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«The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son.by Teague CHAPTER ONE Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, ...»

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He watched as Chase’s hands moved against his chest and rub at the large muscles under his shirt. He smiled at the boy as he leaned in and kissed his soft lips. Chase pulled at his shirt almost frantically and Michael laughed to himself at how quickly his Son’s mind shifted to sex. He wrapped his thick arms around the boy and pulled him tight, sinking his tongue deep in Chase’s mouth.

Chase moaned and tried to break free. He wanted to control this. He wanted to lead the dance. But Michael was Alpha. He was THE Alpha. There was only one man here, and it was him. He gripped Chase tighter and lifted him up as he stood. He suddenly let go and Chase dropped to the ground on his feet.

Michael lifted up his shirt and showed his big muscled chest off.

Chase’s eyes widened at the sight. His mouth hung open slightly as he visually devoured his Father’s incredible body. He reached out to touch him, but Michael pushed his hands away.

He grabbed ahold of Chase’s shirt and tugged it off of him with one hand. The boy’s thick black hair became ruffled at the abrupt action and it was now clear that whatever his attention had been, his Father was in charge.

Michael looked down at his Son and a low growl escaped his chest. Chase responded immediately and shrunk down to his knees in front of him. He looked up at him with his big blue eyes and Michael’s heavy cock swelled up inside his pants.

Chase looked right at it and licked his lips.

Michael put his hands on his leather belt and started to slowly tug it open. Chase watched with impatience’s as time seemed to slow eternally. Michael stopped.

“Maybe you’d rather do this with Daniel?” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Chase’s face was blank. His eyes looked up but there was nothing behind them.

“Would you?” Michael demanded.

Chase didn’t understand. He was already lost in desire for his Father. He grabbed at his Dad’s thick legs and pushed his face between them.

Michael felt his Son’s mouth wrap around his bulging mound. His warm tongue pushed against the denim in an attempt to lick at his flesh.

Michael watched, satisfied that Chase no longer remembered the football player. In the span of a few minutes the Alpha had reasserted control over his Son so completely, that now Chase only existed to serve him. His Son’s small arms coiled around his thick legs as he moaned hungrily against Michael’s crotch. Michael pulled open his belt.

“Who do you love more than me?” Chase couldn’t respond; the fever had him. He groaned instead.

“That’s what I thought” Michael popped the button on his pants and pulled the flaps aside. Chase shifted position and groaned in anticipation. He didn’t have to wait long. Michael slid his clothes down his big thighs and his enormous dick sprung out and swelled in the air.

Chase’s eyes blazed and he opened his mouth and took the head of his Father’s cock inside.

Michael felt the boy’s spit flood over his dick like a warm ocean. His soft lips hugged his thick shaft and his silky tongue ran hungrily across the throbbing head.

“There now. Isn’t that better?” Chase moaned loudly as he sucked deeply on his Dad’s heavy meat. It grew and swelled as he nursed on it, making his mouth open more.

Michael grabbed the base of his big dick with one hand and started to tug on it. He felt his Son’s mouth clamp down defiantly in his refusal to let it go. He smiled down, but Chase didn’t see it. He was too focused on his task to give notice.

There were many ways this could go, Michael knew. There were times when he was so gentle with Chase that the boy actually became frustrated. Then there was Werewolf sex, when beast spoke to beast. Today, because of some muscle bound football player, Chase needed the real thing.

Michael growled, his power flooding the area.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Birds shot off into the sky and the sound of running could be heard as small animals scurried for cover.

The wind itself seemed to die in mid breath as the Alpha Wolf made his presence known.

Chase did his best to growl as well, to add his voice to his Father’s, but instead it came out as a muted grunt, as his mouth was overstuffed with his Dad’s enormous prick.

Michael used his feet to push off his shoes and he shoved his pants to the ground and stepped out of them. His large balls now hung low between his legs and swayed back and forth as Chase sucked on the head of his cock.

Michael growled again.

Chase shifted uneasily and moved his mouth around from side to side to calm the raging beast that lived inside his Father.

