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«The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son.by Teague CHAPTER ONE Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, ...»

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Now time had no meaning to her. Arnell was being unfolded, and sooner or later the Witch would have what she wanted, she just had to dig in the right spot.

Arnell prayed for death. She begged God to take her life and silence her mind for all time.

The Witch stood over her and waved her hand in the air. Arnell’s eyes fluttered as the black magic pushed inside her head once more. It trapped her soul inside her body as she was slowly pulled apart by the Witch.

She knew it wouldn’t end.

It couldn’t.

The Witch wouldn’t stop until she had what she wanted, even if that meant keeping Arnell alive for all eternity. How did she know? How did she find out who she was? From every soul walking the earth, how did the Witch know to pick her?

Deep down, she already knew the answer.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Arnell was special, and most likely the most important person on the planet for the Witch. However she found her, she was now hers for all time, however long that may be. Arnell wished she was different.

She wished she had never been picked for this. Now her whole life was forfeit.

Because Arnell had a secret.


Andreas stretched out his thick arms above his head and felt the blood surge through them. He scratched at the back of his neck and turned on the shower before looking back to Helen. She was asleep and curled around his warm pillow, breathing deeply. He smiled to himself as he looked at her peacefully dreaming, still not sure if he should tell her about what happened the night before. Helen was a strong woman. She had overcome obstacles that would break lesser women. Her only Son was a newborn Werewolf, which put Helen in the path of a very dangerous Vampire and a pack of supernatural enemies. Now she was in a relationship with a full grown Werewolf while her Son continued to defy all odds of survival.

Helen, for her part, stayed by him through all of it and still managed to lead a relatively normal life.

Andreas felt attraction to her the moment he saw her. There was something about the way she held herself, even though others around her had abilities and powers far beyond any normal human being.

For all their amazing gifts, it took a simple human woman to defeat the darkest evil the Werewolf packs had ever faced. Now she was his, and Andreas wasn’t about to give her up, even to her former mate, the most powerful Werewolf in North America.

He walked over and kissed her face. Helen didn’t respond, save for a deep sigh. He walked to the kitchen as his shower heated up and turned on the coffee pot. For a true Werewolf like Andreas, caffeine was at best a temporary stimulus. His nature burned off the effects of the beverage far faster than a human being, so he made a special pot for himself, that was too strong for Helen. When he was done, he would make some with a lesser concentration so she wouldn’t explode with adrenaline.

As he worked he felt a shift in the air. Two small arms circled around his waist and hugged him tight. He didn’t need to turn around to know who it was.

“Good morning Chase. How did you sleep?” The boy sighed against his back and breathed in his scent. “Like a rock” Maybe it was just a poor choice of words because Andreas felt his big dick swell up between his legs, which was no surprise, because Chase was filled with sexual energy that he directed that toward Andreas on an almost daily basis. Andreas thought he was used to it, that he was able to handle it, but the truth was he was just as susceptible to Chase’s advances as anyone.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Andreas had two things going against him. One, he was with Chase more than anyone, so there wasn’t really another man for the boy to fixate on. Second, Andreas was a powerful Werewolf, and power was what Chase was attracted to. Actually it was the beast that lived inside of the boy that was the problem.

The black Wolf called to the beast in Andreas’s body, and his Wolf called back. It was a primal desire, a desire that a human couldn’t understand.

He turned around to the small boy and wrapped his arms around him. Chase buried his face against his hairy chest and sighed. “I’m making some coffee for your mom and me and then after we shower, I thought we could go to breakfast together” Chase moaned. “Sounds good” he said, not taking his head away. Werewolves ate like, well…animals.

They burned food off so fast that it was impossible to find an overweight Wolf.

Andreas wanted to kiss Chase. He wanted to pull him up and sit him on the counter. He wanted to feel the boy’s arms around his neck as he opened his legs up and drove himself home. But the human man held the beast back. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to have sex with Chase; in fact nothing would make him happier. Andreas wasn’t gay. It wasn’t a matter of sexual orientation for Werewolves; it was about power and domination. He loved Helen, he wanted to be in her life from now on, but his Wolf wanted more. It wanted to be coveted, and Chase’s attention was overpowering. In a pack, Wolves mated with almost anyone. They had husbands and wives of a sort, but it was understood that sex was sex. It was a way of life with them it was something that was accepted.

