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«The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son.by Teague CHAPTER ONE Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, ...»

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Wendy nodded. “Yes, we can barely walk without tripping over new plants she grows around the house” “I wasn’t there when you assisted the camps” Elyria was referring to when Wendy grew massive garlic plants around pack homes to keep vampires at bay. “I had no idea your daughter was practicing” Wendy paused to process Elyria’s words, shifting them in her mind to search for hidden meaning.

Wendy had killed once and would do so again. “Yes, she is” “We’re very proud of her. She takes after her mother” Michael added. “I watch her carefully. I don’t want a tree growing in the kitchen” he joked but she took his true meaning to heart.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Any move against her will be met with death.

Andreas shifted in his seat but Elyria moved quickly like the pro she was.

“We would love to have her visit. We have vast forests that are in dire need of her skills. Our pack would welcome such a change from such a vibrant child. Every woman would insist on private attention with such beautiful flowers. We have many children for her to play with, you should consider a sleepover; Emma would love it! It would give Daruth an opportunity to spend time with the whole family” None would harm her, Daruth would see to it personally Andreas watched Michael carefully. When he nodded Andreas let out a small sigh of relief.

“I’ll talk with him when he returns” Michael replied.

Elyria smiled and turned back to Helen, building and patching as she went. She was like a conductor, moving everyone around in the room and making each one cement themselves in her pack, all except Jason and Bart, who she ignored for the most part. For Bart this didn’t go over well. He was no match for Elyria’s silver tongue or her steel trap mind, but that didn’t stop him from engaging her; much to Andreas’s regret.

“We’re pretty good hunters ourselves. Silas trains us from an early age” He said as a statement of fact. Andreas closed his eyes for a moment, hoping Elyria didn’t completely destroy the boy’s image with the three or four comebacks he knew she already had.

“Yes” she said. “I’ve been told he’s a great hunter. In fact he must be since he hasn’t appointed a Second yet” Helen, Wendy, and Chase were out of the loop. Everyone else got the message. Elyria just spoke of Silas’s distrust of everyone. Bart didn’t quite get it but Jason did.

“I think that’s just because Silas makes his will known so easily!” Jason said, speaking to Elyria for the first time.

Andreas looked at Jason and gave him a slight smile. The boy just gave Elyria a hit right to the body.

Silas needs no Second; he’s strong enough to lead without another’s will assisting him!

Even Michael had to turn his head to hide the smile. Elyria faltered for the first time that evening.

“You are Jacob’s Son?” she asked, knowing the answer already. In fact Andreas doubted the woman spoke at all without already knowing what others would say in return.

“I am” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague She nodded. “He was a great man, Daruth speaks fondly of him” She let whatever else she wanted to say die. Andreas had to give her credit; she certainly knew when to retreat. She drank her cider and sat back to regroup.

Andreas winked at Jason making the handsome boy smile.

Another hour slipped by when Bart stretched out his arms. “Well boys” he said, standing up. “I think it’s time we hit the dirt” Everyone got up while Chase took the bag Andreas made for him and went to pack. Michael went with him while the others mingled around, Helen and Wendy moving to the kitchen, leaving Andreas and Elyria alone.

“Well done” he said to her. “I’ve seen chess games less complicated” She smiled. “I could say the same. I felt no displeasure from the Alpha. I’m surprised with your relationship with Helen that you still live” “Michael has moved on and has a family of his own. Helen is in good hands and I’m sure he appreciates the protection I provide” Elyria sidestepped what he said quickly. “And what of the boy?” “He’s her Son” Andreas replied simply. “He’s part of the package” Elyria’s eyebrow rose. “You know what I mean. I can feel the lust ripple off him like a space heater.

The child has no control over his own desires and while it’s clear he’s infatuated with Silas’s thug, his attention for you is obvious” Andreas looked around. No one heard her. Of course no one would, she was too good.

“I’ve kept him at bay, so far; and I’ve already had the talk with Michael” “The Grand Alpha has confronted you?” “He has” “You are in a dangerous position Andreas. The woman and child both could cost you your head.

