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«The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son.by Teague CHAPTER ONE Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, ...»

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Everything was ready. It was time to deal with the rest of her family.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Daniel held the back of Chase’s head, his big fingers snaking into the boy’s thick black hair. Chase’s mouth was stuffed with Daniel’s big cock. The slick wet sound of his sucking filled the room as he devoured the football player’s throbbing prick. He felt the head push into the boy’s throat. Daniel wasn’t used to this. The girls he was with could never suck his cock like that. They did the best they could but none were as hungry for it as this boy.

Daniel had never been with a boy before. He had openly had sex while other boys were present but not actually with them. Being popular in high school and being the star Quarterback had its perks and Daniel was no stranger to having sex, but it was always with girls. Of course he got more than his fair share of stares from guys as well, but none brave enough to actually act on it. Well, all but one, but Bobby didn’t really count because although he was openly gay, he never hit on Daniel directly. But Bobby wasn’t here, Chase was, and for the first time in his life Daniel wanted to have sex with another guy. Chase was irresistible to him. His big dick swelled with the mere thought of him. Even the threat of Chase’s ‘brothers’ didn’t sway him. All he wanted was the boy.

Chase’s hands moved up and down his thick, hairy legs. The boy’s mouth twisted and twisted around the head of his dick as his lips gripped and pulled at his throbbing shaft. He was moaning like an animal but Daniel wasn’t worried. In fact he didn’t worry about anything. He didn’t think of the noise they made, he didn’t wonder at where his best friend and roommate was; he wasn’t worried about getting caught with an under aged boy. He didn’t care about any of it. And he wouldn’t. Not ever.

Chase stood taller on his knees and held on to the back of Daniel’s large thighs. He pulled himself forward until the teenager’s big dick slipped down his throat. He moaned loudly as the fat shaft filled his mouth and Daniel moaned too.

“GOD” the boy moaned, holding on to Chase’s head. He rocked back and forth on his big feet as Chase took him deep and his dick swelled up thicker than he could ever remember. The boy’s warm tongue was like satin on his warm flesh and Daniel’s heavy balls churned with cum, his body raging with lust for the kid.

Chase got almost half the big cock in his throat before he had to stop. Daniel was no Werewolf but he might as well have been. Bart was bigger, but not by much and although Chase loved Bart and lusted after him deeply, there was something Daniel had that no other boy did. It wasn’t something that Chase could explain, it simply existed and Chase had to have it. The boy’s smell, the shape of his body, the way his voice sounded, the color of his eyes, all drove Chase to the extreme heights of lust. The Wolf in him wanted the strapping football player more than anyone and no one would stand in his way.

He sucked and sucked. He pulled his head away slowly as Daniel’s big dick snaked out of his throat, only to push forward and send it right back. Daniel was overwhelmed but Chase didn’t care. He didn’t realize how powerful his Wolf was and how easy it was to take over a fully human boy like him. His hands moved across the hairy, muscled legs and he couldn’t believe how in perfect Daniel was. He was human The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague and had no Werewolf genes to mold and shape his body. Daniel achieved this on his own with hard work and sweat.

Chase gripped the back of Daniel’s legs and sucked as hard as he could on the head of his big dick. His lips clamped down and he ran his tongue quickly across the sensitive surface. Daniel’s muscled body tensed and he cried out flooding Chase’s mouth with warm cum.

Chase drank like his life depended on it. He drained Daniel over the span of two minutes, not letting the boy take his cock away. Daniel shuddered and held on to Chase’s shoulders as he came, feeding the boy wave after wave of warm cum. When Chase could get no more from him, he slowly released his dick and stood up with a smile.

Daniel looked at him like he was in a trance. He ran his large hands over Chase’s shoulders, neck and face and bent down to kiss him. Chase kissed him back and then stepped away, shedding all his clothes.

He pushed Daniel on his back on the bed and climbed on top of him.

“I’ve never wanted anyone more than you” His voice was hypnotic and Daniel simply nodded.

