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«The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son.by Teague CHAPTER ONE Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, ...»

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“One of us?” Naomi shook her head. “No. We can’t risk it. No one can know what we know. I don’t want rumors about the Book to get out, this stays between us. We’ll place another here, start a generation of Druids. If the Tree is disturbed the Druid will know it” Her hand reached out and she touched the branch of a bush. Immediately it bloomed with thick white flowers and scented the air with an aroma of nectar. “Plus the magic of a Druid will feed the Tree” “How, if they don’t know it exists in the first place?” “They don’t have to. The Tree will find the magic; I’ve made sure of it. Whoever we place won’t even know the spell is there but the Tree will alert one of our kind if it’s ever disturbed” “It will defend itself?” The youngest of the three asked.

Naomi nodded. “It will kill if it has to” She looked distraught at her words. “The magic of life used to take life. What have we agreed to sisters?” “We do what we must. The Book can never be used. This is our burden now Naomi” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague The woman reached out and took the hands of both her sisters. “This is not what we were born to do.

This I know. I want this to die here and between us, but I know that won’t happen. The Book can’t be destroyed, only hidden. We will pass the secret when we must…but no sooner. I want no others to share in this. We will protect our own” She squeezed their hands. “This I swear” With a final parting nod, each Druid stepped near a different tree and disappeared with a shimmer.

Eight hundred and forty one years later, a Druid did indeed live near the Puller Tree…although she never knew it.

Her name was Wendy.

Helen held her hand waiting for her to wake. Nurses came and went checking charts and fine tuning the equipment in the room. They smiled at Helen and gave her reassuring nods but none of them told her what she really wanted to know…would Wendy be alright?

The room smelled sterile and just like a hospital should, Helen thought. The walls were a neutral color that matched the curtains. She took out a damp cloth and ran it across Wendy’s forehead doing whatever she could to make her comfortable. She hadn’t heard from anyone for a while but she knew they would be busy. After what she saw she knew that Michael and Andreas had their hands full and could only hope that whatever had done this would be over soon.

She moved to a big stuffed chair and sat down, pulling a blanket around her and then she fell asleep.

She opened her eyes when she heard the door open sometime later.

A man came in wearing a white coat. She blinked and looked up. It was dark outside but a small light was shining up the wall behind Wendy’s head and bathing the room in a soft glow. The man was handsome, very handsome. His skin was perfect. He had thick black hair and the most beautiful eyes Helen had ever seen. He seemed out of place, like an exotic animal transplanted from its natural habitat.

Helen shook the sleep from her head and smiled.

“Didn’t mean to wake you” he said with a rich soothing voice as he closed the door.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague “No bother” She watched him move to the bed and place his hand on Wendy’s head for a moment.

“She’s strong, this one” he said with a smile.

“I hope she’s strong enough” She ran a hand through her hair doing her best to look better for the stranger in the room.

“Well, God willing” he told her nodding to her silver cross.

Helen reached for it and rubbed the smooth metal between her fingers. “God had nothing to do with this” The man looked at her deeply, almost offended. His eyes…they were so bright, so alive. “You don’t think?” Suddenly Helen felt the hair on her neck rise. The man was too perfect. In fact everything about him was wrong. He was too beautiful, too alluring. “Who are you?” “Well that was fast”, he smiled warmly. “No one you need to be worried about” He assured her.

“Let’s just say I have a vested interest in how this all turns out” “Turns out?” He nodded. “You live in a strange world Helen. You know things exist that for everyone else only lives in imagination. You’ve witnessed evil and watched your family suffer because of it. And yet you question your faith?” “Faith is all I have” She replied. His voice was hypnotic. There was a quality to it that made her relax.

She knew he wasn’t human, she had been around enough of the supernatural to realize this, but whatever he was meant her no harm. It wasn’t anything he said that made her think this, it was something her soul revealed.

