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«The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son.by Teague CHAPTER ONE Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, ...»

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As for Wendy, her own sanity was pushed to the limit with not one, but three run-ins with the powerful vampire DeMarco. She still had nightmares of him descending on her in a black cloud, ready to possess her in the heart of the forest. Her husband had it much worse she knew. DeMarco used Chase to link himself to Michael and torture him from within. It was a terrifying sight to see such a powerful man reduced with such ease while everyone was unable to help him. Emma was held by the Vampire’s thrall while Chase was rendered immobile by the blood suckers hypnotic bite. Wendy could take no action herself without losing her vulnerable daughter.

In the end it was Chase’s mother Helen who destroyed the evil form of DeMarco, and set everyone free.

Wendy could replay the memory in her mind over and over again and still couldn’t believe it. Seeing the small woman walk right up to the Vampire should have been impossible for a human; but watching her punch a hole in his chest was literally mind boggling.

With all the supernatural muscle in one area, it took a simple human female to end the war. Wendy shook her head as she thought of Helen, with her small silver cross and the mountain of courage compacted in her petit frame. And then there was Chase, as he brimmed with pride at his mom as DeMarco erupted in white flame.

Wendy and Helen became good friends although there was always the chance that they would be at odds because of their shared history with Michael. Added to that, they both had kids by him. But Helen wasn’t anything like Wendy thought she would be. She was kind, reserved and welcoming of both herself and her daughter. It was clear whatever feelings she had for Michael were in the past.

Seeing Helen with Andreas made her happy. He was a good mate; protective, loving and accepting.

Wendy knew some of the female Werewolves would have a problem with Helen. After all she was a human and now in a relationship with one of the most powerful male Werewolves in the local packs.

Wendy herself dealt with that on a regular basis. But Wendy wasn’t human, and the wolves knew it. No The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague female Werewolf was stupid enough to do more than mutter under their breath at her. By the time they could change and attack her, Wendy would have killed them on the spot with a branch to the heart or a vine around the neck.

It was an imperfect system, but a sound one.

Still, Michael’s influence hovered over Helen like a silent blanket of death. Wendy could feel his power wrapped around the mother of his only Son like an electric current. If any Werewolf, male or female, made a move against Helen, they would have to deal with him; Andreas be damned. Even he conceded to the Alpha’s power when in his presence, and Michael, she knew, would have it no other way.

Wendy walked to the window and looked outside to see her husband working on the tractor again. It was old and even though they could afford a new one, Michael insisted on keeping it. Maybe it was pride, or maybe something else. Deep down she though he liked the challenge of keeping the large vehicle working, despite its desire to leave this mortal coil for good. She watched as he moved to the side of the tractor and grabbed the bottom in both hands. His thick biceps swelled up and the mass of steel lifted off the ground like it was made of balsa wood. She smiled as Michael took one hand away and reached underneath to pull a piece of rusted metal off with a strong tug. He threw it to the side and gently set the tractor on the ground. He walked over and examined the twisted metal and rubbed at his forehead in thought, leaving a black grease mark.

Wendy sighed with desire. She wanted to give him more children but with Chase now in the picture, she thought that would be a bad idea. Between them, they had two children coming into their legacy at the same time and that kept them both preoccupied with not only training, but protection. She went back to the kitchen and started to clean up, trying to decide what to do about diner when the phone rang.

It was Helen.

“Chase is having a birthday next week and I was wondering if Michael wanted to do anything special with him? We usually stay at home and do something with just the two of us and maybe some of Chase’s friends, but now…” her voice trailed off.

Wendy understood her concern. Chase was no longer a normal boy. In fact, he wasn’t even a normal Werewolf. Even if he wasn’t the Son of the Alpha; and he was; his wolf was startlingly different from the others, with its sleek black shape and golden eyes. As if he needed another reason to be different, Chase was the only gay Werewolf in the pack. Now the boy faced isolation from what should be his family.

