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«The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son.by Teague CHAPTER ONE Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, ...»

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You said you’re attacker did not reveal themselves” This subject was clearly something Michael didn’t want to discuss but too much had happened to keep Silas in the dark any longer. He rubbed his forehead. “I was told a Witch was coming” “Told by whom?” He hesitated. “By Phoebe” Silas glared at him. “Phoebe spoke…with YOU?” “She did. She said I was to prepare for her arrival…for the Witch I mean” Silas’s mind clicked into place and he was putting everything together right before Michael’s eyes. “So this business that Daruth is on? It’s because of this Witch?” Michael had to give him credit. It was easy to forget how dangerous Silas truly was. There was a reason the man was an Alpha and it wasn’t because of stupidity. As usual he was summing up his competition and calculating his next move. When he didn’t answer, Silas took it as a yes.

“So when were you going to tell the rest of us about the Goddess’s message?” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Michael took a step forward and confronted Silas; he would not allow a show of power by someone like Silas. “If she wanted to speak with YOU, she would have” He leaned in until his big chest bumped the large man. “Perhaps you disagree and want to settle this right here? Once and for all?” Silas didn’t back up. At least not right away. He let things sit between them for a moment before he took a step back. “Vampires, the Naga, how much more must we fight through separate camps? You are Grand Alpha, not some mere Wolf; you should warn those that don’t have your strength and not hoard your knowledge from those lesser than you” And he was right, and Michael knew it. His distrust of Silas caused the rift between them. It was Silas who made Michael leave Helen in the first place and he had the scar on his face to prove it.

“Now Witches beat down our door? And Phoebe herself warned you of this?” he waved his hand at the destroyed home. “You wife is in the hospital, your daughter gone while you were buried in the yard like a dog’s bone, and you question MY loyalty?” Michael looked at him and then stepped back and turned away. “Your loyalty has never been in question Silas. I’ve always known who you fight for” The statement stood for itself. Michael moved to the house and jumped up to Emma’s room, his powerful legs easily making the jump. Silas and Ryan followed close behind.

“She was here, there is no question” Ryan said, mostly to himself. “But she doesn’t leave. She doesn’t walk out or fall down. She’s just here and nowhere else” His finger was pointing to where Michael last saw her.

One of the Werewolves changed down below and called out. “Andreas wakes!” Helen sat in the hospital room. Wendy had just been brought back after a scan of her body had ruled out severe damage. The doctor told her that he had drained a great deal of fluid from her lungs and would be kept comfortable until she waked on her own. They would not know of permanent damage until then. Helen nodded and told the doctor she would keep trying to get a hold of Wendy’s family, although she knew that would be unlikely.

Andreas, Michael, Wendy, and Emma…all gone.

She sat in the chair next to Wendy’s bed and held her hand, her other holding the silver cross she wore around her neck.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague “It’s going to be alright Wendy” she said softly. “Silas is there, he’ll find everyone” She looked at the sleeping woman, not sure of the truth of what she had just said. Everything she knew of Silas made her not trust him, but there was no one else.

Helen’s head snapped up.

There was someone else!

She reached for her phone and ran through her contact list. It took only three rings before a woman answered.

“Elyria?” she asked.

Elyria paced back and forth. Her conversation with Helen unnerved her. Her best men were with Chase and she was unable to reach them. She wanted to go to Michael to help him in his search but knew she couldn’t. Silas was there and she could not go without Daruth on her arm. The man was far too dangerous to confront without aid. Andreas had been wounded and her husband was still far away.

She walked out of her home and looked around. Perhaps she should send another to alert her men?

Should she risk weakening her own camp? She could send a woman, someone she could spare. Children ran by her laughing and pushing at each other playfully.

Her mind was made up at the sight of them. She could risk no more. She called her guard and told them of the danger. The remaining men rallied around her and obeyed her orders instantly. She could be of little help without her husband, at least as far as Michael was concerned. But at the very least she could be there for the women. She went back in her home and took out an old book from a large bookcase in Daruth’s study. She thumbed through the pages until she found a loose piece of paper with a handwritten phone number on it.

She took in a deep breath and lifted the phone off the desk and dialed the number.

“This is Elyria” She said simply when the phone was lifted on the other end. There was no voice to speak back to her. “I have a Druid female that was attacked in her own home. The woman is wife to a Grand Alpha Werewolf” She paused again. Still there was no reply. “It is believed magic was the cause” There was a rubbing at the other end, as if someone covered the phone with their hand. The pause lasted for a moment and then the phone went dead.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Elyria looked at it and placed it back on the desk. She returned the paper to the book and put it back on the shelf. Daruth would not like what she did. He did not trust users of magic and especially not these users, but Elyria had nowhere else to turn.

There was only one way to fight magic and that was WITH magic. She took in a deep breath and went outside and summoned the women. The children must be accounted for. No child could move through camp without escort until the danger was gone. She looked at the woods surrounding her pack.

How many more men must they lose?

The Witch stood at the archway.

Her eyes moved carefully over the heavy vines, looking for the smallest of errors. Considering the girl’s age, the work was impressive. Thick stalks wound together so tightly they appeared to have merged in several spots. The roots dipped deep into the ground to keep the structure from falling. It was a simple thing to the naked eye. It looked like a miniature version of what newlyweds would walk under after they were married. It was a novelty and appeared to serve no real purpose, certainly not in the middle of a forest.

But the truth was far greater.

The magic protecting this area was old; far older than even the Witch. She did not have the power to breach the barrier and secure what she sought. If the spell went down, if she cracked it, THEY would know. They would come like a wave at her, an army to destroy her and end her quest for all time. It had taken decades for her to find the location. It had been hidden well and the Wizards that cast the spell were clever indeed. The Witch appreciated fine magic, even when it was used against her.

