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«The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son.by Teague CHAPTER ONE Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, ...»

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Chase walked around and accepted hugs from everyone. Bart, Jason, and Sean were always close at hand but Andreas kept his distance. He hugged Chase once and quickly moved back, although Chase The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague would have dwelt happily in his arms longer. His Mom came up and fixed his hair the way she always did, running her fingers through it like a comb. Chase knew it was a Mom thing and let her do it because he knew it was important to her to fawn over him. He was excited about camping with the boys and his Dad spoke with Sean and Jason about several things that Chase didn’t pay attention to. He was just happy to be going on a trip.

The food was a spread large enough to feed an army. Having a house filled with Werewolves made that a necessity and Wendy was more than prepared. Bart was stuffing food in his mouth in shovelfuls while Sean and Jason joined him. Chase moved behind Bart and snaked an arm under the boy’s to grab a chicken wing. Bart moved back until Chase was pressed against him and he breathed in the teenagers intoxicating smell. He loved being with Bart, next to his Father, he lusted after the muscled boy on an almost constant basis. He sighed and leaned into the strong back and worked his other arm around his waist, giving him a hug before moving back. Bart turned and wrapped one big arm around him and held him close while everyone talked.

Chase was physically satisfied. He saw Daniel the night before and knew the boy was on his way back to Maryland by now. Polus had given him a great gift and Chase silently thanked his benefactor for it.

Whatever Daniel had that Chase craved so much put his mind at rest like a deep, long sleep. He felt focused and content. It was like this when he was with his Dad too. The power of the Grand Alpha was like an ocean his beast could swim in long after the sex was gone. Of course it came back in spades, but that was where Bart came in. At least Chase hoped so. It was a long way to Maryland and having Daniel’s football jersey had better tide him over in the meantime.

About an hour later there was a knock at the front door. Wendy was in the kitchen and went to get it.

When she opened the door she found a striking woman with black hair holding a wrapped box in her hands. There was a man far in the distance watching them. He was big and Wendy knew immediately that he was Wolf.

“Yes?” “Hello” Her voice was silk. “You must be Wendy? I’ve heard a great deal about you. I am Elyria, Daruth’s wife and bond mate” She bowed her head.

Wendy took in a breath. She knew Daruth was married but had never met the woman before. In fact, Wendy made a point of not knowing any of them. Early in her marriage to Michael she was forced to kill a female Werewolf in challenge to her right to mate with him. Ever since then she veered away from the packs and made no motion to befriend any of them. It was too dangerous for her and her daughter, and Michael couldn’t be everywhere at once.

“Of course” the surprise in her voice showed.

“Forgive my intrusion” Elyria began. “Daruth is not present but he would honor such a great day if he were. I have come in his place” She put one hand out, palm up.

Wendy nodded slowly. “Yes…well” she moved away from the door and waved her hand inside.

“Please, come in” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Every head in the room turned as Elyria entered. Andreas stood up and put himself between the woman and Helen by sheer instinct, although such a move was not necessary. Elyria would no more harm Helen than she would herself.

Michael moved forward. “Elyria?” She bowed her head. “Hello Michael, it’s good to see you again. Forgive me for coming unannounced, it’s a bad trait I picked up from my husband” She smiled. “I only wish to fill the void left by Daruth, a poor substitute I know. He could of course be here, he would” Her eyes leveled themselves at Michael and it was clear she knew he was on business for him.

Michael nodded. “Of course” He stepped forward and took her by the upper arm, leading her inside the room. “Helen, this is Elyria, she is wife to Daruth, leader of the southern pack” Wendy watched the interaction from afar. It wasn’t necessary to introduce her to anyone else because everyone knew who this woman was, save herself, Chase and Helen.

Elyria smiled warmly. “It’s an honor to meet you” She lowered her head slightly. Andreas moved out of the way but stayed right by Helen’s side. Elyria gave him a quick look and he nodded to her in return.

