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«The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son.by Teague CHAPTER ONE Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, ...»

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Chase continued to move silently in perfect union with the forest. Polus was right; it was working just like he said.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague The Raven touched down on the roof of the barn and waited. It was tired from so much flying but everything had to be timed just right, before anyone of real power could stop the Witch. It opened its large black wings to feel the cool air move between its feathers as it watched for Emma. The sound of a car made it look down as the vehicle moved slowly up the dirt road and came to a stop near the front door.

“I’ll be right back. I can’t believe I forgot my purse” Helen said, moving quickly to the house.

The Raven blinked hard!

Something was wrong. It flowed around the woman like a blanket. It felt sticky to the bird, like sharp needles coated in wet tar. The bird hopped back a few steps to put distance between it and the woman as the door opened and she was let inside. It stayed open as the bird watched. It turned its head just in time to see a large human man walking up to the car and pulling a shirt over his powerful chest.

“Forgot her purse” the man in the car said. The two talked between them, the bird not caring either way what the subject was. It was here for the girl, and no Werewolf, or two for that matter, would stop it. The first man moved into the house as Emma’s bedroom light came on. The Raven hoped forward again. It looked up in the sky. A dark round object was floating slowly down above the roof a good 500 yards away. The bird shifted on its feet and dug its claws into the wooden beam, pulling its large wings in and fluffing up its body. It opened its mouth and a long whistle came out.

The small girl came to the window and looked right at it. The Raven nodded its head and waited.

Helen held her purse in her hand as she finished talking to Wendy. Michael came in, already back and smiled at her.

“Emma is almost ready for bed” Wendy told her husband. He smiled and kissed both women as he climbed the stairs and moved out of sight. Helen made it to the door and halfway back to the car when she heard it.

Emma screamed!

Helen spun around and looked up seeing Emma at the window of her bedroom, screaming as loud as possible. She ran back to the house as Andreas barreled out of the car and ran after her.

He never made it to the door.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Just as Helen left his sight something grabbed him by the ankle and yanked him back, making him fall on his face. He pulled his leg up but whatever held him didn’t let go. He turned; his face a snarl and ready to attack whatever held him in place.

Nothing was there.

His face showed his shock as the invisible cord squeezed his ankle and dragged him away with increasing speed.

There was nothing he could do. Whatever had him was far more powerful than his strength could combat. He clawed at the ground but his hands simply pulled up large chunks of earth as he sped faster and faster to the woods. His rolled on his back, his chest and face scrapped and bloody. He kicked out but still he moved. There was a sudden increase in speed as the tree line came up. He was whipped from side to side and slammed into a heavy trunk and then another. His vision swam and he blacked out struggling weakly until his body went limp in defeat.

Michael was at the window and pulling Emma back as Wendy made it to the room. Every plant in Emma’s bedroom was black and decaying, filing the room with a sweet smelling odor.

“Emma!” She ran to her daughter. Emma managed to break out of Michael’s hold and she pointed to the window. Both her parents looked out. The oak tree, tall and massive, was swaying from side to side like a great wind was blowing against it. Wendy put her hands on the glass and pulled it up. She reached forward and sent out her power. The tree responded to her instantly and stopped swaying. The branches trembled like a frightened child as the Druid attempted to find the source.

Michael watched his wife work. It wasn’t often that he saw use magic this way. Plants and flowers were a common sight for him to watch her manipulate but he forget how powerful she truly was. He gave her space, not touching her or demanding what was happening. She needed to concentrate and he knew she would tell him as soon as she had any answers.

It was then he noticed the car.

The driver’s side door was open and the car was running. A fissure of disturbed earth was in the ground halfway between the car and the house but it continued far down the driveway and out of sight.

Andreas wasn’t there. Maybe he came inside. Michael turned to call out to him when his voice caught in his throat. Emma was now against the wall her hands pressed to it. She wasn’t standing on the floor but a good five inches above it, as if she stood on an invisible step. Her expression was blank, her eyes staring straight ahead.

“Witchcraft!” Wendy cried out.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Michael snapped his head to her. She looked terrified and realized just then that Emma no longer stood beside them. She kept turning until she saw her daughter. She screamed. Michael moved with her, almost taking a full step before Helen came into view. The next moments happened so quickly that no one had a chance to react.

Helen was lifted off the floor as if an invisible arm had wrapped itself around her waist. Her upper and lower body moved forward as her waist was pulled back. Her hair cascaded around her face, covering her alarmed expression, and she was slammed against the wall in the hallway. The door to Emma’s bedroom closed with such immediate force that the frame cracked.

Michael watched horrified as he was cut off from her.

It was then that Emma finished her countdown.

Her face was scrunched into an angry grimace and she shouted out with all her might.

“ONE!” The house exploded!

Silas moved out of his house and looked up at the sky. Something was wrong. He looked around as Barton his messenger, and Ryan his lead tracker walked up to him. He looked at Ryan first. “Do you feel that?” Ryan was sensitive to changes in the environment more than any other Wolf. His ability to find things was unmatched and if anyone would feel the change, it would be him. He stopped moving and closed his eyes for a long moment as Silas waited.

“A thick…” the man stopped. Ryan clutched his stomach with both arms and threw up. He doubled over as Barton grabbed him for support.

“Ryan what is it?” But the man was unable to speak; his body was overcome with convulsions. Silas put his big hand on the man’s shoulder.

“Calm!” he commanded, sending out his Alpha power. The sheer willpower pushed down the sickness and Ryan looked up with bleary eyes.

“Black magic!” he said coughing.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Silas looked away in thought and walked a few steps until he was facing the woods. He pulled off his shirt, his big, hairy chest caressed by the night air. He said over his shoulder, “Get the Guard.