Fear over what he had become and the way his desire affected the male wolves, kept Chase from being accepted by them.

“I’m sure Michael will want to do something with him Helen. You know how he feels about Chase” she replied. “I think it would be nice if everyone could get together for diner. I’d be happy to make something here” she added. Helen lived in a nice townhouse in the city but it would be easier to accommodate everyone at the farm. There was also the silent matter of ‘man of the house’ that Wendy knew would come up when Andreas showed his face at Helen’s home. He wasn’t living with Helen yet, but that could change at any moment. Regardless, Michael wouldn’t allow another man to dominate in his presence, no matter whose home it was.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague “That’s sounds great Wendy. I don’t want you to go through any trouble for us though. I can cook” “It’s no trouble at all Helen. Chase and you are family now and that’s not going to change anytime soon. Come over and we’ll figure everything out. Between the two of us we can cook up a storm” They talked some more and before they hung up she asked Helen about Andreas. Helen told her how highly Chase thought of him and Wendy warned her not to share that with Michael. They jokingly said the last thing they needed was for the Alpha to demonstrate how fast he could rip Andreas’s head from his body. As they continued to speak Wendy thought how nice it was to finally have someone to talk to.

Andreas and Daruth were discussing pack business. The Second agreed that keeping closer ties to Silas’s pack made perfect sense. No one really wanted to merge packs and Daruth didn’t want to give up his status as Alpha, but the recent war had turned pride into necessity. Open lines of communication were created and Daruth had appointed Andreas as the go between of the packs. Silas didn’t object, only because Andreas was the best choice. The man was smart and level headed and Daruth knew that Silas could intimidate him only so far. Silas was powerful, more powerful than either of them, but he wasn’t THE Alpha.

As Daruth watched Chase run out of the forest he smiled inwardly. Andreas was involved with Chase’s mother and making a move against him was a move against Chase; and in turn the Alpha. It was a complex if not beneficial relationship. As he watched the small boy wrap his arms around his burly Second, he knew Andreas had been the best choice.

Andreas’s thickly muscled arms hugged at Chase tightly and the boy kissed at his neck as he got spun in the air. “How’s my favorite Werewolf?” Andreas asked affectionately and nodded to Daruth who moved away.

“I’m good! I just saw Bart!” Chase grinned and Andreas understood perfectly. Coming to Daruth’s pack alone was a problem for Chase. Being gay, unprotected and weaker than the male wolves could be dangerous. Only Bart, Jason, and of course Sean held the other wolves back. If Andreas and Daruth hadn’t been around Chase could be in real trouble. Telling Andreas that he had just seen Bart meant his desire for male affection was satisfied, at least for a while.

Andreas set Chase back on the ground and the boy reluctantly uncoiled his arms, but let his hands run down Andreas’s powerful chest. The big man looked around and noticed only one wolf watching. It was Locke, a guard and combat trainer for the pack. He gave the man a warning look and Locke nodded before turning away. Chase was oblivious to this, as he was all Werewolf workings. Andreas knew the The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague boy was so consumed with his own change and the flood of Alpha power that surged through him, that the minds of nearby Werewolves escaped him.

“What do I owe the pleasure?” Andreas asked.

“Mom wants you to come over tonight if you can” “Why didn’t she just call?” “I told her I was nearby and could use the run” Andreas balked at this idea. Running alone in the vast woods that surrounded the local packs was dangerous for someone like Chase. Werewolves traveled in groups and Chase should never be without his own protection.

“This isn’t the city Chase” Andreas began. “I’ve told you, and I know your Dad has told you, about running around out here by yourself” Chase looked down. “Yeah but I’m faster than anyone else and…you aren’t gonna tell him are you?” “Why would I? I enjoy lying to the most powerful Werewolf in North America. Hell I’m gonna challenge him to an arm wrestling contest next time I see him” Chase laughed, his silver blue eyes flashing.

“Thanks Andreas” His looked over the powerful body in front of him but Andreas was quick to stop it.

