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«The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son.by Teague CHAPTER ONE Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, ...»

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Wendy was no longer kicking the door which made Helen more panicked. She screamed and threw herself against it over and over again. She heard a noise behind her. Something large was with her. She spun around, hands up to defend herself.

A massive dark Werewolf stood before her. It growled at her and Helen ran away instinctively. She put herself behind the kitchen table and grabbed a metal candlestick. The Wolf ignored her though. It lifted its large head and sniffed in the air. It looked right at the bathroom door and charged forward. With a swipe of its enormous clawed hand the door broke apart in several large pieces.

This wasn’t Michael she was sure of it but she couldn’t wait any longer. She ran from behind the table and boldly by the Werewolf. It let her pass.

Wendy was face down in the tub as water flowed around the rim and onto the floor. Helen ran up and hauled Wendy up by the back of her shirt.

“WENDY!” she called out checking for a pulse. The woman didn’t move.

“What happened here?” Helen’s head snapped around. A huge naked man was in the doorway. He had big muscles with silver lined hair on his head. A jagged scar was on his face.

“I know you!” Helen shouted.

The man ignored her and crouched down near the two of them. He put out his hand and felt for a pulse on Wendy’s neck. “What happened?” he asked again.

Helen shook her head. “I don’t know! Emma screamed and then there was an explosion!

Something was fighting me, something I couldn’t see! Wendy was pulled into the bathroom and the door shut behind her!” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague “Calm yourself woman” the older muscled man said with complete control. “She’s alive but in trouble” He took her from Helen’s arms and left the room. He put Wendy on the floor and knelt over her, lifting her head up. He opened her mouth and sealed his around it as he began CPR. Her chest rose up and down with each breath. “See if the phones work. She needs help” Helen blinked. Of course! She scrambled to her feet and found the phone against the wall. She pressed the talk button and heard a dial tone. “Thank God!” She punched 911 on the keypad and spoke as soon as someone came on line. “They’re on the way!” she ran back to Wendy’s side.

“Where is Michael?” Silas asked as he continued to work.

“Michael?” Helen repeated. “He was upstairs with Emma!” Silas didn’t bother to look up. “No one else is here” he said simply.

A great weight made the floor groan. Another Werewolf stood in the doorway. Helen moved back but stayed by Wendy’s side. The big beast growled and Silas said, “Search the grounds. The Alpha and his daughter are here somewhere. Find them” Before the great animal made it outside Helen added. “And Andreas! He’s here too! He was in the car with me!” Silas now looked up at her. “Andreas?” Helen nodded her head. “Yes!” Another minutes went by before the big man sat back. “She’ll live” Helen looked him over. He didn’t try to hide his naked body from her. Like all Werewolves, he had no modesty to contend with. “I know you” He nodded. “We’ve met. You’re the black wolf’s mother” “Black wolf?” she said confused. “You mean Chase?” He nodded. “I do” “Yes. I’m his mother. I’m Helen” “Andreas spends a great deal of time with you” the man said, not offering his own name in return.

“Your union with him will make Daruth very happy” “Union?” Helen looked around. “Do you see what’s happened here? You’re only concerned with my ‘union’ with Andreas?” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague “I’m an Alpha Werewolf. I see many things” He stood up and towered over her. “Many things indeed” Another naked man ran into the room. He looked around and then his attention fell fully on Silas. “We found Andreas” Helen’s breathing stopped. Her heart felt like it was going to burst wide open as she waited for the worst news imaginable.

“They hung him on a tree. He didn’t have time to change” Helen cried out and covered her mouth with her hands. The big man beside her showed no emotion whatsoever.

“What hung him?” “I don’t know. Ryan is searching now” The man paused and added. “He threw up again” The man groaned in thought at the news. He turned to Helen. “We can’t be here when help arrives.

