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«The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son.by Teague CHAPTER ONE Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, ...»

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“Damn” Jason said. “What about your parents?” He shook his head. “I don’t know them. I changed when I was with a foster family. I never went back, and lived in the woods until Daruth found me” “I’ve never heard of anyone living so long alone. I can’t believe no one found you” Jason said, impressed.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague The man shrugged. “I stayed a Wolf for most of it. I had a hard time changing back so I just stayed that way. I only reverted to human form on occasion. When Daruth found me he had to use his power to subdue my beast. It took him quite a while to get me to change” he smiled. “Days in fact” The boys, even Bart, had new respect for Abel. Werewolves who stayed wolf for too long sometimes lost the ability to change back forever; the human in them gone for all time. None of them knew anyone like that; it was just a story to them. Until now. For Daruth to separate the human from the Wolf after so long was damn near a miracle by itself.

They each asked questions, forgetting that Abel wasn’t part of their pack. To them he was a treasure. He accomplished something no other lone Wolf had.

He survived.

After a good half hour Abel changed the conversation back to hunting. They listened as he spoke and followed him as he pointed around at what to look for. He talked for a long time and eventually they all changed form and began to hunt under his guidance.

None of them noticed their cell phones had no signal.

None of them received Elyria’s message.

Daruth left the Alaska pack reluctantly. Being in the presence of his former Master felt good and renewed his spirit. It was as if he was a child again, carefree and removed from the responsibility of making so many decisions. Kalibrus had told him much and he wanted to report back to Michael and feel the warmth of his own pack surrounding him again.

It was nightfall. The stars shined down on him and the moon was crystal clear in the night sky. This was how a Wolf should live he thought to himself as he made his way down the mountain. His massive paws dug deep into the ground as he ran easily through the dense woods.

He smelled her miles away.

She was still there, still camping alone.

He veered course and ran faster. It took minutes to travel the few miles to reach her. He stopped and listened as he sniffed the air. She was awake, the smell of burning wood filing his nose.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague He couldn’t help himself. He was free here, at peace. Even Montana couldn’t compare to the expanse of nature that covered this land. There were no city lights to obstruct his vision, no sounds of cars or airplanes. It was as if the Earth was new and unpopulated. The beast that lived in Daruth was exhilarated.

He moved closer until he could see her. She was wearing a dark flannel shirt, her long hair flowing down her shoulders. A fire was in the center of camp casting a dim light across her.

Daruth breathed in her scent. His big cock thickened between his hairy legs. He stepped out of the woods and let her see his approach.

She stood up immediately and took a defensive position. It had been several days since he had been with her. She moved her body keeping herself behind the flames but made no move to run.

Daruth could feel her emotion wash over him like a wave. He stepped slowly closer on four legs until he was about ten feet away. Then he stood up. His massive muscled body towered over her as his thick dark fur moved in the night breeze.

The woman’s eyes were wide but not with fear. She looked over his powerful body her gaze resting on the huge prick that rose between his legs.

Daruth let her look as he cast out his will over her. She did what he expected her to do; she unbuttoned her shirt and let it fall to the ground. She walked around the fire and pushed her pants off next, stepping out of them and facing him completely naked.

In truth, she never stood a chance. For a woman to resist the primal urge of a full grown Werewolf was something Daruth had never even heard of. With him being an Alpha, the chances were even more remote.

His cock grew like a baseball bat, his heavy balls swinging full between his muscled legs. The woman moaned as she walked up to him. He watched as she carefully reached out her hands and ran them against his hairy chest. She felt his massive arms and even ran her hands over his clawed fingers.

Daruth radiated sexual energy and she bathed in it. It was like sleeping outside in the cold night air and then suddenly someone lit a warm fire near you. She was drawn to him in a primal way and she didn’t resist at all.

