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«The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son.by Teague CHAPTER ONE Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, ...»

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There was a difference to them that was consistent with one another. He found that Wolves belonging to the same pack gave off the same vibration. It was pack magic at its most basic. As an Alpha Daruth didn’t need to taste blood to identify Wolves, his own willpower did that. He tasted the woman’s blood for another reason entirely, because there were other things the blood could reveal. Family ties for one.

Daruth could taste physical bonds between members of the same family. He could tell Father to Son. It was the reason a blood test wasn’t necessary to determine parentage. Male Wolves mated with many female Wolves in hopes of having children. Once the children were born the Father was easily identified. This of course wasn’t the reason Daruth tasted the woman’s blood. He knew she was no Wolf the first time he laid eyes on her. He did it for another reason.

And now he had his answer.

The woman was dying.

He lay carefully over her as she finished her orgasm until her body became limp beneath him. His rock hard shaft was solid and deep inside her. He lifted himself up until he could look at her face, casting out his power until she dropped into a deep sleep. He pulled his big cock from her and stood up.

It took him three minutes to change into a human.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Daruth lifted her up and took her near the fire, covering her with a blanket and then sat down next to her. She had breast cancer and by the taste of her blood she would be dead within the next six months.

He looked around at her supplies. They wouldn’t last that long. Did she intend to die here? To live out her last days alone and in isolation?

He watched her sleep and thought for a long time before he made up his mind. It would be hours before she would wake on her own. Their lovemaking had exhausted her to depletion and only time would bring her back now. He kept the fire stoked and made sure she stayed warm.

He watched the magnificent sun rise slowly in the sky and as the warmth of its light bathed over him and soothed his skin the woman began to stir. She looked up at his slowly as he sat near her. Her eyes shifted around to see if anyone else was with them. As she sat up she realized she was naked and held the blanket up to her chest to hide herself from Daruth. Daruth sat nearby and watched no clothes on his strong body.

“Good morning. I thought this time you and I should talk” She still said nothing. She reached for a canteen of water and unscrewed the cap and took a deep drink.

Then she looked at him and said, “What are you?” Daruth smiled. “A little late to be asking questions don’t you think?” She didn’t smile back. “What you did to me” she began. “I’ve never…” her voice trailed off.

Daruth shrugged. “Sorry. Nature of the beast. I’ve never been able to resist a beautiful woman, especially one who gives herself so freely to me” She pulled the blanket around her body and looked embarrassed.

Daruth allowed her a moment and said, “I know your dying” He didn’t look at her. He allowed her that small comfort of dignity.

“The cancer in your body will win. It’s only a matter of time” She adjusted herself on the ground. “Why are you telling me this? Who are you?” He turned his handsome face toward her. “I’m someone who can change your life. In fact I’m about to give you a choice that I’ve only given three other people” He stood up and faced her. His muscled body was liked sculpted stone, his huge cock hung low between his hairy thighs. He had no shame in being naked. He was beautiful.

Her eyes ran over him. “You’re not human are you?” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague He grinned at her. “Sometimes I am” Emma was almost there. Her small feet were protected by the black smoke that wrapped around her legs. It wouldn’t be long before she was there. The Raven hopped and flew near her, keeping up but not interfering with her path. It knew the Witch was inside. It felt her presence as soon as she crawled through the archway Emma had made. Still everything was up to the girl. The Witch was helpless until she fulfilled her duty.

Only Emma could get it.

Only she could find it.

Miles away the Witch stopped and looked down at the ground at the two circles that lay near each other in the dirt. She knew what they were but said nothing. The plans were made long before this and no words were needed. She moved beyond the marks and stepped up on a log. She lifted out her hands and waited. It took only moments before her body was lifted off the ground and she began to slowly fly.

Almost a century ago a decision was made.

It sat on a large circular table as the Wizards surrounded it. Three women huddled together. They were Druids. One Wizard with white hair and a long tan cloak turned to them and said. “You know what it is now and what must be done. No one can know of it. Not now. Not ever” The women nodded but did not step forward. They were understandably afraid.

“It cannot be destroyed. We’ve already tried. Every form of magic has been used to no avail” he looked solemn. “This is the only way. If we hide it it’s only a matter of time before it’s found. A war will break out and hundreds will die if not thousands” He looked around the forest. “We’ve gathered every Wizard we could find. The spell took seven days to cast” He looked at his feet. “We lost one of our own in the process” The women looked at each other and slowly nodded.

“If this gets out, even for a little while, death will reign. It’s the purpose for which it was made” Everyone’s eyes moved to the center of the table.

“Now, we’ve told you what to do and why it’s the Druids that have to do it. The rest is up to you.

We will wait here and leave when the job is done” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague A dark haired woman with striking features spoke for the Druids. “It will be done Amegnon. Just as you ask. We three will hold the secret and only pass it down when one of us falls” Amegnon nodded. “If the spell breaks we will know it but only you will know where to find it.

Only you can retrieve it” he waved his hand at the trees. “Here your power is absolute. Don’t fail us” A second woman stepped between the Wizards and looked at it. “We can touch it? It won’t harm us?” A Wizard in dark brown robes said, “You may be the only ones that can” She turned to her sisters. “Let it be done” The last Druid moved up and wrapped the cloth around it, lifting it up off the table. It was heavy, heavier than she expected. She placed it in a bag and stood before Amegnon. “What do you call it?” “We call it what it is” He said simply, as if the answer should be clear.

