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«The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son.by Teague CHAPTER ONE Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, ...»

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“You are my King” Andreas offered. “I serve no other” “Don’t forget it Andreas. Least you forfeit your life over it!” He took the back of Andreas’s head and pulled his face between his legs. Andreas breathed deeply and squeezed at his calves as Michael held him in place. His thick cock pulsed against the man’s face and Michael rubbed it against him.

A full minute later, Michael stepped back and ran the way he came, leaving Andreas on his knees.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Andreas walked down Helen’s street, the feel of the Alpha’s immense power still with him. He knew this would not be the last time he was confronted by the Alpha. Michael would never fully relinquish his claim to her as long as Chase lived. Andreas was walking on dangerous ground, stepping into a house of cards that could crash down on him at any time.

Helen met him at the door, a smile across her pretty face. Without a word he put an arm around her waist and lifted her off the ground, pressing her against him.

“Miss me?” he asked softly in her ear. Helen’s small arms circled his neck and she leaned into him with a sigh.

“Always” The Raven flew high in the air. Its large wingspan carried it near the clouds as it looked down at the forest below. The Werewolf colonies were easy to pick out, as was the Alpha’s home; but the bird wasn’t interested in them. It watched the Alpha carefully. It saw the other wolf submit to him. It looked on with interest as the beasts interacted. It confused the Raven. They were not men, but they were not animals either. It watched the Alpha run away with incredible speed, leaving the other on his knees.

The Raven flew off, still searching, its prize eluding it. It circled the vast woods over and over, hunting for something else; something far more important than mere Werewolves.

Sean looked around. He was alone. His eyes scanned the buildings near Helen’s home, looking at windows for watchful eyes. It was dark and he wore a gray tee shirt and jeans. His blond hair was covered with a knit cap to hide its brightness. He squatted down for a moment and then leaped into the air. His strong legs propelled him upward until he landed gracefully on Chase’s window sill. He knocked lightly on the glass.

Chase didn’t need to turn on the light to see who it was. There were only a few people who could be knocking on a third story window, and if it was his Father, he would have felt him before he heard the knock.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague “Sean” Chase greeted him as he pulled open the glass. Sean moved inside silently and gathered Chase into his strong arms. Chase leaned against his warm body and hugged him back.

“Just checking in little brother” Sean said. He lifted his head and breathed in the air. “I see Andreas is here” “Yeah” Chase. “He’s been sleeping over more and more. I think mom wants him to move in” Sean nodded. “How does your Dad feel about that?” Chase shrugged. “I don’t know. Ok, I guess” Sean gave him a sideways look. “You guess?” “Well, I don’t think he would like anyone really. But I don’t want to see her alone and I don’t think he does either” Sean rubbed his hand through Chase’s black hair, the boy still thought in human terms. “You wanna take a run in the woods? Jason and Bart are here too” There really was no need to wait for an answer; Chase always wanted to run with other wolves. He leaned down and grabbed some shoes. “I should tell mom” Sean shook his head. “Andreas knows I’m here. He’ll feel both of us leave. You’ll be back before she knows you’re gone. Let her sleep” Chase pulled on a pair of shoes. He always kept an old pair that he didn’t mind losing when he turned into a wolf. It was something Sean taught him. “How do you do that?” “Do what?” “Feel other wolves?” “You feel your Dad don’t you?” “Yeah, but he’s the only one. I can’t talk back and forth with him the way you do” “It doesn’t quite work that way Chase. It’s not a language as much as intent. Andreas knows I’m here but he also can sense my intent to take you with me. He knows your safe, so he doesn’t react” He let that sink in. “You understand?” Chase shook his head. “No. Not really” He changed his shirt, putting on one that was older and easily replaced. “I only feel my Dad and when…” his voice trailed off.

“When he desires you?” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Chase nodded and Sean smiled.

“Don’t worry Chase. It’ll all fall into place” He moved to the window and made sure no one was around. He looked back and nodded and then jumped down.