“You are a remarkable woman; the stories of you rival that of your Son” Helen smiled back and shook her hand. “Thank you Elyria. You have a beautiful name” “Thank you. I realize this is a private party but I wanted to give Chase a gift that Daruth would have wanted to give himself, were he able to attend. He is very fond of your Son” “Oh, that’s fine; of course you’re welcome to stay, we would love to have you” Andreas stiffened beside her. Elyria was nothing if not brilliant. She went to the one adult in the room who didn’t understand Werewolf politics and created an invitation for herself in one fell swoop. Elyria nodded and moved to Chase next. She held out the package to him. Bart took his arm away but stayed near him. Elyria gave him no notice whatsoever. Sean and Jason stood to the side and watched.

“This is from my husband and me” Chase took the gift. “Thanks. I really like Daruth. I wish he were here” “As does he. Unfortunately he is on official business and cannot attend. He sends his deepest regards” Chase put the gift on the pile of others, moving away from the boys as he did. Now Elyria looked first to Sean and nodded to him, then to Jason and finally Bart. “I see Silas is not present? Does business keep him away as well?” she asked pleasantly.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Bart stood taller, his face changing. Andreas took a big step forward to flank Elyria in case the temperamental boy made the wrong move. Bart took the hint.

“No. He’s not on business” saying nothing more about it, his voice abrupt.

The deed was done. Elyria established that Daruth’s camp was there in recognition of Chase’s birth while Silas was not. A point for her side.

“Well, I’m sure he must have his reasons” her eyes leveled at Bart and she slowly turned her back to him. Jason moved to his friend’s side and put one hand on his arm to settle him down. Andreas nodded at both of them.

“I see you didn’t come alone” Michael said.

Elyria nodded. “No, of course Daruth does not allow me to travel unattended when I leave the camp site. Of course no protection is needed when I have such strong men in attendance, but Destel insists on protocol” “Would he like to come in?” Wendy asked but Elyria shook her head.

“No, he patrols, he takes his duty very seriously” she smiled as if helpless.

Andreas knew better. “Forgive me for not mentioning the party earlier Elyria” he said to her. “It is my fault entirely” She shook her head. “Nonsense Andreas, you are an important man, no apologies are required.

You of course represent Daruth’s pack with YOUR presence; I simply wished to provide a gift as well” She’s good, Andreas thought. Her statement had nothing to do with him or Daruth; it was leveled at Bart and Jason. What she really said was that they were not important enough to represent Silas, if that was their intent. Andreas was a Second, a Wolf of true rank and stature. He spoke with Daruth’s authority and approval.

Wendy moved to Elyria and handed her a warm drink. “I hope you like cider, its cold outside” Elyria took it with a nod and drank deeply. “Delicious” She was a Werewolf and could have slept outside in the cold naked, with no ill effects, although she didn’t point that out to Wendy.

“Will Daruth be back soon?” Chase asked.

Elyria turned to him. “I believe in a day or two. I spoke with him earlier today” “Oh. I just ask because we’re going camping in the mountains and I know what a good hunter he is” he looked at the boys for support but none of them said anything.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Andreas watched Elyria’s face. It was amazing the way she processed information and positioned herself accordingly. No one else would have noticed it, but Andreas was used to watching her work. He smiled as she began to speak.

“Camping?” her eyes widened slightly. “Yes, Daruth loves to hunt. He teaches our pack great things, he hunts the old way, the way that the younger generation knows nothing about” She glanced at the three boys standing next to Chase. “Were Daruth here, he would offer to teach you himself, the mountains can hold many treasures for those who know where to look. Of course the opposite is also true for those…untrained” She turned her head to look at Michael. “You will not be attending?” Michael shook his head. “No, I cannot spare the time” “I see…well, if you wish, I could assist your Son if you so choose?” “Assist?” “Yes, the mountains are far away and present challenges that even Wolves find…difficult” It’s too dangerous for Chase to go alone, Andreas translated in his head.

“Yes, but as I say, I cannot go” “I would be happy to have Daruth’s best hunters go with them” Daruth’s personal hit squad, Andreas decoded.

“That would be asking too much” Michael said.