Andreas didn’t know how much Helen knew of this. He didn’t understand if she was aware that Chase was in a dangerous position. Some Wolves would want to take him up on his advances while others would kill him for it. For a Wolf like Andreas, this wasn’t too much of a problem because he was so powerful. It would take a special Wolf to challenge him, and there lay the danger. Michael was a Grand Alpha and Chase’s Father. He could kill Andreas with so little effort, it wasn’t worth mentioning. Had he been a lesser animal, maybe Michael would have allowed it, but Andreas was Second to Daruth, an Alpha in his own right. Plus Andreas was with Helen, Chase’s mother and Michael’s former mate. Saying Andreas was on thin ice was like saying the sun is sort of shiny.

He ran one hand through Chase’s jet black hair and the boy looked up and smiled at him. Those damn crystal blue eyes bore into Andreas and looked right to his Wolf. Andrea’s cock surged and pushed against the small boy, eager for attention. Chase glanced down for a moment and then gave Andreas a big grin. Andreas shrugged in defeat.

“Sorry about that Chase” He looked around for a moment. “You bring out the beast in me” he smiled.

Chase looked over his powerful chest and slowly moved his hands up the muscled torso. The animal in Andreas stirred. He watched the small fingers snake through his hair and work their way up to his hard nipples. Chase was becoming lost in his body and Andreas let it happen. He let the boy work. He let him squeeze his thick muscles and tug gently at the soft brown hair.

Chase leaned forward and took a long lick at the center of Andreas’s big chest. Andreas grinned at him.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague He pulled Chase forward and pushed his heavy dick against him. Chase responded by licking at him more and more.

Then Andreas felt it.

They were no longer alone.

He pushed Chase away and looked around. He felt the other wolf nearby and coming closer.

“Sean” he said to Chase. He shook his head to clear it, as the beautiful boy looked up at him. “Chase” he said with a commanding voice. He took his face in his large hands and said, “You’re gonna get me killed” Then he smiled, and Chase smiled back. He let the boy feel his chest for another moment before he untangled himself. “Go take a shower and tell Sean we’re eating soon if he’s hungry” He watched as Chase nodded and he could feel the boy’s eyes on his back as he left. Andreas closed the door to the bedroom and moved over to the bed. He lifted the covers, pushed off his shorts and moved himself over Helen. She stirred under him and groaned as he spread her legs apart and gently sunk into her warm body. She opened her eyes and looked up at him lovingly as he began to drive himself deep inside.

“Good morning” she said, sleepily.

He grinned back, “Well, it’s gonna be” Sean was coming down the stairs and found Chase in the kitchen. “Hey little bro” He walked over and hugged him tight, lifting him off the floor in his strong arms.

“Andreas wants to know if you want to eat breakfast with us?” It took Sean just a moment to realize that Andreas knew he was there. Of course he would, the man was a powerful Wolf, and he would sense his presence easily. Sean was so used to him being there that his Wolf started to simply accept his existence as fixed.

“Yeah, you know it!” Sean grinned, setting Chase to the floor. “After that I thought we could run in the woods for a while. Bart wants to camp up in the mountains” “Camp?” “Yeah, camp” He looked at Chase with a creased brow. “You’ve never camped?” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Chase shook his head. “No” “We’re gonna take some tents and supplies and hike way up. Maybe hunt, who knows?” Chase didn’t know what to say. No one ever asked him to camp before.

“Sound like fun?” Chase nodded. “I’d love to camp with you! What do I need?” “Nothing, we’ll take care of everything. We’re gonna go as Wolves though, so only take the things you want to carry. Bart and Jason will handle the tents and bedding. I’ve got the supplies” Chase was charged with excitement. “Okay! I’ll tell mom! When do we leave?” He started to move to the bedroom but Sean grabbed his arm and pulled him back.

