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«The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son.by Teague CHAPTER ONE Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, ...»

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Silas changed into his beast while the others moved away and watched uncertain of what he would do.

In human form Silas was intimidating, but in Wolf form, he was a terror. He crouched down near the Grand Alpha’s face and started to growl. The others watched for a moment and then understood. They joined in and formed a circle around Michael and snarled at him.

The power flowed out of them and to their leader. The will of the Alpha surged like an electric current while the others contributed to it. Silas directed it right at Michael, letting the power flow into him and charge him up. It took almost two full minutes before the combined willpower reached the massive beast and made him stir.

Michael opened his eyes and growled back.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Bart wore only a pair of jeans as he finished putting up the tent. There were two tents near one another about five feet apart. He put his pack inside and threw Chase’s in as well. He didn’t have to ask to know who the black haired boy would sleep with. It was a given that Chase was his.

He stretched out his muscled arms as he felt two small hands snake around his waist and move up his powerful chest. Bart laughed. “Oh so now you want me?” He turned to find Chase standing behind him, his eyes full of desire. “I thought you only went for football players now” he teased, putting his hands on his hips as Chase continued to rub at his chest.

“Come on Bart” Chase pleaded. “You know I can’t help it” His soft fingers rubbing at the hard muscle.

That much was true. A Werewolf, especially a new one, had almost on control over what the beast wanted. Smells and forms triggered something in the animals that their human counterparts might usually resist. Whatever was special inside of Daniel called to the Wolf in Chase and he had no choice but to comply. It was one of the reasons why it was so dangerous for him to be around male Wolves.

Open desire caused severe problems for some, and like Chase, they may not be able to control their need to express themselves either. Unfortunately it would most likely involve violence instead of the return of affection that Bart gave him. Of course meeting the Grand Alpha at the same time they met Chase might have had something to do with that. Knowing death was so close at hand quelled the boys need for violence and made them accept Chase instead. This was only reinforced by the display of sheer strength the Grand Alpha exhibited in human form, eclipsing even their combined power as Wolves.

Seeing a human move a boulder that even a Werewolf could not budge had a way of burning itself into one’s memory.

Chase let his warm hands run across Bart’s thick chest. The rugged teenager was nothing but hard muscle. “You know what it’s like” he said with more than a hint of defeat in his voice.

Bart made the mistake of looking into Chase’s blue eyes. His defenses dropped like a stone, and before he knew it, the small boy was wrapped up in his big arms and pressed against him protectively.

“Yeah, I know” he kissed his black hair.

“Hey lovebirds!” Sean called sarcastically. “There’s a fire that needs to be built. How about we get the camp set up and then you can snuggle and gaze into each other’s eyes!” Bart pushed Chase back and made a big fist in Sean’s direction. “Keep it up blondie! Your master isn’t here to save you!” It was a hollow threat but one Sean let persist. He was now more powerful than any of his friends and quite a few adult males. The supernatural willpower of the Grand Alpha surged through his bloodstream and made him more than a match for anyone else. It was his love for Bart that made him prove otherwise.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Bart turned to Chase who was smiling at Sean. “Let’s set up camp and then you can tell me all about your boyfriend. Then I’ll tell you the many ways I can kick his ass” Chase laughed and reluctantly took his hands away. There was a ripple that ran through him. He turned and looked around but didn’t see anything. “Did you feel that?” he asked the others.

“What?” Sean asked first. Before anyone, it was his job to protect Chase. He moved closer to his charge immediately.

“I don’t know. It was there just for a second. It was like…” All four looked in different direction but found nothing. They were about seventy miles from Michael’s farm and near the hallway point up the mountain.

Jason shook his head at Sean. “I don’t even smell the others yet” He meant Daruth’s men travelling behind them. Of all of them Jason was the best tracker. His sense of smell was better, a habit from travelling through the trees as much as he did.

Bart put one arm around Chase’s shoulders and pulled him in. “Still feel it?” Sean and Jason looked at him intently. Chase was still coming into his power. He had yet to develop the ability to discern differences around him. His supernatural senses were far from honed and because of this the other boys were agitated.

What could Chase detect that they couldn’t?

Chase shook his head. “No. It was just for a moment, but it seemed so…” the others waited.

“Familiar” he finished.

The three teenagers traded looks without speaking. There were few things that could or would attack four Werewolves, not to mention the six adult Wolves nearby. As Chase walked with Bart for firewood Jason approached Sean.

“Daruth’s men wouldn’t try anything would they?” “I can’t believe they would. Daruth likes Chase and Andreas would die for any attempt on his life.

Beside the two of you still belong to Silas, and hurting you would be moving against him, and I don’t see that happening anytime soon” Jason shrugged. “Makes sense I guess” He looked over his shoulder. “I just don’t like having so many Wolves around that don’t fall directly under Silas’s rule” Sean nodded. “Yeah, I know what you mean. Still Chase wouldn’t be able to sense anything like that. Not with Bart around” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague For Chase, only a stronger man could pull his attention from the strapping teenager. Everyone knew it.

He wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything except Bart’s hard body. His open desire for the rugged boy made it in some ways easier to control him. One smell of him and Chase folded like a house of cards.

“After we set up go find Daruth’s men. See for yourself. I don’t want to leave Chase alone” Jason nodded. “Sounds good” Sean moved forward and rubbed his shoulder against Jason. It was something pack brothers did. Even though Sean was no longer a part of Silas’s pack he still held ties to both boys and by rubbing against him he transferred his smell to his friend. In the heat of battle he could tell friend from foe immediately and make no mistakes that could be tragic or worse, even fatal.

Jason leaned into him as he moved by and rubbed him back. It wasn’t something he would do in front of Silas, but his Alpha was not here and Sean was after all one of his best friends.

