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«The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son.by Teague CHAPTER ONE Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, ...»

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The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Andreas squeezed him tight. “We may be in different packs Sean, but your too important to Chase and to me to let that stand between us” He pulled the blonde boy back and looked at him. “I can’t say the same for others though. We should stay here and wait; not tell anyone until your animal returns” Sean nodded. “Agreed” He looked at the phone. “Will he know?” Andreas shook his head. “I don’t think so. At least Daruth didn’t when it happened to me” He shrugged at Sean. “I don’t know why it happened, or how to prevent it, all I can say is that your wolf will return in time” Sean looked over Andreas. It was like looking at him for the first time. The man’s biceps were thick and full of power. His neck was equally impressive as was his shoulders and chest. Soft brown hair covered the man’s tanned limbs and Sean felt himself moving forward. It was the beast in the man that pulled him in.

This is what it feels like. Sean thought to himself. To be in the presence of a Werewolf when you’re human.

The sexual energy literally flowed out of Andreas. He was MAN…all MAN! Sean had never met anyone that called to him like this.

When Sean’s arms wrapped around his waist it took a moment for Andreas to understand what was happening. When he lost his wolf, he had been alone. There were no other Werewolves around. Usually Weres didn’t hide what they were to each other. It was a way of sensing who was more dominate and who should be submissive. Around Sean it went more in Andreas’s favor, even now that Sean was fueled with Michael’s power, but the big man never pushed it. There was no need; he wasn’t in competition with the boy.

But now…now Sean was fully human and Andreas was full Wolf.

Andreas wrapped his burly arms around Sean and held him close. He leaned down and kissed at the boy’s soft mouth and Sean eagerly took in his warm tongue. He lifted him up off the floor and sat Sean on the kitchen counter, spreading his legs apart and pulling them around his waist. Sean moaned and hugged Andreas around the neck as he crushed his mouth against his. Andreas’s large hands roamed around Sean’s back and he pressed his bulging crotch against the boy.

After a long minute, Andreas took a handful of Sean’s blonde hair and pulled his head back. He looked at the worked up boy. “You will remain under my power until you can defend yourself!” Sean nodded the best he could. Andreas lifted up one muscled arm and pulled Sean’s face in. Sean breathed deeply and his hands moved between the man’s strong legs and groped at his bulge.

“In the meantime, I will accept your gratitude” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Chase looked around. He had no idea how much time had gone by. He didn’t recognize the place. It was a hotel and he stood in front of a dark green door with the number twelve on it. It was late, no one was out. Cars and a large bus were parked nearby. He looked at the door and took in a deep breath. The smell hit him like a truck.

“Daniel” he said.


Daniel opened the door, his face sleepy and his thick black hair roughed up. He wasn’t wearing a shirt and his muscled body and white skin reflected back the moonlight. When he saw Chase his eyes opened wide. “Chase!” “Hi Daniel” Chase smiled at him, his eyes wandering over the Quarterback’s heavy biceps. “I’m sorry it’s so late” he started but Daniel shook his head.

“No. No, it’s alright. I don’t mind” He moved back and Chase came inside as Daniel closed the door behind them and locked it. “My roommate…” he started, looking at the empty bed next to his. He quickly looked around. The bed was unmade as if someone had been in it, but there was no one there.

“Where did he go?” Chase didn’t know who he was talking about but thanked Polus in his head. “Daniel” he said simply.

The large teenager turned to him and the power of Chase’s Werewolf flowed outward. Daniel’s face changed instantly.

“I don’t know…you’re so young but…” he rambled before taking Chase by the head with both his hands. He leaned down and crushed his mouth against him and pushed his warm tongue inside to taste the small boy.

