, maybe you’d have me in here” he smiled at Chase.

“I could have you anywhere” Chase replied, watching the bulge between the boy’s legs throb in response.

“You’ve got a big game coming tomorrow” Sean interrupted and blocked the view of Chase again.

“You ready?” “Sure. Not that many of you will be rooting for us to win” “I will” Chase answered truthfully.

“I’ve got a fan huh?” The boy grinned.

Chase’s blue eyes sparkled. “I’ve watched you since you got here. You’re amazing!” The desire to move around Sean and touch the boy was almost overpowering.

“He’s a big football fan” Sean explained hastily as Bart tugged at Chase to settle down.

“Well I hope you come to the game” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Sean looked at the others for a moment. “Sure why not” The boy looked at him with confusion. He didn’t mean all of them, just Chase. Now they would all come.

Bart lifted up Chase with one arm and threw him over his broad shoulder and moved into the woods.

Chase looked up and waved at the boy and grinned.

“I’m Daniel” the boy called after him, but Bart didn’t stop.

Jason waited for a moment and then walked parallel to Bart on the left side, his eyes moving around the trees like he was searching for something.

As soon as Chase was out of sight Daniel felt like himself again. He took in a deep breath to clear his head and found himself face to face with Sean. The whole episode seemed like a dream to him.

Bart carried Chase far away.

“I can walk!” Chase yelled but Bart paid him no mind.

Jason came near and shook his head at him. “You know how much trouble you cause?” Chase smiled. “I just wanted to see him. Doesn’t he smell great?” Jason looked at Bart in defeat and Bart rolled his eyes. “Don’t look at me; he’s like a one kid sex machine!” “This should be far enough. Let’s wait for Sean” Jason said.

Bart set Chase on his feet and pushed him down with one hand until Chase sat on the ground. He squatted down and looked him in the eyes. “Chase, you can’t go mixing it up with the locals!” “You do!” Chase countered.

Bart glared back, “I fuck around with girls Chase. That’s different” “Why because I’m gay?” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague “Of course not!” Bart belted out. “How many times have you got off with me? You think I care that you like guys instead of girls?” He put his hand on Chase’s shoulder. “If it were up to me I’d be the only man in your life buddy, but that beast inside you wants to roam the field. Literally!” Chase shrugged and put his chin on his hand as he waited for Sean while Jason and Bart talked about getting him a leash and a GPS chip.

Sean ran out from the trees and stopped in front of them. He looked at Chase with a grin. “Dude, you got him all worked up! He’s gonna be hard for like a day!” Jason laughed. Bart didn’t.

“What is it about him that we don’t do for you?” Sean asked truthfully. He wasn’t used to being second runner up in a beauty contest. Sean had model good looks and the body to match.

“He’s so big” Chase said, his eyes glazing over.

“I’m big!” Bart said, showing off his thick bicep.

“And the way he smells…it drives me crazy” Bart looked at the others for help but no one had any to give.

“I just wanna taste him. Taste his sweat in my mouth” Chase’s voice trailed off.

Sean moved up and lifted him off the ground. “Come on let’s get you home. Maybe your Dad can snap you out of it” As Bart pushed at Chase to move Jason fell back in line with Sean and nodded over his shoulder. “What about Bret Favre back there?” Sean sighed. “Looks like we’re going to a football game” Emma sat outside on the grass. Her mother was hanging some sheets up to dry. She had a dryer inside but loved the way they smelled when they were air dried. Emma put her hands out and the grass underneath began to move. Then it grew. It grew higher and higher until it touched her palms and tickled them. She giggled and looked over to her mom, but the woman was too busy to notice what she had done. She moved her hands back and looked at what she did.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Her eyes went wide and she pushed back with her legs, falling on her back. She cried out for her mother as she kicked her legs to get away.

Wendy’s head snapped around and she dropped her clothes pins as she ran over, her eyes looking all around for danger. “What’s wrong?” Emma was scared. “It’s dead!” Wendy looked down at the ground to find what her daughter was talking about. “What’s dead?” Emma pointed down. “The grass!” Wendy still didn’t see it. “Grass? Emma what are you talking about?” She lifted her up and made her look with her. Emma pulled herself into her mother’s arms and hugged at her neck as she looked at the ground.

She didn’t see it either.

She looked at her mom, tears in her eyes. “It was dead. It was black and eaten up!” She pushed her face into Wendy’s neck.

Wendy wrapped her arms around her tiny daughter and tried to console her. “Sweety, nothing’s dead.

Everything is fine. Here look” Emma turned and watched her mother extend her hand. The ground shifted and a huge red rose grew up in front of them.

“Now isn’t that pretty?” Emma nodded and wiped the tears from her eyes. She let her mother sit her back on the ground but she didn’t want to play with the grass again. She had no explanation for what she saw or why the grass wasn’t dead anymore.

Wendy shook her head as she watched her daughter for a moment. She lifted up a sheet and carefully placed it over the line and pinned it in place. She moved her head back to look at Emma, who was now feeling the red petals of the rose. She smiled and put another pin on the line.

“What honey?” she asked, looking around the sheet at her daughter.

Emma turned her head and gave her a confused expression. “What mommy?” “I thought you said something angel?” Emma shook her head.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Wendy shrugged and went back to work; she could have sworn her daughter had said, ‘Five’.

Michael held Chase on his lap. They were deep in the forest and alone, after Sean told him what Chase did.

“His name is Daniel” Chase said.

“Mmm. Sounds sexy” Michael grinned.

“Dad!” Chase didn’t like his mocking tone.

Michael laughed and shrugged his shoulders. “Has he seen what you can do?” Chase looked away for a moment.

“Has he seen your Wolf?” Michael asked a moment later.

Chase looked guilty. “Well…I was deep in the woods and I’m sure he couldn’t see me! He probably thought it was a bear or something” Michael simply looked at Chase and waited for him to get it. And after an uncomfortable pause Chase looked at the ground.

“I couldn’t help it. I was already changed when I caught his sent. I just wanted to look at him again” Michael pulled Chase against his strong chest. “I’m not mad at you Chase, I just worry about you.

Last year you were just a normal boy and now you find out that you’re a Werewolf, your dad is a Werewolf, and you have a little sister that’s a Druid” Chase looked up at his handsome Father. “You forgot the Vampire, Silas, Patrick, and the whole black Wolf with gold eyes thing!” Michael opened his mouth to say something but laughed instead. “I was easing into that” he offered in his defense. Chase leaned into his body and Michael hugged him tight. “I worry about you all the time.

I worry that someone like Silas will move against you because of who I am. I’ve already told you what Wendy had to do just because she’s married to me” He was referring to the female Wolf she had to kill that challenged her right to be the Alpha’s mate. “Now I’ve got a Son who’s just become a Werewolf and a four year old daughter that’s trying to grow a tree in my living room” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague

He felt Chase’s small body shake with laughter.

“You’re surging with supernatural hormones and it’s not your fault that you can’t control them.

That’s why you have Sean and me to keep you focused” He kissed his Son’s head. “We’ll get this all figured out, and in time you’ll be able to control your Wolf on your own” “When?” Michael sighed. “In about thirty years” Chase pulled away and gave him a big smile. Michael felt his cock thicken up between his legs. His Son was so handsome.

DeMarco had been right about him. The Vampire knew, long before anyone, what Chase would mean to Michael. He may be the Grand Alpha, and he may have more control over his beast than other Werewolves, but his will collapsed around his Son faster than anyone. In this way he was more vulnerable to Chase than anyone else.

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