“Faith is a powerful force and stronger than most magic. Trust me. I know” He grinned and walked around the bed to face her. He gave her a deep look. “Tell me does the absence of God negate his existence?” Helen looked confused. “I don’t understand the question” He tilted his head in thought. “Well, you’ve seen Werewolves and Vampires, Druids and the like.

You’ve seen your own Son change into something far beyond normal and still no God” He nodded to Wendy. “You’ve watched your friend beaten with black magic while you stood helpless to watch” He let it sink in and added, “Where is God?” Helen shook her head. “NO! It wouldn’t touch me!” she explained. “It couldn’t!” she corrected herself.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague He took in a breath. “I’ve been around a long time. With everything there is a balance. People walk the earth and blame God for things they can’t control. They see things as separate but in truth everything is connected. They see magic as being apart from the world they live in as if God would make it impossible for it to live in the first place. As if the two can’t exist side by side” He leaned against the bed. “But why? Because God doesn’t use magic, that’s why. He doesn’t allow it to touch his people” the handsome man smiled. “You see if magic existed, if He made it, then his people would be able to use it also. Right?” Helen said nothing, her mind whirled.

“Believing in One doesn’t make the Other false. Just the opposite in fact. Who else could make magic? Who else would allow the existence of Vampires and Werewolves?” Helen shook her head. “I don’t know. Why are you telling me this? Who are you?” He gave her a hard look. “Of course you know” he said firmly and disregarding her last two questions.

“Why do you think you’re here? Everyone wants God to send angels down, to swoop in on white wings and make everything alright, but why?” “Because he can” she offered, but the handsome man shook his head.

“I’m not arguing that, I just mean why would he need to?” “So we…” she touched her chest. “So humans can fight this. All of this!” she motioned to Wendy.

“What are we to do against such things? I have no power” The man gave her an amused look. “No?” “God doesn’t work in spells and transformations. He’s above such things” “You say that as if he hasn’t done anything about this” The handsome man replied. “But he has” he paused. “You know the odds of a human female giving birth to a Werewolf? Do you know the chance a simple human has of defying a Vampire? You think God just let’s all this happen and leaves humanity to fend for themselves? Sink or swim?” he smiled, his eyes blazing with intelligence. He was leading Helen down a path with his words, making her see through his eyes. “Years ago you had only a glimpse of what was really walking the earth, and now you know for certain.

You think Michael and Wendy have a better grasp on life than you do, because of what they are, but the truth is they know no more than you do. They just see life from a different angle” He stood up and looked over to Wendy. “Things will get worse before they get better” He wasn’t threatening her. She didn’t know why she believed him, she just did. Whoever he was, whatever he was, she trusted him.

“The darkest night has yet to fall. By that time you’ll pray and beg for help” He walked over to her and put one large hand on her shoulder. “Faith” She looked up at him like a child does to its parent.

“Nothing is as it seems. Only time will reveal the truth, only faith will pull you through. God The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague doesn’t need to send angels Helen; he’s already involved in this. He has been from the start.

People want fireworks and burning bushes but God doesn’t need such gross displays” “Help us!” Helen said to him as he took away his hand and stood tall before her. “I know you can, I can feel it from you” “I have done all I can” “But you know something! What are we fighting and what does it want?” He looked at the ground it thought before slowly moving to the door. He turned and looked at Helen one final time. “Faith is a powerful weapon and underrated by even the strongest magic user. No one has more of it than you. Remember that” Helen stood up. “Who are you? Are you an angel?” He laughed and his eyes gleamed with life. “No Helen, I’m no angel. As I said, God doesn’t need to send angels” He opened the door and as he walked out he said, “He sent you” Chase wasn’t happy. They had spent several hours swimming and hunting and exploring the forest. He was tired but not from the activity. Something was bothering him. Something he couldn’t put his finger on. It was like an itch that he couldn’t scratch. Bart sat next to him as the fire roared before them.

Daruth’s men were out of sight leaving only Abel to stay with the boys. Sean sat next to him and Jason stood up, tending the fire with a long stick.