Stay with her, we will deal with everything else” “Andreas!” The other man spoke. “He lives. He was hung by his legs. He’s not awake yet. He has a nasty gash on his head and he’s pretty beat up, but he’ll live” “Take him to cover and let me know the moment he wakes. I have questions” The sound of sires came within range. They were still far away, giving the Werewolves time to act.

“We must leave. Send Ryan to me, provided he can stand” his words showed his clear disappointment.

“My Lord” the man bowed and ran back outside.

Helen watched the big man leave her side. She cradled Wendy’s head in her arms. “You’re Silas aren’t you?” The large muscled man turned his head to her. “I am” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Emma floated high above the ground. She made no sound and gave no struggle as she moved silently through the air. The big, black Raven flew next to her, circling around in wide arcs near her position.

The red fabric strap held her tight and carried her faithfully toward her destination.

Emma had work to do.

They had to wait until the ambulance drove away. Police searched the area while firefighters stood nearby, not sure what role they had to play. There had been no fire, no gas explosion. There was no explanation for what happened to the destroyed house. Silas watched from the tree line, his supernatural power giving him perfect vision.

It took almost an hour before the last car left. Helen had gone with Wendy and Silas had no idea what she had told the police, but whatever it was, they eventually left too.

Ryan was sniffing around and doing his best to provide answers. Whenever he opened up he felt deathly sick and had no way to fight it. Silas confronted him.

“If you can’t find the source of magic then find the Alpha!” The Wolf nodded meekly and moved toward the barn as the other’s followed behind. He moved left and right and found the trail almost instantly. He walked around the barn and through the hole in the fence.

The ground as ripped up like the trail that led them to Andreas. Then it stopped.

“Well” Silas said impatiently. “No one is here” The Wolf barked in disagreement and pawed at the ground. He began to run, stopping every so often and sniffing around. He made a wide circle until he was back where he started. He threw his head back and growled.

“Fool! He isn’t here!” Silas shouted.

Ryan ran to the center of the field, the cows mowing unhappily and as far away from him as they could get. He punched his hand into the ground and began to dig.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Emma flight was at an end. She dropped slowly to the ground and settled her tiny feet to the cold earth in the pitch black of night. Before her stood the line in the ground the Raven had made earlier. The giant red balloon released her and began to break apart. It hovered in the air until it found the shape it wanted before descending on the small child and wrapping itself around her tiny shoulders. A brown pouch dropped to the floor at Emma’s feet. She looked down at it not knowing what to do. Her hand opened and the pouch flew up on its own power and moved to her grasp.

She yawed and then reached up and pulled the red hood over her head. The Raven danced happily near her and Emma began to sing.

–  –  –

The Raven was beside itself with joy. Its black wings dipped and rubbed against the ground as black smoke formed at Emma’s feet and wrapped themselves around her legs, solidifying like boots. Emma stretched out her hand and the ground under the line the Raven made began to swell. Small green vines began to weave together as they came out of the ground. They began thicker and thicker, first like string and then forming rope like cord. Once ready, the twisted vines lifted up carefully from the ground and continued to grow, forming a low arch. They grew bigger and bigger, making the arch higher with every second. Finally it stopped. Heavy vines made a makeshift doorway in the middle of the forest just big enough for Emma to walk under.

The Raven watched and twisted its head suspiciously. He hoped forward and stuck out a wing. The black feathers cautiously moved over the line. There was no resistance. The bird cawed happily. It stuck the whole wing through. Now it began to sing. The bird took in a breath and hoped right over the line to the other side. Emma watched with no emotion. The Raven spread its wings as far as possible and danced again.

The child had done it! The Witch would be pleased indeed!


Emma walked under the archway, her red cape flowing behind her. She clutched at the small bag in her hand and moved at a slow pace, her black smoke boots leaving a tiny trail behind her. The Raven hoped The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague over and looked through the arch one final time before it turned to Emma and flew near her shoulder. It landed on a branch a few yards in front and waited for her to catch up. There was no rush; the magic had to settle inside the little girl. It was a delicate process, and now that the bird was cut off from the Witch, it couldn’t take any chances to disturb the spell. Emma was oblivious to where she was, walking in a predetermined pattern toward her goal and showing no emotion whatsoever.