“The Book of Lies”


The women walked for miles. The spell the Wizards cast covered almost the whole forest, extending into the sky and below the ground. No tunnel would travel inside, nor could anyone simply fly in from above. Black magic was banned forever by the barrier but would make no move against those not touched by the dark. The Druids were tasked to hide the Book to prevent a Witch using a human or some other non-dark being to retrieve it. The magic was layered and folded around the forest, even inside the barrier, to stop this exact thing. The Wizards planned and plotted and constructed the strongest spell they could muster, to hide the Book for all time. It was their intention that it would be lost in history as it wrote itself around the Book.

They were wrong.

The Druid’s traveled deep in the forest using their magic to make it virtually impossible for a human being to follow their path to the tree. Anyone else would get lost and tangled in the vines; the trees themselves would lead them in circles like a maze until hopefully they gave up. In this way, only a Druid could find the Book and deny anyone else access.

They would use a tree; a very special tree.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague The oldest of the three was named Naomi Puller. Her mother was a Druid as was her mother, and her mother before her. As far back as Naomi could trace, Druid’s lived in her bloodline. She had a special union with nature that the Wizards identified. Through her power the Book could be sealed away. They gave her four months to prepare.

Many Gods granted Druid’s magic, a literal pantheon of in fact. From wood nymphs to satyrs to Gaia herself, there were many names for the dozen or so deities that the Druid’s gave reverence to, and in trees that lived for centuries, the Druid’s sang their praises.

Naomi, as most Druid’s, saved their best magic for trees. They cultivated them and fed them magic to grow strong and powerful. Every Druid had one nearby, for protection from enemies, and for connection to friends. It was through trees that they spoke, their magic casting out messages far into the earth, only to be retrieved by trees around the world.

It was a literal network of magic.

Naomi had come here for months. She used her best magic to create what she thought would be the perfect guardian for the Book. She devoted every waking hour to feed the tree and bless the ground it sat upon. It was like no other in the forest and could not be mistaken for anything other than magical.

As the women approached it hours later, they marveled at the sight.

“It’s amazing!” One said out loud as she knelt before it. Naomi looked on with pride at the towering tree in front of them. It was a king of trees with powerful limbs and roots that ran deep into the ground.

No storm, no act of nature would uproot this tree. It would last for hundreds of years and flourish long after they were all dead. It had massive leaves of the darkest green that gleamed in the light, and bark so thick that a truck couldn’t dent it. It was quite simply, a masterpiece.

The Druid’s knelt in silence, each sending a prayer to the wood God of their choice and long minutes later Naomi stood up and wiped her hands on her legs. “It’s time. Let it be done” The Tree swayed, its massive limbs reaching out and caressing each woman in turn. It was beautiful magic, magic of life and nature. It was life that would keep the Book safe. It was life that would deny dark hearts from taking it. It was why the Druid’s could touch the Book, because it had no direct power of them. They received their strength from another source, a source of life. There was no such thing as an evil Druid. They did not kill. They did not covet magic of others; they simply basked in the glory of the Earth. For them it was enough, and so the Book had nothing to offer them.

They set the Book on the ground and stepped back. It was still wrapped in the heavy cloth as they reached for each other’s hands and began to sing. It took just a moment for them to connect.

The Tree awoke full and moved as if alive. Every branch and leaf moved at the call as the Tree basked in their power. The women spoke to it and chanted their need. The great Tree swayed and embraced their magic, letting them know it understood. Thick roots ripped from the ground and seized the Book like great serpents and held it aloft of the ground. Then the massive trunk began to shift and the thick bark The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague began to fold itself inward until a large hole appeared. The roots snapped in the air and moved deep inside the hole carrying the Book with it.

The Druid’s watched the Tree literally devour the Book into its body as the ground rumbled with the great construct’s movements until long moments later when the heavy roots came slowly out, no longer holding anything. They stabbed into the disturbed ground and settled once more beneath the earth as the Druid’s watched the hole in the trunk mend before their eyes.

The great branches settled and the Tree stood silence once more. No mere human would ever breach its walls or be able to dig deep enough to find the Book on their own.

The magic was powerful, perhaps the most powerful magic a Druid had ever cast. Naomi looked at her sisters and they knelt once more to pray to the Tree and the Gods that bonded them with power.

It was done.

They gave praise and one sister stood up and looked at Naomi. She nodded with a smile and said, “The Puller Tree” “The Puller Tree it is” the third sister said in agreement.

They looked at it one last time, having no intention of ever coming back. No Druid would. The Tree must be kept safe and away from searching eyes. No Druid could risk being followed, so instead, the Tree would be forgotten to all but three.

Naomi blew it a kiss and turned her back walking with her sisters as they took her hands and left the Tree to guard the Book for all time.

Their job was done, the Book secure.

As they walked from sight a deep green leaf fell from a high branch and slowly floated to the ground. By the time it landed the leaf was black and decayed and crumbled to dust within minutes.

The battle had begun.

It took hours to return to the table.

The Wizards waited.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague The task was complete.

Amegnon nodded to the women and waved his hand at the large table and it dissolved into thin air. “Let us leave this place, never to return” The Wizards began to blink out of existence one after the other until only Amegnon and the Druids were left.

“I hope we never met again Wizard” Naomi said politely.

He nodded. “I know the sacrifice you’ve made Naomi” he lowered his voice. “Only the Earth herself can save us now, and no one is more qualified to speak to her than you” His body dissolved before their eyes, leaving the sisters alone.

“Are we just to leave and hope the Wizards spell holds?” One asked Naomi.

Naomi looked at the forest in thought as they walked to the edge of the barrier and beyond. The spell would not prevent them from moving back and forth, the magic of life was immune to it, but Naomi knew where it was nevertheless having witnessed the spell firsthand. She felt kinship to the Tree, even though she knew no one but her sisters would see her creation. Such a thing was hard to let go of and Naomi could not simply walk away and forget.

“A Druid should remain nearby” she said.

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