Bart’s thickly muscled arm was pressed against Chase giving him a place to lean on if he needed it, but Chase’s mind was elsewhere.

The boy’s talked and pulled story after story out of Abel, happy for another friend. Abel was eager to bond with them even though they were from a different pack and any deep ties would be forbidden.

Hours had gone by when Chase said something that made everyone silent.

“She’s three but sometimes four. She flies but can’t be seen” He was looking at the fire, taking a long time to blink. He seemed oblivious to everything around him. Bart looked at Sean and then back to Chase in confusion. Abel had been telling them about the time he first changed but stopped in midsentence when Chase spoke.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague “She has feathers but sometimes a cloak” the boy continued, speaking to himself. “Her skin is chalk white but sometimes she’s a child” Jason squatted down near Chase. “Hey buddy. You alright?” he didn’t touch him. Something told him not to. Chase didn’t answer, instead he began to sing.

–  –  –

Bart didn’t let him finish. He grabbed Chase by the shoulders and shook him hard. “CHASE!” Chase blinked and looked at Bart as if he didn’t know him. Then he screamed and pulled away and tried to run. Jason blocked his path and wrapped his arms around him until Bart could do the same from the other side. Sean was on his feet and around the fire within seconds. Abel stayed where he was and watched with concern.

“Chase!” Sean called. “What’s wrong?” The small boy struggled to get free but Jason and Bart were far too strong. He fought them; beating against Bart’s thick body, but the teenager was unfazed and didn’t fight back.

“CHASE!” Sean yelled. He grabbed a fistful of the boy’s dark hair and turned his head toward him.

“What’s wrong?” Chase was blinking rapidly. “They don’t know! They don’t understand what she is! She’s going to kill them! All of them!” “WHO?” Bart yelled, trying to keep Chase still. Sean allowed him to turn and look at Bart, the three boys covering every way Chase could escape.

Then in a calm voice that send a shiver down Bart’s wide back, Chase said, “My, what big eyes you have” Bart looked blankly at him and Sean became afraid. He let go of his hair.

“Chase what…” he began, but Abel cut him off. He was now standing beside Sean and looking at Chase.

“I’ll huff and I’ll puff…” Abel said slowly. Chase turned his head and looked right into his eyes. Sean didn’t know what was happening but it seemed like Abel did. He turned his head and looked at Abel, his thick blonde hair flowing around him. He didn’t want to interrupt what was happening by asking questions. Chase was responding to Abel for some reason and not the others.

“Not by the hairs on my chinny chin chin” Chase countered, his voice drone and lifeless.

Bart glared at Jason with wide eyes. He was scared and having nothing to punch or claw made it all the worse. Jason looked equally upset.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague “Who’s afraid…” Abel said even slower. He was baiting Chase, trying to lead him out by sheer words alone. “…of the big…” he added. “…bad…” Chase’s eyes rolled back and he snapped. He cried out, “WOLF!” His body exploded into the pitch black Wolf!

Bart, Sean and Jason all went flying as the dark animal flung them aside like paper dolls. His transformation was instantaneous and so abrupt that no one had time to react. Abel looked shocked as the great animal leveled its golden eyes at him. Bart was thrown the farthest and still on his back while Sean was rolling down a hill trying to get to his feet. Abel lost track of Jason. He took a slow step back to put distance between himself and the Wolf, but the Wolf took an even larger step toward him. It lifted up its furry lips and Abel did the only thing he could think of. He held out his hands, palms up.

“My, what big teeth you have” he said softly with a trembling voice.

The black Wolf growled and turned its head slowly to the side, regarding Abel as a curiosity. Then it whined in frustration before it bolted for the trees. It was gone as the sweat rolled down Abel’s back.

Sean appeared out of nowhere beside him out of breathe and angry. “WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT!” Abel shrunk away from the powerful blonde boy. “He’s stuck” he said almost apologetically.

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