The Raven watched intently. Now it had to count on the child to lead it to the Puller Tree. Everything counted on her now. Only her power as a Druid would take her to it. The Witch’s black magic could not locate it without her in fact. After decades and decades of planning, everything rested on the shoulders of a four year old girl.

Emma walked and the Raven followed, always on the watch for the unexpected. Even without the Witch the bird was far from defenseless but Werewolves were in the woods and no chances would be taken. It shifted its head and searched for the Other.

Finding a child Druid was a literal gift from the Gods. The Witch’s original intention was to use the woman, but when the girl had come unexpectedly into her own power, it had been that much easier.

She would have no defenses and the mother could not possibly teach the child the difference between white and black magic. Emma was ripe on the vine and the Witch would not allow anyone to interfere, especially her parents. Everything depended on the child and the Witch would see it to the end.

The Father served no purpose to the Witch. Werewolves were notorious to control, often turning on those that enthralled them and causing general mayhem. This was one special, at least to others. Many Wolves circled him to bask in his will. This was something the Witch knew a great deal about, but sharing power was not something she was made a habit of doing.

This time however, it could not be helped.

A few Werewolves and a Druid or two was no match for her. But packs of them could cause her problems so she had to be flexible, and bring another into her plans. This was dangerous on many levels but she was too close to success to stop now. Everyone could be controlled, you just had to give them what they wanted, and the Witch knew exactly what to give.

Aided by the others Ryan pulled up a massive clawed hand from the earth. Silas stepped forward and directed them to dig faster. It took almost three minutes of heavily muscled Werewolves to free the Grand Alpha from his prison of dirt. He was pulled up and placed on his back, unmoving. Silas looked at him and put his human hand in front of the large animal’s nose. He felt warm air.

“He lives” he told the others. The Werewolves circled the unconscious animal nervously. Whatever could do this to him made them especially vulnerable and Silas’s presence did little to quell that fear.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Although an Alpha himself, he had nowhere near the power that Michael did and the best they could hope for was safety in numbers.

Silas shook the great beast but it didn’t respond. He stood back up and rubbed at his neck. There was a conflict raging in his mind. Michael was at his mercy. The years that Silas had waited for dropped before him in a golden opportunity. He could kill the Grand Alpha and take his rightful place as ruler. He could absorb Daruth’s pack and any others that were nearby. No one would challenge his right after he killed one so great. His Wolves stirred uneasily near him. They could feel the emotion run off his conflicting thoughts. It would be so easy, so simple. The Wolves looked at each other and some growled low with agitation.

Silas looked at the ground. Whatever had trapped Michael had left almost no trace behind. The house was only partially standing. The front was completely destroyed and the powerful Druid was in a coma and at the hospital. Silas had seen firsthand what the Alpha’s wife was capable of. He was witness to the way she killed the female Werewolf that challenged her right to mate with Michael. She was not to be threatened, especially not in the forest where her power was absolute. Michael was wise to marry one of such power. No human woman would have survived, his options being what they were.

Andreas was still out but nearby. The man was dealt with as swiftly as the others. Where was Daruth?

How come he had not sensed his Second fall? Andreas was no mere underling, his own power was great. He could have easily stood against any single Werewolf and held his ground, save an Alpha that is. Silas could think of only two or three Wolves that would best the man in combat. And yet he was defeated as well and hung up like a Christmas ornament.

Too many questions and no answers.

Silas didn’t like this. There was no enemy to fight, no smell to follow. How could he command the pack with this threat lingering nearby?

No. This was not the time. He could wait longer. Another opportunity would arise, and he would wait patiently. He was, after all, an Alpha.

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