Daniel stayed hard even after he came. The Wolf in Chase demanded it. The supernatural power that flowed out of the child punched through the dark haired teenager and fueled his lust for sex.

There was no contest, no fighting back. Daniel was his, for as long as he wanted.

He licked at the hair at the center of Daniel’s chest. His tongue found each nipple and he sucked gently on each in turn. He moved from one armpit to the next, licking and breathing in and tasting Daniel’s inebriating scent and mouthwatering sweat. Daniel watched in awe as Chase worked his way around his muscled body. He stroked the child’s small arms and slender neck as he moved from side to side, Daniel lifting each arm up for him to explore. When Chase began to suck on Daniel’s neck the big teenager could take it no longer. He grabbed Chase’s shoulders and flipped him on his back, towering over him.

His eyes were blazing as he looked down at the beautiful boy under him. “I’m gonna fuck you! Yell if you want!” He covered the small boy with his muscled body and wrapped his thick arms around him tightly. His mouth sucked at the soft skin on Chase’s shoulders and he licked the boy’s neck with long swipes of his tongue. He reached down and pulled Chase’s legs apart and wrapped them around his waist. Daniel lifted up on his knees and positioned Chase where he wanted him.

He saw Chase looking at him, the lust filling his eyes. Daniel arched his back sending his muscled chest forward for the boy’s benefit. Chase gasped and ran his hands up his flat abs and hard pecs and Daniel let him play as his dick raged against the crack of Chase’s ass. He leaned in to give him better reach and then Daniel lifted up one arm and flexed his bicep. It swelled like a rock and Chase moaned like an animal at the sight. He twisted his hips and brought the arm forward letting the boy feel it, his small fingers gripping it with far more strength than Daniel would think he had. Chase wrapped his hand around the big arm and pulled himself up so he could kiss and lick it.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague But Daniel had enough. He pushed Chase away and took him by the hips, lifting him up. He reached between them and lined his hard cock up and pushed it against Chase’s ass. He sunk in right away. The tight ring that circled his big dick was like a vise and Daniel swelled up to in response. He lay on top of Chase, resting on his elbows so he could look at the boy. He started to fuck him with long, deep strokes.

His hips rotated forward sinking himself inside as far as he could go. Chase looked up at him lost in their coupling. Daniel fucked him harder. He never spoke, there was nothing to say. The bed rocked over and over as the headboard struck the wall with each thrust. Daniel pulled up his knees for more leverage and drove himself into Chase even more until the boy moaned. Now Daniel was satisfied.

He wasn’t afraid. He wasn’t afraid of being caught. He wasn’t afraid of anyone seeing him fuck the little boy. He wasn’t even afraid of Chase’s eyes…glowing with golden light.

Chase wrapped his arms under Daniel’s and held onto his broad shoulders. He lifted up and pressed his mouth to the dark haired boy’s and shoved his tongue inside. He scooted forward and tried to meet the powerful cock with each thrust.

Daniel grabbed a fistful of Chase’s hair on either side and pulled him down to the bed. He wanted to look at him, look into his eyes as he fucked him. His big, beautiful golden eyes looked like moons that Daniel wanted to swim in. His muscled body pressed against Chase as he drove his big dick into his ass over and over again.

Chase felt Daniel’s heavy biceps pressed against him as if he were wrapped in a blanket of muscle.

Chase could see perfectly, a gift from his Wolf. The boy was such a complete male, with his full head of black hair, thick eyebrows and strong jaw. Chase stuck his tongue out to lick at him but Daniel’s hands held his head still. His large muscles felt incredible and with his big dick thrusting inside him Chase lost control. His eyes rolled back and he arched his back in the air, meeting the boy’s rock hard chest. Chase whimpered and came, spraying the both of them with his cum.

Daniel gripped Chase’s hair and pressed his forehead against the boy’s. Their eyes were an inch apart as Daniel grunted and came in Chase’s ass. His big dick swelled and spewed out a river of cum as Daniel continued to thrust inside of him like a bull in heat. He opened his mouth and moaned, his hot breath washing over Chase’s face.