Michael watched his Son’s reaction with satisfaction. Even if the boy didn’t understand, the animal that lived in him did. This was about domination, about status, and for Michael, there was only one true king. There was only one Alpha. Only one man; and everyone else would kneel at his feet.

His large hands became fists and he roared down at Chase, his thick shoulders bunching up and his heavy biceps throbbing with power. The ground vibrated with the sound as Michael’s body swelled with power.

Chase whimpered and sucked harder.

The great beast silenced for a moment but growled again. Chase twisted his head back and forth as he corkscrewed his mouth around his Father’s juicy prick, making every attempt to please the Alpha Wolf.

Michael threw his head back and bellowed into the air. The forest became deathly quiet. He saw his Son tremble on his knees and as his small arms unwrapped from around his powerful legs, Michael saw what Chase was going to do. Before his Son could take hold of his heavy cock, Michael backhanded one away.

Chase flinched and wisely dropped the other hand down before the other one was struck that as well.

This dance would require only two things, Chase’s mouth and Michael’s big dick.

The boy’s spit ran out of his mouth as he sucked and sucked at the swollen meat.

But the beast wanted more.

Michael put one hand behind his Son’s head and pulled him forward. His fat cock sunk deep inside and he felt it bump the back of Chase’s throat. The child gagged, but to his credit, kept sucking. He gave him an encouraging thrum and Chase’s hands gripped the back of his legs once more. He took his hand away and his Son held his position.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Now the Alpha growled with satisfaction. His arms dropped to his side and he waited.

Chase sucked and sucked, his head turning slowly around, the fat end of his Dad’s beastly cock at his throat. He didn’t want to look up. He was afraid to see the Wolf inside his Father looking back. He could feel the immense power his Dad held inside his strong body, and Chase didn’t want any of it directed toward him. His spit ran freely now, right down the throbbing shaft between his Father’s legs. The base seemed so far away. His Dad was so thick, so big, and he was so small. His mouth burst with the taste of the masculine flesh, and for Chase, the world melted away.

Michael was proud of his Son. In fact it seemed that as the days went by he loved him more and more.

The boy had an impossible task. He was too little to pose any threat to him. He was too small to take his big dick the way Michael would normally demand, yet here he was, struggling to do just that. He would do it for hours if Michael let him. He would suck and suck at his cock even if blisters formed on his knees. He would nurse on the head of his dick until Michael pushed him away. It had always been like that. Ever since Chase was overcome by the Werewolf cycle his appetite for sex knew no limit. He didn’t care that he couldn’t take him fully; it was all about the effort.

Chase was filled with lust. Every time he sucked his Father’s cock it was like the first time. It was as if his mouth had just discovered the most incredible taste in the whole world and just had to have it. He was never satisfied. He was never allowed to suck it long enough. His body was torn on two sides. The boy wanted his Father above anything else. He wanted to love and serve the man. He wanted to taste and smell every part of him. But the wolf in him had a struggle as well. It wanted the power the Alpha had. It saw in him what the boy could not. It saw the ocean of strength, the sea of willpower that the great beast possessed. It wanted to worship at his feet. It wanted to claim the beast for its own, and was jealous of the whole world for every second they spent apart.

For Chase’s beast, there could be no other, and for the boy, his Father was the only true man alive. Each wanted to prove it to him, but only one could exist at a time. They were joined but separate.

They now battled to be with the Alpha Wolf.

Michael felt the shift. He saw it just under the surface. Chase’s animal was coming out. It was the sound of his growl that brought the black wolf awake. For Michael, his beast lived with him, side by side. He knew when to surrender control and when to take it. He was unique among Werewolves. Only powerful ones like Alphas could do what Michael now did. This was why he was so much stronger in human form than say Bart, Jason, or Sean. Why even when they were changed, he still was more powerful. This was why none of them could move the stone in the forest, even in Werewolf form. Michael, fully human, took the rock in one hand and rest it from the ground.

The display of power was awe inspiring, because his beast never left him. It was always awake. There was full union between them.