Chase moved forward quickly and watched as Sean landed without a sound far below. It still amazed him to see feats of the supernatural. It was one thing for a Werewolf to do it, but to do things in human form seemed so unnatural, that Chase was dumbfounded. His Father was so powerful that he could do almost everything as a human that he could do as a wolf.

Chase…not so much.

He carefully went to the edge and looked at Sean below. The boy’s arms were up and Chase stepped off the ledge. Air rushed through his black hair and pulled it straight up as he fell quickly to the ground.

Before he hit, Sean’s strong hands grabbed him by the waist and absorbed the impact. He set Chase gently to the street.

“Thanks” Sean grinned. “Anytime bro” They turned toward the woods and began to lightly run. Once they passed by the first set of trees they started to run faster until the dark swallowed them up. Both could see just fine.

Chase lifted his feet at the perfect time to avoid every branch and rock. He moved silently through the woods like he was born to do this.

Sean smiled to himself. If Chase excelled at anything Werewolf, it was this.

Bart’s large body came into view first. Jason’s followed. Both boys were bare from the waist up and not wearing shoes.

Chase stopped in front of Bart and hugged him tight. He felt Jason’s hand on his back and smiled at the tall boy. When he turned, Sean was taking his shirt off, his cap already on the ground.

“Let’s do it” he said.

Chase followed his lead and took off his clothes as the other boy’s shed their pants. Now all four were fully naked and began to shift. Bart’s muscled body grew into a hairy thick beast, while Jason’s was by far the tallest of the group. Sean’s wolf was lighter in color than the others, while Chase literally disappeared in the night with his jet black coat of fur. The three teenagers circled Chase, sniffing at him and nudging him with their noses. It was a way to greet and accept another wolf. They didn’t do it to each other, mostly because they were almost always together.

Chase looked at Bart’s strong body. His legs were ripped with muscle and he stood powerfully before the others, with his thick sharp claws and gleaming teeth. Each wolf was over six feet tall standing up.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Compared to them, Chase seemed vastly out of place. His body was sleek with long coiled muscle. His claws were sharp but blunted into points, more for climbing and running than cutting. His snout was short and powerful but his teeth weren’t as long as a normal Werewolf’s.

Jason’s head moved through the air and sniffed all around. He faced the direction of the lake, several miles away, and took off quickly. Bart pressed himself against Chase from the back before doing the same. Sean wouldn’t move until Chase did, and Chase knew it. He pawed at the ground with his feet some and stretched out his limbs while Sean watched. Then Chase crouched down and shot forward so fast that Sean lost sight of him. He took off after the black wolf but knew it was a lost cause.

Even with a head start, Chase would beat them all.

Branches snapped and rocks rolled out of the way as Bart’s massive body crashed through the forest.

Small trees were uprooted by his sudden change of direction as he struggled to stay in the lead. Jason’s long limbs allowed him a different form of travel. He moved through the trees like a great monkey, jumping from branch to branch and launching himself from the trunks like a bullet.

Chase was an amalgam of both. He used the ground to cover short distances when it was clear, or he took to the trees when needed to best and obstacle he couldn’t pass on the ground.

It was almost a frightening thing to behold. Chase moved as if the forest was aiding him. Trees seemed to simply be there for him to use. The ground seemed to pull away any obstruction in his path, only to put it immediately back when others tried to follow. He was silent. Only the barest of sounds were made as he shifted across the ground. The leaves and brush refused to make a sound and betray his presence.

For wolves the worst part was the inability to find Chase. Blinding a predatory hunter does nothing for its disposition, and for a weaker wolf like Chase to be able to do this, was frustration to the point of insanity.

Bart sniffed at the air but found nothing. His eyes scanned the trees for Chase, but he saw only night.

His Werewolf bond reached out to find his brothers but only Sean and Jason reflected back. He almost stopped, thinking maybe Chase wasn’t with them, but he knew Sean wouldn’t be either if that were the case. He was about to turn when a weight struck his shoulders, driving his great paws into the ground by several inches. The weight disappeared just as fast as it came. He looked up and saw a black shape in front of him, sailing through the air. The sleek body of Chase’s dark wolf rocketed toward a large tree and for the briefest moment, Bart felt the connection between his wolf and Chase’s. Then he disappeared; swallowed up by the night, taking the connection with him as he went. Bart pushed off the ground, his thick muscles responding immediately to his command. He bolted after Chase as fast as he could.