Chase’s arms moved up and wrapped themselves around Daniel’s muscled frame until his hands came to rest on the boy’s broad shoulders. Chase moaned loudly as his body was squeezed by the teenager’s powerful arms in a tight hug. He pushed his tongue as far into the boy’s mouth as he could as the world dissolved around him, leaving nothing left but the two of them.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Andreas stroked Sean’s blonde hair as the handsome boy sucked hungrily at his big cock. Whatever their relationship may have been in the past was irrelevant, because now Sean was human; at least for a while. The beast in Andreas would have this no other way. Taking a part of Michael was too irresistible for the animal. Andreas could smell the Alpha all over Sean and now that he was helpless his desire for conquest was at an all-time high. He cupped the back of Sean’s head and pulled him in, sending another few inches of his heavy cock into the boy’s mouth. Sean moaned and tried to swallow the thick shaft between Andreas’s legs, his own hands gripping the man’s muscled thighs eagerly.

Andreas moved both hands to Sean’s shoulders and grabbed the boy’s shirt. With a simple tug his supernatural strength ripped apart the fabric like it was paper. He tossed it to the floor and rubbed at the blonde boy’s smooth skin. “You’re beautiful” he said, running the back of his hand over Sean’s cheek.

Sean looked up with pleading eyes. The lust he felt from the animal that lived inside Andreas was overwhelming for both of them. It took a powerful human to resist the allure of a Werewolf and an even more powerful human to control the beast inside of him. For Andreas he did this on an almost daily basis as Chase openly admired his body and rubbed his small hands across his hairy muscles. It was a testament to the strong man that he didn’t rape Chase on the living room floor for his wanton desire.

Chase was so new at being a Werewolf he still didn’t understand fully the consequences of his actions.

Having the most powerful Werewolf in North America as your Father, didn’t hurt either. Harming Chase would mean a harsh death at the hands of Michael’s frightening beast, and it would literally take an army to stop him. Andreas struggled with his feelings for Chase from almost the day he met him. Now that he was living, at least part time, with Chase’s mother, it was even more difficult. Andreas thought he was in control enough most of the time, only to find his cock raging in his pants as the handsome boy snuggled into him contently. He would have to find a way to satisfy his beast, Chase and at the same time, not die at Michael’s hands. That of course was the biggest hurdle he had to jump over.

Sean’s warm mouth tugged at the head of his dick and Andreas slowly pulled his shirt off his chest and tossed it to the floor. As soon as Sean saw his hairy, muscled body the boy groaned out in lust to the big man. Andreas lifted one arm up and flexed his rock like bicep. Sean’s mouth twisted on his fat shaft and his saliva dripped from his lips and ran down the beastly pecker.

Andreas worked his feet out of his shoes as he slowly flexed his powerful body in front of Sean’s hungry eyes. He ran his hands across his hairy chest and up each thick arm and across the back of his neck, showing off his furry armpits. He hooked his thumbs into his pants and pushed them down his muscled legs. Sean, doing his part to help, grabbed the denim and yanked it down as forcefully as his now human strength would allow. Andreas stepped out of them and kicked them away, standing completely naked in front of Sean. The boy’s hands moved non-stop across his hairy legs, squeezing and kneading the heavy muscle.

He took a handful of Sean’s blond hair and pulled him off his wet cock. He pressed his face between his legs and felt the boy’s warm tongue lap at his big balls and hairy thighs. Sean was moaning loudly as he lost himself in the man’s incredible body.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague “Silas was a fool to ever let you go without a fight” He rubbed at Sean’s head. “I would have never allowed it!” Sean groaned at his words as he sucked at his large balls. “Michael was smart to take you above all others” Sean’s hands moved up and rubbed at Andreas’s firm ass. “Now, while we have time, I’ll show you what you’ve missed by not being a member of my pack” He moved back and took his cock in one hand and guided it back into Sean’s hungry mouth. “Suck!” Sean’s mouth watered around the beefy prick between Andreas’s strong legs. He moved his head forward to take inch after thick inch of the hard cock inside. His throat opened up as he impaled himself on the large shaft and forced the swollen head inside.

Andreas watched with approval and thrust his hips forward to give Sean what he needed. The boy’s hands moved behind his strong legs and pulled him into his throat. The power of the Werewolf glowed in the towering man’s eyes as Sean swallowed half his beastly shaft.