Chase was not so lucky.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague He watched the fight inside his Son. The fact that the child could keep any control was amazing. He should have fully changed by now. The flow of power Michael gave off should have summoned the beast from the child some time ago.

His Son wanted him. He wanted this so much, he refused to leave.

Michael’s big dick raged with lust for the boy and the beast inside of him. It throbbed inside the child’s mouth as it was sucked hungrily by both. His heavy balls filled with cum to feed each one, eager to quench the hybrid’s hunger. Michael watched for long minutes as the sound of Chase’s wet mouth rang in his ears.

Finally the time had come. The boy and the beast must be fed.

His dick pulsed.

Chase’s eyes opened wide.

The beast was coming out.

Michael growled and Chase’s eyes flashed upward. Man met boy and Wolf met Wolf. For both, there was no contest. Michael was king in his form, as he was in his other.

“SUCK!” he growled.

Chase moaned so loudly it vibrated up Michael’s enormous cock. He felt the boy’s throat open and the head of his big dick sunk inside.

Michael grunted in pleasure and shot a river of cum inside his Son’s mouth.

Chase’s eyes closed. His throat moved up and down and he swallowed and drank from his Father’s great cock. His small body tensed up. This was what he was waiting for.

Michael swelled with pride as he watched his only Son take his heavy load. It was amazing to see such a small boy, so eager to please him, actually make good on his efforts. His mighty dick throbbed and pounded as his cum erupted down Chase’s throat.

The boy opened his eyes.

They were glowing blue.

Both boy and beast got what they wanted. The boy drank and the animal fed. Both present in one way or another. The big man was smiling down at them; at both of them. The Father was there was well as the Alpha, each pleased with what they saw.

And that’s when it happened.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague That’s when Chase came.

Michael had allowed his Son to suck at his big dick for a long while after he came. The boy had been taken so high that it took time to come down. Michael waited and watched patiently as Chase nursed on his cock, whimpering with exhaustion from his effort. The flood of raw power was too much for his Son’s new Wolf to take, and the boy, for his part, was overwhelmed by the volume of cum his Father let him drink.

When Chase finally pulled away, Michael’s heavy meat bounced in the air, still defiantly hard. He truly was the Alpha.

Chase collapsed on the ground at his Father’s feet and curled to his side.

Michael smiled and laughed to himself and he slowly put his pants back on and buckled up his belt. He stood above his Son as the boy breathed deeply and shuddered. His pants were wet from his cum and Michael had to remind himself to take off his Son’s pants next time they did this. Then he lifted him up in his arms and hugged him tight.

“You Daddy’s boy?” he asked.

Chase moaned and trembled against him. Michael laughed and grabbed the rest of their clothes and carried his exhausted Son back to the farm. Chase buried his face in his thick neck and breathed in his scent.

Michael never felt more alive.

Two years ago… Arnell had lost track of time.

She had a husband and a daughter, but could no longer remember their names.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Thoughts seemed to bleed from her mind as it wandered and skipped across her lifetime. Her memories split and merged as they were pulled from her head by the Witch.

She had been taken recently…a long time ago? She no longer remembered.

The black magic the Witch used on her was relentless, and Arnell’s powers, although formidable in their own right, collapsed after a few short hours of the assault. Witchcraft assailed her from every angle, and Arnell was so preoccupied with defending herself, that it never occurred to her to call for help.

She simply wasn’t prepared for an attack from such a soulless creature.

She fought; using every spell at her disposal, but the Witch was dedicated to her craft and specialized in offensive magic. In a last attempt, Arnell tried to turn her magic against herself and end her own life before the Witch could get what she wanted.

Because Arnell knew what she sought.

The Witch didn’t need to speak her demand. Arnell was one of three that knew the truth, and she would prefer death before giving the evil woman what she wanted.

But death wouldn’t come to her.

The Witch wouldn’t allow it.

Her dark magic kept Arnell alive, as the hours of torture turned into days and the days turned into weeks.

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