But Chase was already gone.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Bart’s burly Werewolf broke from the tree line in a loud thunderous roar. His massive head scanned the area and found Chase in the water still in wolf form. He leaped into the air and tackled him, sending both under the surface.

The connection between them surged into place as Bart came into contact with the black wolf. He wrapped his muscles arms around him and pulled him tight, only to throw him up into the air. Chase sailed several feet away, water streaming off his sleek frame. Jason caught him in the air and drove his body down, taking him underwater once more. He lifted Chase over his head and threw him to Bart who wrapped his heavy arms around him. His massive muzzle opened and he flashed his teeth in a playful threat.

Chase balled himself up and put his large feet against Bart’s hairy chest and pushed away. Bart’s grip dissolved and Chase was free. He made it to the shore as both Bart and Jason advanced with deep growls and bared teeth. He splayed his claws as if ready to fight both when his body was suddenly ripped from the ground and sent once more under water.

Sean pulled him up and tossed him to Bart who locked a big arm around his waist. Chase struggled but the fight was over. He couldn’t over power Bart again.

The four Werewolves moved to shore, Jason and Sean circled one another snarling and snapping their teeth while Bart’s iron hold on Chase kept him off the ground.

Jason charged and Sean responded. The swiped their claws at each other, hitting shoulders and legs, but keeping clear of the face. This wasn’t combat, it was brothers bonding. Bart set Chase down and joined the fun. He took Sean from behind and the two rolled on the ground as Jason jumped on top. Sean took Bart by the neck and pulled him forward to crash into Jason like a car. Jason and Bart rolled away but sprang to their feet at opposite sides of Sean, ready to strike in unison.

Sean had been transformed by Michael. Before it had been Bart who dominated. He was the strongest and toughest among them. But the Alpha changed all that. He infused Sean with his power in order to protect Chase, and now the immense strength that flowed through Michael’s veins, now lived with Sean as well. It wasn’t the same of course. Sean couldn’t challenge another Alpha like Silas or Daruth, but he was now elevated beyond the strength of a normal adult Werewolf. It usually took an adult man to challenge another adult. Sean, Jason, and Bart shouldn’t come into that type of power until they were older.

But Michael accelerated that in Sean. Now he was as strong as a powerful mature male…non Alpha that is. As he became older his power level would grow to be just shy of a full Alpha’s.

Sean jumped high in the air as Jason and Bart surged forward. He landed on top of them and kicked Bart down to the ground. He grabbed Jason by the arm and spun him around, throwing him back into the water. He now faced Bart one on one. This wasn’t a fight Bart could win but the thick wolf wasn’t one to back down.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague

His claws came up and clashed with Sean.

The sound of their battle rolled through the forest. Bart was all muscle and instinct while Sean was tactical and methodical. Jason came out of the water to watch but didn’t interfere. This battle between his two best friends had begun the moment Sean had been claimed by the Alpha. Bart refused to acknowledge Sean’s new strength. Being demoted wasn’t something Bart was coming to terms with anytime soon.

Bart struck and Sean deflected. Sean struck and Bart countered. Chase watched with awe as the two Wolves tested each other. It was amazing to see. But even Chase knew that Sean wasn’t putting everything he had into it. It wasn’t lack of ability he knew; it was love. Sean just couldn’t bring himself to defeat Bart; he simply loved him too much.

None of them saw it coming, not even Chase.

The air seemed to darken like a blanket and then the ground thundered to life as a massive Werewolf landed among them. Sand flew through the air at the arrival of the great beast. It growled so loudly the water rippled.

His Father, The Alpha had arrived!

Thick muscle covered his long limbs. His claws were dark and sharp like steel. His teeth were large and threatening. He made the other Werewolves look small and cuddly.

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