She fell to her knees before him and took hold of his mighty cock and rubbed it on her face. It pulsed and throbbed in her hands as she caressed her smooth skin with his hot flesh. Her soft fingers ran lightly down the long, thick shaft and cupped his large, hairy balls possessively. She moaned loudly and began to kiss his beastly prick as her pussy became instantly wet with desire.

Daruth could smell her sex. It made his beastly cock throb. This is what it meant to be an Alpha, to be worshipped and desired, to have women throw themselves at him for the merest hint of his returned affection. Men, strong men, would bow to him and acknowledge his power and children would look up at him in awe.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Daruth looked around as she rubbed at him. He let a deep tone fill the area, to warn other animals away, as if that were necessary. Nothing would dare approached a predator like him. No bear, no mountain lion, no human. Nothing lived in these woods that he could not kill.

The woman attempted the impossible and opened her mouth to suck on his heavy dick. Her tongue ran across the full head as she tried to force it inside. Her throat let out a hungry groan at the taste and her fingers gripped the fat shaft tightly as she did her best to feast on him.

Daruth let her try, knowing she wouldn’t succeed. He was, after all…an Alpha and she should be on her knees.

Chase ran with the others but saw Abel looking at him every time he looked back. Able had a sleek Wolf.

Like the others he had a certain sense of power and danger to his animal, but nowhere near the level that Bart or Sean had. The two men that came from Daruth’s pack hung back, full adult Wolves that made even Bart look small. Jason was in the trees and scanning the area like a great furry hawk while everyone else was on the ground.

They hunted for hours and killed two deer. Chase had never eaten an animal before. Not one that wasn’t cooked at least. The beast in him had no trouble with it. Everyone ate. His human mind was far away and it was his black beast that commanded the body now. Chase was for all intents and purposes, just riding along.

They found a wide stream; the water was running fast and downhill. Each animal moved inside and washed off the blood of the kill and then continued to walk until the stream became a waterfall.

That’s where they changed.

Abel watched Chase and stepped forward before the others changed completely. The new boy was able to change must faster than the others. Maybe his time as a Wolf made that so, Chase didn’t know. The two adult males stayed Wolf and watched them from the woods. They did not take part in the hunt or the kill, they simply watched.

“You’re a Werewolf?” Abel asked.

Chase nodded. “Yeah. I know I don’t look like it” Abel shook his head. “I wouldn’t go that far. You look like a Wolf, but just more of something else” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Chase wasn’t used to anyone giving him a compliment when they saw his beast. For most Werewolves seeing Chase change was amusing at best. At least until they tried to catch him.

“Your Son to the Grand Alpha?” Chase nodded.

“The only Son?” “Yeah. He has a daughter but she’s not Wolf” “Why are your eyes gold?” Chase stopped talking for a moment. He wasn’t ready for this question mostly because he had already been through it with everyone else. The difference this time was that now he knew the answer. He knew everything in fact. Polus had told him things that excited and scared Chase. The eyes were a gift from his Godly Father and they were far more than just for looks.

Now Chase had a decision to make.

“I was born for a different reason than them” he waved to the others who were almost changed.

Sean was nearly complete but farther away and too distracted by his change to pay attention to them.

“I’m not part of a pack” Abel looked back to see Sean finishing. He turned back to Chase. “I thought I would smell the Grand Alpha on you, and I did when you were human, but not when you were Wolf” His eyes moved across Chase’s small body. “I believe you when you say you have no pack” Sean walked up his naked body lined with sleek muscle. The blonde hair waving in the air like some runway model. “What’s up?” Abel answered. “We were talking about Chase’s Wolf. I can’t believe how black he is. He’s like a shadow” Sean moved between the two of them non-threatening but his intentions were clear. “Yeah, he’s amazing like that” Bart growled and everyone turned to see him pat his belly. “Now THAT was a meal!” he grinned at Jason who was running his hands through his own hair.