“Consider it a gift” A subtle acknowledgment of Chase’s status.

“Well, if you’re sure it wouldn’t inconvenience your pack?” If it wouldn’t leave you vulnerable?

“We have plenty of hunters, Daruth would be pleased indeed” We are not without defenses.

“Well then. They leave after the party. Please extend my personal thanks to your hunters, and of course if you need anything while they are gone, please let me know” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague They will answer to me, not Daruth and I will defend your pack personally in the interim.

“I will tell them myself. They will consider it an honor to be in such service and will provide Chase everything he needs” They will defend him with their lives in the name of the Grand Alpha Andreas looked around. No one else understood what was happening. The boys were too young to see masters at work. Elyria should teach a class in espionage. Graduate level. She excused herself and went outside to inform Destel. Andreas went up to Michael.

“Daruth picks wisely” he said softly.

Michael nodded. “He does indeed. No wonder Silas hasn’t moved on the pack. He’d have to deal with her eventually” Andreas laughed. “Yeah, she gets that a lot” Moments later she returned. “It’s settled. The boys can leave anytime they like, my men will follow close behind. Let the boys bond and all” They will circle Chase’s group and prevent any danger from coming close “My regards Elyria. I will let Daruth know of your generous gesture” She bowed her head to him.

Everyone ate. Helen spoke at length with Elyria, the woman was positively charming. Andreas sat nearby letting Helen’s hand rest against his knee, this not going unnoticed by Elyria. The dark haired woman watched Michael’s reaction carefully. The Grand Alpha had produced a child with this woman, his only Son in fact, and having another man, another Wolf, show affection, could be met by violence of the deadliest nature. Andreas was not stupid though and put no arm around her or even moved to hold her hand. All action was being done by Helen and her alone. Chase sat next to his mom and leaned against her.

“When you return from your trip you must come to our camp and have dinner with us” Elyria said to Helen. “I can’t believe Andreas hasn’t asked you already!” Her voice showing fake surprise.

She knew exactly why he didn’t. It would be dangerous for Helen when she was involved with the Second most powerful Wolf in the pack. The women would be volatile at best to her and only the Alpha would keep them at bay. In conversation with Helen however, Elyria acted as if this danger did not exist while Andreas knew that she was in fact, very aware of it.

“Well, I didn’t want to impose my relationship with Helen on the rest of the pack when we are still rebuilding” After the Vampire War, he meant, but playing along with Daruth’s mate.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Elyria waved him off, putting the blame on him and making herself come out clean. “Andreas, Helen is important to you so she is important to us as well. Daruth would have it no other way” She leaned toward Helen. “Men! It’s amazing they run the world isn’t it?” Helen laughed with her liking Elyria more and more as the minutes went by.

“Chase I expect to hear great tales of your trip in the mountains. If you don’t come back with some regal story Daruth will insist on taking you out again himself” She looked over her shoulder at Michael for a brief moment. “If your Father allows it, of course” Daruth will blend you into his pack as far as the Grand Alpha allows, Andreas rearranged her words.

Chase smiled. “I hope so! I can’t wait to go; I’ve never been camping before!” After another hour Chase opened his presents. He got a special backpack that Andreas made especially for him while in Wolf form, while his Mother got him a brand new cell phone. Michael and Wendy bought him a new video game council. Elyria’s gift brought silence in the room. It was a book, an expensive book and one not found in any store. It was about the history of Werewolves. Even Michael came forward and looked it over carefully. He explained to Chase the importance of the gesture. It was something children of Werewolves were given when old enough, usually passed from Father to Son.

Michael had no such book to give Chase. He was a Grand Alpha. He didn’t read about history, he made it.

Nevertheless, he nodded deeply to Elyria for her gift, the gesture not lost on Andreas; another point for Daruth’s pack.

Emma made an elaborate picture she drew of Chase and the family, accompanied by a massive blue flower in a hand painted pot that she decorated herself.

“I did that!” she pointed to the flower with her small finger. Elyria looked at her carefully and then at Wendy.

“Such a beautiful thing for one so young” She’s using magic?

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