It took more than a minute before Daniel was finished. He never took his eyes off Chase as he pumped his cum into the little boy. He pressed their lips together as he finished with his orgasm, kissing him slowly with each final thrust.

Chase looked back, his eyes losing their glow and turning back to a brilliant blue. He gave him a smile and said, “You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen” Daniel grinned as kissed him again, stopping the motion of his hips. “I’ve never fucked another guy before” Chase was breathing heavily. “Your cock is still hard” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague It took Daniel a moment to realize he was right. He adjusted his hips, making sure he stayed snugly inside of Chase. “I have to leave tomorrow” he stated. “Can I fuck you again?” “Can I have your shirt? The one you wore at the game?” “If I say yes can I fuck you?” Chase pretended to think it over. Daniel ground his hips forward gently and fucked Chase with a few inches of his big cock. “Please?” he gave the boy his best puppy dog face.

Chase nodded with a wide grin.

Three hours later… Daniel was stretched out on the bed naked when he heard someone knocking at the door. He got up and found his underwear on the floor and quickly pulled them up his legs. He opened the door. A big blonde boy wearing boxer shorts stood in front of him.

“DUDE! Why was I sleeping on the bus?” Daniel blinked and looked at the bed next to his. It was empty.

“You’re asking me?” The boy pushed by him and Daniel let the door close shut on its own.

“My neck is stiff and I’m cold as hell!” Daniel grinned and held out his arms. “Want me to hold you?” The blonde boy cuffed him on the side of his head and jumped into his bed, pulling up the covers. “Fuck you Jefferies!” Daniel laughed and got in his own bed. “I’m here if you change your mind sweetheart” he teased, a moment later he was hit in the face with a pillow. Daniel grinned and curled on his side and hugged his pillow to his body.

He could still smell Chase.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Chase drove to his Dad’s house the next day. He couldn’t remember when he felt more content. He sat i the back of the car and looked out the window at the big trees that framed the road. He would have rather run, but his Mom was with him, so that was out of the question.

Everyone that mattered to Chase was there. His parents, Wendy, Emma, Bart, Jason, and Sean, even Andreas. It was a birthday party and a table full of presents sat in the living room while the kitchen smelled of food that his Mom and Wendy had cooked. Chase had never had a party like this. Usually it was only his Mom and maybe a friend or two. A big cake with the number fifteen sat on the table.

Bart had his thick arm around Chase as he talked to Sean and Jason. Bart was young and although he had been a Werewolf longer than the other boys he still didn’t understand how things worked. His open display of affection for Chase while endearing made Andreas uneasy.

Andreas watched from around Michael’s broad shoulder as he filled him in on what happened to Sean.

It took six hours before Sean was able to call his Wolf again. The men discussed this in length, coming to no conclusions at all. There were no clues as to what was happening and why it was isolated to Helen’s home. Chase of course came to mind right away, but if he were the cause then why wasn’t Michael affected?

Chase for his part, said nothing of his visit with Polus. He didn’t know about Sean’s Wolf or what happened and the blonde boy never asked him about it. It was as if he forgot that Chase disappeared and left him alone unconscious on the floor.

Something was different with Chase now. He had information about himself that no one else had. Under almost any circumstance his Father would have been the first one he told, but for some reason Chase couldn’t explain, he didn’t want to tell him. Polus was a God and whenever Chase thought of telling his Dad he heard the God’s voice in his head saying, “My visit is not for him” Polus was talking about Sean but Chase felt he meant his Father as well. Whatever Polus had done to all of them to make them forget, Chase just accepted and did nothing to change it.

There was a darker fear however. Chase loved his Father deeply. He was afraid he would see him differently when he knew the truth. Chase already felt like an outcast, although not from his Dad. If his Father knew what he now knew, would that change? Would he look at him differently when he found out about the Vampire? Chase couldn’t risk it…at least not today, not on his birthday. He needed time to deal with it himself. When he was ready and at peace with it, he would tell his Dad. In the meantime he wouldn’t question why Sean asked him nothing. He would act as if it had been a normal day, although it had been anything but.

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