She was powerful, but not that powerful. She could not stand against so many. The treasure was far too precious to allow one such as her to attain it. They would kill her swiftly and wipe all trace of her away.

She had to think faster and several steps ahead. If all went as she planned she would be gone before anyone realized what she had done, and once out from the barrier, her power would be absolute.

This was the only way.

The child was the key. She had a unique ability. She was able to make a simple door through the barrier without breaching it directly. It was the nature of her magic. The magic of life. The immense spell would stay intact, the Witch would have access, and no one would know.

All because of a little girl.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague The Witch had no illusions. Once she put her hands on it, the spell would react. She had to move quickly and escape before she was trapped. Only the girl could hold it without alerting the others. Only she could free it from its cage.

The Witch took in a deep breath and gently tested the spell. It was solid, like a wall, at least to her. The power it took to erect such a thing was a work of magical beauty. She had to give the Wizards credit, but like every problem, there was a solution.

This part was difficult for her. The barrier that kept her out would also trap her inside. If the Witch stepped in she would be cut off from any magic she didn’t have with her. Even her familiar could not escape. The heavy vines held up the barrier like a great curtain. The child had done a good job of erecting the door, now it was up to the Witch to do her part.

She crouched low so not to touch the delicate archway and crawled through. She felt the ripple once she was on the other side. There was a sudden absence to her strength. It was like running abruptly uphill and losing your breath. There would be no help for her here. No help except the help she brought with her and she only revealed what she must to HIM.

The child would be moving to the source. She would follow and secure her position once everything was in place. There was only one more thing to deal with. A pack of Werewolves had moved on far ahead, but the path they took could lead them back to her if they turned around. She could handle them but there would be an even greater force behind her, and she had no power to waste on them; no patients when she was so close to getting what she wanted.

So she did the next best thing.

She had to bargain for him to come. Now that she was inside she cast out her power to find him.

She summoned the Litch.

Andreas was of little help. He never witnessed the explosion. Whatever had taken him had done so first, removing him from the site before anyone else. He was able to use his cell phone to reach Helen though.

After a tense conversation where Helen told him what happened and Andreas made sure they were both safe, he gave the phone to Michael. Michael didn’t need her to retell her story; he heard the whole thing as did Silas and the others. Werewolf hearing was acute.

“Find Emma Michael. I won’t leave Wendy’s side, I promise. The doctors all say she’ll live” Helen had assured him after a few minutes of back and forth conversation. Michael handed the phone back to Andreas and he waited until Michael stepped away before he spoke to her in quiet tones.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Michael moved back to the house and began to lift massive sections away to search underneath.

“She is not here my Lord” Ryan said humbly. “She could be under all of it and I would know” Michael looked at him with an angry glare. Ryan cowered and held up his hands. “But that’s better isn’t it? I mean she is not harmed by this” Michael did not reply. He threw a twelve foot beam clear over the roof in anger. His heavy bicep surged with power and Ryan stepped back and moved toward Silas. Andreas came up and held out the phone to Michael.

“Helen needs to tell you something” “Helen?” Michael said into the phone.

“Michael there is something you should know. I don’t know if it means anything but after the Vampire…” her voice trailed off. “Whatever had me tried to keep me from Wendy and…well, I managed to hurt it” Everyone looked at Michael. They had heard what she said. “Hurt it how?” “I’m not sure. I just struggled with it and I shouted out. There was a loud moan and I’m sure it was in pain by whatever I did” Silas was deep in thought; his eyes darted to the ground as they shifted with this new information. “Ask her if it held her the way it did your wife?” Michael relayed the message.

“Not like it did Wendy. She was lifted off the ground. It felt slippery to me like it couldn’t take complete hold. Maybe it was too busy with her to bother with me? Maybe it’s nothing, but it felt like it didn’t want to confront both of us so it settled on her instead” “That’s highly doubtful” Silas said. “Whatever this was it took out Andreas and you while dealing with the Druid at the same time. A human woman should have been no match for it” “The same human woman that single handedly destroyed a Vampire” Michael countered. “Helen.

What were you doing when it moaned?” “Well, I had just had enough. It was killing Wendy. I shouted out and…oh” she stopped abruptly.

“Oh what?” Silas stepped forward to hear better, his frustration clear in his voice. There was an eternal pause that almost made Silas take the phone from Michael.

“I grabbed my crucifix” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Silas looked hard at Michael. “Witchcraft indeed” Jason had come back to camp with three of Daruth’s men. He gave Sean a slight shake of his head, letting him know they were not to blame for Chase’s feeling earlier. A younger man with thick brown hair came up and introduced himself. His name was Abel.

“So you boys ready to hunt?” Bart stepped up partially blocking Chase from sight. “We know how to hunt” The man smiled. “Really? Tell me then, what animals have been through here recently? And which are still in the area?” Chase looked at Bart and then at Sean. Neither offered an answer.

“It’s easy to hunt an animal on sight, to chase it down and kill it, but to actually hunt one is another matter altogether. I used to live in the woods for years until Daruth took me in. It’s how I survived” This was an important statement. Most Wolves, like Bart, Sean, and Jason, grew up in a pack. They hunted with others and had many meals cooked by parents and pack mates. Living solely on wild animal was a thing of the past. Werewolves were far more refined then they were decades ago. Now they lived as humans for the most part succumbing to their beasts only on occasion.

“How long did you live like that?” Jason asked. He had never met a wild Wolf before.

The man smiled warmly. “About fifteen years” Sean’s eyes bulged out. “Fifteen years! How old were you when you changed?” “Twelve” he replied simply.

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