He sucked for long minutes, enjoying the taste of the man’s pulsing cock. It was now impossible for Sean to take more than he currently had. Andreas was simply too big and Sean no longer had any supernatural power to tap into. He ran his hands across the hard flesh of the man’s strong legs, feeling the warmth flow against his skin. He twisted his head from side to side trying to take more of him inside. He had to control his breathing or he would pass out from his efforts. Everything dissolved around him. Only Andreas existed in that moment. It was always this way. It was the way Sean remembered it when he was younger. The Wolf dominated all. Humans could not stand up to the wave of willpower that flowed over them from the lustful beast that lived inside the members of his pack.

Men, women, it made no difference. Only hunger prevailed. As Sean became older his own beast took charge and made him equal to others in his community. Only a greater animal could subdue his own Wolf but the memory was still fresh, and now that Sean was human, it was overpowering.

He slowly opened his eyes and they ran up the strong muscled body in front of him. Brown hair covered his beefy frame and a rough beard grew on the man’s rugged face. His smooth scalp made him appear menacing to Sean. But it wasn’t fear that flowed over him. Andreas was a man. He was all man.

Everything about him screamed it. His body was sculpted to perfection and Sean could think of no place else he would rather be than at this man’s feet, worshipping him. Andreas watched him intently. It wasn’t the man but the Wolf that Sean saw. It dared him to challenge its authority. Sean, of course, could do nothing but obey.

Sean was made to gorge himself on the man’s mighty prick for a long time. His spit ran freely out of his mouth and down his chin. His fingers were sore from gripping the muscled legs and his throat ached.

Andreas lifted one hand and put in on Sean’s forehead and pushed him slowly back until just the head of his big dick was in his mouth. He sucked on it as hard as he could thinking the powerful man meant to take it away, but Andreas corrected him immediately as if he could read his mind.

“SUCK” he commanded, and Sean did just that. His tongue circled and lapped at the silky head as his lips gripped the crown as hard as they could. It took another few minutes before Sean’s thirst was quenched. It happened suddenly and Andreas gave him no notice. The head of his big dick swelled for a moment and then his mouth was filled with warm fluid that Sean had to either swallow or let run out of his mouth.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Sean swallowed.

And swallowed.

He came like a bull and watched, giving Sean no help whatsoever. This was Sean’s challenge and he would either succeed or not, it was up to him. He wasn’t completely successful. As he slowly pulled his mouth from Andreas’s big dick, giving it a final suck, he found his chin was wet. He reached up and ran his hand across it and saw the white cream. He looked up embarrassed that he failed as the man’s face shifted with a look of disappointment.

“Maybe you can do better another way” the muscled man said and grabbed the back of Sean’s neck and hauled him to his feet. He pushed him into the living room and tossed him to the floor. He knelt down, grabbed Sean’s legs and pulled them apart. He dragged Sean on his back until his big dick was resting against the boy’s. “You know your place?” Sean nodded his head without speaking and reached for the hard dick still throbbing between Andreas’s hairy legs. The big man pulled him up by his thighs and lined up his cock with Sean’s ass. One thrust later, he was in.

Sean moaned loudly and tossed his head from side to side as the heavy cock impaled him. Andreas gave him a moment to settle down, but only a moment. He leaned over and put his hands on either side of Sean’s head. He waited until the boy looked up before he started to fuck him.

The Raven flew high overhead until it saw the spot on the ground it needed. It spread apart its wings and glided silently down until it landed with a soft thud on the earth. It looked around cautiously and began to pick up leaves off the ground, moving them out of the way until a clear line of dirt could be seen. It faced the line and extended its wing slowly until it found the edge. The black feathers met an invisible barrier in the air like translucent glass. The bird slowly walked forward, tracing the wall.

About five feet later the bird began to walk backwards dragging its talon deep into the ground and making a line. It hopped back and looked from left to right. The line would be enough, at least for a child. The Raven opened its beak and grey smoke poured out and settled against the barrier for a moment and then fell to the ground, sealing the line the bird made.

It looked up to the sky far above the dense trees. It was time to get the girl. It lifted up off the ground and made its way upward until it broke free of the forest. It had a long way to fly but it knew Emma wouldn’t reach ONE until it arrived.

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