The boy needs to vent his feeling in a way that doesn’t jeopardize your life” She looked over her shoulder at Helen. “Of course if it were in service to the Alpha…” her voice wandered off.

“He would never allow it” Andreas said.

“Maybe not yet, but if you marry Helen it could be seen as simply aiding your Stepson, instead of a challenge to Michael’s status” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague “We’re not there yet Elyria, but I’m sure you’ll have all the advice I need if the time comes” The woman smiled and gave him a soft laugh. “You would have made a good husband Andreas” She touched his thick bicep. “You know I would do anything to protect our pack?” “I know Elyria; it’s why Daruth is able to leave the way he does. No one can think faster than you” He took a step forward and leaned toward her ear. “Helen is important to me and more than just a pawn to get closer to the Grand Alpha. While I admire your zest and determination, I will not allow her to be used simply for the sake of building relations with him. Be careful how far you go Elyria, least you find me standing in front of you” The power of his Wolf washed over her and made her tremble. Her eyes met his after a moment.

“Of course Andreas” She placed her hand over his heart, his hard muscle warming her palm. “You are family, and as you know family is everything to us. You are Second to Daruth. I am simply his mate. Do not take my actions as a move against you or what’s yours” Andreas nodded. “I wouldn’t dream of it Elyria. Daruth is an important man and having a strong woman around is essential. There are many that covet your position” You can be replaced!

She swallowed hard and slowly nodded, conceding to his power and rank. “I am yours to command” Andreas pulled her in and hugged her quickly. Game, set, match. And it was over, just like that. The family stayed intact.

They watched the boys leave for the woods. All three had phones and Chase’s new one was a satellite phone that would always have reception as long as he had line of sight with the sky. Helen and Wendy walked back inside, taking Emma with them as Elyria looked to the left and saw six of her men take position parallel to the boys. Michael watched them as well and nodded as they moved. He turned to Andreas.

“See to it they don’t approach too often. I want Chase to have fun with his friends” Andreas nodded. “Of course my Lord.” “I want Daruth to call me when he gets in” he said to Elyria.

“As you command” she bowed. “I think it’s time I left. I’ll say goodbye to everyone and be on my way” “What of Destel?” Michael said. “You’re alone now” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Elyria nodded. “I sent him with the others. Chase will be safer in his hands. The man is deadly on his worst days. I will be fine” “You came on foot. You can’t go without protection. I will walk you back” He looked at Andreas.

“Take Helen with you” Michael went inside and spoke with Wendy as everyone said goodbye. Helen gathered spare food and piled it in Andreas’s big arms and packed the car with their things. When they left Michael kissed Wendy and went to the edge of the woods with Elyria and waited until they were out of sight.

“I will shift and carry you” “As you wish” He took off his clothes and dropped them to the floor. Elyria looked over his powerful body with appreciation. Michel allowed her to look him over for a moment and it was a moment she silently thanked him for. As he shifted into a Werewolf she couldn’t help but let her desire for him slip out. His beast was magnificent! The sheer power that rippled out of him was amazing. He towered over her, his massive body thick with muscle and fur. He scooped her up in his arms and began to run toward her camp. Elyria was speechless.

He truly was the Grand Alpha.

In the car Andreas turned to Helen. “You handle yourself well in a room full of Werewolves and Druids” She laughed. “I’m like Ann Rice!” He reached over and held her hand, kissing it slowly. “You know now that Chase is gone for a few days, we have the house to ourselves. We can keep the door open and even make love in the hallway” Helen blushed. “Is that what you’ve been waiting for? To christen the house fully?” His Wolf came out and the lust he had for her rippled out of him and washed over her. She responded immediately as her eyes roamed over his muscled body.

With no humor in his voice he said, “I’m gonna fuck you until you beg me to stop” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Helen had no reply. There was none she could give. All she wanted was him, and his beast would demand nothing less.

It was going to be a long night.