Something wicked is at our door” Barton nodded and ran away shouting. The Guard was a core group of Werewolves that Silas commanded. They were made of six of the best hunters, fighters and trackers he had. Ryan stood up, not wanting to be weak in front of his Alpha. He pulled off his own clothes and started to change. Silas waited until everyone was assembled, not bothering to discuss matters with them. They were his to command, not to plan with. They transformed, leaving Silas the only human remaining. They snapped their powerful jaws as he looked them over satisfied. He dropped his pants and shifted into the largest Werewolf of the group and ran into the woods. The others followed without hesitation or regard for their safety.

That was their first mistake.

There was no fire. Only a deafening sound as the house ruptured all around them. Michael saw Emma pressed against the wall as his body was hurdled backward. She was too far away to protect so he did the next best thing and grabbed for Wendy. Her slender body was pulled against him as the widow broke against his broad back and cut him with jagged glass. He managed to pull his wife in front of him before his feet left the ground for good. He hit the oak tree and felt his wife ripped from his grasp as the cool air rushed against him. His vision swam and he blacked out as he slammed into the ground like a freight train.

Two down.

The Raven watched with excitement. It was time. Debris filled the air as the house split apart sending wood and glass everywhere. It hoped forward and spread its wings when it felt the stickiness again. It was the woman! It saw her open the door to the destroyed bedroom. She looked around in horror in search of the others.

“Emma!” she cried out reaching for the child. The Raven barked and flapped its great wings. Once more Helen was lifted from the ground and slammed into the wall. The door closed on her again as the bird sent out more magic.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Helen was dragged down the stairs face forward as she clawed at the carpet and railing to no avail.

There was a loud moan like the earth itself was opening. The front door crashed inward and Wendy was thrown inside not five feet from her. Helen reached out but before she came close Wendy was lifted up by her neck by an invisible force and shook from left to right.

“WENDY!” she screamed trying to get to her feet. Something pulled her back down and she slid across the wooden floor putting even more distance between them.

“WENDY!” she called again. The woman was fighting with her arms and legs but having no effect. She was thrown against a wall and before she slid to the floor she was lifted again and slammed into the ceiling. She dropped like dead weight to the floor with a painful thud. Helen pushed off with her hands and almost made it a few feet before she was brought down again. Something grabbed Wendy by the leg and dragged her half unconscious body across the floor and into the bathroom. Helen watched in horror as the water faucet to the bathtub came on and Wendy was pulled face forward into it. The door slammed shut cutting her off from any help.

“NO!” Helen screamed kicking the air behind her.

The Raven winced in pain. The woman was fighting back. Whatever she was had managed to find its way back to the bird. It was almost done. A little pain was acceptable. It looked at Emma who floated away from the wall and settled near the edge of the destroyed flooring. She was looking straight ahead, oblivious to the world around her. A great red balloon came down and hovered six feet above her. A thick red strap came out and Emma lifted her arm over her head. The strap snaked around it and continued until it coiled around her waist. Then it became stiff and lifted her clear off the floor.

Emma floated away.

The Raven looked at the large blonde man stirring down below. His thick arms and legs pulled him off the ground as he struggled to right himself. The bird twisted its head down and looked at him sideways.

It flapped its wings and the man was yanked off his feet and dropped face forward against the ground.

He was strong. Stronger than the others. He fought back digging his feet into the ground and forcing himself up. The black bird hoped around on its feet as the magic flowed out of it. The man was dragged back, his body hunched over in a runner’s position. His hands dug into the ground as he pulled himself forward. The bird screamed at him and an invisible force struck him in the face and knocked him on his back.

This would not do. The man was too powerful. Whatever magic fueled him was greater than the others, with the possible exception of the woman, whatever she was. The Raven flew into the air and circled around the man as he was hurtled around the barn and right through the wooden fence that kept the The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague cows penned up. The large animals had already moved against the back side at the sound of the explosion and were now huddled protectively together as the Raven soared above them.

This man had to be dealt with here and now.

The ground opened like a giant mouth as Michael was pulled inside. The Raven saw a massive clawed hand, hairy and thick with muscle reach out and dig into the ground like an anchor. There was a rumbling as the black magic met the might of the Werewolf. Heavy chunks of earth flew from the maw in the ground as the battle raged on.

Helen made it to her feet but was met with yet another obstacle. Pot and pans began to fly in the air at her and use her for target practice as she batted them away as best she could. Dishes came at her next as she ducked and hid behind a chair. She heard Wendy kicking at the door as she struggled for her life.

“ENOUGH!” Helen cried out and reached inside her shirt clutching the silver cross that hung from her neck. The flying kitchen wear dropped to the floor like the strings of a puppet had just been cut.

Whatever held her by the legs let go and a loud deafening groan filled the air.

It was in pain!

Helen hurt it!

The Raven cried out as it dropped from the sky. It managed to land on the wooden fence and dug its claws in for support. It turned its head to the house but the barn blocked its way. The feeling of sticky needles dug into its black feathered body as it swayed on the beam in sickness.

It could not win his battle. It let go of the woman and turned back to the man. A massive animal head appeared. It had huge fangs and a thick neck with dark eyes. The Raven acted quickly. The animal cried out in agony as the birds magic flooded over it.

The earth closed shut.

There was a small upheaval as dirt pushed up once, twice, and then nothing.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague It was done.

The Raven lifted off the fence and soared high in the sky and headed toward the big red orb far in the distance, the pain the woman had caused already leaving its memory.

The Witch would be coming next.

Helen beat on the door with her fists and turned the knob as the sound of rushing water filled the room.

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