“Chase…not here” Chase looked into his eyes and nodded timidly. Andreas ran a hand across the thick black hair.

“You still wanna run?” Chase nodded and Andreas called out to Daruth, telling him he was taking Chase home. Daruth nodded and Andreas saw a look of relief cross his Alpha’s face. No one wanted to anger Michael, especially not another Alpha. Any act of aggression from his men would make Daruth answerable to Michael, and Daruth didn’t want to have that conversation any time in the next hundred years or so. Daruth’s face showed his relief that Chase was leaving as Andreas led him toward the trees.

“Ok, you know the rules, no shifting!” Chase laughed, “You’re still not gonna beat me!” And with that he took off for his mother’s house at a fast pace. Andreas ran after him, keeping his senses alert for any other wolf in the area.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Michael felt the change. He dropped the heavy wrench he had in his hand and sniffed at the air. Chase was with Andreas. He didn’t have to smell them to know this was true. He felt the change in Chase’s emotions when Daruth’s Second was near. He knew Andreas was a good man, but the Alpha in him needed more. He went into the house and kissed Wendy, telling her he would be back in a few hours.

She never asked where he was going. She usually didn’t want to know the answer. It was one of the many things about her that Michael loved.

He started to lightly jog to the woods but when he made it to the trees he took off with his full power. In wolf form, he would have been faster, but he knew where Andreas was going and he lived closer to Helen than he did.

It took him thirty minutes to run, leap and swing to the city limits. He waited until Chase moved near.

He was about a mile away but Michael could sense him as if he were standing beside him. He waited until he felt Andreas before sending out his power.

The effect was instantaneous.

Andreas stopped for a long moment and then Michael felt Chase move forward alone.

Ten minutes later Andreas moved from behind the trees at a light jog. “You summoned me?” he asked, knowing this day was destined to happen.

Michael growled and leapt into the air. He closed the distance between them in a heartbeat. Andreas stood very still and kept his eyes to the ground as the powerful Alpha circled him.

“You spend a great deal of time with my Son, wolf!” Andreas nodded. “His protection is important to all of us my Lord” “Protection?” Michael asked, now standing right behind Andreas and sniffing at his back.

Andreas could feel the heat of the big man centimeters from him. He dropped his shoulders as low as they could go. “Yes my Lord” Michael’s big chest bumped into Andreas making the man step forward for balance. “Little fucking wolves think they can take what’s mine?” “Never, my Lord” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Andreas usually didn’t talk like this around other wolves and Michael wouldn’t expect him to. He had his own rank that needed to be maintained and Michael allowed a certain air of familiarity in front of a pack. But here, alone in the woods, he demanded complete servitude.

“I give Bart and Jason leeway because of their age and Chase needs friends; but I don’t take kindly to full grown men taking advantage of my Son” Andreas was no fool. The Alpha was a terrible force and a dangerous enemy, even from a distance.

Here, close and alone, Andreas was vulnerable from the slightest hint of insubordination. He did the only thing possible; he dropped to his knees.

Michael moved in front of him, Andreas face inches from the thick bulge between his legs.

“I am yours to command great one. You need only ask, for it to be done” “Hurt Helen and I’ll only remove your arms and legs” Michael’s deep voice threatened. “Hurt my Son, and I’ll crush your spine!” A massive growl erupted from the Alpha’s throat and vibrated off the trees. Andreas shrunk from it and bowed his head. His hands slowly came up and cupped the back of Michael’s massive calves.

“I am yours now and forever my Lord” he said humbly. Michael growled back, the power of the beast flowing from his body. Andreas knew it was the beast he was now talking to.

Michael was gone.

“You doubt my power?” the beast challenged. Andreas lifted his head and gently kissed at the mound between Michael’s legs. He waited and kissed at it again. The Alpha’s fists were bunched and Andreas watched them carefully. Over and over his kissed at the beastly prick between the Alpha’s legs until, very slowly, the fists relaxed and finally hung at his side.

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