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«The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son.by Teague CHAPTER ONE Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, ...»

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The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague “Talk to her!” Sean said bluntly.

“Oh” Chase blinked again, holding the phone up. “Mom?” “Chase honey, I’ve been trying to call you” “I’m sorry mom, it’s real loud here” he said, actually just noticing it was loud for the first time.

“Honey, I won’t be home when you get back, there’s a man coming by the house, he’s…” Chase couldn’t hear the rest.

“What?” “Just let him in, he’s gonna fix the …” “What? Let him in? Okay” “Okay, Chase call me when it’s not so busy there” Helen said.

“Alright mom, I love you!” “I love you too sweetheart” Chase looked down at the phone. He had never used Sean’s before. He found the cancel button and pressed it, watching the display dim to black. He handed it back to the big blonde boy.

“What does she want?” Chase shrugged. “Someone is coming by the house to fix something. She said to let him in” “Andreas won’t be there?” “I guess not” A half hour went by before the bench dipped with weight. Bart sat next to Chase and draped one big arm around him. He pulled the small boy against him and looked over to Sean who leaned over to talk.

“You back?” Bart nodded, looking at the girl pressed against Sean. “Yeah” He leaned in. “Take a right. Go down the forth hallway until you find a service room. I’ve already unlocked the door for you. Table’s all warmed up” he grinned.

Sean laughed and then nodded down front. “We’re not alone” He held up his hand and showed four fingers. “Watch for them” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Bart shifted in his seat and he took his arm away from Chase, who never realized Bart was back. He looked around and spotted all four, locking onto their positions.

“You got point big man” Sean told him. Bart nodded back as Sean got up and took the girl with him.

Jason leaned down and spoke in Bart’s ear.

“Have fun?” Bart turned his head to reply. “You should have heard her moan when I sunk my cock into her. She was almost as loud as you” Jason laughed and slapped Bart on the back of the head. “Fuck you” “Not in your lifetime little wolf” Daniel was on fire. He threw the ball like a rocket right into the arms of his runners far down field. The crowd booed and yelled in protest as he put touchdown after touchdown on the board.

Chase was beside himself with pride.

It took thirty minutes before Sean came back. He looked at Bart. “She won’t be walking straight for a while” Bart laughed. “Yeah, that’s been going around” He looked for Karen but she wasn’t there.

“Where is she?” Sean asked, seeing him look for her.

“It was her first time. I gave her the backstage pass” he smiled smugly, letting his eyes glow at Sean for a moment.

Sean groaned with amusement. “She still alive?” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague “Yeah, I made sure she had the time of her life. I pushed some stuff out of the way. Gave her one hell of a memory” What he meant was he used his power as a Werewolf to shift her mind and make her time with him free of fear or regret. In Karen’s mind she most likely lost her virginity in a nice hotel room or under a tree in a peaceful forest. Whatever she needed most, Bart provided. Of course the physical act was all real, minus any pain at losing her cherry that is. He made sure she was alright before he left her alone. He walked her out and down the hallway, making sure she was able to get home without him. He kissed her deeply before they parted and told her how great she was.

She smiled back, totally in love with him. Before she walked too far away Bart called to her.

“Hey. Who am I?” She sighed back. “My first” He grinned. “That’s my girl” “And yours?” Bart asked Sean.

“She’s pulling herself together” He shrugged. “I did warn her I was pretty big” Bart snorted. “For a human maybe. She’s lucky she didn’t catch my eye” Sean rolled his eyes.

“He’s leaving tomorrow!” Chase said, starling everyone.

“Who?” Sean asked.

“Daniel!” Chase pointed to the field. “That man just said so!” Sean looked down and saw Daniel talking to what was, most likely, his coach. They were far away. Too far for a human to hear.

“You heard him?” Sean asked. It wasn’t that it was impossible. If Sean concentrated he could hear them too, but Chase had never demonstrated Werewolf abilities while in human form, save for speed that is. He looked at Bart who understood as well. Chase didn’t even realize what he had just done.