The Raven was more than halfway there. Its large wings flapped endlessly to get to the farm. As it flew it noticed three Werewolves running toward it. The bird circled and watched them move by. They were heading in the same direction as the barrier. It cawed out, not liking the additional problems, and then it saw six more! They were spread out and formed a wave, trailing the boys a half mile behind. This would not do! The Raven righted its flight path and headed toward the farm again. It started to bark out in a cracked voice to alert the Witch.

She would not be pleased.

CHAPTER TEN Four Werewolves met Michael and Elyria at the edge of the compound. Upon seeing the Grand Alpha all four wolves dropped to their knees and looked at the ground. Michael stood tall before them and set Elyria to the ground. He didn’t change. He turned back and leaped into the dark forest and disappeared.

Elyria walked by the wolves, who raised their heads and watched the massive Werewolf leave. “News of Daruth?” she asked. A large brown wolf shook its head. “Too bad. I have news of my own for him” She looked at a black wolf about half the size of the brown one. “Attend me” The wolf followed her into camp a few feet behind.

The four Werewolves had been running at a light pace for over an hour. Chase was between Bart’s beefy wolf and Sean’s light colored one. Jason ran to the left of Bart, his eyes darting constantly around for trouble. There weren’t too many things in the world that could take on four Werewolves, not to mention the six right behind them, but with Chase there it wasn’t a time to take chances. Jason pumped The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague his powerful legs and moved to the trees. All Werewolves could do this to an extent but Jason actually preferred to travel this way more than using the ground. His sleek body was made for leaping long distances and his powerful hands gripped the thick limbed tree branches and propelled himself farther still. Bart couldn’t master this form of travel. He preferred to simply bull his way through the woods, knocking things out of his way to the surprise of no one. Sean could do either, but like most Wolves he used the ground for travel and the trees for combat. Chase was an anomaly on his own. His midnight black feet found perfect purchase on the earth, making almost no noise as he did. It took some getting used to and in truth it was Sean who noticed it most of all. Bart’s clatter made it difficult to realize that Chase was virtually silent as he moved, while Sean who was a careful runner, crushed leaves and twigs under his large clawed feet with every step. Even Bart’s breathing was loud. His powerful lungs took in air like a jet engine that fueled his every step. Granted a Werewolf counted on its presence to scare prey senseless, so stealth wasn’t really something most of them sought after. Hearing a full grown Werewolf coming after you was enough to drop enemies to the ground in sheer terror and powerhouses like Bart loved it.

Chase’s feet seemed to glide from step to step, not putting too much weight on either foot. The ground was like a sponge to him, absorbing the impact and sending him on his way like a ninja, leaving no trace of his presence. Sean watched him from a few feet away trying to figure out how he did it. Bart suddenly filled his vision and knocked him away with a broad shoulder. Sean was sent into the air a few feet before he righted himself and landed like a cat perfectly balanced. He charged Bart who ran in front of Chase trying to keep distance between the two of them. Sean leaped right over Chase and landed almost within reaching distance of Bart. Bart went right and avoided the swipe of Sean’s playful claws. He growled in challenge to his blonde friend, daring him to catch him. With Chase’s mystery forgotten Sean bolted forward and ran after Bart while Jason barked and cheered him on.

Chase watched with a toothy smile as two of the most important boys in his life played in front of him.

He thought of Polus and the things he revealed to him. Should he have told his Dad? Would he see him differently if he did? Chase sighed and ran behind the two wrestling Wolves enjoying the show. Bart grabbed Sean and pulled him against him as they rolled through a thick weave of tangled vines. The two big animals flattened the foliage like it was paper and ripped small bushes from the earth as they did.

Jason leaped from tree to tree above Chase like a massive monkey. Chase like Jason. The way he moved was so different and graceful, he wished he could mimic the long, sleek Wolf, but Chase still had a hard time jumping for distance, something that Jason excelled in. He looked down as he came to the same patch of tangled vines. As he leaped into them he watched as they shifted out of the way and gave him smooth ground to fall on. When his foot lifted off, the vines moved back into place.

No one saw it.

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