“I don’t think I’m gonna eat for days” the tall boy said, holding his waist for emphasis. He looked at the waterfall. “Hell we should have camped here! I didn’t even know this existed” Abel shook his head. “All animals come here to drink. Having a group of Werewolves at the watering hole is not good for hunting” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Sean’s eyes rose up and down in agreement. Abel seemed to say all the right things. He liked the boy. As a rule he didn’t associate with anyone outside of Silas’s pack. Now that he was bonded to Michael that didn’t change. It was a shame too. He really would have liked to know Abel.

“You change fast” Bart said to Abel.

“And you’re a good hunter” Jason added. “I’ve never known anyone to track like that” Abel smiled. He was pleased with their compliments. There wasn’t too much need for him in Daruth’s pack. It’s not that his skill weren’t appreciated, but in this day and age if a Wolf wanted food there was a grocery store nearby. It wasn’t like he was needed to bring home a kill every night to feed the pack.

They all got into the pool made by the waterfall and enjoyed a long swim. Bart threw Chase repeatedly in the air and was there to splash him when he came up for a breath. Chase changed tactics and swam underwater and pulled Bart down by his strong legs. Bart grabbed his hands and tugged him close, wrapping his arms around the boy as they broke the surface together. Chase leaned into him and nuzzled Bart’s thick neck.

Abel watched them from a distance and caught Sean’s eye. The handsome blonde boy was looking at him in warning. It was clear Chase was off limits, regardless of Abel’s intentions. It was just that Abel had never known true pack brothers like them. He had no one to bond with like these boys did since he grew up alone. He looked back to see Bart hug Chase hard and make him laugh before he turned away and dove under water.

He said nothing to Chase or the others of what he saw. Chase wasn’t part of any pack and Abel thought he knew why. Pack brothers, real pack brothers knew things about each other that bonded them as a family. If a real bond existed between these three boys and Chase, they would see what was inside of him, and it was something that Abel was sure the black haired boy didn’t want them to know.

Maybe it was because Abel spent so much of his life alone that he saw what he did. Maybe it took another lone Wolf to sense it. Maybe the magic of a real pack stopped others from seeing what he did.

Maybe it was love. Regardless, Abel knew a truth about Chase that no one else knew.

Chase was part Vampire.

Daruth was thrusting inside the woman as gently as his beast would allow. It was amazing she could take as much of him as she did. She had already cum twice as he lay above her and pushed in and out of her hungry body. His eyes moved over her as her head twisted back and forth. She had accepted him so easily she would have made a good Wolf. Her eyes were closed as her body rode his heavy prick and her hands dug into his back, pulling his against her.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague This was the second time he had come to her. In truth it was amazing that she was still here. After he left the magic of his will would dissolve and she would remember what happened. That alone should have made her pack up and leave for civilization. But here she was, ready for him again.

Daruth sniffed at her smelling their sex heavy in the air. There had to be a reason for this. No one had sex with a Werewolf and shrugged it off as if it happened every day. There was only one thing left for him to do. He drove his big prick deep inside her and watched as she responded in kind. He got her off for the third time and as her pussy clamped down on his rock hard shaft Daruth opened his mouth and bit her neck just enough to draw blood.

She arched her back and spread her legs apart as he sunk inside her as far as he could go. The sensation of his bite made her cry out as he body went through her third orgasm.

Daruth licked at the blood flowing from her neck and tasted it. The woman didn’t resist at all as he lapped at her flesh. He moved his head away and pressed his hand against the wound and squeezed. It wasn’t deep and the blood would stop momentarily. As he looked down the woman was wracked with pleasure and oblivious to anything but his hard cock inside her. Daruth’s thick tongue swirled around as he ran her blood across the inside of his mouth.

It was then that he knew the truth.

Werewolves could tell many things from blood, the easiest being who a Wolf belonged to. For an Alpha like Daruth this actually wasn’t needed. They had the power to feel any Wolf within their proximity.

Each Wolf gave off a sort of vibration of ownership. It had taken years for Daruth to master the skill. It started after he became an Alpha and he began to interact with other Wolves outside his own pack.

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