“Hey Chase, it’s not over yet” He hugged the small boy. “You can visit him tonight, before he leaves in the morning” Bart glared at Sean. It was clear that he didn’t like Daniel, or more realistically, anyone that Chase lusted after more than him.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague “Dude, you ever see anyone focus on someone so hard?” He asked his rugged friend. “We’ll never hear the end of this unless he gets what he wants” Bart looked at Chase, who was already lost in Daniel and ignoring them again. “Fine. But just this once” Jason pushed Bart’s back. “Maybe he’s got a bigger dick than you Bart” Bart turned and swatted Jason’s head. “I’m gonna make you choke on those words Jason. Along with something else” Sean laughed. “Man I love football!” Chase was home. Bart and Jason left him and Sean about a mile from Helen’s townhouse, promising to come back later to escort Chase to Daniel. There was a note from his mom on the refrigerator about the repair man. Chase barely read it as he bounded up the stairs to his room. Sean was in the kitchen and fixing something to eat when Chase heard the sound.

It was a loud thump. He called out to Sean but there was no answer. He called again and when Sean didn’t respond Chase bolted downstairs and ran into the kitchen. Sean was on his side and completely out, a sandwich with one bite missing lay on the floor next to him.

“SEAN!” Chase grabbed him and shook his shoulders. The big blonde boy didn’t respond.

“That one is not hurt Chase. My visit is not for him” Chase spun around and saw the most amazing thing. The man was blindingly handsome, with jet black hair and a strong build. He wore a loose fitting white cloth that hung off one shoulder, showing off his powerful arms and shoulders. Chase gasped and stepped back.

The man was nine feet tall.

Chase was dumbfounded. He said the first thing that came to his mind. “Are you here because of my mother?” The man nodded with amusement. “Yes. But not the one you think” The man’s eyes glowed white and suddenly the house was empty, leaving Sean passed out and completely alone.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Chase was gone.

Emma was near Helen and playing with a doll she had dressed up like a movie star. She was telling Helen the story of how she came to be famous and all the boyfriends she had while Helen smiled warmly at her. The imagination of a child was a wonderful thing and Helen missed having such a young one to care for.

Wendy was making iced tea in the kitchen and poured three glasses for them.

“And she got all these awards!” Emma explained. “And everyone wants her to be in their movie” she said, holding the doll up for inspection. “She has her own jet and a bunch of cars. THREE! She even…” Emma went on and on.

Helen paused for a moment and looked at the beautiful girl and then looked at Wendy in confusion.

Wendy walked in and handed her a glass. They continued to talk, as Emma interjected about her movie star doll, and made birthday plans for Chase. Then Emma did it again.

“TWO!” she shouted.

Helen waited, but nothing more happened. It was out of context, even for a child.

“Emma” she asked. “Why are you counting down?” Wendy looked up and her mind snapped as she rewound the last several days.

“What?” Emma asked innocently.

“You’re counting down. You said ‘three’ and then you said ‘two’” Emma looked confused.

“She’s right honey” Wendy told her. “You’ve been doing it for a while now. I didn’t realize it until just now when Helen mentioned it. What are you counting?” Emma didn’t understand. “I don’t know” she said meekly as if she did something wrong.

“It’s alright baby” Wendy assured her. “We just want to know what the numbers mean” Emma’s face scrunched up. “Numbers? What numbers?” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Wendy felt a shiver run up her spine. “The…” then she stopped herself. She looked at Helen and slightly shook her head. “It’s nothing honey. Go ahead and play. Tell us what her next movie is about” Emma’s face lit up and she began to weave a story while she held up the doll for her mother and Helen to look at, but Wendy wasn’t really listening. In her mind she was counting backwards for all the times Emma shouted out a number.

When did all this start?

They were in a field under a large stone roof held up by gigantic ornate pillars. There was a massive pool of water surrounded by the lushest ground cover that Chase had ever seen. It was something that only Wendy could do, he imagined.