“Go shower and we’ll tell her together at breakfast” Chase nodded and ran up the stairs, his mind racing with how to pack.

Sean watched him with a grin and then looked toward his mother’s bedroom. He knew what was going on, he could hear her grunts. Chase, as usual, was oblivious to what was going on around him. He poured himself a cup of strong coffee, which he knew Andreas made, and drank it down as he opened the newspaper.

There was a picture of three men holding rifles. The caption read: ‘Werewolf spotted in Alaska!!’ Sean sighed. “Oh shit” The smell of bacon and eggs filled the house as Wendy piled food on Michael’s plate and made significantly smaller ones for her and Emma.

“Time to eat!” she called out upstairs.

She heard screams and running and growls, and smiled to herself. Michael was driving Emma downstairs as the scary monster. She knew her daughter would make it to the bottom of the stairs before she was scooped up in his arms and carried the rest of the way.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague As if on cue, Emma held the railing for support as she made her way to the kitchen, her other hand waving frantically in the air and screaming in mock fear as her large Dad came after her. He was growling the way no human could and made the stairs creak under his weight as he gave the little girl ample time to run safely away.

“He’s coming!” she screamed at her mother as Wendy watched with a smile and held out her arms to her daughter. Emma jumped the last step, as if that alone would separate her from the massive man behind her. She reached out for her mom, and mere inches from touching her hands, she felt herself lifted clear off the ground and facing the ceiling. She screamed.

Michael held her up and wiggled her around as he growled below her. Wendy shook her head and continued to fix the table as Emma was turned in the air and suddenly dropped into her Father’s arms.

He bared his teeth and growled loudly before pretending to bite at Emma’s neck. The little girl beat at her Dad’s broad shoulders as her screams turned to giggles and then full out laughter.

Michael came up and licked his lips. “Yum!” He grinned. “I think I’ll eat Emma with some syrup!” “No Daddy!” she cried out, her face flush with laughter.

He tossed her in the air a few times and then pulled her in for a hug. He set her in her seat and she immediately reached for a large strip of bacon and shoved it in her hungry mouth. Michael moved to Wendy and gave her a kiss and hugged her tight.

“Eat while it’s hot love” she said to him.

He nodded and took the coffee pot off the burner and poured himself a cup.

“FOUR!” Emma said with a big smile.

Michael turned to her and grinned.

“Four what?” Emma didn’t answer him. She stuffed the rest of the bacon in her mouth and chewed happily. Michael walked by and leaned down to steal a kiss from her face as he did.

“Chase is having his birthday soon” Wendy said. She put some biscuits on the table that both Emma and Michael reached for at the same time. “I thought we’d have everyone over here. Helen will be by today to talk about it” Michael nodded. “Sounds good” he said, his mouth full of food.

Before she sat down Wendy brought over the paper and held it out to Michael. He glanced up and read the front page banner before taking it. He looked at her and shook his head.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague “It’s a pretty funny story” Wendy said. “They also found empty bottles of whiskey nearby” she grinned.

Michael laughed. “That’s good news” They ate in silence for a few moments before Wendy asked, “Do you know them?” Michael shook his head. “No, I’ve never met them. Kalibrus is the leader. He’s old, even by our standards. He has quite a reputation” “Is he like…” she looked at Emma, who was busy eating everything in reach. “…you?” “No. But greater than Silas. He was Daruth’s master. He brought him up. He has a big pack. A very loyal pack” Wendy thought about this. “Is it safe for Daruth to be there?” Daruth was an Alpha Wolf. His status could cause problems for him in another camp.

“I think so. Kalibrus has complete control over them. Or so I’m told” he shrugged as he read the story. He felt Emma’s small foot drop against his thigh and he reached down and cupped it in his large hand, giving it a squeeze.

Emma swallowed a mouthful of food and looked at her mother.

“All the plants in my room are dead” The diner was full. Andreas and Helen were on one side while Sean and Chase were on the other.

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