Fifty five miles away Emma stopped walking and looked blankly at nothing. The Raven felt it too. They were no longer alone. Leaves crunched as it walked toward them, the rest of the forest becoming silent as it did. The big bird squawked a greeting and looked over the man. He walked up to Emma slowly and looked down. She didn’t look up.

The bird was uneasy. It had no allegiance to this man. This was the Witch’s doing. She decided to bring him in to control the others in case they interfered. He was looking intently at the child and the Raven knew what he wanted. His power literally rippled off him in waves. It was a dark power, not unlike the Witch’s, but her magic was exact and defined, while this man’s swirled like a cloud around him, nothing but want and desire. He was a creature of hunger and lust that thrived off of others.

The Raven didn’t like him at all.

He squatted down on his legs so his face was level with hers. Still she didn’t see him. He smiled and reached out a hand to touch her face but the Raven cried out and flapped its wings furiously. He pulled his hand back and glared at the bird. He held the animal’s eyes for a long moment and then he stood up and stepped out of the child’s way.

Emma started to walk again.

The Raven squawked at him in warning and moved with the tiny child. The man watched as her red cloak flowed gently around her. The bird spat at him and he turned away with a grin. The child had The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague power, great power. He could feel it flowing like a radiant flame. He would bide his time and then, when the Witch was done with her, he would suck her dry.

He put his chalk white hands together and listened for the Wolves. No one was around, not for miles. He would make his stand here and defend this pathway if it came to it. If the packs came at all they would come right through this part of the forest, following the child’s scent. The Witch could deal with the others if need be but these Wolves would be his to consume. He didn’t like to fight, he preferred his meals to not struggle, it was easier that way but it didn’t mean he couldn’t fight when he needed too. Let them come he thought to himself. The more the merrier.

He rubbed his foot into the ground and made a small circle in the dirt. He did the same with the other foot and then planted himself inside each one and chanted.

He slowly dissolved in thin air.

The Wolves wouldn’t know what hit them.

Michael stood before them. It had taken almost fifteen minutes before his strength returned and he felt safe enough to transform back to man. Silas and Ryan were human while the others stayed in Wolf form.

“What happened?” Michael shook his head at Silas. “I don’t know” He looked at the tracker. “Where is my family?” Ryan’s face changed. He didn’t like being addressed directly when Silas stood next to him. It was not his place to speak. Plus he didn’t know that the Grand Alpha knew who he was. He couldn’t ever remember a time he had been directly spoken to by the man. He gave his large leader a careful gaze and said, “The woman has gone to the hospital. The human went with her. Your daughter is no where I could detect. I could smell your Son heading toward the mountains. With others” he added.

“Chase left several hours ago. Emma was in her room…before the explosion” Michael replied, looking over the farm. “She has to be somewhere” “He’s checked and can only trace her there. He found you buried in the yard and Andreas strung up on a tree in the opposite direction” Michael’s eyes went wide. “Andreas too? He lives?” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague “He does, but just barely. I would imagine the same could be said of you had Ryan not found your trail” Michael’s eyes ran over the uncomfortable man. “Has Andreas spoke?” The man shook his head. “He’s not conscious yet” “Michael” Silas said, pulling his attention back to him. “I know how to case the area. The only ones found were the adults, no children” “My wife? Helen? Are they alright?” “The human is fine, untouched actually” His voice showed his surprise. “Your wife, the Druid; lives, but was clearly attacked by something.

Michael walked by him and toward the house. There was rubble scattered about. He sniffed in the air, searching. “Wendy said ‘witchcraft’ right before it happened. The house exploded all around us. I managed to grab her but Emma and Helen were too far away. Then something grabbed me and dragged me to the field” “Dragged you?” Silas asked. “Were you human or Wolf?” “Human…to start” “Who did this?” “I don’t know” Michael looked around. “There was no one there. Whatever had me I couldn’t see or touch. It was powerful, even my strength was unable to counter it” “The same must have happened to Andreas” Ryan said, pointing to the dirt driveway. Large grooves were in the ground from where his hands dragged. “But whatever took him didn’t care if we found him or not. It covered your tracks up pretty good though” He pointed to the smooth ground leading to the field were they found the Grand Alpha. “Not counting the fence of course” Which was missing a section as if a car had rammed through it.

“Clearly he was of no concern” Silas said with distaste.

“How did you find us? Why are you here?” Michael turned to Silas.

Silas’s eyes narrowed. “I felt a dark presence. It must have been when all this happened. I came right away and brought men with me. I was surprised to find Andreas here but not Daruth” Michael understood all too well what Silas was getting at. He didn’t care what the man thought at the moment, his only concern was for his family. “Daruth is away on business. We were having a gathering for Chase’s birthday” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague “Business?” Silas asked, not letting the conversation drift from Daruth.

“Yes” Michael offered nothing more.

Silas continued. “I found your human mate downstairs and your wife head first in the bathtub.

She lives but did not wake while I was here. Help was called and she was taken away. Andreas was found quickly but we could not locate you or the child until after they left” Silas waited, seeing if the Alpha would offer more, but nothing else was given.

Ryan was hesitant and spoke meekly. “This thing that grabbed you, do you have any ideas of what it could be?” Michael shook his head. “No. I’ve never felt anything like it” He looked at Silas. “What do you know of Witches?” “Witches?” the big man said with surprise. “They are more a myth than we are. Many call themselves Witch but a true witch is rare indeed” “Why?” Michael asked. “Why is that so?” “They seek power and they don’t share it. They kill and sacrifice and hoard their magic for themselves. They grow in power by absorbing the magic of those they kill. Because of this they don’t associate in numbers or travel in groups. Covens are outdated and of no use once a real Witch has come into her power” He watched Michael suspiciously. “Why would you bring that up?

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