“Where are we?” Chase should be panicked but for some reason he wasn’t. He wasn’t afraid at all in fact.

“Someplace we can’t be disturbed” the man said.

Chase looked him up and down. “I’ve never seen a man as big as you” It wasn’t the size but the man’s eyes that were the most unusual. They shifted constantly as if he were forever in thought, as if he was calculating and calculating as he spoke.

The man grinned. “That’s because I’m not a man” Two chairs appeared out of nowhere. One for each of them, Chase’s, of course, being far smaller. “Sit with me” Chase sat down and shifted nervously. “What do you want with my Mother?” An image of a beautiful woman appeared. She had long black hair with silver light glowing throughout.

“I know her!” Chase said. “She was there when I was bitten by the Vampire!” “Her name is Phoebe, and she is my wife” “Phoebe?” Chase said confused. “I forgot about her until just now. How could I forget? She told me to be strong, that she would protect me! The Vampire…” The man nodded and finished Chase’s thought. “Was needed. Phoebe is the Goddess of the Moon.

She is the patron Goddess of Werewolves. I am her husband, Polus” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague “You said you were here because of my Mom” “I am. I’m here for Phoebe, the Mother of your Wolf. It is her he sings to when he looks at the Moon. She is responsible for the birth of your animal. You’re very special Chase. It took a Grand Alpha Werewolf, a human woman, Gods, and a Vampire to bring you into existence. You are_______________” Chase felt his mind skip! Whatever the man said, his brain couldn’t accept it. There was no translation.

“There are rules to be followed Chase. Rules that even Gods must comply with. The balance must be maintained, no side gaining too much on the other. For Phoebe has a delicate job. She must not let her Wolves grow too strong or in too many numbers, lest they be cut down by more aggressive members of your world” Chase was mesmerized by his voice. It was rich and deep, like a musical instrument. The man spoke directly to his thoughts in a way no human could. It was as if he was pushing images directly into Chase’s mind instead of letting him imagine them on his own.

“When the balance shifts too greatly on the other side, Phoebe is allowed to respond in kind.

Hence the ________________” Chase blinked, as his mind skipped again. The image in his head was of a large wolf that was pure white.

The man smiled warmly at him. “You have a great destiny Chase. You are tasked with saving your people from the worst evils that walk the earth” “Vampires?” The man’s laugh was so great that Chase flinched.

“Vampires are like Werewolves Chase. They are no less and no greater than the rest. There are however, others that not even a Wolf like your Father can beat. These are the trials that fall before you. Phoebe has chosen you to be her champion. It is for you to reset the balance, to make everything alright” “Why isn’t she here then?” He’s faster than the others, Polus thought. “Because she didn’t make you. I did” Chase looked over the massive man. “Are you the God of the Moon?” Polus laughed again. It was a deep laugh and Chase had the feeling he wasn’t the first to make this mistake.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague “No Chase. There have been many that make that claim…men and women, but in the end they all come from Phoebe. I am the God of intelligence. When her champion is needed, she comes to me, and I build them. I give them the gifts they need to survive and fight in her name. But I can only go so far. I have to pick which abilities to give you and not all can come from me, hence the Vampire and Theia…and others” “Theia?” “She is the Goddess of sight and Phoebe’s sister. They share the night together. It is Theia who makes the ether of light that surrounds the sky and lets man see the heavens. It is her gift to you that makes you invisible in the forests. Your black fur that consumes the light she gives off is her cloak of midnight. She has removed her gift of vision around you. With her blessing, you cannot be seen at night. Not by anyone or anything” Chase absently ran over his chest and felt for the black fur as if it could be touched in human form. “I was made by Gods?” “Three to be exact!” Polus replied. “Well…four technically, although one is more of a favor to Phoebe” Chase stood up and moved before the giant. “So you’re like my Dad?” The God nodded.

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